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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Jejuko [4/15]
Title: Jejuko
Pairing: YunJae + side!YooSu
Rating: PG-13
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, romance
Warning: Gender switch
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P
Summary: How far will Jaejoong go to catch the attention of kingka, Jung Yunho?

AN1: Alright folks, it's time to suspend your disbelief ;-) Warning is in place :P

AN2: Thank you my awesome eonni and dongsaeng for their reading services as always. I laaaaaahhhhhv them. Forever indebted for being bias-free cheerleaders! :P The genre/warnings and ratings will change as the story progresses. Fluff is NOT my strong point and my husband says I am the most unromantic person ever so please forgive me lol!

Jaejoong crashes into his room, startling his waiting friend completely off his bed and onto the floor in a pile of pillows and human. He throws his things on his desk and flings himself onto the bed, facedown into the remaining pillow on the bed. He knows he is being melodramatic but right now, he just wants to scream and scream and scream. Which he does, into his pillow.

Yoochun stares at his friend in shock, as the latter continues screaming into his pillow for a good minute. Jaejoong is going to get the sore throat if he doesn’t stop soon and Yoochun brushes himself off and crawls into bed beside the distraught older man, rubbing a soothing hand up and down his back.

“Hyung, what’s wrong? You’re freaking me out.”

He watches as Jaejoong lets out a loud, thoroughly heartfelt groan and turns over, giving Yoochun a view of his ruddy cheeks and shining eyes. His nose is pink and lips are tinted red having been chewed rather earnestly. However what interests the younger man is the look in Jaejoong’s eyes.

“Don’t scare me. What happened? Did someone hassle you? I’ll go beat them up!” he half-jokes as he stretches out beside his silent friend. “Or better, I’ll get Changmin to beat them up, maybe Sooyoung too. I think she can be scarier than him. Actually, I know she can.” He shudders slightly, thinking of the tall girl who manages to wrangle their difficult dongsaeng into line. Not an easy task by far.

Jaejoong scoffs slightly at that, turning to Yoochun and proceeding to tell him the whole story, from Siwon in class to Yunho on the bench. He ignores Yoochun’s slowly unhinging jaw as he recounts his adventures as clearly as he can, hoping his retelling is somewhat emotionless because he doesn’t need anyone knowing about his churning belly just yet. At the end of his tale, Yoochun shakes himself out of his slackjawed stupor to get the first aid kit to clean and disinfect his hands. Jaejoong sits quietly, allowing his friend to take care of him, watching as he puts band-aids on the scrapes that look nastier than the others. His thoughts drift as Yoochun works, but he is jerked from his daydreaming when Yoochun pokes hard at the black spot on is palm, scratching it with a blunt fingernail.

“I think it’s actually in your palm. It’s part of you now. Look! It’s not even poking out anymore. You have something to remember Yunho by.” Yoochun grins rather greasily, and then yelps as Jaejoong punches him in the shoulder. “Seriously though, him coming to your rescue like that must mean something. Have you noticed him looking at you before?”

“No…I sit in the back and he’s normally in front surrounded by his friends.”

“Does he know your name?”

“He knows Snow White,” comes the bitter response.

Yoochun cocks his head ruefully. “You know that nickname is as flattering as it is taunting. Snow White, the most beautiful girl in the land, even the Evil Queen was jealous of her.”

“My point exactly. I am a boy. A man. MALE.”

“Speaking of which…”

Jaejoong groans again and looks down at his hand, running his finger over the black mark in his palm, hoping that Yoochun will stop talking. Yoochun’s observation earlier was right. What once was a hard lump has smoothed out and the stone is now well and truly embedded in his palm. He strokes his hand lightly, closing his eyes, his lips parting slightly as he remembers Yunho’s hands on his. He smiles to himself at the memory and opens his eyes to his friend looking at him with a sardonic lift of an eyebrow and a knowing smirk. Jaejoong flushes and grabs a pillow, throwing it at Yoochun’s amused face. He is feeling hot and weird, his belly still swirling rather pleasantly at the memories of Yunho’s touch. Maybe Yunho will feel the same for him some day… Switch is a logical step, isn’t it?

“Earth to Jaejoong.” Yoochun pokes at his friend. Apprehensive doe eyes turn towards him, eyes seemingly growing larger in his pale face. He settles on the bed with Jaejoong, who shifts till they are both sitting cross-legged opposite each other. “Are you ready?”

Jaejoong’s eyebrows furrow as he takes a deep breath, exhaling slowly with all his thoughts and misgivings on the matter. “As ready as I’ll ever be. Tell me what happens.”

Yoochun grabs one of Jaejoong’s hands, rubbing gently at the band aids as he starts, “Well, they recommend you do it at home or somewhere you can lie down because the pill has a low dose sleeping drug in it. You need to do it where you feel safe. The 12 hour period starts exactly an hour from the time you swallow the pill. You will feel sleepy within 15 minutes and will drowse and nap. In 45 minutes, you should be fully transformed. They recommend doing it with someone or to set your alarm to it otherwise you may miss out on making full use of your allotted time.” He pauses, looking at Jaejoong questioningly to see if the pale man has any questions.

Jaejoong stares at his friend, his heart jumping erratically once again for the second time that day, but for a completely different reason. Truth be told, he has no idea which reason he prefers. He waves his free hand limply at Yoochun, indicating for the man to continue, his gut clenching rather uncomfortably. Is he really ready to do this? Is Yunho worth it?

“There aren’t any major side effects apart from possible nausea and cramping. Headaches are also fairly common. You will wake up with the functioning parts of a girl but your reproductive system will remain male.” Yoochun wrinkles his nose suddenly, as if having sniffed something nasty, and takes hold of Jaejoong’s other hand as well, squeezing both, causing the silent man to wince slightly, but makes no move to pull his injured hands away. They stare at each other as the younger man continues.

“This part squicks me out a little but apparently your boy parts will somehow retract into your body and will sit where a female’s clitoris is. I have no clue where the vagina comes from, but from all the people I’ve asked who have tried it, and the online research, you do wake up with it there. But you don’t have to worry about getting pregnant though condoms are still recommended due to STDs.” Yoochun takes a deep breath and soldiers on, ignoring Jaejoong’s fingernails now digging into his wrists. He is looking into eyes so wide it seems as if Jaejoong’s face is purely made up of them, his pupils so dark that they are almost black.

“Breast size varies and there doesn’t seem to be a set size that each person gets. It depends on the fat percentage a person has as it is still inherently your body and breasts can’t form out of nothing.”

Jaejoong stares at Yoochun mutely, mentally taking stock of his body and resigns himself to small boobs. There is so much to take in, yet Jaejoong doesn’t feel as if he has enough information. He is not stupid and the potential side effects worry him. But then again, this may be his only shot at Yunho. At having him for his own, even if it’s just for one night. Will he be satisfied? Jaejoong sincerely hopes so as he steels himself, aware of Yoochun’s heavy, worried gaze on him.

“Do you have any questions?” he whispers. Yoochun is starting to have serious second thoughts about this. It sounds a little drastic now that he’s talking about it out loud and the person changing is someone very close to him. It’s a little too close for his comfort and he is considering talking Jaejoong out of it. It is now clear to him that reading accounts by other people, all of which had nothing but praise for the drug’s potential and possibilities, is not nearly enough for him not to feel the heavy hand of worry press down on his chest. He eyes his friend, hoping for a slim chance that he will change his mind.

Jaejoong just stares at Yoochun, their hands are gripping each other tightly, he no longer cares about the pain.

“You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to…” Yoochun trails off as Jaejoong squares his chest and takes on a resolute look.

“I do want to do it. I’m a little apprehensive but I have you here with me and that’s all I need. It’s almost 5pm now so it’ll last till 6am tomorrow morning if I take the pill now?” Jaejoong is going to go all in. There’s nothing for him to lose is there?

Yoochun can only nod, watching carefully as Jaejoong shakes his head and holds out his hand for the little pink pill with the female symbol etched on it. He stares at the waiting, open palm, his eyes feeling hot as he can feel tears pricking them. He stares at at the ceiling, willing for them to go away before he leans down to grab his bag with the packet of pills. He has procured a small amount but is loathe to tell Jaejoong exactly how many he has. He quickly pulls out one and drops it into the waiting hand before he can change his mind.

“Any last words before I turn into your ‘cousin’ Jejuko?”

“I love you.”

Jaejoong smiles softly at him and swallows the pill dry before he replies softly, “I love you too, Micky-yah. Always.” He lays back on the bed, staring at the ceiling, as Yoochun creeps up next to him, snuggling into his side, comfortably tucked underneath his arm. He can hear his friend sniffling quietly and he feels a little bad because for all his jokes, occasional lewdness and bitchy moments, Yoochun is an emotional basket case. They are a little alike in that regard though Jaejoong feels he hides it better. He squeezes him into his side and presses a kiss to his forehead as he drifts off into slumberland.

55 minutes later

“Jaejoong! Jae! Or should I say Jejuko? Jejuko! Wake up!”

The ethereal beauty cracks open her lids, peering up at huge dark eyes staring apprehensively down at her. She blinks and opens both eyes fully, staring at Yoochun who is looking somewhat bemused and sits up sleepily, scooting back against the head of the bed, resting against the wall.

“How are you feeling?”

“I feel…” she stops and claps her hand across her mouth. That’s not her voice! She looks down and squeaks as she notices her teeshirt filled out at the top, her nipples erect and poking through the flimsy material. She immediately reaches down between her legs, yelping loudly in horror and surprise. Her cock! It’s gone! She rubs down further and feels completely odd as she finds nothing there. Her balls are gone too. What the hell? She rubs reflexively across her crotch as she gets herself to grips with the situation. Jaejoong? Jejuko? What is he? She? This is going to get old, fast. The beautiful girl’s eyebrows knit as she struggles with the thoughts bouncing around in the confined space of her mind, not to mention her new and completely unfamiliar body. To say she’s confused would have been an understatement.

“Um…Jae, Jejuko, whoever you are right now, please stop touching yourself.” Yoochun laughs at the dull flush that spreads across the features of the pale girl in front of him, smiling as she quickly removes her hand from between her legs. His brow furrows slightly as he moves to sit next to her, leaning over and touching her face, tracing the contours of the almost glowing skin. “You still look like Jaejoong to me, yet not. You’re breath-taking,” he breathes out the last word, staring at Jaejoong/Jejuko, marveling at the exotic slant of her dark brown eyes. Doe eyes that have taken on a cat-like tilt at the end making it something uniquely Jejuko. Jaejoong’s delicate yet still masculine features have softened into that of a girl. His jaw is no longer as prominent and his chin, gently rounded, topped off by that familiar sinful mouth. In fact, Jejuko’s mouth is probably the sole feature that can identify her as Jaejoong. Yoochun continues his appraisal of his best friend’s features, taking in the higher cheekbones and longer eyelashes, chuckling slightly as Jejuko blushes under his close scrutiny, the heightened colour making her even more attractive and accentuating her new face. That tinge of colour that normally makes Jaejoong look a little strange is not out of place on the innocent beauty, blushing like a virgin bride, currently sitting in front of him.

Jejuko shifts uncomfortably as Yoochun continues to stare at her. Is this good? Bad? Does she look like a troll? Okay, maybe not a troll but she’s dying to hop off the bed and run for the closest mirror. Jaejoong was never one to be comfortable at being stared at and Jejuko is no different since they are the same person. Really. Jaejoong/Jejuko is really finding this a little hard to wrap his/her head around. She is still Jaejoong, but she looks like Jejuko. Yes, that’s the way she’ll think of it. Inside she is Jaejoong and outside she is Jejuko. Less confusion…maybe. Jejuko wrinkles her nose and sticks out her tongue, licking at her lip nervously as she feels the heat blossoming across her cheeks as her thoughts once again drift back to Yunho. Jaejoong is doing this for Yunho. Only Yunho.

Yoochun frowns as he sees Jaejoong’s nervous habit manifest itself, taking in the colour in the beauty’s cheeks. While Jejuko is indeed stunning, she also looks wholly untouchable. This is no good. His frown deepens. There is no way Jejuko will be able to sell a strip routine looking as innocent as that, and blushing furiously under scrutiny. Her face is practically flaming and it’s just Yoochun staring at her. What will happen in a roomful of panting men? His hackles start to rise, feeling protective of his friend. This really isn’t one of his better ideas and Yoochun is having major second thoughts.

“Jaejoong? Or should I call you Jejuko? I think I’ll call you Jejuko. I’m feeling a little confused right now.”

Jejuko lets out a rather unladylike snort and quirks an eyebrow at Yoochun. “You’re confused? Imagine how I feel.” She reaches up a hand and clasps it loosely around her throat. “I don’t even sound right. And I have bits missing! What’s the time?”

“6.20pm. So…do you still want to go out? I think you need to work on your blushing.” Yoochun replies, chucking Jejuko lightly under her chin, causing her to smile.

Before Jejuko can reply, rapid knocks sound at her door, startling both the room’s occupants.

“Are you expecting someone?”

“No…are you?”

“This is your room.”

“Good point.” Jejuko moves fluidly off the bed, all long limbs and slightly shaky feet. She has maintained her height, which means she is above average in that respect. Though, really, she’s above average in just about every aspect possible. She has apparently forgotten her current appearance though as she pulls the door open to face a tall, rather striking couple.

“Uh…I think we may have the wrong room.” The male starts, trying to tug at the tall girl next to him who simply stares at Jejuko, not moving.

The girl shrugs off his arm and takes a step forward. “So it’s true. You did it.”

Jejuko takes a step back as she faces her friend, Sooyoung. She turns to look over her shoulder at Yoochun’s rapidly paling face before turning back to the pretty girl now staring daggers at her. “How did you know?”

“Wait, what’s going on?” Changmin too now steps forward and both he and Sooyoung enter the room. He looks around, frowning in confusion before his eyes land on Yoochun. He looks back and forth between Yoochun and the stunning tall girl who hasn’t broken eye contact with his girlfriend, and he puts two and two together. “J-Jaejoong?” He croaks out in partial horror. “What have you done?” His eyes rake over the figure in front of him, up and down, taking in the soft curves and the almost painfully beautiful face. “Oh my god, hyung…noona?”

Sooyoung elbows her gaping boyfriend in the sternum as she grabs Jejuko’s hand and tugs her towards the bed. She pushes Yoochun who moves over, making room for the two girls. “Alright, both of you. Talk. Now.”

Sooyoung can be a little scary when annoyed and the two best friends comply immediately, practically talking over each other in their haste to explain the story. Yoochun earns himself a slap up the back of his head when his part in this scheme comes to light. When he protests, she smacks him again, telling him she already heard about him procuring the drug but was hoping he wasn’t stupid enough to take it or worse, give it to someone else. Jejuko’s explanation doesn’t mollify her very much but by the end of the rather involved tale, she has decided that she may as well help rather than hinder.

“So what’s the plan?”

“We were thinking of going out. She really needs to work on her blushing, and interacting as a girl.” Yoochun points to Jejuko.

The four friends have by now settled quite nicely on Jaejoong’s bed, Sooyoung quite comfortable between Changmin’s long legs, leaning back against him with the best friends in the same position next to her, Jejuko leaning against Yoochun. In her hand is a Hello Kitty handheld mirror and she is staring at her face, fiddling with her bangs. She pouts at Yoochun’s words, elbowing him in the belly as she huffs in protest.

Sooyoung moves to get off the bed, patting Changmin lightly on his thigh as he makes a sound of protest. “I’m guessing you don’t have anything to wear?” She takes in Jaejoong’s widening eyes and nods to herself. “Alright, we’re moving to my room. Changmin-ah, entertain Yoochun.” She leans down and pecks her boyfriend lightly on the lips and tugs Jejuko out of bed. “Come to my room in an hour and Chunnie, make sure you’re dressed to impress.” She levels a warning gaze over the men still lounging on the bed before turning and pulling Jejuko along with her.

Jejuko has no choice but to follow, albeit reluctantly, turning her head to the two men on the bed, making cow eyes at them, imploring for help as she is tugged unwillingly out of her room. The two men can only shrug, knowing it’s no use to go against Sooyoung on a mission, grimacing slightly as the door shuts loudly behind the two tall girls.

“In the history of bad ideas, you win with this one.”

“Why is it so bad?”

“Jaejoong is going to get mauled. And then Sooyoung will kill you.”

“If he…she…damn this is confusing. If my best friend gets mauled, I will gladly let her kill me. Will you come with us tonight?”

“Can’t. Actually, Sooyoung can’t either which is possibly why she’s madder about this than she should be. She can’t watch over Jae, over both of you. You better stay out of trouble.” Changmin warns, his voice holding a dire note of if-you-fuck-up-we-will-both-kill-you.

“Trouble-free is my middle name.”

Changmin cocks a skeptical eyebrow at Yoochun who dissolves into laughter, knowing what a lie that is. But whatever it is, he is determined to make sure Jejuko survives the night intact.

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Omggg I imagine jae as a girl in his current look but with softer features. And his/her lips would be the most disturbing of em all because it's so tempting ;_; I never guess it could change genitals too o_o omg so now he's fully a girl? Asdfghjkla dayum dayum. I can't bear the prospect of seeing jae in mini skirt by the next chap, right? I think you just turned me into lesbian. Unf *o* so excited for the next chap! Hwaiting! Anyway off to add you as a friend d(^o^d)

oooooh, jae's a girl that'll act like a guy but blush like a girl with his pretty girly features. yeah...i'm not making sense right now..

Hahaha don't worry. When I was writing it, I was totally getting confused too. I hope the chapter made at least some sense to you lol! Thanks for commenting ;-)

I can't wait for Yunho to see Jejuko. He'll probably get his socks knocked off.

I guess that little black spot on Jaejoong's palm will the the proof that Jae and Jejuko are the same person.

Looking forward to the next chapter.

My socks are already knocked off tbh... I was worried I was getting repetitive cos I was all starry eyed about Jae as a girl... Yunho's the cool kingka :P Maybe he'll fare better than me lol! Interesting observation :P Thanks for commenting ;-)

i can imagine how pretty & stunning Jejuko is! :3

and you write it like it's real. like that kind of drug really exist. wow!

thanks for the update ~ ^___^

I was trying to be a little realistic but I can only go so far lol. I'm glad you suspended your disbelief enough to say that it seems real ;-) I'm gone for Jejuko, negl.. You're welcome and thanks for commenting :P

darn!i want to see him..ugh..her..whatever..hehe
i hope they enjoy the night and nothing and happens!can't wait for the next!

On the contrary, I hope something happens! XD

You know, my eonni had the same reaction lol! She was all "Nooooooooooooo it can't end thereeeeeeeeeee" whoops :P I love her so you're in good company. Next chapter is gonna be pretty darn long so I hope it makes up for this :P

I can imagine how Jaejoong looks like as a girl.
But the change in genitals too? Now that is one step so far.

No wonder Sooyoung freaked out.
Like Changmin said, Jaejoong will be mauled by males in his female form.

I cannot wait to see what happens when Jejuko and Yunho meet.
Will Yunho have feelings for her?
Or he will have feelings for her because she is a female version of Jaejoong?
Or he will still prefer Jaejoong as male?

This is going to be interesting.

I'm having trouble with Jejuko because no matter what we imagine, I always picture her to be that little bit more if you know what I mean. As a boy, he is already bloody unreal. As a girl... totally out of this universe...

Sooyoung is totally not happy about this... Yoochun got off lightly tbh lol. Mmmmm despite Yoochun being a dolt, he is still a great friend. He'd beat off the boys don't worry :P

Hehehe :P Thanks for commenting and i'm glad to see you seem to be enjoying this story lol!

spot for self... brb.. XD

ohh goodness! Girl Jae, still awesomely beautiful in either gender ;D Chaos ensues!

Pretty much... Chaos indeed :P Thanks for commenting! ;-)

Ah. I don't like gender switch, but I'm willing to make an exception for you ;)

And orz my husband says the same. He is the hopeless romantic.

I don't like gender switch either. Consider this a challenge to myself XD! Writing about something I really don't like... I totally appreciate being your exception!

Yay!!! Someone else who's married! *hi-5* Yeah, i'm cold lol. Not a single romantic bone in my body so this will be interesting to write XD!

OMG jj actually took but what will happen to him later???!!!!! excitement is killing me... pls update sooon!!!!

Unfortunately work is insane so I probably won't be able to update till the weekend or early next week but i'll try and hurry! Don't die! Thanks for commenting :P

But... But I tracked you! And I was not informed and- wae livejournal, wae you must do this to me TT.TT

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There's something that bothers me, but can't Jaejoong remove the pebble? I mean, it's quite common to have one under your palm and eventually it can be removed , no? (small detail I know, but still..)

The whole Jejuko thing is killing me, actually. I have a baaad feeling about this and I'm 98% sure I'm right to have it :O

Yoochun sounds kinda... irresponsible and carefree here, but I won't blame him though, if it wasn't for him Jae wouldn't even have heard about the switch thing.

But I do love your writing style, so smooth (wth?), so easy to read~ hehe, me likey :3

Hmm, I like it so far, keep the updates coming! (*3)/ chu~

whoa he is SHE! looking forward to the strip tease in the next chapter..hmm how did soyoung find out...

i think yunho is already inclined to like jae.. wonder if he'll freak out or feel flattered at the extend that jae is willing to go for him :)

Lol... Amateur Night is still a couple of chapters away at least... :P

Sooyoung? A little bird told her.

Yeah, i'm inclined to think that too. I mean come on, look at Jae...anyone would fall for him. I'm sooooooo biased lmao! But Jae isn't actually my bias which makes my biasness funny :P Thanks for commenting! ;-)

lol I wonder what Sooyoung is gonna dress him in XD
O-O. man I seriously wonder what Yunho feels for Jae D:

He does! I mean she...

Yunho won't know what hit him...or maybe he will. Who knows? I haven't gotten that far yet in the next chapter lol! Thanks for commenting ;-)

( ҈ ◕ᴥ◕ ҈ )

i wanna looks at Jae`s boobs~ 8DDDDD


See what I have to work with? Look at that face!!! I am so going to die trying to write the Amateur Night chapter... Jejuko baby you are too gorgeous and virginal and orzzzzzzz

Hahahahahahaha boobs are for Yunho's eyes only :PPP And maybe Sooyoung's....... and maybe someone else's.... LMAO! XD

Thanks for the gif. That totally made me go all *_______________*