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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Drabble: Touch
Title: Drabble: Touch
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG
Length: Drabble
Genre: AU
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story.

AN: A really tiny little drabble from my All I Need Is... universe. Yunho was looking too fucking young and delicious yesterday and Jaejoong couldn't resist.

AN2: You guys don't even understand how perfect this gif is. And remember what I said about the gifs before the chapters in AINI.


Yunho is MINE.Collapse )

I really miss them so finding this drabble made me so excited!
And the gif... perfect!

I hope it's a sign you will continue AINI soon!

Thank you very much! [heart]

I misss your Aini... And i a little bit forget the detail in this verse..
I need to re-read again.. But i love possesive Jae in this drabble..
Hope you'll continue with the long chap.. Hehehe..
Thank you for your fic

I reeaaallly really really miss them and if you remember I always asked for AINI. haha. it's too little/short but thanks anyway n__n

Gosh how I have missed them, Jaejoong burning with desire and finally acting on it...freezes along with Yunho;) You've really gotten this drabble thing mastered, writing on your phone probably helps with that!

Another favorite! Thank you 💕

well yunho does that to everyone...

jaejoong to... they both have their moments really...

i miss reading AINI...

Wow. This was beautiful. These two are your most intense, I think. Like, all of your yunjae/homin pairs are intense, but there's just something different with these two. And it was so well written. I know you've said that you don't like first person, but you write it well.

I really hope you've decided to be back updating this
It actually is one of my favorite fics
I would really love to get back where we stopped and carry on with this beautiful story of yunjae's broken souls healing each other

happy belated birthday nunaaaaaaa \0 / WYATB!!

omgggg yesss ainiii i miss aini so damn much

I miss aini so much :'( I love that fic ;;;;

>\\\\\< touch him then!! touch him more~~~ LOL
god, I think I forget about the plot of this story *sorry* I'll read it again then... LOL *or it's just me who want to re-read it.. fufufu*

I just realized that I really really REALLY miss AINI!

Thanks for the Drabble

Oh yeah! AINI gives signs of lifeeee! I'm so very happy! I missed them HELLA LOT! **So much I had to say/express it with Bay Area slang (Bay Area in California= S.F. Oakland, etc)** hahaha :D <3 Much love to you. I haven't left a comment here (your LJ) in a while. I hope you've been doing good ^_^/