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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Drabble: KakaoTalk
Title: Drabble: KakaoTalk...
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG
Length: Drabble
Genre: Non-AU
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story.

Summary: Look at the photo closely and you'll know why you don't need a summary :P

AN: Drabble written in five minutes thanks to my ask.fm again omg... Also, THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR ALL YOUR BIRTHDAY WISHES!!!!!!


Dawwwwwwww so awesome! They need to have more YunJae smex scandal rumor/news!

Much love for a cockblocking Changmin XD
Such a cute drabble <3

Mmm I love how OT5 this turned out to be, I love that you included them all even when it's so YunJae ;-)
Thanks for sharing, and happy belated birthday!

LOL I love junsu's comment 'He's no angel'. n changmin is forever cockblocking his hyungs XD
thank u for writing this! and happy birthday, Nikki! hope the best for you^^

Your drabbles make me happy. OT5 drabbles make me especially happy.

Poor Min. I can't help but snicker though, at the idea of him getting Yunho's phone away from him.

Thank you. Hope you had a happy birthday.

OMG its so heartwarming,yet sexy at the same time...
your muses flows well Nikki...just 5 minute?just W.o.W

it makes my day. Changmin will always be like that. :D

this fic brighten my Monday morning!

Hahaha Changmin at the end and Junsu! /claps/ Hope you had a good birthday :)

This was so charming and what an ending min is forever this party pooping brat god bless

Omg it was your birthday?! Happy Birthday!🎂😄

Doesn't everyone miss ice I feel like that's just a given though lol

Changmin the cockblocker strikes again! Such inspiration from that pic. Now it all makes sense. hehehe

Where to start...

All shipping aside, I sincerely hope all the members have something true and real from their time together. Whether it's a lasting friendship, brotherhood or 'secret' love, they should! Everyone else be damned. Those years mean something. But, oh my, do they keep hope alive or what?! Love, love, love it.

P.S. Hope the birthday was just as you wanted.

LOLOLOLOLOLOL all the dongsaengs have become the hyungs in this situation~XDDDDDD and all of them want no part of the dangerous game their hyungs are playing right now...

changmin is just LOL. jaejoong immediately knows it's him that texted him because of the caps and the english. LOLOLOL made me remember a part in Tree Tour when i watched it where yunho was getting carried away doing silly-adorable-aegyo and changmin just stared at him before putting the mic to his mouth and saying "yame yo."

this was so fun to read~XDDDDDD

belated Happy Birthday btw. i didn't get to greet you over the weekend. :)

awww... so in love with this drabble! happy belated birthday btw Nik! so the bruise in Yunho's right arm, from JJ? lol the sasaengs can be a good secret agent for Korea

Hugs you *squeals* hugs you again<3