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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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JaeHo/YunJae Fic Exchange 2014
I think a lot of you have the potential to write but you're just shy so why don't you join this!

Sign-ups close next Friday so ppalli ppalli!!!

Schedule - HURRY HURRY

Sign-up form - FILL ME UP!

FAQs - It's pretty straightforward don't you think?

skinny heart

I really wanna join but the time I have for fandom right now is practically nil. To give you an idea, I still haven't watched NWJ Ep14 and it's fucking Yunho!!! And I haven't watched JYJ's appearance on tv lol.

I think everyone should give it a go. No harm trying right?

The more fics the merrier! Don't feel like you're not good enough. I've seen random drabbles around from people who don't write and you guys are better than you think you are.

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Oooooooh ok, I get it now! Thanks!!

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