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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Jejuko [4/15]
Title: Jejuko
Pairing: YunJae + side!YooSu
Rating: PG-13
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, romance
Warning: Gender switch
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P
Summary: How far will Jaejoong go to catch the attention of kingka, Jung Yunho?

AN1: Alright folks, it's time to suspend your disbelief ;-) Warning is in place :P

AN2: Thank you my awesome eonni and dongsaeng for their reading services as always. I laaaaaahhhhhv them. Forever indebted for being bias-free cheerleaders! :P The genre/warnings and ratings will change as the story progresses. Fluff is NOT my strong point and my husband says I am the most unromantic person ever so please forgive me lol!

Chapter 4Collapse )

buahahahha! Jejuko~~~~~~~~~~

oh god. i can't wait for the part where yunho sees jejuko~ jdhajdj
i bet he's gonna drool a lot
or maybe he's gonna get too turned on that he's gonna faint. ⊙◡⊙ ....that doesn't really make sense....oh well.
looking forward to the next chapter~ :3

I'm drooling and i'm not Yunho... How do you write someone who's already perfect? Aish...

Hehehe glad you liked it ;-) Thank you for commenting! ;-)

bwahahahaha!! ATLAST!! *dances around waving pompoms*
jejuko makes her much-waited appearance..

it was hilarious to see changmin short on snark for now!! and sooyoung taking charge!

although jejuko is the most beautiful girl on campus, it's more of the wide-eyed-belle-in the-city kind.. wonder how she's going to pull off being sexy later tonight and not trip over her feet..

Changmin knows who's the boss if he wants to be fed and get laid :PPP

Yeah you got it exactly right. How is my wide-eyed virgin gonna perform? I have no idea... But Amateur Night is not for another couple of chapters at least so maybe she'll loosen up when she goes out :PPP

Thanks for commenting!;-)

OMG.... This is awesome.... And Ilove ittttttttttttttt
And so protective over Jae ;) Chngmin and Yoochun...
OMG Sooyong My fav after Hyo :)

Jae has good friends ;-) I actually don't know SNSD very well at all and chose Sooyoung cos I know she's a Cassie and she's tall and pretty and looks good next to Changmin :P Now I sound shallow... lol!

Glad you love it ;-) Thanks for commenting!

Uwahahaha... = w =

I realized that if Jaejoong were my friend in real life...I would be exactly like how Sooyoung is acting right now xD but if I really think about it...I act more like Changmin...at least that's what my friends say xD

Anyhow, good job on killing my happy mood with your cliffy, keep on goin, it's awesome, you will much supported and apprectiated = w = and loved

I'd have beaten Yoochun and then helped Jae lol. So Yoochun got off lightly :P Awwwwww sorry about killing your mood! I had to cut it off somewhere...but next chapter is gonna be bloody long because of it so hopefully that'll soothe your mood XD! It warms my heart tbh to know I'm supported and appreciated especially with a not-so-popular genre/topic. Thank youuuuu!!!

*new reader here* :DDDD
Jejuko's make over! pfft. as if SHE needs one. SHE's stunning as she is. :D
cant wait for the next chappy! :D

Yay new reader!!! I only just found out how to add photos/gifs to tumblr. I'm not quite close to figuring it out how to do it on LJ but welcome hehehe :PPP

Lol... She does need clothes :P Thanks for commenting! ;-) Next chappy probably won't be up till next week. It's becoming a little long... XD!

Omg so exciting, can't wait for the next part!!!

Hehehe glad you think it's exciting ;-) Thank you for commenting and I hope you'll like the next part!

OHHH OH MY GOD MY IMAGINATION IS IN OVERDRIVE. Jejuko is like, walking sin in my head.

Tbh Jaejoong is walking sin irl so, you know. He is most definitely not of this world.

AND NEITHER IS YOUR WRITING. Goddamnit woman, why must you blow my mind with everything you write? When I'm in the mood for TH fic again I am certainly hitting up your page because WOW you write like a pro. I'm so jelly of ur skillzzz <3___<3

I am sososososososososososososos excited for chapter 5! And jsyk my friend blew my off tonight so I'm going to come crying to you in a mo :D LOVE YAZZZ.

I think in this case, Yunho is walking sin... Jejuko needs to be debauched *cough* LMAO! I need to keep this fic fluffy even if it kills me! But yes, totally right about Jae being walking sin... Fuck the man, seriously. Does he have any idea what he does to people? Actually, i'm pretty sure he does...


Actually, I think my fics on TH are not like this. They're not written in the present tense for one as far as I can remember... Do you like Placebo though? Cos you'd probably like my one shot if you like them :PPP Placebo meets Tokio Hotel, what more do you want? Chaos ensues...

Lol! We've been talking/spazzing for a good 4 hours lmao! I love you, babe XDDD!!!

Ahahahaa this is one interesting fic xD

Awww thanks for your kind words ;-) And for taking the time to comment! XD

The YunJae scene from the last chapter was so sweet *o*. Yunho is so obvious /coughs.
But Jaejoong is still clueless. He really doesn't need to be Jejuko to seduce Yunho. But I'm still liking where this is going ^^.
Awkward moment when one's male genitals are replaced by female ones. Yea... Jaejoong touching him/herself is the funniest thing ^^. Gosh she's so cute... The men are going to be all over her ;~;. Dangit why did they choose they day when both Sooyoung and Changmin weren't free. Can't wait to see how Jejuko uses her attractiveness to her advantage~ ^^.
Update soon♥

Lol I forgot I commented on this ^^.
This is so exciting! (:

*trying hard to imagine jae with real girl features* she's stunning in my mind *0*
changmin and yoochun was awed by jae's change. How would yunho react if he met jae(juko)? :p i'm beyond excited 8D

AAAAAAAH /blows my head off

whaaaaaaa jae is fullt a girlll hereee.
lmao when he first talked aftet he woke up...
ohhh sooyoung is nice ... gonna help jae with outfits..
too bad she cant watch over jejuko chunnie..
*yaa would love to go to the next chap but i need to sleep orz. bbl~

eekk! >.<
now, i'm very much excited on what would jae/jejuko (damned, now i'm confuse too xp )would wear and what will happened next!

Lol. It was funny when jae went touchy feely on himself when he doesn't see any man parts.

Sooyoung is scary but the most mature one in the group. Too bad she and changmin can't come.

What will sooyoung dress jae up in? :D