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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Hiatus, much?
Poll #1992823 What next?

Muses are all running around in circles. Help me catch one!

TW Baseball Part 2
TW drabble
SB drabble
LITI ch 16
SB!AU drabble (Baby Joongie verse)
Tattooist epilogue part 2
ONIB ch...10? 9? Oh god I can't remember OTL
AINI ch... fuck I can't remember either ;;

Ok so you may have noticed you can choose more than one. Hoping we'll have a clear winner cos I know when you have to pick only one, it's always pretty damn close.

Btw, I may or may not have non-AU drabbles lurking around so those may get posted as and when they come forth OTL


Music matches my gif tbh...think about it and die ;-)

Am I on hiatus? You tell me...Collapse )

I vote for TW Baseball part 2, cause really im curious what yunho will do..

And baby joongie ofcourse will come around right
*winks* cause he can't hide again

I'm looking forward to LITI and ONIB updates .. tattooist epilogue is good to :-) but then I'll read anything you'll write :-)

Tattooist at the moment i vote is the second best.. if you said you might choose the second one, then i'll be so glad... i missed The Tattooist the most right now idk why

I couldn't narrow it down past three so I don't think I was much help. I'm happy with whatever you decide on though ^^

I hope to read what happens after Jae met Yunho's mafia father in Japan....that one keeps bugging me...pretty pls!....with Jae cherry on Yunho's dxxx....

TW Baseball part 2 please.. i love jealousy yunho XD

For me, LITI is my overwhelming first choice. Tattooist epilogue 2 would be next, then ONIB, then AINI. Of course, I'love read anything you write and be happy. Happy writing! I have 2 weeks off from teaching and am also looking forward to writing during my break.

Its really hard to choose... But SB drable always my fave one.. And then tattoist 2 just so wnat to reaf the end part and then ONIB... Anyway, everything you write and share its always my personal favorite..
So, looking fwd your next share... :)

yay i'm happy u have some free time to update thanks~
tbh it's hard to chose but I've been carving for SB drabbles and I'm kind of exited to know what will happen with Yunho and his kitten >_

Nice to hear from you again.
I hope you'll have enough time to write again. And I hope that you'll enjoy it. I'm really excited to read a new chapter of onib or tattooist :)

Stay genki :)

AINI because the last drabble asdfggjjllk ..

if Tattooist is an option, you know I'm going to pick it.

Also chose TW Baseball 2 bc I love TW

I am almost choose all of them.. LOL
you can update one of them, and I'll just re-read the rest (which haven't you update) LOL

i honestly voted for more than one but i will read anything you write, even if it's not the winning choice... it all depends on your muse, as you said and i'm completely fine with it~^^