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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Baby Girl
Title: Sleeping Beauty oneshot: Baby Girl
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG-13
Length: Oneshot
Genre: AU, fluff, slice of life
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be married here :P

Summary: And Jiyool makes three :-)

AN1: It might be helpful to read We can't take the Jungs out anywhere first but you don’t have to. You really should have at least read Sleeping Beauty though otherwise I’m not sure what you’re doing here…

AN2: Un-betaed and this is from my Sleeping Beauty verse. All my oneshots and drabbles for the Sleeping Beauty universe can be found HERE - Leave a comment if you want access. I'm having serious issues with my LJ inbox and it got purged ugh! Plus some of you don't enable PMing so I can't even reply to you! So leave a comment here if you want access.

SB YJ and Jiyool

Jiyool sits quietly, ears tuned in as the man on the stage drones on endlessly. She understands most of what he is saying, but her mind is definitely wandering.

She turns looks around her surreptitiously, first left, then right, making sure everyone around her is paying attention to the man on the stage before she wriggles carefully to the edge of her seat.

The five year old freezes, barely able to contain her gasp when someone to her right coughs. Her eyes are staring dead ahead to the back of the head of the blond man seated directly in front of her. She is at a fundraising event for her mama’s department to be able to continue their work in the various orphanages around the country at no cost to said orphanages, and the evening is winding down.

As far as fund raising events go, this is one of the more boring ones, with various men and women talking about their work with the orphanages and how it relates to whatever it is they are studying.

Jiyool learns a new word that evening.


And if she never hears the word again for the rest of her life, it will be too soon.

She leans forward, her bum almost leaving her seat as she perches her fingertips over the back of the seat in front of her, resting her chin on the backs of her hand.

The warm puffs of air blowing down the back of Jaejoong’s neck makes him smile.

Slipping a hand into the inner pocket of his jacket, he pulls out a small packet of cookies. Opening it as quietly as he can manage, which really isn’t quiet at all though the blond doesn’t pay any mind to the looks sent his way at the crackling of the packet, he beams up at the frowning man on stage, flustering the speaker instantly. Unperturbed himself, he pops a cookie into his mouth, takes out another one to hold while he chews, and passes the remaining packet over his shoulder to his oldest daughter.

“Thank you,” Jiyool whispers, taking the proffered packet of sustenance as her mama half twists, offering his ear to her. She leans forward even more, kissing his ear and smiling when her mama whispers I love you before turning back to pay attention to the boring man on stage.

The five year old spends the rest of the final hour of the talk trying to eat as quietly and as neatly as possible for she is dressed in one of her daddy’s favorite dresses.

They’d gone straight to the event after celebrating her grandparents’ wedding anniversary and she remembers how quickly JJ had soiled her pretty pink hanbok. They’d only managed to get two photos of her sister before JJ spilled a bowl of toppoki all over herself.

Dress ruined beyond all recognition and no change brought for neither of her parents anticipated JJ to be the one messing up her clothes, her younger sister ended up dressed in Yoochun’s shirt and Junsu’s pants.

Jaejoong is mingling in situ, talking to various classmates and professors as his oldest daughter clings to his side. He can tell the little girl is very tired, but he is oh so very proud of her for behaving so beautifully despite that. Jiyool and Changmin are the two children who get progressively crankier when tired unlike the twins and JJ who just wilt away. So for Jiyool to remain silent, and reasonably good natured inspite of the exhaustion he knows she is feeling, causes a tiny burst of pride in his chest.

She is definitely her father’s daughter, knowing how to maintain enough control of her own impulses and behaving when she needs to even in her tender years. She is mature for her age, understandably so with four younger siblings to mind. Jaejoong does not expect his daughter to remain so strong and resolute, fully ready to accept a tantrum from the five year old, but it never comes.

Jiyool did complain about her outfit though, the high neck finally bothering her enough that the second the talks were over, she’d hugged him around the neck from behind and demanded he help her take it off. She’d been seated behind him due to the fact that he’d forgotten to tell the organizers who had painstakingly done allocated seating for all in attendance, that he had a plus one.

No one says no to Jung Jaejoong though, even though more than half of the attendees probably don’t even know that he is that Jung Jaejoong. All it takes is a winning smile, some fast talking, and Jiyool looking as cute as she can manage, before he was able to get her a seat behind him. There was no way she could sit in the front row with him, and no way he could sit in the second row with her due to his obligations as a speaker. He did try to get an aisle seat in the second row, but alas, that was taken by someone else and their plus one a long time ago.

Jiyool sways on her feet, clutching at her mama’s pants as her eyes finally give up. She wants to be carried, but she doesn’t want to ask because she knows her mama probably remembers her conversation with her daddy that he walked in on just yesterday.


”Put me down, daddy!”

Yunho laughs, shaking his head at the struggling five year old in his arms and doing nothing of the sort.


Instead of giving in to her demand, Yunho blows a loud raspberry on her cheek, making the five year old squeal from the ticklish feeling and giggle at her father’s antics even though she really is quite put out at him.


“You smell pretty,” Yunho observes, cocking his head at his daughter, grinning at the beautiful young girl because she has momentarily forgotten her predicament.

Jiyool leans in, whispering conspirationally, “Mama let me try some of that perfume oil, Jessica unnie gave him.” She leans back after confiding to her daddy, suddenly remembering, eyes narrowing. “Don’t distract me, daddy! You’re so naughty!” She finishes her exclamation with a loud smacking kiss to her father’s cheek.

Instead of being contrite, Yunho hugs her tighter, inhaling his daughter’s fresh smell.

“Why can’t I carry you?”

“I’m not a sack of potatoes!” she declares very loudly, causing her mama who has been observing from the doorway to clap his hand over his mouth to keep in the bubble of laughter that is threatening to burst forth.

His husband has no such compunction though as Yunho draws back instantly, pausing for a moment before the familiar sound of his laughter echoes around the library.

Lucky for Jiyool, it isn’t a public library, but it’s still a library.

“Shhhhhhhhh!” She hisses, clapping her small hands over her father’s mouth. The twinkling in his eyes continues though, and the tiny five year old trying her best to be an adult is done in by her father trying his best to be a five year old.

Jiyool sways again, almost stumbling over her mama’s shoe, but she is caught before she topples over completely, and carried.

“Baby girl,” a familiar voice chides gently.

“Daddy?” Jiyool mumbles sleepily, looking around to find that the man carrying her is indeed her father. “When did you get here?”

“I got here just in time to catch you it seems.”

Jiyool squints at her father, noting his bemused expression. “Mama would’ve caught me.” She tugs at his bow tie, shaking her head. “He took off his tie. You’re too formal.”

Yunho hums as he unknowingly starts to do a very muted version of the universally known “rock-and-sway” that every single parent has perfected. “Take off my bow tie then.”

Jiyool gives her father a lopsided grin, her sleepiness shining through as her tiny but nimble fingers work to unravel her rather’s bow tie.

Fifteen seconds later, and the bow is demolished, both sides dangling, and three buttons unbuttoned thanks to his daughter.

“Why three buttons?”

“Two seems so stuffy. The people here are so stuffy.”

Yunho glances over at his wife who is in the middle of talking to a couple of women who seem to be paying Jaejoong barely any attention, their eyes staring resolutely at Yunho’s exposed throat.

“Your mama only has one button undone.”

Jiyool shudders, curling around her father’s broad shoulder. “Mama shouldn’t have any buttons undone. When he took off his tie, so many people came over that I thought someone was going to accidentally step on me.”

“Oh really?” Yunho’s voice is mild, but he is feeling anything but.

His daughter continues on blithely, unaware of the danger everyone else in the room is potentially facing should Jung Yunho not like what she has to say. “You know when Minnie is really hungry and mama comes along and he can smell him and he gets all excited? We got swarmed when mama took off his tie. It was weird.”

“Swarmed how?”

“Like, one second we were talking to this nice old man, and the next, there were suddenly about ten people wanting to talk to mama. Someone squished me.”

“Who squished you?”

“I don’t know, he was too tall. I think he didn’t see me.”

“Are you ok?”

“Of course. I pinched his leg and he moved away.” Jiyool grins, her eyes disappearing almost completely the way Junsu’s does when he smiles too widely. “I want mama though. You smell nice, daddy, but your suit is too stuffy. How are you not warm? Mama already lost his jacket. Give me back to mama.”

Yunho chuckles, not at all remorseful at interrupting what appears to be a one-sided conversation. Jaejoong is doing all the talking, while the two women are still too busy gawping.

“Your daughter would rather have you carry her.”


“You mean my sack of potatoes?” Jaejoong laughs, as Jiyool’s head whips up and she too grins.

“S-s-sack of p-potatoes?”

“In joke.” Yunho smirks, tapping his nose just before he hands Jiyool over to Jaejoong.

Their daughter curls around the blond man instantly, arms wrapped tight around his neck and shoulders as if she’s afraid he will disappear. She presses her nose along his collar and inhales so deeply and loudly that a few people around them chuckle at her behavior.

Her exhalation is equally loud, accompanied by a blissful sighing voice. “You smell sooooooooooo goooooooooood.”

Several people take a few steps closer, as if wanting to take a sniff too but one look at the grim, bespoke suited man standing behind the blond man with his daughter in his arms causes them to pause and think better of their next actions.

Jaejoong is oblivious to his surroundings as he exchanges whispers with his daughter.

Yunho doesn’t move, glancing around the room, not unlike the way he did a few months ago at the faculty mixer at the university. In his opinion, too few people know who Jung Jaejoong really is. Many of the faces in the room are unfamiliar to him, but he knows he is recognized. Whether it is purely because he has just been given approval to build the tallest building in South Korea, and his face has been splashed all over the news bulletins both nationally and internationally, or because of some other reason, he can see the recognition in almost everyone’s faces.

Along with the recognition comes the confusion as their eyes dart back and forth between his wife and daughter, and himself.

Jaejoong is still exchanging whispers with his sleepy almond eyed daughter when he feels a warm breath against his other side, and a familiar presence stepping up flush against his back.

Stepping back automatically, leaning against the taller man, Jaejoong’s eyes show his pleasure at the simple touch. The hair at the back of his neck is standing on end, and it takes all of his concentration to pay attention to the drowsing Jung Jiyool who is determined to tell her mama about where she thinks his missing jacket might be.

Her words make less and less sense though, the girl more asleep than awake, but Jaejoong humors her, teasing her for being so observant unlike him, nuzzling the gorgeous angel as he himself is nuzzled from behind.

Warm lips caress the delicate elfin curve of his left ear, sending a shiver of awareness coursing through him, his arms tightening around his daughter to gain a foothold against the sudden tide of feelings Yunho has unwittingly unleashed.


Maybe not. His husband is a very smart man, and a calculative businessman, and Jaejoong doesn’t put it past the Jung CEO to start a very calculated seduction of his wife in front of half the who’s who in his faculty.


“Mmmmmm?” Yunho replies, not bothering to speak, much more interested in his pleasurable exploration of the back of his wife’s graceful neck.

“Everyone’s staring.”

“Let them stare.”

“Jiyool told you about the tie.”


“You know you have nothing to be jealous about.”

“Not jealous,” Yunho murmurs, kissing the top of Jaejoong’s ear and feeling his wife shiver again and lean heavily backwards against him. Jaejoong is upright solely because of Yunho, trusting that his husband will keep him and their daughter safe.

“Then what is with this mildly obnoxious PDA?” Jaejoong teases, his voice filled with humor and love. He doesn’t even bother checking to see who is watching them, though if he looked up, he’ll see the entire room gaping.

“Obnoxious? Says the man who still chooses my lap over any other chair if given a choice, so much so that even our baby girl teases you about it.”

“You’re more comfortable,” comes the huffy response.

“You can sit on me whenever you want, love.”

“That sounded way dirtier than it should have…”

“Oh trust me,” Yunho’s voice drops lower, the husky timbre unmistakable, his breath caressing his wife’s neck as his gaze pins a particularly rude group of men who seem determined to try and maintain eye contact. His mouth widens into a smirk, but his eyes are dark with warning. Practically black, as he stares those men down. His lips touch his wife’s ear, the darkness in his eyes translating into a promise to his wife. “It was even dirtier than you can imagine.”

Jaejoong blinks.

His vision scrambles, then it clears, and suddenly, all the faces staring his way seem all too knowing.

The tailored pants he is wearing feel too tight, and he is too aware of the lack of a jacket to hide his body. He could probably use his daughter’s foot or something but that seems too wrong.

Whatever it is, he wants to flee, put his daughter to bed and sit the fuck out of Yunho.

And he’s supposed to be the insatiable one? He is pretty damn sure he’s never tried—

Tried? He means succeeded right? Yes, succeeded. He is pretty damn sure he’s never succeeded in seducing his husband so purposefully in such a public setting.

Yunho has taught him a lot about making love…maybe this is just another one of those lovely lessons.

Jaejoong is one hell of a quick learner.

Unfortunately for both of them though, he has a rather precious bundle sound asleep in his arms.

The young blond wife of Jung Yunho pivots on his heel, facing his husband, cheeks flushed with the beginnings of arousal, he stares up at his husband through his lashes.

“You are really bad.” He murmurs against Yunho’s lapel. “We’re going to be in pain all the way home.”

“Home is only ten minutes away.”

“The kids—“

“Jessica and Krystal are staying over.”

“Krystal too?”

“She wanted to help Sica with her homework.”

“Our kids are homework?”

“They’re a good study as any for Sica.”

Jaejoong hums, leaning back on his heels, finally looking into his husband’s eyes. His voice is stern, serious even. “You better do a good job of distracting me from sitting on you in that limousine.”

Yunho cups his wife’s jaw, tugging the man forward as his head descends once again to his ear. His eyes sweep the room behind his wife’s shoulder, and he smirks, deciding that yes, everyone now knows exactly who Jung Jaejoong really is.

“You need to learn to behave, love. I do think you’re naughty on purpose.”

“W-what makes you s-say that?”

“Tell me I’m wrong.”

Jaejoong, to his credit, does try.

Yunho straightens to gaze down at his wife, and he almost loses it right there thanks to the epic pout being sent his way.

Wide innocent doe eyes, straight nose and eyelashes so long they practically cast shadows on the characteristic pale milky white skin of his wife. Framing the heartbreakingly beautiful face is the gorgeous blond hair that the younger man wears so well, but infrequently.

And the centerpiece is that lush pouty mouth, slick and cherry red from being chewed as his wife struggles to answer him.

Yunho knows he cannot.

“I’m still waiting, love.”

“Is the limo out front?” Jaejoong asks, changing the subject as he gives himself a mental shake. Depending on his mood, Yunho’s overwhelming presence can be like a drug, dulling his senses completely to anything and everything but his husband.

Today is one of those days, and Jaejoong wants to get Jiyool back home without scarring her for life, before his senses are dulled completely and everything is Yunho.

“Yes,” Yunho’s voice conveys his amusement, which is furthered still when his wife shoots him a dirty look and leaves the room without a backward glance.

Yunho fiddles with the remnants of his bow tie, straightening his jacket and brushing off imaginary lint as he stands tall and surveys the room one last time.

“Has anyone seen my wife’s dinner jacket?”

A few people raise their hands immediately, as if in a classroom, and Yunho hides his amusement as there is a mini scramble to pass the jacket to the front.

“Anything else he might have left behind?”

His question is met by silence.

After several beats, Yunho shrugs, bidding the room good evening, he leaves.

He has barely rounded the corner of the doorway when a burst of noise trails after him.

“Jung Jaejoong-ssi is that Jung Jaejoong?”

“Of fucking course— sorry Professor, pardon the french. Of fuck— Of course he’s that Jung Jaejoong. How did we miss it?”

“He’s so unassuming. Jung Yunho is a dark man. Did you see the way he surveyed the room? I felt like I was in the presence of a predator.”

“More like an alpha male who knows he’s practically a demigod in South Korea. Everything he touches turns to gold. We did a study on him in a business ethics class. His morals are impeccable despite being utterly ruthless. I don’t know he made it work, but it did.”

“I don’t know…it looked like he was planning on a lot of immoral behavior to me.”

“That’s his wife!”

“But Jaejoong-ssi is just so…bright. He’s so cheerful. How did he end up marrying him? Even when he smiled, my hair was standing on end. The man is handsome as sin, and deadly as the devil.”

“Oh I’m sure it was a mutual arrangement.”

“You think it was an arranged marriage?”

“Arranged or not, the attraction was most definitely mutual. Didn’t you see his pants?”

“I was too busy making sure I wasn’t looking at Jaejoong-ssi for fear of being struck down by lightning or something! What the hell were you looking at?”

Yunho decides to partake in a cigarette before entering the idling limousine. The windows are tinted so dark he cannot see in, but he knows his wife can see him. He doesn’t usually smoke, so he bums a cigarette from the driver.

His wife’s jacket slung over his shoulder, he cups his cigarette, lighting it easily before handing the lighter back to the driver.

He leans back against the limo, staring up at the sky. The evening is still relatively young, and the color of the sky isn’t as dark as it could be. Jaejoong’s campus is very pretty despite being stuck in the middle of a concrete jungle. He inhales his cigarette deeply, closing his eyes and allowing the smoke to calm his mind and body.

Teasing Jaejoong is good and all, but what the younger man doesn’t quite realize is that Yunho is just as badly affected.

He just doesn’t show it.

Jaejoong stares out at his husband, and then back at his slumbering daughter.

He’s put their baby girl on the long seat running the length of the limo, covering her in his shirt. She didn’t even wake as she burrows her face into his warm shirt, sighing in her sleep at his familiar scent, and within seconds she is snoring lightly again.

Clad in nothing but a singlet and his pants of course, Jaejoong knows better than to leave the car. It is unseasonably warm for January, but there is still a definite chill in the air.

He cannot hear Yunho’s conversation with their driver because the partition is up, but he can certainly see the cigarette being handed over as well as the lighter. Worrying his lower lip, Jaejoong knows tonight is going to end very pleasantly for him. However, in the meantime, he’s going to have to do something about his blue as fuck balls before they fall off.

Melodramatic to be sure, but Jung Jaejoong isn’t used to waiting for anything or anyone.

Even his kids tend to come out too early!

They must know how impatient their mama is to meet them or something.

Chewing hard on his bottom lip, making it even more pouty than usual, Jaejoong makes his decision.

He sends a last look at his daughter, making sure she’s comfortable and dead asleep, before he opens the door and exits the vehicle.

Yunho feels the door opening before he hears it, his mind pleasantly emptied of though as he savors the cigarette. He is not a smoker by any stretch of the imagination, but he does enjoy the occasional cigar or two. Today he is out of luck where cigars are concerned, so a cigarette will have to do.

“You look like a gangster.”

Yunho smiles, tilting his chin down, he turns towards his wife’s voice. His eyebrow quirks at the man’s clothing.

Or rather, lack thereof.

“A gentleman gangster in your bespoke suit. So elegant, yet so very deadly.”

“Fanciful tonight, love?”

Jaejoong smiles a siren’s smile.

“Hardly,” he replies as he stands between his husband’s legs. Slipping his arms around the man’s torso, he leans into his warmth, sighing at the heat, and the heady scent of a clove cigarette. “You know how you look, and you know it makes me crazy. But you need to calm me down because our baby girl is in the limo.”

“Not up for a romp in the bushes then?” Yunho teases before clamping the butt of the cigarette between his lips so he can draw his jacket around his wife.

Jaejoong nuzzles his own jacket on Yunho’s shoulder, sighing as his husband’s arousal brushes against his own.

“I wish. We’d never live it down if we got caught though.”

“I can live down anything with you by my side.”

“That might be true, but I don’t need our children being teased in school because their parents can’t keep their pants on in public.”

“Fair point. I concede.” Yunho lifts his hand to pluck the cigarette from his lips as he blows a stream of smoke into the night sky.

“Distract me,” Jaejoong asks again as he rubs against his husband once again. There is a mewling quality to his request, and Yunho’s cock is very interested in the beautiful little sounds his wife makes when aroused, but tonight will have to wait a little longer.

“I remember the first time I saw you with our baby girl.”

Jaejoong smiles, closing his eyes and pressing his cold nose against Yunho’s warm throat. “Did you think she looked perfect in my arms?”

“I was too busy marveling at the fact that she wasn’t screaming her head off.”

“Practical as always.”

“And absolutely terrified of scaring you off because you were the only person apart from me who could hold her without her crying her eyes out.”

“You were very scary.”

“Was I really?”

“Yes, but I know how to deal with scary old men.”

“Brat,” Yunho chuckles, finishing his cigarette and dropping it blindly, grounding it out under the heel of his boot.

“Do you remember when the nurse called me your wife?”

“I didn’t correct her.”

“I’m glad you didn’t.”

“Do you want your jacket?”

“You know I’d rather be wearing you.”

“Not helping, love…” Yunho warns quietly as his slowly slumbering cock perks up once again.

Jaejoong giggles impishly, nuzzling the hollow of his husband’s throat before kissing and licking at it.

With a groan, the older man tries to move away, only to be chased by a very determined young wife.

“Jaejoong,” Yunho attempts to inject some sternness in his tone. A tone that has his peers sitting up and paying attention.

But not his impossible wife.

Never his wife.

His hands are roaming now, slipping down his wife’s back to cup his pert ass, he squeezes tight.

“Please tell me to stop,” he asks, voice husky with arousal and want. He knows he can stop, but he doesn’t really want to.

“Remember Yoolie’s first word?”


“Is that your answer, or you don’t know?”

“Brat. You know it was no.”

“That’s my answer too.”

Yunho is flummoxed for a few seconds, having lost his place in the conversation. A stray giggle from his wife brings him right back.

“What happened to not scarring Yoolie and not having the kids being teased in school?”

“Who said anything about doing it out here?”

Yunho narrows his eyes at the treeline ahead of them, before grabbing his wife, moving him bodily as he turns to tap at the driver’s window.

The window rolls down smoothly. “Sir?”

“How quickly can you get us back to the house?”

“In normal traffic, less than ten minutes.”

“Make it ten minutes. Drive carefully.”

“Yes, sir.”

Yunho frog walks with his giggling wife back along the limo to the door, smothering the blond with his own jacket when his laughter threatens to get louder as they both slide into the warm confines of the limousine.

He’d placed Jaejoong by the other door, at the opposite end to himself, but the second the limo starts to move, he finds himself with a lapful of gorgeous blond.

“Jaejoong, at the rate I’m going, I won’t be able to get out of the car without poking someone’s eye out.”

“That’s ok. Just call Sica and ask her to pick up Yoolie. Remember how we used to carry her from our bed and put her in her cot?”

“Yes, and I also remember the tantrums when we forgot to bring her back before she woke. Who ever thought a toddler could wear so much accusation and disappointment in her eyes?”

“She got that from you.”

“The tantrums?”

“No, speaking with her eyes. She can say so much with just her eyes.”

“She may have my eyes, but everything else is from you.”

Jaejoong grins, nuzzling Yunho’s jaw as he twists to look at their sleeping daughter.

“Our baby girl.”

AN1: Today is officially Nikki’s YunJae Day. IDK what the heck happened… IDEK what the heck happened to this fic. It started off as a cute little innocent DRABBLE about Jaejoong and Jiyool and then IDK what happened. Yunho decided he wanted his presence felt AND MY GOD WHAT A PRESENCE THAT IS…

AN2: I feel so thoroughly fucked, and no fucking happened. Someone explain this phenomenon to me. I feel cheated! My husband will be home in ten minutes or so…

AN3: I literally have no fucking idea what happened to this drabble. My poor little drabble OTL I don’t know about you, but I have feels up to my neck and I think I’m gonna die… I haven’t re-read SB so god only knows how accurate my memories are but yes T_______________T I MISS YUNJAE LIKE FUCKING HELL. All of your are collateral damage for my feels and I’d apologize, but then I’m not sure what I’m apologizing for since I’m sure some of y’all are enjoying this OTL

You don't know how happy we are that you are drowning in feels! This is gold! They just can't take their hands off if each others and that's so cute! The best part tho was when they remembered their first meeting and etc! Damn so cute <333

Thanks for all those updates and you def have nothing to apologise for but I wouldn't mind more ;) hopefully your husband is already home ;)

You're happy and i'm in pain OTL

I wouldn't mind more too. But I have 96 emails i've ignored and now I have to deal with them. My husband isn't back yet either OTL OTL OTL

I was really expecting only Jiyool and Jae but wow that scene in that hall or whatever i cant even remember the place. Yunho is just so hot i cannot handle it! :) Loved it ^^

I can't even remember the place either and I wrote it. I'M STILL DYING CAN YOU BELIEVE IT.

Fuck my life. Yunho literally walked right in and stole this innocent little drabble from right under my nose and he made me so horny I'm gonna scream if my husband doesn't get home soon ;;

Yay sleeping beauty. I miss them. I love reading your Nikki sized drabbles. The pictures are great also. As for your feels. We are all the same way. Just keep doing what you are doing. Thanks for writing about them again.

You're more than welcome! SB is like that place I can return to and it calms me. Well, calms me till fucking Jung muse decides to walk in and take everyone's damn breath away (especially mine OTL)!

Muah, you are on a roll. Lucky us. I miss YJ and SB family. Made my day. Beautiful warm fuzzy feelings as always from SB. Thanks !!!!

Re: Thank youuuuuuuuu

You're welcome and yeah I miss them too ;;

You have no idea how much I miss SB!YunJae <3 this is sooooo... goooodddd xD and I thought it will be all about Jiyool here since it was titled "baby girl" but of course, the Jung God requests his presence known, who are we mere humans to refuse :3
My toes are tingling imagining that look Yunho gave to those men trying to stare him down... fuck I think my whole body is shivering as well! LMFAO!

Hahahahahhahahaha IFKR?????? I'm really not impressed with Jung. He turned my cute little drabble into a hnggggfffahdhdhhahahshsjsjsjsjjsd fic and I'm just like waeeeeeeeeeeee ;; I think I saw someone's comment that by the end of the fic they even forgot she was in it T______T I miss the trio but Yunho man...when he walks in you don't say no......

I love Jaejoong's interactions with his children. Makes me wish I had a Momma like that. <3

Even I'm not half the momma he is OTL

This is the icing on the YunJae cake for me :'3
So many SB moments omg. I really miss reading SB :3

I hope you have many more YunJae days Nikki ^^ I really loved all of your updates today.

Hehehehe I did enjoy last week but alas it's impossible to sustain. Maybe when I go nuts again with all the feels and just have to write sth otherwise I'll explode. I can't even recall what started this whole thing now. Oh wait yes, it was excitable Jaejoong so pleased he finally got his red ocean ;-) It really doesn't take much to please Jaejoong, eh?

3 fics in one day!! How awesome is this!

Don't get used to it hahaha!

Screw that midterm...i am floating in yunjae heaven...
I fucking loved it..well at first i thought it was an innocent fic..but then entered Jung fucking yunho and my mind flew out of the room..
Thnkx for sharing..:):)

No one ever wants to listen to you. I was expecting a cute little oneshot with jiyool and jae.

OMG seriously thanks for this one shoot...
i miss SB family..
love u author shi for this lovely update

i miss YUNJAE as well~~~

gosh...u really know how to stop at sexy scene...hehehehe

Argh...this really quench my thirst for YJ. It has been ages since I read SB but I can say that this particular drabble really does bring back the same feeling.
Great work!