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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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MooTak [drabble part 5]
Author: Anon via me
Pairing: YunJae (as MooTak)
Genre: Joseon AU
Rating: PG
Length: Drabble
NN (Nikki Note cos it isn't an AN cos I didn't write it!): Read
MooTak and
Unrequited and
In The Shadow Of The Blood-Red Moon and
MooTak drabble 4a
MooTak drabble 4b first cos this is a continuation drabble :X

MooTak 5

- this drabble makes use of a lot of flashbacks; signposts will be used -

-that afternoon-

The fair man with the long hair tied loosely into a topknot, dipped his brush gently onto the ink slab, writing carefully on a piece of parchment next to him. A couple of opened letters lay beside him, reminders of a not-so-distant part of him that awaited. For now. He made sure to respond carefully to every question, with sincerity and thankfulness. Things he hoped the receipients would be able to sense. He would be in debt to them forever, but forever would be worth it.

He stood up and walked towards the front door, wondering if he would be returning from his daily practice in the fields beyond. He hoped the other would not forget to pick up the herbs he had painstakingly drawn on a piece of parchment over and over until the other swore he would remember it even at the gates of Hades.

-that morning-

'Yah! Hades?'

'I don't think heaven will let me in that easily. Why, what's wrong?'

'Just don't. Dont talk about Hades or.. Anything like that.'


It was the feel of warm arms around his waist as he tried to breathe down the tears that threatened to well up that brought on the memories. He wouldn't have cried otherwise.

Of course, of course, the other agreed.

-that evening-

He sighed as he watched the other grin and drop a kiss on his forehead.

'You forgot..'

'I'm sorry. But i'm okay now. I don't need them as often! Really!' And the other proceeded to display a few swordplay moves to testify to his words.

'No. Not when it's your health. Not when it's you. You don't get it, do you?'


'Dinner is ready. I'll be back soon.'

The door slammed, a wolf's howl echoing in response.


At the spot near the fields, he knelt down, wishing for the hurt in his heart to fade away. He didn't understand why he still felt this way. It had been almost two months but still, the fear of having almost losing -him- haunted his waking days, and accompanied him in his dreams.

Many a night he had woken up in cold sweat, in the other's arms, with -him- staring in worry at him. Many a time, he had caught himself drifting off into a daze, wondering if this was all a dream. If -he- was already dead and maybe he had gone mad.

It had gotten better with time. With love. They were more open and honest with each other now. Death had opened their hearts to each other. It was unnatural yet it felt completely natural. In this world, they felt like they could be anormalities, not themselves. Be themselves yet not who they were supposed to be.

-a month ago-

'If this is a dream, I don't want to wake up.'

'Me neither. I never thought this could be my reality.'

'I don't know how to deal with this.'

'Neither do I. We'll learn together. Just, stay with me. Please.'

'I can. But not in this life. Our real world awaits. How do we stay together there?'

'I will find a way. I promise.'

'I don't think I can lose you again, Mooseok.'

'I came back for you. I won't let you go. Trust me, Kyungtak.'

-two weeks ago-

Then the letters. Urging. Pleading. Threatening. His assistants at the palace could not cover up for him for any longer. The royal physician's disappearance under the King's nose was scandalous.

-Kyungtak's correspondence with his assistants-

'Tell the King you went to save Officer Kang.'

'I can't. It will be scandalous.'

'More scandalous than it already may be? You may be sentenced to death for treason!'

'But Mooseok isn't well enough yet.'

'I'm sorry Physician Kim. Come back in a week. That's all the grace period we can give you.'

-back to the present evening-

'Kyungie. I'm sorry.'

The soft familiar voice whispered in his ear as a pair of arms encircled him from the back. A kiss, pressed against his nape.

'I need you to be okay, well, that's all.'

'I know but I need you to trust me. And I mean it. Trust me when I say i'm okay. Trust me when I say i won't leave you. Please.'


'I'm scared.'

'I'm scared too. But with you, i'm strong. I know i am.'

'You? The great Officer Kang Mooseok, scared?' Kyungtak laughs, finally relaxing and leaning back against the firm steadiness of the other kneeling behind him.

'Only scared because of how much I need you with me. As my friend, my partner, my.. my lover.'

Kyungtak feels his heart twinge.

'But as much as I am scared, I know I can overcome anything just as long as I know that there is you. With me. Loving me.'

'I am. I do.'

'So trust me, please. I need you to trust me no matter what.'

'We need to return to the palace in a week. No later.'

'I figured.'

'Even if its death.'

'Then we'll die together. I'll protect you, til my dying breath.'

'.. I trust you.'

'I love you.'

NN: It's funny how I wrote HoMin and my nickianon wrote YunJae... We balance each other out... We all need to get along like this ;;
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yes yes indeed. omg i love it T^T
i love the both of you /hugs/

I love your story nickyannon.. ^___^

Omg I've been so hungry for anything yj these days hahaha thank you nickianon! ♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎♥︎

i love it~~

yunjae together...hope till the end~~

thanks nickianon~ :)

those two are too perfect for this world <3
thanks Nikki for the lovely couple that make my life harder lol

Ah i hope them both would be all right!
Love will make them stronger and overcame all the obstacles.

P.S. it's cute how you guys write. Our fandom needs more of yous.

Finally they get to spend time away from prying eyes but only to have reality step in.

They are so perfect together.

dear nickianon how are you? honestly i miss you and you came back now.. and i'm so grateful for that. it's a drabble but each words really means so much for me.. these is what i'm imagine how MooTak expressing their love towards each other.. is those the end for them? i do not dare to ask more tho.. bc we all know how hard for you to write YunJae ^^

and for Nicki... i think nickianon is your soulmate.. hahaha

i just hope that they would be alright..;;
thnku for sharing and to nickyanon too..:) :)

they have to be together in this life

Aww, yay! I love this drabble series, they are so sweet<333 Thank you Nikki anon! xD

aahhh! i love this AU. thanks Nicky anon.

Just please don't send them to their death. I hope the King will give them their freedom.

*kneels and pleads*

How can this have a happy ending ;;

I was actually thinking about this story earlier. I'm very much so looking forward to what happens next.

Thank you nickianon ^^

I was waiting for this! So happy to see more of it.

thankyou for the update... :')

I am just want to crying read your update while others authors just giving up their story, I really respect their decision but still can't help to feel disappointed with them and also with myself *sigh* (I am such annoying reader right, LOL)

this just makes me tear up... because they're together and happy and yet, they have to return to reality because it is their duty... :(

This is TOTALLY irrelevant but seriously, when I read your comment, this came to mind and I cannot unsee cos...well... I BLAME JAEJOONG AND HIS S&M TOUR.

oh LOL. ohmylord... i see what you mean~

Awww I hope they find a way to survive together~

I love the way how moon seok calls kyungie. :D
Totally, love it :D

I'm happy that they get the chance to spend time together and away from any prying eyes. Too bad they have to go back soon. I hope that nothing untoward will happen to them.

Very happy to see this update. Will pounce on more when it comes. Thank you for such a beautiful love story.

lets all hope for the wise king. And gratefull one too. Surely he will be ready to overlook his royal doctor disappearance in a light of him saving his best warrior?

Oh no! And we don't know what will happen to them (T_T)
Maybe it's better that way... I assume there would be no 'happy ending' for them... or there is going to be more? If so I'm scared (>_<)

Edited at 2015-01-11 04:18 am (UTC)

just be together and save that's what Mootak want.
God! I like this drabble so much!

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