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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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MooTak [drabble part 4a]
Author: Anon via me
Pairing: YunJae (as MooTak)
Genre: Joseon AU
Rating: PG
Length: Drabble
NN (Nikki Note cos it isn't an AN cos I didn't write it!): Read MooTak and Unrequited and In The Shadow Of The Blood-Red Moon first cos this is a continuation drabble :X


So many YunJae feels lately and who writes YunJae?

Not me OTL

Ok, I did but I couldn't get to the moneyshot for anything I wrote hahahahaha so my friend decided to help out. Please give her some love cos she really is truly doing this only for me and i'm sharing it.

She's done something new in that a drabble has two parts haha! There are many firsts for this journal it seems.


Silence. Deafening.

Kyungtak looks up from his papers, laying his brush down on its inkstone. He looks out at the night sky beyond his window, thoughts mingling with the quietness.

The moon overhead is grey and rimmed with dark clouds. A foreshadowing of rain that will be soon to come. Kyungtak’s mind wanders to the east, wondering if the moon tonight would be as clear there as it is over here. He readies himself for bed, pensive.

It has been nearly a week since Mooseok had left. Every morning without fail, Kyungtak goes to the pigeon-keeper to check if any birds had come in with news from the east. Every night before he sleeps, a silent prayer to the gods to watch over him, to keep him safe. To bring him home.

To me, Kyungtak lowers his eyelids with a sigh. Sleep will again, elude him tonight. Worry, his beside companion yet again.


Shouts ring out in the courtyard as heavy footsteps sound in the corridors. The body of their lord had been discovered by a maidservant and the guards were out for blood. Mooseok clutches his left arm as he rips off a part of his sleeve. He needs to stop the bleeding before it started leaving a trail to him. Gritting his teeth, he bundles his wound up, tightening the ends with his free hand and mouth. He crouches down low behind a pillar and waits for the right time to run.

Kim Yusoo had been easy - he had sat behind the lord as he was being entertained at a teahouse. Entranced by the kisaengs’ performance, it had been a swift kill - a slice of the jugular as the guards and the lord were drunk on sex and soju. Chang Jun Min was another matter. The lord was vigilant and cunning. He had suspected a foreign and hostile presence in his quarters and was ready for Mooseok when he finally appeared. A fight had broken out and the lord had managed to injure Mooseok quite badly just before Mooseok’s swordsmanship won out and he had disarmed the lord with a few blows before running him through with his own sword. But Mooseok was now paying the price with his own blood.

The footsteps fade away as the men run out the main entrance. Mooseok peeks around the pillar, and prepares to scale the wall of the compound, where his horse awaits. He runs and takes a leap. And falls heavily to the ground. His injured arm lacking the strength to hoist his body up and over. Mooseok quickly jumps to his feet and looks around. The courtyard remains empty but he can hear the guards running about. He will be trapped if he cannot scale the wall successfully. Backing up, he closes his eyes for a second, readying himself for a second run.

Kyungtak appears in his mind’s eye.

‘Kyungtak-ah. I promise I will come home to you.’

The words ring loud in his head. He opens his eyes, strength renewed.

He runs and leaps, barely making it over the wall before crashing heavily into a pile of wood at the bottom. The noise attracts the attention of the guards on the other side and Mooseok curses briefly as he hears them shout. He struggles to get up, the pain in his arm handicapping his mobility greatly.

A guard runs up and Mooseok briery entangles with him before finishing off. He hobbles to his waiting horse and climbs on. His bandage is soaked through and Mooseok finds himself weakening. He directs the horse towards shelter and kicks it into action. Then he closes his eyes, giving in to the fatigue and pain.


‘Physician Kim! I’ve been expecting you!’ Old Master Yoo beckons excitedly to Kyungtak as he arrives at the pigeon-house for his daily check-in with the pigeon-keeper. Kyungtak’s eyes widen as he rushes to the old man’s side. After appearing every morning for almost a week, Old Master Yoo, had figured out that Kyungtak was expecting important news, specifically news concerning Kang Mooseok, the King’s personal guard. He was a man of discretion, people who worked with the carrier pigeons had to be. He understood his place, and he understood the need for secrets. With that, he did not question the Royal Physician’s special interest in the King’s personal guard. It was also with that in mind, and an appreciation for a concoction of herbs for his stubborn cough, that the physician had slipped him one morning, that Old Master Yoo decided to alert the other before passing the news to the King.

‘Is it about Guardsman Mooseok? Tell me, please!’
‘Physician Kim. It’s.. it’s not good news, I’m afraid.’ Old Master Yoo unfurls a roll of paper and hands it over to the Physician.
‘I’m sorry.’

Guardsman Mooseok’s horse has been found in the Eastern Range. No sign of Guardsman Mooseok.

Kyungtak feels his heart shatter into pieces, sharp edges cutting into the depths of his soul. He hears Old Master Yoo’s concerned voice call his name and then hold him up. He remembers himself and the place he is in, thanks the man hurriedly and stumbles back to his quarters. Grief rapidly rising up in his throat.


Then he hears himself speak out loud, I need to go to him.

He bustles about his room, throwing things into a quick sack. He scribbles a note for his assistant, informing him that he had to leave the palace in a hurry and to cover for him. Perks of being the Royal Physician meant that he was largely left alone to his own devices; disadvantages meant that he was basically bound to the palace and the royal court. If anyone found out he had left without permission, he could be sentenced to death. But right now, Kyungtak had just one thought in his mind.

I have to get to him.


Wait for me, I’m coming.

NN: I have 4b guys...y'all need to show her more love cos IDK if I wanna share yet cos both of us teared up. She's definitely not the teary-eyed type. So love her a little more and I'll post the rest tomorrow maybe. I feel bad for making her cry cos she's writing YunJae for me ._____.

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Can't wait for 4b... Hope Mooseok its still alive..
Thank you for your friend :)

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