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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Hiatus, much?
Poll #1992823 What next?

Muses are all running around in circles. Help me catch one!

TW Baseball Part 2
TW drabble
SB drabble
LITI ch 16
SB!AU drabble (Baby Joongie verse)
Tattooist epilogue part 2
ONIB ch...10? 9? Oh god I can't remember OTL
AINI ch... fuck I can't remember either ;;

Ok so you may have noticed you can choose more than one. Hoping we'll have a clear winner cos I know when you have to pick only one, it's always pretty damn close.

Btw, I may or may not have non-AU drabbles lurking around so those may get posted as and when they come forth OTL


Music matches my gif tbh...think about it and die ;-)

Ok, no drama or long stories or anything. I'm on vacation at the moment and when I do find spare time, I find myself choosing to do work rather than anything fandom related. I'm an honest to goodness workaholic. I should go to WA meetings or sth ugh.

Tomorrow i've got some free time, and my husband and in-laws have made me promise NOT to do any work. They think i'm gonna go shopping but I might just stay home and write hence why I need your help cos my muses think i'm on hiatus or on holiday or something and nobody wants to fucking settle down!!!!!!

Tbh Changmin muse is pretty damn fucking mad at me and I can't coax him.

Jaejoong muse is being coy and elusive.

Even baby Joongie is all sulky and hiding behind that damn trophy wife... OTL

Plus all the real-life drama in fandom...it's pretty hard at the moment. So the start of tomorrow for when I have a few hours of free time will be in 10 hours. Y'all have this time to help me figure out which muse to catch and wrestle into submission.

Btw, have pity on me ok? I'm going to try my very level best to write what you choose but if I can't wrestle the muse into submission, the second one might win. I'll go that far.

Love and miss all of you. I know i've been absent but I really am around, existing in the fringes...


I voted for 'All I need is' as usually, but I won't be disappointed if I find another update in your journal! : D

Jaejoong muse is being coy and elusive. Smells like ONIB...

'All I need is' needs some loving, too.

I WILL READ ANYTHING YOU HAVE!!! (I may or may not have voted for everything..... I'm sorry....... I JUST CANNOT DECIDE)

God, it's hard to choose really.. But with all those pictures Jaejoong's sister has been posting, I really want to read another SB! drabble (preferably a Nicki-sized drabble :P). An LITI update or Tattoist epilogue are welcomed too, oh a SB!AU drabble is also welcomed.. :) Basically, I'd be happy with whatever you decided to give us.. Take your time deciding Nicki.. I can see some tied result there..

I'm waiting desperately for an update *_*

But whatever the outcome I will happily read it <333

I just need some Yunjae from you although I really, really want LITI.

everyday i always checking your LJ kkk
when i see this polling, i choose: SB drabble & tattooist epilouge 2 asap! hahahaa

thanks for everything sis :)
miss all your story *wink

Truthfully i want the last part of the Tattooist, i was going to reread that when i noticed an update.

Oh my mind i didn't know that we are allowed to choose more than one. T_T lol

Almost have a mini heart attack reading the title initially - hiatus ...... Noooooooo. Thank God it was not so. Thanks for your offer to write more during your holidays. Truly appreciate it.

TBH, i would like any update from you but sleeping beauty is number one, followed by non-AU yunjae :D thanks <3

maybe wishing on a star part 3? you know... it's almost christmas and all i can think is wish on a star fic :)

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have a great holiday nic...am gonna take anything you give..-_^