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The Tattooist [Epilogue - Part 2]

Title: The Tattooist
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG13-NC17
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, crack
Warning: Underage Jaejoong
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be MARRIED here

Summary: Nothing has ever fazed him in his life. At 29, he is successfully self-employed, and doing something he loves which means going to work should really be enjoyable. What is that saying? If you work in what you love, you will never work a day in your life? This would be true if not for just one doe-eyed problem…

AN: So…errr…i’m sorry this took so long ;;

AN2: Half of this was written five months ago so it might flow a little weirdly. I'm really sorry, i'm trying my best with a naughty as hell muse augh!!!!!!! Look at his face. LOOK AT HIM. He's being naughty and so is someone else in the fic AND IT ISN'T WHO YOU THINK. I may or may not be traumatised btw...traumatised.


Three men bow in greeting, but her attention is only on one, lighting on Jaejoong instantly. “Oh, he is here.” She claps her hands together, clasping them tight. “You are even more beautiful in person. How is that possible?” She asks, the marvel and admiration in her voice is crystal clear. The way she speaks is like that of an innocent child, sweet and winning, despite her age.

And yet it isn’t out of place on her smooth features, not a single deep line betraying her true age apart from the fine ones around her eyes and mouth.

The almond eyes of her son are her doing, as is his high nose and cheekbones. The strong jaw and small face are his father’s, and surprisingly, the sensual cupid bow as well. Her lips are full, more like Jaejoong’s than her own offspring and they have only been tasted by one man.

Jaejoong blushes instantly, dropping his gaze and slowly inching back towards Yunho. He’d gotten a little far from the man, but the welcome he’s received so far has assuaged most of his trepidation.

Curiosity though, as usual, gets the better of this baby cat. Before he even reaches the relative safety of his boyfriend’s side, he speaks yet again without a by-your-leave.

“How do you know what I look like? Has Yunho been sending you pictures of me?” Jaejoong’s tone is yet again, borderline demanding as only a teenager can sound, causing three grown men to visibly wince.

The tinkle of laughter is like that of a merry little brook, blending almost perfectly with the steady gurgle of water from the Wall of Life as Ayako giggles girlishly at the innocent question. Her hand covering her mouth delicately is very familiar to those watching.

Her laughter drowns out the quiet groan from her son, the sound resting deep in his throat, his eyes not moving from his father’s face. He knows the man has noticed that Jaejoong did not bow. Heck, he’s not even sure if muzzling the teenager is of any use now. The kid is even worse than their impossible, ill-disciplined, kitten at home and that’s really fucking saying something.

Yunho is as tense as a well made bow despite his mother’s laughter, and he finally catches his father’s eye. His tension deepens when the man’s eyes twinkle in amusement. Many things amuse the oyabun, and Yunho well knows the man’s taste is broad, and at times, extremely exotic.

His imagination is in overactive overdrive that’s for fucking sure as he visualizes everything from a whipping post to a pond full of fish with a taste for human flesh, but can anyone blame him?

He opens his mouth to speak, but his mother beats him to it.

“My Yunho hasn’t been the most forthcoming with information about you, beautiful child, but fortunately for him, his father loves us both dearly. What is your name?” She questions with a disarming smile, and a delicate squeeze to her husband’s hand that no one but he notices.

And just like that, Yunho’s tension eases somewhat. He doesn’t miss the rueful quirk of his father’s mouth at his mother’s seemingly innocent words. He exchanges a final acknowledging glance with the old man before turning his attention to his teenager who is quite safe.

For now at least.

“I have several names,” the teenager replies, his voice vaguely thoughtful. “I’ll tell you the most used one,” he wrinkles his nose, before looking over his shoulder to his boyfriend and sending a pout his way.

Yunho straightens immediately, his eyes widening, as does his mouth but it’s too late.

“Damn it, Jaejoong,” comes the flippant reply. The teenager hadn’t really thought anything of it, giving the same answer to virtually everyone who has asked since leaving their apartment in Seoul. The customs officer, the smitten flight attendants, and even the driver who’d picked them up from the airport.

Damn it, Jaejoong!” Yunho echoes as his parents’ eyebrows arch to their hairlines.

Jaejoong shrugs even as he inches even closer, popping a thumb over his shoulder. “See? My name is Damn it, Jaejoong. That’s all he calls me lately.”

“I’m sorry for his impudence—,” Yunho starts, but he stops as his mother starts to giggle yet again, followed closely by his father though to say the man is giggling would probably lead to severe maiming.

“Oh dear, he is adorable.”

“Please don’t call me adorable,” Jaejoong implores, taking a step forward. “I’m trying to get Yunho to stop treating me like a pet. Pets are adorable. I should be…” he pauses, brow furrowed as he thinks about it. “Distinguished.” He nods, smiling to himself. “Yes, distinguished. I shall be distinguished.” His eyes dart up to Yunho’s father who is no longer smiling, but his eyes still are, and the butterflies in his belly quieten somewhat though they don’t altogether disappear. “Sir, you look very distinguished. Can you teach me how to be distinguished?”

Before the man can answer, he is interrupted by his son.

“Damn it, Jaejoong,” Yunho growls. “Be silent!”

Junsu sends a mental plea to whichever god is listening that the teenager heeds his cousin’s warning.

“No!” The teenager replies, crossing his arms, turning to glare at his boyfriend.

No such luck.

Changmin is practically plastered to Junsu’s side by now, and shivering. Junsu is tempted to speak up because he’s never seen Changmin actually afraid of anything. He turns, tilting his face up to kiss his taller boyfriend and tell him that his uncle isn’t going to do anything bad to Jaejoong for his insane trip down disobedient lane, but the man’s expression stops him short.

The piercer isn’t terrified.

He’s trying his damnedest not to laugh out loud.

Junsu doesn’t even have time to process that strange fact because to everyone’s surprise, Yunho’s father starts laughing.

Not a quiet type of laugh, but something more akin in flavor to a guffaw.

Yunho’s mother is a little more dignified, hiding her mouth behind her hand yet again as she turns inward towards her husband, hiding her face behind his shoulder.

“Why are you laughing?”

“Damn it, Jaejoong, for the love of my sanity, be silent! What did I tell you?”

“Don’t speak unless spoken to.” The teenager parrots the man’s words from earlier. “But I want to know the joke. Are you laughing at me, sir?” he turns to Yunho’s father whose amusement is still extremely obvious despite the fact that he has stopped laughing.

“I do think I’m laughing at my son.”

Jaejoong beams at the response, clapping his hands and turning with a superior sniff towards his boyfriend. “Hah! They’re laughing at you not me for once. See? It doesn’t feel very nice does it?”

“Is it too melodramatic to commit seppuku?” Yunho wonders out loud with a sigh. Jaejoong must be rubbing off on him instead of the other way round because he’s all but given up now. His young boyfriend has gone too far to be stopped and he might as well go the same way and share his fate.

“Oh, Yunho…” his mother smiles fondly at her exasperated son, her hand though still firmly in her husband’s and she is squeezing it not so subtly.

The old oyabun finally acknowledges his wife’s quiet warning to him, knowing full well there was never any danger to anyone, but he does like letting his Ayako think she has some sway over him in small family matters like these. It is definitely infinitely better than her knowing that he does live for her laughter and happiness. No one needs to know but him.

He kisses his wife’s cheek before speaking, being uncharacteristically open and honest in front of two strangers.

Changmin and Jaejoong will not be strangers any longer though. The old man is a damn good judge of character and he has been watching video feeds and getting daily updates on not just Jaejoong but Changmin as well. He protects his own, and he has very little cause for concern in the two new additions. Changmin is already family anyway via Yunho.

“Now you know how I feel, son. Trying to hold your mother was like trying to hold onto water in my cupped hands. It was impossible for any length of time. And now, somehow, Fate has determined that you find a mate equally as impossible to hold on to. Even more so, for I believe this child to be like the summer’s breeze. ”

“You have a very pretty way with words,” Jaejoong compliments, nodding approvingly.

Yunho’s shoulders droop. He is going to have to teach Jaejoong how to speak. They will start with A B C because the teenager has no clue. None whatsoever.

Zero, zip, and fucking nada.

“Thank you, child.”

“You’re definitely Yunho’s father.” Jaejoong declares with a nod. “There can be no mistake.”

Yunho sighs loudly, but he is ignored by one and all who are far more intrigued by the interaction between scary yakuza king and the seemingly fearless lion cub. His mother does notice though and she smiles at his lean towards dramatics. He is definitely both her and her beloved’s son. His flair for drama is inherited for sure, and she is pleased that he has relaxed enough to show it in front of his father though the occasions are so rare that she can count the instances on one hand.

Young Jaejoong can definitely take some responsibility for that, and her heart opens even more to the teenager for unknowingly showing her son and her beloved how similar they are to each other.

“Oh?” The old oyabun puffs up a little. His son may be impossible, but the youngest is his pride and joy. He loves his mother dearly, and the boy’s rebellion had amused him. Yunho is completely unlike his other children who are more than happy to obey without question. His youngest son obeys, but with a million questions. And he never tires of answering his son’s questions because these questions have led him to new heights of his domain, because it makes him think and re-evaluate his own rather rigid way of thinking. They live by a strict code, but raising Yunho had made him take an important step into the modern day. He may or may not tell his son this eventually, but he has had far more character building through Yunho’s youthful and not-so-youthful rebellion than he did being oyabun of such a vast territory complete with yes men, women, and family.

And this child now staring at him with completely guileless eyes, an innocent in mind and in the heart, is going to be part of the family.

May the gods protect them from this tempestuous wind.

“You keep calling me child. Yunho calls me kid all the time and it is highly irritating I must tell you.”

“Damn it, Jaejoong!” Yunho admonishes, the habit so ingrained that he is unable to stop himself. This time though, there is a fair amount of alarm in his tone! The kid just called his father irritating!

How does anyone survive this?

“Yunho, sweetheart,” his mother calls, her voice musical to the ears, untainted by her husband’s work. She is well protected by him, and continues to be so. She knows of the life he leads of course, but he never brings it home to her. His chuckles next to her make her smile as she beckons her only child over.

Yunho sighs, moving forward. He prostrates in respect, bowing, head to the floor before his parents, before sitting back up on his heels and staring at the floor. He feels a familiar presence taking up the space next to him, Jaejoong’s descent to the floor a little more of a resigned little flop rather than a graceful prostration. The messy splay the teenager makes of his show of respect causes Yunho to close his eyes and add one more thing to the list of things he needs to teach the willful teenager.

Cute little butt wiggle in the air bedamned.

A small clammy hand finds its way into his, and he realises his little kitten is far more spooked than he gives out. He squeezes his hand, wanting nothing more than to hug the teenager and tell him everything will be ok.

He doesn’t get the chance as a soft hand cups his jaw, tilting his face up, and he sees his mother’s serene face smiling down at him. They look at each other for a long few seconds, before the tension once again leaves Yunho’s body, watching closely as she turns to take in the teenager now tucked very indiscreetly against his side.

Jaejoong might as well be in his lap.

“What shall I call you, child? Do you prefer Damn It or Jaejoong?”

Jaejoong stares up at the beautiful woman, who looks no older than his own noona, but he knows that must be impossible. The quirk of her mouth, that tug of her lip is identical to Yunho’s and it brings a relieved smile to his face.

“I’m sorry, I think I’ve been rude. You can call me Jaejoong. Yunho has been trying to teach me to mind my mouth but I’m really not very good at it. Perhaps he should give me mouth exercises or something to tire it out so I don’t speak out of turn.”

Yunho groans, dropping his gaze and clenching his fist to prevent himself from face palming. He doesn’t even want to look at at his parents. This kid is going to be the death of them both. He even hears the echoing groans from his cousin and his friend and he knows they’ve both caught on as well. Junsu almost never makes so much as a squeak in front of his father and to know that Jaejoong has caused his cousin to break from his norm and Changmin to follow suit says a whole fucking lot.

“Oh dear…” Ayako blushes, trying to shake away the mental image she really doesn’t want.

“Does he remind you of someone?”

The affection in the deep voice of the oyabun causes even Changmin to smile through his apprehension.

Yunho unclenches his free hand, looking up, unsurprised to find his mother red-faced but rather surprised to find his father smiling fondly at her.

“What do you mean?” Yunho asks, cocking his head at his father.

“Oh, you were definitely too young to remember, but your mother was exactly like Jaejoong. The damnedest things would come out of her mouth and I sat down and observed her for a three days once, just to see if she was faking it or if she really talked like that.”


“She really talked like that.”

“And Jaejoong?”

“Is just like her.”

“That’s a good thing, right?” Jaejoong asks, listening carefully.

“Very good, child.”

Yunho’s breath leaves him in a measured exhale. His mother is still blushing something fierce, having moved to hide behind his father, burying her face behind his shoulder so only her expressive almond eyes are showing.

Like his father, Yunho’s measure of people before him is close to infallible. He can see the innocence in her eyes, though there is a knowing glint to it that lurks behind her shyness. She’s been with the man for thirty years. She isn’t that innocent, but yet her purity rings true.

His father managed it with his mother somehow. His sweet mother, despite coming from a background of violence, is protected so thoroughly that her disposition would not be considered out of place in a childcare centre.

She knows exactly what it is his father does, but she chooses not to let it bother her.

Willful blindness perhaps, and he knows full well Jaejoong practices it.

Whatever you have to do to survive.

What do people say? A man marries his mother?

“Welcome to the family, child.”

“Jaejoong, if you please. If you call me child one more time I might just start suckling my thumb.”

“Damn it to hell and back, Jaejoong!”

Changmin slams his hand over his mouth in mortification after his loud inadvertent exclamation, causing everyone to laugh.

Yes, even the scary yakuza lord who nods approvingly at him.

The piercer is really fucking sure he just lost ten years off his life span regardless.


Yunho is sitting with his father, watching his mother and Jaejoong strolling arm in arm through the expansive gardens. Their dark heads are together, whispering secrets only they know about for now, and their partners will tug out of them, one delicious morsel at a time later…

Both the oyabun and his son nursing similar thoughts as they watch their gorgeous other halves giggle and continue whispering.

Junsu and Changmin had both excused themselves after receiving the blessings of the two elders, the international superstar begging off because of work and wanting to bring his boyfriend along. Changmin really had nothing to worry about though because his association with Yunho had always meant a close eye on him. Junsu knows this, and Yunho wonders when his cousin will break it to his new boyfriend.

The fact that Changmin had been allowed to remain a business partner with Yunho is more than enough to cement approval for him to be Junsu’s mate for in the general pecking order, Yunho ranks much higher than Junsu and both men know it.

That is definitely for Junsu to settle though.

Yunho is unaware of the smile on his face as he sees Jaejoong blushing a deep red, the color in his unusually pale cheeks so clear that Yunho can see them at the distance.

He wonders what on earth his mother could have said to evoke such a reaction when his father cuts into his thoughts.

“You chose well.”

“I don’t think I had any choice in the matter,” Yunho admits, remembering how the teenager had landed in his shop, and refused to leave.

“Perhaps,” the old man allows as he watches Jaejoong, same as Yunho. God only knows what his Ayako is saying to the teenager for he’s never seen anyone turn red quicker than that, and knowing his beloved, she must have said something truly wicked in the way only she can for the boy to color so.

He turns his gaze to his son, the expression on the younger man’s face showing his curiosity as well.

His curiosity and his overflowing affection for the duo in his sights.

“You need to learn to guard your face lest your enemies know his value to you.”

“You mean your enemies don’t you, father?” Yunho replies, his tone a tad cold.

“Like it or not, what is mine is also yours, the good and the bad.”

“I don’t want any of it.”

The old man shrugs. “You’re not fifteen, Yunho. Just because you say it with such conviction doesn’t mean it’s going to happen.”

“You know I’ve never wanted any part of this.”

“Really? What of your calls about the boy’s grandfather?”

Yunho’s jaw tightens, knowing full well he walked into that. Of course his father won’t let that little thing slide. He did hope, but Jaejoong’s safety was paramount and no one can guarantee it better than his father and he knows it.

Unfortunately, in asking for his father’s help, he’d also taken that irrevocable step into that world he’d vowed to stay out of.

“That’s been taken care of. It’s no longer an issue.” His answer is curt, though there is an underlying dismay within it that only a father can hear.

“It was never an issue because of who you are.”

Yunho can’t argue with that.

The silence between father and son stretches as they watch the two beauties feeding the inhabitants of the pond. Several times Yunho almost gets out of his seat as Jaejoong’s fingertips brush the surface of the water. His mother is no better, at one point it seems as if she’s actually petting something within the depths of the pond itself.

His father does not flinch though.

Something that surprises him, and his father remarks on it, not even turning to his son, sensing Yunho’s surprise without even needing to see it.

“They know her. He won’t come to any harm. Most of the fish you remember are no longer in that pond.”

“Is that supposed to comfort me?” Yunho asks, remembering the blood and the whimpering of the naked man standing waist deep in the pond. He did not stick around long enough to see exactly what got bitten, but his belly still clenches in sympathy because he can surmise what it probably was.

“I don’t particularly care about comforting you, son. I am going to advise you though.”

Yunho doesn’t reply, forcing his gaze away from his mother and boyfriend to his father’s serene countenance. He flexes his jaw, aware that his father’s completely impassive expression is a mask. A very well worn one that absolutely no one is able to see through.

He really doubts even his mother can.

“People will try and get to you through him.”

“They can try,” Yunho’s voice is deadly cold, his body tense.

“What if they succeed?”

“Then every last one of them will end up on your severely misnamed Wall of Life.”

“That would be much too late, son. It won’t bring him back.”

Silence once again stretches between father and son.

The oyabun is not a man of many words. His son is much more forthcoming generally, but not this time, as he ruminates on his father’s words. His mind is rebelling instantly, wanting to take Jaejoong and leave and have nothing more to do with his father, but then what of his mother? He knows full well it pains her that he lives so far away, and it is by her love and his father’s grace that he has been allowed to live a relatively undisturbed life and not dragged kicking and screaming and all bloodied up no doubt, back into the folds of the family he can never be rid of.

Wishful thinking will not get him anywhere.

“What do you want from me?”

The old oyabun doesn’t give away his satisfaction at his son’s response. Who would have thought a mere slip of a boy will finally bring his wayward son home?

But then again, isn’t that how it always works? He will deny it to his deathbed and beyond, but Yunho’s mother is one of the reasons why he has been so vicious in his expansion and intolerant of any opposition whatsoever in the last thirty years. He wants to make very sure that anyone who even thinks of harming her, will meet a fate worse than death.

It is a legacy he wants to give his son, for his affection towards his beloved extends to their only child.

“Self-control and courage.”

Yunho’s eyebrows raise almost to his hairline, turning bodily towards his father. “Come again?”

“You are not a ronin, son. We are descended from one of the greatest shogun in Japan and you must master the ways. I have allowed you to run wild, but now that you are responsible for another innocent, you cannot continue in this manner for it is unbecoming and shameful. You are my son, and you will behave like my son. I have no reason to question your honor or your sense of justice and while your loyalty may be suspect to others, you love your mother too much for it to waver. You are probably too benevolent for your own good, and your level of respect needs a lot of work before I’m satisfied, but with self-control and courage, those two qualities will balance out naturally.”

He takes in his son’s stiff expression and he shakes his head.

“One can always hope, anyway.”

“I have learned all these lessons as a child. Are you saying that I have no self-control and no courage? Really, father? Are you calling me an undisciplined coward?”

“Your lack of control is pretty obvious,” the oyabun chuckles, showing his mirth and ignoring his son’s indignance as he nods towards the teenager with his head in Ayako’s lap by the pond. “You should have resisted, and yet you didn’t.”

Yunho has nothing to counter that, so he keeps silent.

Control is futile when it comes to Jaejoong. That much he is willing to accept, but he will not vocalise it.

“Courage comes in many forms,” the old man continues. “I am not calling you a coward. I am just pointing out that you need to work on your composure. You have courage, but you don’t yet have the spirituality of that value imbued in you. The spiritual manifestation of courage is shown in your calmness in the face of adversity. You will need this more than most, for I can promise you that young Jaejoong over there will be the biggest test to your composure. Frankly, you should take a leaf out of his book.”


“He doesn’t do it intentionally, but his innocence gives him the tranquility of mind that you need to strive for. He doesn’t lose himself when faced with danger.”

“He doesn’t know he’s in danger,” Yunho mutters in mild disgust.

“That much is true, but he still stays true to himself. Even the most innocent doe will be able to sense a predator. I know he sensed it, but he chose to overcome it.”

Yunho remembers Jaejoong’s small clammy hand in his, the way the teenager tucked himself against his side, and yet still dared to chastise his father indirectly that one last time for calling him “child”.

“You really think he did that purposefully? I think he did more ignoring than overcoming. He has absolutely no sense of self-preservation. He’d happily walk into a lion’s den wearing a meat outfit.”

The old man laughs at his son’s rampant predilection towards the dramatic that day. It is truly amusing to see exactly what Jaejoong brings out in Yunho, and as far as he can tell, an overactive imagination is one of them. It is both good and bad because it tells him that his son is mentally geared for the worst, but whether he is capable of actually dealing with the worst is another thing altogether, and that is very bad.

He is certain Yunho will fall apart if anything happened to Jaejoong, and he must teach his son to protect himself, for the glimpses he’s had of Jaejoong both in real life and through the videos and accounting of his men tell him that Jaejoong would have the strength to deal with possibly losing Yunho.

There is a courage in the teenager that should not be underestimated.

Yunho needs to see it and learn it for himself.

However, that is a lesson for another day as their conversation is interrupted.

“Why so serious, love? This is a day for joy as we have a new son!”

“I don’t want to be brothers with Yunho! He can’t make me stupid if we’re brothers oh my god, no no no!”

Jaejoong’s horrified reaction to that warmth though is shocking to everyone till they figure out what his brain hasn’t quite done yet.

“Damn it, Jaejoong!”

AN1: Please don’t kill me but you know there’s one more part. I’m so sorry it ran away from me and got too long and won’t fit in the LJ word limit and my brain died and you know the drill T_______________T I have to fly back for work before the end of the year. That’s two flights I’ll be alone and can write in. EVEN IF IT KILLS ME I WILL FINISH THIS. Feel free to hold me to this because it’s my new December resolution. DAMN IT, JAEJOONG, COOPERATE WITH NOONA PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AN2: To be perfectly honest, I think I don’t wanna let go of my baby either ;; Once I finish this fic it will be done and I cry ;;

AN3: See if you can spot the naughty one cos I will traumatise you before this year is out... OTL
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