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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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I Heard A Rumour
Title: I Heard A Rumour
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG
Length: One-shot
Genre: Non-AU
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story.

Summary: Who hasn’t heard the rumor about U-Know Yunho dating his co-star?

AN: Wrote this in an hour. It’s the most I’ve written in such a short amount of time and my laptop is dying and I’m out and I’m hoping this will actually get posted properly. Fingers crossed it’s not as weird as I think it is cos I really wrote this too fast. 2,700+ words, help!


PS: I love that gif... Jaejoong's expression cracks me up. Yes, I know i'm his and there's nothing you can do about it.

Jaejoong turns, burying his nose in the pillow left cold by an occupant that had left the bed in the wee hours of the morning. He is struggling to open his eyes, and his throat feels swollen and scratchy.

He tries to smile, shivering at the memory of why his throat might be in that condition when he realizes that his shivering isn’t normal. He tries harder to open his eyes, rubbing at them but finding that his limbs feel much heavier than usual and his movements are really slow and sluggish. Even the groan he emits at the effort he is taking to shift over into the cooler side of the bed sounds feeble to his ears.

“What the fuck?” The hoarse whisper barely comes out due to the pain in his throat as he slides into Yunho’s side of the bed. He inhales deeply, expecting to be wrapped in the comforting scent of his boyfriend, but what he gets instead is a sharp pain in his head from the effort trying to inhale through a blocked nose.

Somewhere in the background, he can hear his phone vibrating incessantly on the bedside table.

Feeling way too pathetic and ill to be believed, he uncharacteristically ignores his phone, choosing to pull the covers up over his head and hope that a little more sleep will help with all the extra aches in his body.

Unexpected aches.

“He’s still in bed.”

Junsu frowns. “Can you get him out?”

“He doesn’t even know I’m here. Hyung gave me the password. I peeked in the bedroom and there’s this pathetic lump in the middle of the bed. The curtains aren’t even drawn and it’s in the middle of the afternoon!”

“Can you blame him?”

“He knows better than to behave like this that’s for sure.”

“Be kinder, please.”

“I am being kind! At least I’m here, while you’re living it up with your friends in Jeju!”

“I can’t leave yet.”

“Sure, whatever, hyung.”

“Check on him, please? Make sure he’s ok?”

The man makes an irritated grunting sound before saying his goodbyes and hanging up quickly. He’s already pissed off at the three-ringed circus currently going on and now he’s been given babysitting duties on top of it all? The maknae babysitting the oldest. This is too fucking much. He better get a nice five course meal out of this job.

He heads back towards the bedroom, opening the door roughly and allowing it to bang against the doorstopper.

The sad little lump doesn’t move.

Changmin frowns, moving towards the curtains and pulling them aside to let some light in.

Pivoting on his heel, he rolls his eyes at the disaster the room is in.

Well, it’s a disaster by his and Jaejoong’s usual standards and absolutely catastrophic by Yoochun’s standards, but for Yunho, it’s actually considered neat. He’s still irritated with Junsu so he refuses to think about that hyung.

His eyes narrow at two familiar looking lengths of cloth that are dangling from the headrest.

Mooseuk is apparently missing a sash or two from his outfits. He wonders how Yunho is going to explain that to the coordi noonas.

Coordis no doubt whispering amongst themselves about the titillating piece of fan fiction masquerading as news that greeted everyone that morning.

The woebegone pile of no doubt sulking Jaejoong still lies unmoving in the middle of the bed.

Covers pulled up so not even his blond hair is showing.

Something isn’t right.

Ignoring the urge to check the covers carefully before placing any of his own body parts on it, Changmin sits right by where he thinks the head of the lump might be and he pokes the still form.

No reaction.

Frowning to himself, he pulls the covers down.

A sharp gasp echoes around the room.

“What do you mean go back to my apartment? Is he punishing me? You know this isn’t my fault!” Yunho growls in disbelief. “I’ve had one hell of a day and I just want to see him, ok?”

Changmin cradles the phone to his ear as he wrings out a a flannel from the bowl of ice water, making sure it isn’t dripping, before placing in gently on the forehead of his dozing hyung.

“Remember that little sniffle you had when you left Japan?”

“My cold? I’m better now.”

“Well, you passed it on, and he is in no shape to entertain you in any way or form tonight.”

“Entertain? What do you mean, entertain? I don’t want to be entertained! I just want to know that he’s not angry with me! I need the pieces of my costume back and I’d rather have them back in one piece rather than a pile of charred remains.”

Changmin rolls his eyes hard at that.

“He burned one jacket. One. A very long time ago. Let it go.”

Unintelligible muttering on the phone, that Changmin cuts off swiftly.

“He doesn’t even know, hyung.”

Yunho stops short, pressing the phone hard to his ear, a little spark of hope in his chest. Considering how all and sundry have been messaging, calling and trying to talk to him about it, the one person affected by this the most hasn’t been told?


“What? How?”

“He thinks you knew he was sick and sent me to look after him. He’s got the whole mournful little kitten look going but he’s so sick he’s barely awake long enough to even look at his phone. He doesn’t know.”

“He’s sick?”

Changmin checks on Jaejoong one last time before getting up off the bed and leaving the room quickly.

“He wasn’t sick when you left?”

“He was a little warm, but he always runs a little hot. His voice was a little croaky when I kissed him goodbye but that’s normal because…uh…” Yunho’s trails off sheepishly, his ear filled with the unimpressed clicking of the maknae’s tongue.

“Alright, I get it. He’s sick now. He can barely keep water down. I think I might need to get his manager to bring a drip in to keep him hydrated. He tells me he’s got a schedule tomorrow with Gummy noona, but his management must be out of their minds if they think he’s in any shape to go.”

“I’m coming over.”

“No, you’re not.”

Jaejoong is calm. He is feeling much better than he did yesterday under the watchful eye of the maknae who insisted on sleeping over. He accepted the man’s explanation that Yunho’s shoot ran long, but after what he’s just read, he wonders if the man is staying away on purpose.

He is hooked up to a drip to get him hydrated as quickly as possible.

It looks like a bag of urine to him, but he’s no doctor. He trusts that his manager isn’t trying to feed him urine intravenously!

Changmin is pottering around in the kitchen, and when he comes out with a tray of food, his smiling countenance falters when he catches sight of Jaejoong’s face.

“You know.”

“The whole world knows.”

“And the whole world doesn’t believe a single word of it. Even WISH has issued an official statement. Hyung’s fans are more angry than anything, as they should be.”

“And how should I feel?”

Changmin places the tray gently on the table, before turning to look at his very pale hyung. Jaejoong had a very rough night, and this without the knowledge of what had come to pass. Today he has to go to work, and face the masses that will try and look for a reaction in him. A reaction that can either make things worse for Yunho, or help in some way.

Nothing Jaejoong does is without controversy.

Everyone will be searching for the smallest of reasons to contribute to the nonsense currently going on in the tabloids.

Question is, how will he play it? His hyung is not stupid. Adept at manipulating when he has a mind to do so, he sways the public whichever way he needs them to sway without seemingly doing anything at all. However, Jaejoong is also an extremely emotional human being, prone to fits of pique where he acts first and thinks later.

Changmin knows Yunho is stressed and trying to hide his growing upset at the whole situation. Refuting the bullshit media play is one thing, but now people are starting to question his sexuality all over again.

If it’s not one thing, it’s something else.

Too much is at stake for Jaejoong to allow his knee-jerk hurt at the stupid rumors to run rampant, because he knows better.

Everyone that matters knows better.

Who cares about the public?

Changmin sighs inwardly.

Jaejoong cares about the public. Both he and Yunho care. They always have, each in a different way.


“What?” Jaejoong asks, forgotten he’d asked a question in the first place for the silence between them had been lengthy.

“You should feel loved.”

“I’m feeling far from loved at the moment.”

Changmin regards the older man with a steady eye, staring the blond man down till Jaejoong drops his gaze to his lap and moves to turn his phone face down.

The silence stretches, but Changmin is ready to sit there all afternoon if need be.

Jaejoong finally looks up, the sheen of tears is expected, but there is a strength behind them.

“It is half a life, is it not?”

Changmin doesn’t answer, keeping silent and waiting for the older man to continue.

“Half my life is hidden for fear of the repercussions should it be made public, and yet here I am, upset about something that has no truth whatsoever, but yet I am upset because it is in public.”

Still the maknae remains silent, knowing that Jaejoong is trying to work through his muddled thoughts. It sounds promising so far though.

“More people believe in a real private love than this public fabrication, don’t they?”

“Does it matter?”



Jaejoong’s smile is watery, but it reaches his eyes.

“Sometimes a little reminder helps.”

Yunho runs his hand through his hair, ruffling out the thick locks. His movements are nervous and agitated, and he’s been at it for most of the day.

“Put your cap back on, and your hood up,” his bodyguard advises, sitting next to the man in the backseat of the unmarked car, gazing at his charge fondly. “We’re almost there. You’ll be ok.”

“Ok?” Yunho tone is scoffing, and he immediately apologizes for it much to the bodyguard’s amusement. “Didn’t you see what he said? He specifically mentioned dating and then scandals out of nowhere and then later on twitter he bemoaned about his love life or relationships to be cut off abruptly? What am I supposed to think?”

“Think like Jaejoong-ssi.”

“I think my clothes are going to be ash.”

The bodyguard’s laughter echoes around the small car.

Jaejoong hums a familiar song as he stirs the pot. He is feeling a lot better, but he is afraid it might be temporary for his body waxes and wanes like the moon. The concert was a bit of a joke, and Changmin was right in that he should’ve stayed home but a promise is a promise.

He hears the front door open and shut, but he doesn’t turn, continuing to hum as he deliberates whether to add red pepper paste to the ginseng chicken stew he is preparing.

“Dousite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattan darou? Am I really in that much trouble?”

“You’re not in trouble at all,” Jaejoong replies pleasantly, still not turning.

“Then why were you humming that song and why are you turned away from me?”

“Nothing is stopping you from coming here and hugging me.”

“Your choice of song stopped me.”

“Come here.”

Jaejoong can hear the crash of things as Yunho drops whatever he is carrying to the ground. He shakes his head fondly at the man’s really bad habit that not even Changmin appears to be able to break him out of. Tripping over a pile of things in the middle of the hallway is a pretty normal occurrence whenever Yunho is afoot.

He feels the man’s arms enveloping him tentatively from behind, and he steps back to close the gap between their bodies, dropping his head back against Yunho’s shoulder as he sighs.

“I’m sorry,” Yunho whispers against his ear, kissing it gently.

“The only one who should be apologizing is her agency. That was the biggest load of garbage I’ve ever seen.”

“You’re not angry with me?”

“You’re the victim here.”

Yunho scrunches his nose as he nuzzles the back of Jaejoong’s bare shoulder, peering to look at the food being stirred.

“Why did you mention scandals at Gummy noona’s concert?”

“To show people that I know about it since I didn’t say anything on the first day, and to remind them that the only scandal I ever had was with you.”

“And the twitter message?”

“To remind you.”

Yunho bares his teeth, clamping down gently on the back of Jaejoong’s neck. He feels the older man shudder and step further back in his arms, tilting his head to give him more access. Yunho licks that pale flesh he’d bitten lightly, before kissing his way to a very pretty ear.

“Do you want a mark to show the world that I’ve been duly reminded?” Yunho murmurs against Jaejoong’s ear.

“I still have that bite mark on my forearm when you came two days ago, thank you. Changmin’s face was hilarious when he saw it. He was torn between asking and wanting to know nothing at all.”

“Which side won?”

“He decided not to ask.”

“Are you really not mad at me?”

Jaejoong sighs, turning the stove off and pushing Yunho away.

However, he follows the man as he pushes and Yunho ends up leaning against the kitchen bench, Jaejoong against him.

“I was hurt at first, but what can I do? I know it isn’t your fault. It’s easy to blame you but I know you’ve had the devil of a time the last two days. How can I blame you when even your fan site union knows you’re innocent?”

“Changmin got to you, didn’t he?”

“Maybe,” Jaejoong rolls his eyes. “That boy needs a lesson in bedside manners. I was attached to a fucking drip when he decided that he had to stare me into submission.”

“His are you done being stupid yet, look?”

“The very same. He could have at least given me a few moments to sulk but nooooooooooo,” Jaejoong complains half seriously, causing Yunho to laugh.

He kisses the pouty blond, a quick peck that has the smaller man mewling for more instantly, but Yunho holds him fast, shaking his head as he chuckles some more.

“Would it make you feel better if I told you he called you a cute little kitten?”

“Considering the fact that he said filming the scene with that kitten in Hug was the worst time of his life, no,” Jaejoong’s retort is disgruntled as hell at being thwarted from tasting his boyfriend some more and remembering Changmin’s words.

Yunho’s laughter is filled with joy, hugging his gorgeous secret boyfriend close, slipping his hands into the seat of his pants, he tugs Jaejoong close and drops his head to finally claim his mouth properly.

His last thought before all his senses are claimed by the intoxicating blond in his arms is one simple fact.

Jaejoong’s only scandal was with him, and it is the only one Yunho has been associated with that he has never officially denied.

In his mind, that says it all.

AN: I’m hoping I’ve gotten YunJae out of my system for now. STOP GIVING ME HEART ATTACKS PLEASE OMFG.

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when i saw jj's instagram I was wondering why in heaven he caught flu again or what kind of flu that last too long. but then yunho airport photo from japan wearing masker appeared in my timeline and made me, "okaaayyy. (maybe a certain) someone passed it to him." that drip was sure look like pee, btw.

tbh, I kind of predicted that you would write something that 20 minutes scandal and yaiy! I'm glad I wasn't dissappointed. it's far from what I imagined and was so fluffy, warm, love, fluffy and fluffy. and what a nice for changmin for nursing his hyung.

thanks for sharing n__n

I'm really glad you didn't imagine this hehehe especially since you predicted I'd write something so at least you had sth of a surprise ;-)

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