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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Drabble: Touch
Title: Drabble: Touch
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG
Length: Drabble
Genre: AU
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story.

AN: A really tiny little drabble from my All I Need Is... universe. Yunho was looking too fucking young and delicious yesterday and Jaejoong couldn't resist.

AN2: You guys don't even understand how perfect this gif is. And remember what I said about the gifs before the chapters in AINI.


I wonder if he notices my discomfort. Can he sense my restlessness?

The setting sun's warmth is but an illusion, barely pushing through the cool autumn breeze to make its presence known. More color than anything else, I can't feel anything of its heat.

Yet my body is burning.

I can feel the heat in my cheeks as I fight with my hands, wishing I was seated for then I could have sat on my tingling fingers. It's like my extremities have gone numb from the cold and the blood is trying to pump through my lifeless fingers, bringing the pulsating throb of blood through it.

The tingles are like that.

But I am not numb.

I wish I was.

I am not cold.

I am burning.

He turns my way, expression vaguely curious as he leans oh so fucking nonchalantly against his bike. His brow is arched in question as he moves to pull out a pack of cigarettes.

His fingers are so slim, not chubby like mine, and I am glad for the brief distraction as I follow his movements as he knocks out a cigarette, momentarily forgetting the almost painful tingle in my fingers.
His pianist hands look almost too delicate as the cigarette is balanced between two fingers. My eyes follow his motion, but it is to my detriment as he slides the cancer stick so fucking casually between his lips.

My breath hitches, loudly enough for him to pause just as he is about to light his cigarette.
The distance between us is swallowed as my feet move of their own volition, till I am almost toe to toe with him.

I can see the surprise in his eyes, but he doesn't step back, not that he can anyway with his bike in the way.

That damnable eyebrow goes up again, and he stares down at me as he lights his cigarette.

He may have a reputation, but Yunho is a gentleman around me, turning away as he exhales his first lungful of fumes, he speaks, voice a little raspy from the smoke.

"What's the matter?"


You're the matter, I want to scream.

I've been fighting all day.

Fighting the urge to yell at the ogling boys and girls in the hallway.

Fighting the urge to tell off the staring teachers.

Fighting the urge to scream my possession.

Yunho is MINE.

My hands move, finally, giving in to the fucking temptation that's been gnawing right into my very soul all fucking day because I shouldn't have this urge.

I shouldn't WANT to touch.

I shouldn't WANT to be touched.

But I do.

So fucking badly.

I do.

My hands reach out, fingertips feeling the edges of his semi-untucked shirt.

He freezes.

Finally, a reaction from him.

I can feel his eyes boring into me, but I dare not look up. Keeping my head down, I feel along the hem
of his shirt as I slowly try to tuck it back into his waistband.

I can feel the muscles in his abdomen contracting, even his body is disbelieving that this is happening.


This kid is going to be the death of me.

Really, fucking, truly.

AN: Actually wrote this yesterday on my phone and posted to my ask.fm but I never got round to posting it outside of my ask till now. How much do you miss them? Cos I didn't realise I did till I wrote this... And it hurts so good ;;

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Oh God perfect. I love AINI and that just hit all of the spots at once. Thank you.

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