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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Jejuko [3/15]
Title: Jejuko
Pairing: YunJae + side!YooSu
Rating: PG-13
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, romance
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P
Summary: How far will Jaejoong go to catch the attention of kingka, Jung Yunho?

AN1: Super sorry about not replying to comments because I have literally been flat out at work and it's a wonder this chapter even got written this week tbh.

AN2: Thank you my awesome eonni and dongsaeng for their reading services as always. I laaaaaahhhhhv them. Forever indebted for being bias-free cheerleaders! :P The genre/warnings and ratings will change as the story progresses. Fluff is NOT my strong point and my husband says I am the most unromantic person ever so please forgive me lol!

Chapter 3

The next couple of weeks go by in a blur for Jaejoong. He spends most of his spare time practicing, not wanting to make a fool of himself whether as a girl or a boy, and has installed a portable stripper pole in his room, much to Yoochun’s endless amusement. Yoochun’s role in this scheme of his is to source Switch and to do further research on it, which he is more than happy to do seeing that this is his idea after all, and Jaejoong’s health and safety are definitely his priority. Jaejoong expressed concern when they found out TVXQ’s Before U Go was going to be the elimination song, given the beat, as it screams slow and sexy while Jaejoong was hoping for a dancier club sound. Yoochun found this out when he’d gone to register Jaejoong as Jejuko for the contest and was given a set of instructions with the entry. Basically, all the participants have to dance to that song in groups of three and only the top five girls would move on to perform a solo lap dance with a song of their choice. Jaejoong began to have second thoughts at that, but Yoochun convinced him that it would be alright because touching was solely up to the girl. What really rattled Jaejoong was the list of judges. Five names, all of them he recognized and one that stood out - Jung Yunho. Yunho was going to be a judge.

Friday, June 8

Jaejoong is shaking with a mixture of nerves and apprehension. His eyes keep darting nervously to the clock as time seems to move a little too quickly for his liking, as he wipes his sweaty palms on his jittery legs. He is in his last class for the day, a class he shares with Yunho, but he can barely focus on Yunho himself let along the lecturer droning on and on about Legislative History. The reason for his apprehension is a simple text message.

I’ve got it. Give Changmin your keys when you see him at lunch and he’ll pass them to me. I’ll wait in your room. This is it…D day n_____n

His phone vibrates against his leg, scaring him from his internal musings, causing him to jump in his seat and knock his open textbook off his desk with a loud thump. Jaejoong’s pale skin is immediately suffused in red as he bends over to pick up his book.

“Is everything alright back there?” the professor calls out, frowning at the interruption.

Jaejoong sits back up in his seat, face flaming, hunched over his desk, thankful for his fringe as he nods.

Annoyed at having lost his train of thought, the professor calls a ten minute break and leaves the lecture hall.

Jaejoong takes a deep breath, forcing his racing heart to calm down as he hears some tittering as whispers start up around him. He ignores them but a loudly whispered “Fag!” causes him to look up.

“Oh, he knows when he’s called.” A boy a row down and three seats over smirks over his friend’s head. Jaejoong recognises them as being on the basketball team but wonders why he’s even in their class as he has never seen him there before that day.

“Shut the fuck up, Siwon,” a low voice growls.

Jaejoong straightens in his seat and peers over curiously. He recognizes that voice. It is Yunho’s.

“What? I was just saying fag and Snow White over there looked up. It’s not my fault he answers to it.”

“Look around you. Half the fucking class looked up. Stop being an ass. You’re not even meant to be here. How you managed to mix up Art History with Legislative History is anyone’s guess.” Yunho grits out, his tone annoyed.

“Chill out, Yunho. What’s it to you, man?”

“Nothing. Just shut up, alright.”

Jaejoong can see Yunho in the row in front of the two basketball players, his normally smiling face twisted into a slight frown. Yunho looks up and catches Jaejoong staring and smiles slightly, licking at his full bottom lip as he turns back to face the front, causing Jaejoong to flush and sink lower in his seat. He is starting to feel extremely overheated, and Jaejoong knows there’s no way that he will be able to concentrate in the class. He quickly packs up his things and leaves, ignoring the whispers and the masculine laughter behind him.

He is almost out of the building when he hears a voice calling out behind him.

“Hey! Wait up!”

Jaejoong starts at the sound, momentarily surprised at the familiar voice and decides to pretend not to hear him, willing his feet to move faster towards the dormitory blocks. However, his body seems to be working against him today as in his haste, he trips over the uneven sidewalk and sprawls out in a rather undignified heap on the ground. He lies there dazed for a second, blinking in the sunlight as a shadow falls over him.

“Are you alright? Here, let me help you.” Yunho crouches down, gathering up Jaejoong’s things and dusting off his books and his bag as he straightens back up. He offers his hand to the beautiful boy who simply stares at it, his doe eyes open and unblinking. They look slightly unfocused too and this worries Yunho. Did he hit his head when he fell over? From what he saw when Jaejoong took that spill onto the sidewalk, he hadn’t but he may have missed it. He frowns and crouches back down again in front of him, peering into wide brown eyes. “Did you hit your head?” He lifts a hand to brush away Jaejoong’s hair from his face to check.

The brief feather-light touch sends shockwaves through Jaejoong, and he jerks back with a stifled moan disguised as a yelp, earning himself a deeper frown from Yunho whose hand pulls back and stills in mid-air.

Jaejoong heart is pounding at the close proximity, his head completely filled with cotton as he struggles to figure out how he is sprawled practically on his back, leaning rather awkwardly on his elbows with his legs somewhat contorted beneath him. He hears Yunho, he can even smell Yunho. The man is that close to him. He squints in the sunlight, blinking rapidly and shaking his head slightly to clear it. His clumsiness has struck again it seems, and his thoughts dart briefly to the competition on Sunday and wonders if he is going to survive it without injuring himself. His wandering mind is brought sharply back to the present when he feels a hand brush away at his bangs.

“Is something wrong? I’m really sorry if I scared you.” Yunho is genuinely worried. Jaejoong seems far more dazed than he should have been and he wonders if he may have missed him hitting something on the way down.

Jaejoong blinks up at Yunho, hearing, smelling, and seeing him, yet still not quite sure if he’s really there. “I-I’m alright.” He winces as his voice comes out as nothing more than a hoarse croak and he coughs quickly to clear his throat.

Yunho looks at the pale man, taking in his jet black hair, slightly long but not overly so. His eyes absorb the pale pale skin that gave Jaejoong his nickname, noting the tiny moles that only served to enhance the man’s almost otherworldly beauty. His eyes move down to stare at the plush mouth, slightly parted, mesmerised when the tip of a pink tongue darts out to lick almost nervously at a plump lip. He drags his eyes away, as Jaejoong turns slightly, head tilted up, and he catches sight of a pretty birthmark on his neck…and an Adam’s apple. At the sudden realisation that he is practically ogling at a boy, Yunho’s eyes fly back up to meet luminous brown eyes, gazing somewhat expectantly at him, as if waiting for Yunho to do something.

Jaejoong is unsure what to make of Yunho staring at him so intently. He wonders if the man realises that he licked at his own lip when Jaejoong had licked his. He is used to being stared at, but never so blatantly in such close proximity and his already racing heart feels like it’s about to gallop straight out of his chest. His breath catches as confused brown eyes meet his.

Yunho reaches out again, grasping at an exposed shoulder as Jaejoong’s loose teeshirt had slipped off one shoulder when he fell. Why he chose to touch the man’s bare skin rather than the other more modest shoulder, he wouldn’t have been able to say if anyone had asked. “Are you able to stand?”

Jaejoong suppresses the shiver he wants to let out as his stomach churns at the touch. He turns his head to the hand on his shoulder and lets out a deep sigh, shaking himself from his mild-stupor. He can’t help but tilt his head slightly to feel the back of the warm hand with his cheek before he shakes it off and straightens up clumsily into a standing position.

Yunho did not miss the brief caress, writing it off as an accident even though he feels a strange fluttering in his belly at the touch, adding to the confusion already playing in his mind. He straightens back up, gathering the spilled things and hovering close in case Jaejoong stumbles, as he is still looking relatively unsteady on his feet. The boy is extremely slim and taller than he expected, a few inches shorter than his six foot one frame.

All sorts of thoughts are flying through Jaejoong’s head, number one being not giving himself away as he wills his body to calm down as it has perked up slightly at the contact with Yunho. The man smells like musky vanilla sandalwood and it is doing Jaejoong’s head in as his consciousness fills with the unique and sexy scent. He shakes his head, clearing the haze in his mind as he focuses on the man in front of him. He takes a deep, fortifying breath. Yunho is here, in front of him, touching him. He will not freak out.

“Th-thanks,” he manages to squeak out as he reaches out an arm for his things. Why was it he can only croak or squeak? Jaejoong rolls his eyes internally at himself as he waits for Yunho to hand over his belongings.

The taller man doesn’t even glance at Jaejoong’s hand as he looks around, spotting a bench close by. He hooks a loose hand around the other man’s elbow and leads him gently towards it. He feels a slight hesitance in Jaejoong’s steps but he follows anyway. Yunho sets his things down on the bench and gestures for Jaejoong to take a seat.

“I just want to be sure you’re okay. That was a rather nasty spill you took.” Yunho isn’t really sure why he hasn’t just let the man go. With anyone else he would have probably just checked if they were okay and go on his merry way, but he can’t seem to do that here and he wasn’t about to examine why. He takes in the flushed cheeks of the beautiful man and decides he will stay as long as it takes to make sure he is really alright.

Jaejoong flips his fringe out of his eyes with a practiced shake of his head, hands clasped in his lap, his head down, staring at his feet. He feels warm, too warm. Yunho is sitting much too close and he isn’t sure why. He takes another deep breath, as he slowly looks up at Yunho, catching the worry in his face.

“I’m alright, I think. I didn’t hit my head.” Jaejoong can feel the heat crawling up his neck and face as Yunho still stares unwaveringly at him. He glances down at his hands for a brief respite from those caramel eyes and gasps at the sight, his mouth forming a moue of dismay.

Yunho looks down and swears under his breath. Jaejoong’s palms and wrists are all cut up from the rough pavement and smeared with blood and dirt. He looks up at the agitated man’s face, who is looking more distressed than he probably should be as he examines his hands, Jaejoong’s mouth now fully formed into an unhappy pout. Yunho gaze lingers on that rather distracting mouth, staring a little too long before his brain restarts.

“Do you have a bottle of water?”

“Wh-what?” Jaejoong stutters and looks up at Yunho, forgetting for a second that he isn’t alone as he frets about the amateur night in two days. He won’t be able to perform properly on a pole if his hands are all injured like that. He mentally goes through his routine, brows knitted as he realises that he may not be able to put much weight on his hands so he may need to cut back on swinging on the pole and make it up with some other movements. He really needs to talk to a real stripper rather than listening to Yoochun’s ideas of what strippers should be doing.

“Water. To clean your hands.” Yunho is feeling an odd sort of protectiveness over the man in front of him. He looks so fragile and helpless, not to mention young even though they’re probably the same age. All Yunho had wanted to do was apologise for Siwon being an ass in class, and now, somehow, he’s ended up with a distraught young man who, for some unfathomable reason, seems genuinely upset at the superficial injuries to his hands. However, regardless of what Yunho thinks, he is partially responsible for those injuries and he wants to help fix it. That is his only motivation and he is sticking to his story.

“Oh, right. In my bag.” Jaejoong is relieved that his voice neither croaks nor squeaks this time as he eyes his hands while his mind speeds up, still worrying about Sunday night. He vaguely takes note of Yunho rummaging through his bag and pulling out his Sigg bottle and starts to pour the almost full bottle over his hands. Yunho is there, right in front of him, gently cleaning his hands, as a boy. He is holding his hands as a boy. Not a girl. Jung Yunho is holding his, Kim Jaejoong’s, hands as a boy. Jaejoong’s heart is thumping so loudly he’s sure Yunho can hear it.

Large warm hands encompass smaller ones, as Yunho concentrates on washing out all the blood and dirt from Jaejoong’s hands, his long fingers stroking gently over the cuts as he rinses the wounds out as thoroughly as he can manage. He can feel Jaejoong’s pulse jumping erratically as he holds onto a slim wrist, choosing not to comment on it because his own is acting pretty weirdly too. That strange fluttering in his belly hasn’t gone away and he wonders if he’s getting food poisoning. Maybe he shouldn’t have eaten that weird sandwich he found on the counter in Junsu’s apartment? He really hopes it isn’t anything serious because he’s looking forward to the Amateur Night event on Sunday. He hopes Jaejoong will be there. Wait! Yunho frowns to himself as he continues cleaning out the wounds. Why would he care if he is there? He knows he is gay. Everyone knows that. Just look at him! Yunho coughs uncomfortably, and removes his hands from the man’s, fingers lingering before being taken away completely.

“There! All clean. You should probably put some antiseptic on it. The cuts are all shallow and you should be fine in a couple of days.”

Jaejoong lifts his hands to his face, looking over the jagged lines on his previously smooth hands. Miraculously, he hasn’t chipped a nail or done any serious injury to himself. However a black spot on his palm catches his attention and he runs a finger over it.

“Oh!” Jaejoong exclaims, finding the spot rather hard and somehow, under his skin.

“What’s wrong?” Yunho leans over, head close to Jaejoong’s, their foreheads almost touching as he looks at the palm the smaller man is examining.

“There’s something under my skin. Here, look.” Jaejoong lifts his head, not realizing Yunho is so close and bumping his nose.

“Ouch! Hey now, one of us being injured is enough for today I think.” Yunho laughs as Jaejoong turns pink.

Jaejoong shyly offers his palm to Yunho again to have a look. “There’s a hard black spot here in my palm. I think it’s under my skin.”

Yunho takes the proffered hand and gently runs a finger lightly back and forth over the black spot as if trying to figure out what it is. He can’t help but sing a familiar song under his breath, as he examines the strange black spot.

I’ve got you, under my skin

Jaejoong suppresses another shiver as a tidal wave of desire crashes down over him. Yunho’s low voice as he sings quietly is almost his undoing. He bites his lip hard, willing himself not to moan as he watches the boy of his dreams caress his hand. He knows why Yunho is doing it but in his head, he is imagining the caress to be loving, and far more emotions lying behind the touch than what it actually was. He chews hard on his lower lip as Yunho pokes experimentally at the hard lump.

“I think a tiny pebble lodged itself in your hand when you fell over. It has somehow embedded itself under your skin and I can’t seem to find the entry point. Does it hurt?” Yunho looks up and his eyes narrow slightly at the expression on Jaejoong’s face. Clearly the man is in some sort of pain judging by his wide eyes and how his bottom lip has almost been chewed to shreds, not to mention the heightened colour in his cheeks. He looks down at the slim hand lying in his own larger palm and he tries once again to see if there is an exit point. Jaejoong appears to be in a lot of pain.

Jaejoong whimpers as Yunho once again lightly runs his finger over the black spot. He snatches his hand back before the urge to fling himself into Yunho’s lap and kiss him senseless overwhelms him, as he fights desperately against the swirl in his belly and the emotions coursing through his veins. He mutters a quick thank you to Yunho, grabs his things and runs off as if a hellhound is on his tail, leaving Yunho sitting bemusedly on the bench staring after the rapidly fading figure of the beautiful man.

“What just happened?”

NEXT - 4

I got my tummy butterflies when I read YunJae's encountered... Innocent.......

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yunho jumping to jae's rescue like dat? seems the attraction is not merely one-sided.

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thanks for the update ^_____^

of course the biggest playboy is going to be a judge at a strip dancing event... well now that he's seen jae up close, perhaps he can figure out they're the same person? although the gender will probably throw him off since it's not crossdressing in this fic...

OFC! :PPP You really can't have the kingka on campus not be one of the judges :PPP

Mmmmmm lets wait and see :P I'm having a lot of Jae feels tonight lmao! Thanks for commenting ;-)

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Thanks for sharing~ :)

Hahaha he's the kingka of the campus. He has his ways ;-) Plus he's also a well-known player so it makes sense, no? XD!

I was totally singing it too as I wrote it so I figure, why not make him sing it. And then I can have feels about Yunho singing Mirotic to Jaejoong.......

You're welcome and thanks for commenting ;-)

I'm glad you think so! I'm not a fluffy person lol! Thanks ;-)

“What just happened?”

Yunjae just happened. They are just so adorable together.

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I'm so glad you love the fluff! I guess I haven't failed yet lol.

And aren't they just? Poor Jae though... Hehehe really happy you liked this.

Poor Joongiee... Yunho you bad man tormenting Joongie like that... God... The sexual tension.
This was so good :)

I honestly didn't notice the sexual tension as I wrote this. Someone else also mentioned it and I had to re-read the chapter to see where all the tension was lol! I'm so lame.

Awww Yunho didn't mean to ;-) But think about it, if your crush was helping you, you'd probably feel tormented too to some extent :P Tbh, if Yunho helped me pick up my books, i'd expire on the spot hahaha! Oh dear....

I'm really glad you liked it!

Omggg sorry I just got time to read it. But omg the plot sounds nice 8DDD and yoochun looks like pretty girl is sooo much fine in my eyes. Well this chapter got me squaled omg yunho is so nice and jaejoong just dunno what to do. Aish. Cutiepies! The night! Omg I can't wait :D

Sorry? Hehehe do we know each other from somewhere? Your LJ name isn't familiar.

Chunnie is definitely a pretty girl...... Maybe I think he's prettier in my head than he actually is lol but it's AU so it's ok :P Hahahaha glad I made you squeal and you enjoyed the chapter. Thanks for commenting!

Aww so much sweet tension in this. Great update :)

Bahahaha omg this is so funny. I'm obviously clueless cos you're the third person to mention tension and I honestly didn't realize i'd written it that way lol! Glad you ilke the update ;-)

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I'm gonna go with you liking it since I see a lot of hearts :P i'm not very good with reading emoticons lol!

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