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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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[14a] Baseball
Title: Baseball
Series: The Trophy Wife
Pairing: HoMin
Rating: PG-13
Length: One-shot
Genre: AU, mpreg
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. Please don't kill me.

Summary: Changmin is not one for playing games, but some games, when played right, results in two winners.

AN1: Hahahahahaha Changmin can’t stay away from baseball so who am I to ignore his call? :P Fuck though seriously…fuck fuck fuck fuck fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk Yunho is so hot I almost didn’t finish this cos I was just fufvhvdhfvuahhjdhfkhadgthjs! So sorry, I don’t think I was coherent writing this cos I made the “banner” before actually writing and staring at Yunho like that just sucked everything out of me… Plus his gorgeous supermodel wife… YEAH YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY THIS EVEN GOT POSTED ;;

AN2: Unbeta-ed as usual and all mistakes are mine :O

TW Baseball1

Changmin studies the array of snacks in the town car, contemplating the meagre selection when his phone rings, answering it when he realizes instead of being spoiled for choice as he normally is, he does not have much in the way of choices this time.

“What happened to my wasabi peas?”

“Hello to you too.” Yunho chuckles at his wife who merely grunts in his ear.

“Where are my peas?”

“Which car are you in?”

“Yours…ah fuck.”

“Language, Changmin-ah,” Yunho murmurs, gazing down the board table at the bent heads intently studying the documents his secretary has just distributed.

“Why didn’t you just let Jae and Micky go to the airport in their own motherfucking town instead of my fucking town car you annoying shithead? I’ve been thinking about my goddamn peas since Jaejoong woke us up at the ass crack of dawn to triple check that we really weren’t going with them on this last road trip. Fucking drama queen. Last road trip? The second Louis Vuitton releases something new, they’ll be on the first flight out, nine months pregnant or not.”

“Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. I don’t think Micky knows how to say no to his wife, even if the man is being totally and utterly irrational. He promised to get him mangosteens yesterday. They’re completely out of season.”

“He got them,” Changmin answers shortly, remembering Jaejoong chirruping happily about them last night.

“Really?” Yunho leans back in his leather chair, toeing away from the table slightly as he turns his gaze out the floor to ceiling windows at gorgeous view of the Han River.

“Yes, really,” the teenager replies somewhat mockingly. “Unlike mine, Jae’s husband cares about his pregnant wife’s cravings. Mine doesn’t care that I’m pregnant with his twins and sitting here and dying over my simple need for wasabi peas compared to exotic fruit no one’s even heard of. My useless husband doesn’t give a flying fuck. Imagine if I’d asked you for durian chips instead of something so easily available like fucking wasabi peas? I should’ve married Micky instead.“

Yunho’s laughter is shocked at his wife’s rant, and its almost derisive, his tone showing his utter dismissiveness at the mere thought of Changmin marrying Micky, briefly wondering who the real drama queen is. “He can’t deal with you either.”

“And you can, old man?” The challenge is there as the teenager bristles at his husband’s tone.

“You know I can.”

“Fuck you.”

“Feel better?”

“I’d feel better with my wasabi peas. Can you get some from that shop on your way to the game? I don’t want any old brand. I want that particular brand. Don’t buy the wrong thing.”

“About that…” Yunho winces, knowing full well he is about to make his wife unhappier than he already is.

Changmin stiffens, straightening in the plush leather, gripping his phone tightly, recognizing the tone for he has heard it one too many times already. His words are quiet, but there is no mistaking the frustration. “Don’t you dare, old man. Don’t you fucking dare. This is the fourth time this month, you have got to be shitting me. You are not doing this to me again!”

“I’m sorry, Changdola.” Yunho stands, nodding towards his lawyer to take over briefly as he leaves the boardroom table, walking to a corner of the room and gazing out the window at the city down below. “The negotiations stalled and we had to draft a few additional clauses that we need to hammer out.”

“Then leave it for another day, or get someone else to do it. I don’t fucking understand why you have to be involved in this. You are buying the stupid company to save it from receivership. Why the ever loving fuck are they calling the shots when they’re the beggars here? This is bullshit.” His words are biting, anger creeping into it as they are wont to do when things that ought to go his way, do not, because of what he deems to be illogical reasons.

“You know I can’t do that. We’re on a deadline and the permit runs out tomorrow. We have to come to an agreement today and old man Lee won’t talk to anyone but me. He has his pride, and he’s been a mentor for many of my peers so I have to accord him the respect he deserves. Come on, Changdola…be reasonable, love. I’ll make it up to you. I’ve already called ahead. There’s a surprise waiting for you.”

Changmin closes his eyes, willing himself to calm down. He can feel the babies moving, as if sensing his agitation, little flutters within him that serve to soothe his irritation with his husband slowly but surely. You’d think the man would’ve learned by now, right? But then again, he is an old dog and while Changmin is certain he is teachable, it will still take awhile.

“Does the surprise involve wasabi peas?” Changmin is nothing if not single-minded when it comes to his food.

Yunho chuckle is heartfelt, holding the phone tightly to his ear as he pushes his glasses up higher on the bridge of his nose. “You really have bad cravings, don’t you, love? I’ll call the stadium manager and tell him about your peas. I promise you’ll have a full supply of them after you throw the first pitch.”

Changmin who’d been meditating to himself, chokes on nothing as his eyes fly open. “What? What did you say?”

Yunho smirks, pulling off his glasses and perching them on his head, pinching the bridge of his nose as he keeps talking to his wife. “I said, I’ll call the stadium manager and tell him to make sure you have your peas.” He then pauses deliberately, waiting for the explosion.

“Stop fucking with me, Jung Yunho.”

“Our kids really are going to come out swearing like sailors. Your mouth is impossible,” the Jung CEO marvels, still stalling because in all honesty, he likes every part of Changmin, filthy mouth especially. “Is it possible for you to say anything without throwing in a swear or two?”

“I am this close to throwing your Hermes bracelet out the window. While I know you can buy another dozen, you cannot buy another matched pair because this was a one-off custom made that we designed together. I hate couple stuff, but I’m wearing your bracelet because it makes you happy. I know you got them because my wedding ring doesn’t fit my fat fingers now and you needed something to show the world that I belong to you, and I’m fine with that. However, I’m more than willing to strut into that stadium with it off, showing a little skin or more, and give the bored tabloid reporters something to talk about because god forbid Jung Yunho’s pregnant trophy wife appear in public without his wedding ring or bracelet. Oh, and don’t forget, I’m going to be alone. What was it they said last time? Is the Jung about to get junked? Now, are you going to stop messing with me or do I really have to throw it out the window?”

Changmin’s tirade had been measured, recited so calmly he might as well be reading the phone book.

And best of all, not a single swear to be heard.

Yunho knows he isn’t serious, the teenager merely making a point, and he certainly has his attention.

“You wouldn’t.”

“Is that a dare? Don’t forget, I’m still a teenager who apparently doesn’t know any better,” Changmin brushes invisible lint from his jeans.


The teenager rolls his eyes at the tone. “Yes, ahjusshi?”

Yunho winces at the word, clearing his throat, deciding that he’s done with the games. He’ll let Changmin win this round because god knows he owes the teenager.

“Point made, love. Sheathe your claws, ok? You’re throwing the first pitch of the game today. Remember when we went to our first baseball game together and you mentioned that you wished you could throw a pitch? I’m your genie in a bottle.”

Changmin, shocked at first that Yunho even remembered that since they weren’t even married when they’d gone to that baseball game, is totally sidetracked by his spouse’s end remark. “Oh god, that is so fucking corny!”

“Made you smile, didn’t it?”

Changmin’s mouth quirks as he tries to wrestle with the predicted smile, forcing it into submission.

“Do I have to rub you the right way?” he asks lightly, rolling his eyes, continuing his fruitless searchh of the car’s interior for wasabi peas. So far he’s found lube, and more lube.

Figures. It is Yunho’s car after all.

Yunho’s burst of laughter causes more than a few heads to turn towards him. The enigmatic head of Jung Group is feared, revered and respected by those who work for him. Many had misgivings when he married the very young supermodel Shim Changmin, but they do appear to be well suited. The young man is the perfect trophy wife, increasing the admiration towards his husband, adept at making conversation and skilled in the subtle nuances of high society. His towering height, even taller than Jung Yunho himself is not a detriment to the businessman but rather an asset. The statuesque former model can be seen from a distance, his presence felt when standing alone for the former supermodel isn’t by any means a wallflower.

However, the true asset of his supermodel charisma is that the young Jung Changmin knows how to suppress it when next to his husband. He never ever competes for attention, lending his own considerable influence to Jung Yunho whether needed or not. Changmin doesn’t distract with his beauty unlike his best friend Park Jaejoong whose presence sometimes causes people to forget about Micky’s existence which to be fair, is not really the blond supermodel’s fault.

Changmin melds any presence he has seamlessly with his husband and as a couple, increases their consequence.

Watching the couple walk in together to any event will cause heads to turn.

The very charismatic Jung Yunho who greets everyone with a disarming smile, putting people at ease with good natured banter, his power leashed for the moment depending on the setting they are in. Juxtaposing him is the silent counterpoint of his trophy wife who only speaks when spoken to, his replies usually at the bare minimum, though almost always deftly deflecting the topic back to the subject of Jung Yunho or inserting his husband into the conversation somehow. The trophy wife whose handsome beauty is breathtaking to behold especially up close, standing haughty and aloof next to his more congenial other half.

Their interaction is captivating to witness for Jung Yunho and Jung Changmin converse in silence. Many have seen the supermodel shooting a glance at his older husband and the returning smirk he gets makes people wonder what it is the unflappable supermodel has been told as his cheeks color oh so very slightly. The communication works in a few ways especially in particularly arduous company. Jung Yunho and his wife can appear to have entire conversations with their eyes as the people around them bore both of them to near death with their inane chatter.

Jung Yunho however, always remains unfailingly polite and attentive.

His wife’s attention wanders, but Changmin almost never does anything to jeopardize his husband’s reputation.

What causes more than a few snickers within their social circle is that when attending an event together, Jung Changmin has on more than one occasion appeared lost without his husband. He is completely fine when attending anything alone, but if they arrive as a couple, the second Yunho ducks out into the garden or balcony for a smoke or even the bathroom or some such place like that and fails to inform his wife, the supermodel starts looking his age.

A teenager playing in the big leagues and mingling with people he doesn’t know or care to know.

He is only there because of his husband, and without the man in the vicinity, he reverts back to being a teenager.

The supermodel training kicks in of course, and the “lost” look only appears briefly, usually quickly tamped down and the haughty, cooly disinterested expression comes back. That expression doesn’t smooth out to something more approachable until his husband reappears.

Jung Yunho is almost as bad, though for him, it’s more of the fact that he doesn’t particularly like when people get too close to his wife. Possessive ought to be the Jung Group CEO’s middle name for he displays it with alarming alacrity, everyone else be damned.

He will cut in smoothly when the crowd around his beautiful wife gets a little too attentive for his liking.

He will even remove hands from his wife’s body should it become necessary, whether the culprits are male or female.

He has been known to whisk his gorgeous wife away altogether when the attention from anyone gets a little too marked, whether the event is over or not.

How he ever survived the fact that his wife used to be a supermodel is anyone’s guess. Jung Yunho does not like to share, and Changmin truly is the one person who can distract him from anything he is currently doing.

More than a few whispers are going round the boardroom table as they watch the back of the man who owns almost half of the manufacturing assets in South Korea, and who is about to acquire another one.

Only his wife will ever cause Jung Yunho to walk away from a meeting.

Instead of thinking the CEO as rude, old man Lee is more than a little impressed by this fact. He was at their wedding of course, but had been more than a little disappointed that Jung Yunho had succumbed to the trend of buying a pretty young wife. He genuinely likes and admires Yunho and had wanted the man to find a partner equal to him, and able to sustain him emotionally. The cold young supermodel who’d wed Jung Yunho on that day almost two years ago was not someone he’d have picked for the businessman.

Gold digger was the whisper going round that day.

However his hearing is still much better than anyone thinks, and he can hear the new whispers going round the table.

”Changdola? Their marriage has progressed so much?”

“I think it’s because Changmin-ssi is pregnant.”

“So do you think they’ve finally admitted it? Everyone can see it except them.”

“How have you not heard about the infamous, my wife always comes first line? Where have you been?”

“Didn’t that happen a few months ago? What’s he doing here now? Has he forgotten?”

“Perhaps. Maybe he’s forgetting last month when Changmin-ssi disappeared. Everyone knew something was wrong when he actually came to work unshaven, unshowered, and smelling like old whiskey.”

“Was about time. I was rooting for Changmin-ssi to bring the great Jung Yunho to heel. He’s a good man, but really too smug about his wife.”

“I really don’t think this is the place to discuss Jung Yunho-ssi’s marriage!”

Unaware of the inappropriate whispered conversations going round the boardroom table among his senior executives, Yunho traces out Changmin’s name on the window as he is teased by his wife.

“You’re doing that on purpose aren’t you?”

“Maybe,” Changmin answers shortly as he lets out a final disgusted huff at the meagre contents of his husband’s car, and leans back against the plush leather and contemplates the scenery outside the window as the car takes him to the game.

“Come on, baby. Don’t be mad at me.” Yunho tries cajoling.

“Not mad.”

Yunho chuckles, not believing it for a second. “Yes, you are.”

“Stop telling me what I am or am not.”

“Huffy, my baby is huffy.”

“Your babies are asleep. Don’t fucking call me baby.”

“Baby,” Yunho replies unrepentantly, mouth quirked into a grin.

Changmin has been playing with a thought for a couple of minutes, and he finally decides to act on it. He lets out an exaggerated long-suffering sigh before speaking. “You are old and addled if you can’t even understand a simple request. I’m going to make another request and if you truly want to make me happy, you’d do it.”

Yunho straightens, palming the glass now as he looks out in the direction of the stadium, wondering if it truly will be possible for him to leave the meeting early to join his wife for the game. What he told his wife about old man Lee refusing to talk to anyone but him is true, but the man is in no position to bargain for anything and they both know it. Yunho is only there out of respect. He doesn’t have to be there, but he feels like he should be there. He is taking this man’s livelihood. He is taking a company that old man Lee has build from ground up practically with his bare hands, and the only reason he is losing it is because of his incompetent children and grandchildren. Yunho doesn’t want to do this, but the business has so much potential, and failing so badly despite that. He had no real alternative for he trusts nobody in that company to do anything for the benefit of the company rather than themselves.

The only way to be certain is to do it himself. To put in his own people, and to make it work.

He will do this, but he will do it in the best way possible in order to allow old man Lee to leave with his head held high.

It’s the least he can do for the man, right?

But Yunho has other priorities now.

He wants to be a good husband.

He wants to be a good father.

Being a good businessman…that can take a back seat.

“Watch the game.”

“Ok,” Yunho answers immediately, pushing away from the window as he turns on his heel to walk back to the boardroom table, before he stops short, brow furrowing deeply as he replays his wife’s request. “Wait, what?”

“Watch the game, old man. You’ve got a television in your board room. Just put it on mute or something. Since you can’t come to me, you can at least watch the game with me even if you’re several miles away.”

“You don’t want me to come to the game?”

“Of course I do, but I won’t ask you to. I know you have to work. I’m not unreasonable, Jung Yunho,” Changmin replies matter of factly. He has calmed down since his initial disappointment at Yunho not attending. He is nothing if not logical and Yunho’s explanation suffices for him. However, he is interested to see if Yunho’s reasons are truly as strong as he made them out to be.

The disappointment Yunho feels is a rather strange feeling. Changmin isn’t acting out of the ordinary. He always puts Yunho’s needs before his, though he does complain about it endlessly at times. Even after their confessions, and the teenager knows full well that Yunho will try his best to give him everything, Changmin doesn’t ask.

He can, but he doesn’t.

He doesn’t have to.

Yunho will give it to him anyway.

Somehow, someway, it will happen.

Though at the back of his mind, he wonders if Changmin doesn’t ask because he’s afraid he’ll say no.

“So you just want me to watch the game?”

“Yes,” Changmin replies quietly as he fiddles with his bracelet. He wants so badly to ask Yunho to come to the game anyway, but he doesn’t. The answer to that isn’t certain. He is not one to play games, but he needs to take a leaf out of Jaejoong’s notebook on how to manage stupid ahjusshi husbands here. He only has certainty in one thing, and he is depending on that.

It’s about time he acts a little out of character too anyway.

“Your wife is beautiful, Yunho-ssi. Pregnancy suits him.” Old man Lee is the first to speak as everyone’s eyes are glued to the baseball game about to start.

Jung Yunho had asked the indulgence of everyone, and old man Lee in particular was more than happy to acquiesce to the request. A baseball fan himself, the idea of working and watching the game appeals to the old businessman in the twilight of his years.

“Thank you,” Yunho murmurs in reply, not saying anything when old man Lee turns up the volume on the television. His eyes are slightly narrowed on the mascot whose arm is flung oh so casually around his wife’s shoulders as they walk to the middle of the field. The mascot is walking too fast, and he can see Changmin’s long legs eating up the ground beside him but only he can tell that his wife isn’t comfortable about the speed. The teenager is smiling and waving, and looking beautifully flushed from the excitement, and his happiness makes Yunho smile.

”Getting ready to throw the first pitch is someone who may be recognized by you but not in his present state. Supermodel Jung Changmin hasn’t been in the limelight lately and we can all see why. How far along do you think he is?

A female voice chimes in then, excitement lacing her every word. “It’s hard to tell. We’ve never seen him wearing clothes this figure hugging in a while so I’d say anything between five to seven months. What I’m more surprised about is the fact that he’s stepping out alone. Where is his husband?”

“A good question indeed. However, I doubt there’s trouble in paradise since he’s looking extremely happy. Look, he’s about to speak. Let’s see whether he mentions his missing husband.”

“I would bet on it. This is Jung Changmin after all. You could be discussing the weather and he’d bring in Jung Yunho somehow.”

Everyone sneaks a glance at Yunho at some point during the commentary. The man is wearing an unreadable expression on his face, and everyone stays silent, half eager, half wary as to what their boss’ wife is going to say.

Changmin can feel his babies fluttering around excitedly within his body. He is more than certain now that they can feel what he feels, and they can feel his anxiety.

Yunho is amazing for organizing this for him, but now that he’s standing in front of this massive crowd, on this huge pitch, he is a little upset that Yunho isn’t actually there with him to witness it. He is only upset with himself though for choosing to play a game rather than taking a chance and asking his husband to join him.

He clears his throat, willing his hand not to shake as he smiles at the people around him before pulling the microphone being held for him closer to his mouth.

“Hello everyone, I’m Jung Changmin.”

The roar in response from the crowd startles him, but his expression doesn’t show it as he smiles and continues his greetings. He is speaking simple platitudes, but his smile is genuine.

Yunho is mirroring as he watches his teenaged wife with that rare eye smile that very few get to see. The fact that he’s smiling on national tv is a non-issue. Yunho is happy that his wife is happy.

“I’m supporting LG Twins today, because I thought it rather appropriate,” Changmin finishes with a grin as he pats his rounded belly, smirking slightly as the crowd roars again at his words. “Enjoy the game everyone!”

Unbeknownst to him, there is also a lot of noise about him in his husband’s boardroom.

“Twins? Changmin-ssi is carrying twins? Congratulations, Sir!”

And the congratulations pour in, drowning out the television for a moment.

No one but Yunho hears the commentator.

”You lost that bet. He didn’t mention his husband.”

Yunho isn’t paying attention.

He stopped paying attention about an hour ago.

There’s a buzzing in his head that is making his eyelid twitch irritatingly, and it has nothing to do with the discussion going on in his boardroom.

Most of the issues have been agreed upon and he knows that old man Lee is pushing on certain points just to see how far he can go. Yunho doesn’t mind indulging the man, because the concessions are a nuisance at best and it seems to invigorate the old businessman to be able to actively engage in such negotiations.

He has one ear on his lawyer speaking in a rather exasperated manner to old man Lee while the other ear is trained on the live commentary of the baseball game he is watching.


That everyone is watching, but pretending not to.

It’s not as if the game is interesting. It’s had its moments but they are few and far between.

Even the commentators have given up on the game, much more interested in unsolicited commentary on things that have absolutely nothing to do with them.

Namely, a certain long-legged beauty named Jung Changmin.

Everyone had been none-the-wiser.

Yunho had shrugged when someone commented on Changmin no longer wearing the Twins jersey.

The typical praises come in. Perhaps most are sincere, others are just lip service to the boss.

”Changmin-ssi is so handsome.”

“He looks good in anything.”

“Is he still modeling? He should still model. You can barely notice his pregnancy.”

“Not many people can pull off denim, but he really looks amazing, Sir.”

And it went on for a few minutes, everyone eager to comment on Changmin’s new attire.

Yunho is used to his wife changing multiple times a day. Sometimes, he sees Changmin in at least five different outfits depending on what his wife is doing.

There’s the “making” breakfast in the kitchen outfit which is Yunho’s personal favorite. Changmin wears boxers and maybe one of Yunho’s shirts. Most of the time it’s just boxers. Lately, he couples it with an oversized teeshirt. It makes the teenager look very young and cuddly, and Yunho definitely likes cuddling his gorgeous young and dare he say, domesticated wife, much to Changmin’s irritation because apparently it’s rather difficult to stir bean sprout soup when there’s a great weight hanging off his back trying to push his belly into the stove.

And then there’s the meeting Jae for brunch outfit which basically means looking as fabulous as humanly possible. This is mainly Jaejoong’s fault according to Changmin, but Yunho knows better. His wife enjoys looking very well put together no matter the reason. Meeting Jaejoong is the best excuse to dress up the way a trophy wife should dress. Head to toe, Changmin will be in his own clothes, but looking every single inch the top supermodel he once was. Out of curiosity one day, Yunho had asked his wife to give an estimate as to how much he is worth from top to bottom.

Thirty-five million won.

Even Yunho had to admit that was really bloody excessive for a simple brunch date.

But Jung Changmin has to keep up appearances, and the competitive teenager is not about to be outdone by Park Jaejoong who probably dresses like that to go to the bathroom.

Then there’s the semi-casual running errands look whose main purpose is to ensure that Changmin doesn’t get irritated by his clothes while out doing menial things like collecting the dry cleaning and grocery shopping. The difficulty of this outfit is that he still has to look presentable, for Jung Yunho’s wife cannot be running around in sweatpants and slippers. He has to balance comfort, and dressing with the off chance that he meets one of Yunho’s associates or their wives and they want to go for high tea or some such nonsense like that. Going home to change is apparently not the done thing. You must always be presentable enough to be allowed admittance to the swankiest of restaurants.

And of course there are the airport outfits. Changmin’s own personal runway as far as he’s concerned for this is where the reporters congregate and this is where Yunho sometimes feels like a homeless hobo next to his impeccably groomed and perfectly put together wife. Even in a simple pair of shorts and teeshirt, Changmin struts through the airport with such aplomb, haughty and untouchable that he could be modeling clothes worth several million won as far as anyone watching is concerned. He plans his clothes for maximum impact and minimum fuss. A lot of layers are involved at times so he looks perfectly coiffed on the ground, but he can strip off all the hindrances on the flight. It’s an art to be sure and Yunho doesn’t bother asking anymore. His wife enjoys looking good, and he enjoys looking at his wife. Win-win for him.

Jung Changmin is a bit of a rebel though, and especially with his pregnancy, being comfortable is his number one priority now. If he’s out and about for his pleasure, he dresses however he wants. Expensive jeans with a non-designer top. Shorts and a simple teeshirt accessorized by designer sunglasses worth more than what some people get paid in a month. Torn jeans and a designer sweater during the cooler months, or, changing to suit the occasion.

In this case, going from jeans and a baseball jersey for the throwing of the first pitch, to…the shortest pair of fucking shorts Yunho has ever seen.

Shorter even than that black pair from that trip to Hong Kong.

Well, comparable to that pair anyway.

And the worst part of it all?

Yunho isn’t there to “protect” his wife’s modesty from the marauding horde.

Changmin is seated beside some man who has been captured leaning over to speak to his wife almost every single fucking time the camera pans to them. Yunho had already been a little aggravated over this fact.

However, his aggravation pushed right into aggression when someone hit a home run and his wife jumped up, along with the crowd, and caused the commentators to comment on something other than the home run.

”Oh wow. Changmin-ssi hasn’t lost his supermodel figure has he? Look at those legs! How did he manage to hide them all this time?”

“Camera angle. Oh, look, the camera man has figured out the best angel. We can see him while seated now.”

“No wonder Cho Seung Heon has been so attentive. We did wonder why he always seemed to be whispering to Jung Changmin and I guess this might be part of the reason.”

“I wonder what Jung Yunho thinks of all this.”

“Well, word is that he’s working.”

“Working in the office while someone works on his wife?”

“That isn’t appropriate!”

“I know, I’m sorry everyone. It’s just very rare to see this particular wife out and about alone with his husband. Do you think there’s trouble between them?”

A loud crack echoes around the boardroom, shocking everyone to silence as they stare at the scowling man at the head of the table. Pieces of what used to be a pencil lay in front of him as he pushes his chair back and stands.

Old man Lee is trying to hide his smirk as the younger man turns towards him.

“I’m sorry, but I have to take my leave of you. I trust that you will be pleased with the arrangements, and there won’t be any need for further discussions.”

There is a palpable warning in the words, though they were said with perfect politeness.

Jung Yunho has had enough.

“Of course, Yunho-ssi. You didn’t have to stay, you know? I can close things with Jiyong-ssi here. He’s been very good to me.”

Yunho’s mouth tightens, but he doesn’t respond. He bows to old man Lee, before barking out curt instructions to his lawyer and finance executives before turning and leaving.

Five people watch his departure with knowing smiles.

Old man Lee is the first to speak.

“I guess we’ll be seeing Yunho-ssi on the television in a few minutes.”

Even Yunho’s lawyer, Kwon Jiyong is shaking his head as he chuckles. “I’m actually surprised it took this long.”

“We shouldn’t be gossiping about the boss…” someone tries to halfheartedly intervene, but Jiyong is not just a lawyer but a friend, and he replies in kind.

“Hardly gossip. It’s a fact. His impulses are getting better though considering how he was like this even before they were married.”

“Truly?” old man Lee asks, a little surprised. “Young Changmin didn’t give me a very good impression when we were introduced on his wedding day. He was really cold and quite remote. I didn’t think Yunho-ssi was the type to go for the coldness. He seems like a man who needs a lot of warmth. It really takes something to catch a man like Jung Yunho and I cannot imagine him being possessive over a trinket.”

“He does like warmth,” Jiyong grins. “That boy is no trinket, and he breathes fire. I’m rather interested to see how this goes down.”

“Breathes fire you say? We don’t have anything further to discuss, do we?”

“Shall I tell Yunho-ssi that we concluded our discussions because you are far more interested in his marriage than how he does business?”

“When you get as old as me, you take whatever excitement in your life you can get.”

If Changmin were to check his phone, he’ll see that he has ten missed calls, all from his husband.

However, Changmin’s phone is conveniently switched off and in the town car.

The game is boring, but the company is engaging. He is having a really good time, despite Yunho not being there, and he’d mostly forgotten about his pique with his husband. His smiles and laughter are genuine, and his babies appear to have settled down for a nap or something for they are no longer fluttering within him. The calm is very welcome, but Changmin has forgotten one thing.

It is the calm before the artificial storm he had created and all but forgotten about.

Jiyong is looking through the final signed documents, making sure everything is in order when an exclamation opposite him causes him to look up.

The three executives had been dismissed earlier, and it is only himself and old man Lee left.

He turns to look at the television and shakes his head ruefully as the camera pans towards an unsmiling Jung Yunho making his way through the crowd. He is no longer wearing a suit, having changed into something more appropriate no doubt

“Why are there people following him?”

Jiyong shrugs, closing his document folder. “He’s turned into a bit of a celebrity. I’m not sure when it happened, possibly when he married Changmin-ssi actually.”

“Did someone just give him a baseball to sign?”

Jiyong narrows his eyes as he leans forward. He lets out a relieved sigh when he sees Yunho returning the baseball without signing anything.

The cameraman pans in that instant back to Changmin, and Jiyong lets out a very loud groan at the sight.

“Oh, shit.”

“I hope you were seriously about Yunho-ssi’s control of his impulses.”

Jiyong closes his eyes, mentally drafting a press junket just in case he needs to release one.

But really, how does anyone explain away the CEO of Jung Group punching some two-bit actor in the face for daring to touch his wife?

AN: Oh shit… :P

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I'm such a silent reader and I'm so sorry about that. I just want to thank you for sharing your stories with us. You're such a fantastic writer and I really appreciate you.

Thank you for coming out of lurk ;; Even I am not immune to the little twinge of happiness at being appreciated so thank you :3

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