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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Unrequited - MooTak [drabble]
Ok, so again, no title and since the other one is already called MooTak I had to make one up for her.

Continued from the previous drabble MooTak so you might wanna read that before reading this.


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OHMYGEE, im so excited for the next update, hwaaa their both confused with their own feelings, and considering their time and role. but anyways i dont mind the pudding author-shii, gimme some pudding lol XDXD

T-T waee?!!? it's so sad...
they like each other but they can say anything
thinking they would lose their friendship OTL

Poor JAe and yun. Joseon is too uptight like Nikki says. Hope this will get a happy ending. So far it's not looking good for both of them.

Let me think... how about making male kyungtak disappear but disguise as a female? Shim jangmi's family can help mooseok by adopting female kyungtak and there you go, female in the day and a noble family. Hahaha! Okay, you can throw your spoon at me. LOL.

unfair! where is th next one???? LOLOLOL i too am despairing at this... continuation. this is still a cliff hanger. i want more and i'm sure i'm not the only one.

kyungtak and mooseuk are both battling their emotions but obviously they're getting hurt by ignoring or pushing them away. someone is going to break because they're both humans and they're not impervious to pain.

i LOL'd at your comment and i agree with you. if the continuation of this brings out jangmi from the house of shim (am i right in assuming this is changmin's girls day's persona in the sexy lace high-slitted costume in their smtown in seoul special perf?) we are all dead. :D

I can't help but I can only imagine a tragic love story for them instead of happy end, so please prove me wrong!

Although now I'm really curious if there really was a willowy Shim Jangmi we should worry about... : D

Hope your friend will continue this story 😄

Poor Yunjae. Well, they are hovering dangerously on the forbidden love line, unfortunately for this era.

I agree with you, Joseon is too uptight T______T

just kiss or hug or sdfghjkdfghjk damn <3

keep going anon ^o^
thanks nikki for this too !!!

this is so sad:(,,,they already love each other but they don't know what to do about it,,poor babies((
,,I alredy love this story,, I hope she will continue this untill the very end :))))

,,and authorssi ur N/N make me laugh:D haha ur really awesome )

Edited at 2014-10-07 02:39 pm (UTC)

As expected, must be devastated for them both. Let alone Joseon, even Seoul today is so hard for third gender. :(

I'm glad that MooTak is being continued. It's nice to read something classically beautiful.

this is very intriguing! I want more of this great drabble >_

don't throw the chocolate pudding Nicki!!! just give it to me, LMAO xD
oh Kyungtak :c come here so I can give you a hug...
must be a struggle for men in Joseon era to fall inlove with the same sex... but really, I don't think love has a gender, you fall inlove with a person and that's it... doesn't really matter whether you love the same sex or not... I wish people can be more considerate... I can just feel the sadness and confusion and hurt Mooseuk and Kyungtak was feeling in there...
and once again thank you so much Nicki Anon... <3

it's sad but they can't do anything at the moment :')
this is awesome, thought that there won't be continuation :)
thank you :)