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Our Little Joke

Title: Sleeping Beauty oneshot: Our Little Joke
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG-13
Length: Oneshot
Genre: AU, fluff, slice of life
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be married here :P

Summary: April Fools Day will never be the same again in the Jung household.

AN1: This is actually two separate drabbles. I just tacked on the second much shorter one (that I actually wrote first) to the longer one (that ran away from me and almost turned into a oneshot) since they’re within the same period anyway ;-) You might want to read April Fools Day and Milk first ;-) And after it all, you may want to read Heaven. Can you tell I love itty bitty baby Minnieball (and his parents omg you’ll understand when you read OTL)?

AN2: Wrote this too fast cos I have a meeting and wanted to post before I went for it. Any weirdness is my fault and I’m sorry for that. Un-betaed and this is from my Sleeping Beauty verse. All my oneshots and drabbles for the Sleeping Beauty universe can be found HERE or in my Master Ficlist. I'm having trouble adding people to the comm :-(


“Aish…this baby is still asleep. How much did you feed him?”

“However much he wants,” the proud new mama replies as he gazes fondly at the baby asleep in his cot by the bed. The one week old baby is sound asleep, his tiny torso rising and falling with each breath.

“He wants a lot,” Yunho mutters under his breath as he packs up the last of his wife’s things.

Unfortunately, he is heard, both the Kim matriarch and patriarch laughing at their son-in-law’s disgruntlement causing the normally stoic man to flush.

Even through the laughter, the baby slumbers on.

Jaejoong sends a loving smile towards his sheepish husband before his attention is once again captured by his miracle baby, his hands twitching by his side as he resists the urge.

Yunho stares at his wife’s profile, swaying slightly on his feet as a wave of tiredness crosses him, before resuming his task of picking up Jaejoong’s scattered belongings.

He’s had barely any sleep all week, running back and forth between the hospital and ferrying his older children about. There are more than enough willing hands to help him with his family, but for some reason, Jung Yunho has a bee in his bonnet about making sure his older children are completely in accord despite the new addition. He knows some children fuss about new siblings and turn into little monsters because they fear the loss of their parents’ attention.

Yunho knows his little Jungs are not really inclined that way, but this is their last baby, and his wife is feeling both grateful at their miracle and a little sad as well. All four children have visited their mama in the hospital and while his body sleepily tugs at the memory of the twins’ visit, the girls’ visit brings forth a blinding smile at the memory.

”He’s so big!”

“Big?” Jaejoong asks curiously as he settles his almost three year old on his other knee. The movement makes him wince as JJ wiggles around, inadvertently hitting him and his stitches, but he clenches his jaw and shakes his head quickly at Yunho who’d already come swooping in, ready to pick up their younger daughter.

“Yes, big!” JJ bellows, not noticing her parents quick exchange, her arms akimbo to illustrate exactly how big she thinks her baby brother is. If she can be believed, he’s as big as she is tall.

Her littlest brother startles at the sound, one eye popping open, but nothing, not even a natural disaster will pry him from his food. He can’t see very far, but it doesn’t matter. He is swaddled and cradled very lovingly, drinking the best thing ever, and as babies go, he reckons he’s got it good.

For now, anyway. It never seems to last, much to his mild baby irritation.

Little Changmin closes his eyes again, pouty mouth wrapped around his mama’s nipple, he starts feeding extra hard because whenever it gets noisy, he gets moved around by people who can’t feed him and that’s not very nice, is it? What kind of people would starve a tiny premature baby?

“He really isn’t tiny at all. Susu and Chunnie were smaller,” Jiyool concurs with her sister. Sitting cross-legged on the bed opposite her mama, she is close enough that her knees are pressed against her mama’s leg.

“They were also twins, baby girl,” Yunho chuckles as he too settles on the bed, scooping up their oldest daughter and sitting her down in his lap. “Your mama had two babies in his belly that time. This time there was only one. Two babies in the same space won’t be as big as one baby.”

“But mama was just as big with this one. Are you sure he wasn’t a twin? Did he eat his brother?”

JJ wrinkles her nose at her sister’s query that is met by quiet disbelieving chuckles from her parents as they both reassure the older girl that no, Changmin did not eat anyone!

Jiyool’s imagination is second to none at the moment, already in the school-going group at the creche, she comes home with wondrous tales most days. JJ doesn’t really want to think about their brother eating another smaller brother though.

She leans forward to peer at the feeding baby, the infant’s eyes shut tight, studiously ignoring the attention as he feeds diligently.

“Hello!” JJ bellows once again, nuzzling at her brother’s hand that is clutching at the gap in their mama’s top.

This time, she really cannot be ignored as Changmin pulls off with a jerk, eyes wide open as he stares up his very loud older sister whose eyes are the closest to his. Doe eyed angels stare at each other, before one moves.

Gorgeous little JJ with her perfect cupid bow mouth, leans forward to press a soft kiss to her brother’s pouty milk-slicked lips.

Stunned, Changmin doesn’t let loose the angry cry he was about to deafen everyone with at being interrupted. The eyes staring down at him so closely they’re practically cross-eyed are familiar to him.

Before he can figure that puzzle out, someone else kisses him on the cheek, just below his left eye.

He turns his head, to find another pair of familiar eyes.

Both are smaller than usual, belonging to pretty little girls who’d fallen in love with their baby brother at first sight despite one of them thinking he’s really too big, and the other wondering if he’d really eaten his twin and making a mental note to check on that phenomena.

Changmin’s mouth opens, a soundless cry as he stares back at forth between the two faces crowding him.

His eyes crinkle as he squawks sharply, one eye smaller than the other, making him look rather comical. He makes the same sound again, legs kicking in his swaddle as he tries to figure out the two girls staring at him so closely, whose eyes look like his parents’.

“He’s so cute!” JJ squeals.

“He smells nice,” Jiyool, slightly more dignified than her younger sister, leans forward to nuzzle his cheek, sighing happily as she tilts her face up to her smiling mama. “He is so soft, mama. I love him.”

“Me too,” JJ agrees instantly, patting his tiny little belly gently. She might be loud, but she has experience with younger brothers and she’s gotten over the inclination to play with them like dolls.

Changmin squawks in reply, kicking out again. His wee pink tongue licks at his mouth, and like a switch, he suddenly remembers exactly what he was in the middle of before he was so rudely interrupted. He takes a deep breath, and in the next second, the hitching cries of an angry and hungry newborn echo around the room.

Both his sisters rear back immediately, Both tumbling backwards into their father’s lap, JJ almost missing it altogether in her shock, but she is caught by his sure and steady arm.

“Gosh, he’s loud,” Jiyool sticks her finger in her ear and makes a show of trying to clear it. “Daddy, I think he made me deaf,” she pouts, turning to her father who schools his features and kisses her on the forehead.

“I guess I’ll have to take you to the doctor to get your ears checked out. Shall we go now?” Yunho asks, voice perfectly serious.

Jiyool’s eyes widen theatrically as she back peddles quickly. “Wow, daddy! I heard you just fine! I think my ears are not damaged after all.” She pats her ears before patting her father chest as if to placate him. “Don’t worry, daddy. I’m fine.”

“That’s good to know,” Yunho presses another kiss to his precocious daughter’s forehead, exchanging a grin with his wife.

“I still love him,” JJ declares after some thought, eyes shining as she watches her brother latch onto her mama and feed with strong gulps. “Even if he’s loud.”

“I love you and you’re louder, so I definitely love him too.”


Yunho smiles at the memory as he zips up the last of his wife’s things. He looks up, about to speak when he catches his mother in law’s eye as she nods towards her son.

He turns to look, and his gaze softens, heart tugging in his chest.

Jaejoong’s eyes are transfixed on their sleeping son.

He takes a step forward.

Then a second.

Three pairs of eyes watch him, all three with a knowing look in their eyes.

The young mama of five, whose four older children are currently at home waiting anxiously for his return, only has one thing on his mind.

His brow furrows, and his mouth forms its inevitable pout as he takes a third step, belly pressing gently against the length of the cot.

“You can pick him up, Joongie.”

“But he’s sleeping,” Jaejoong whispers, fretting as he starts to wring the hem of his teeshirt. “The nurse said I shouldn’t wake him if he’s sleeping. He’s still too tiny.”

Mrs Kim’s brow furrows as she exchanges looks with her husband. “You have four children, you know what they need. It’ll be alright, Joongie. The twins were smaller.”

“And they wouldn’t let me hold them for a week,” Jaejoong voice cracks at the memory, eyes filling instantly at the pain of not being able to hold his too tiny babies. “They came out too soon. Changmin came out too soon too. It’s my fault. I wanted to see them too much.”

Yunho is by now, right next to his wife. Jaejoong gets these lapses every now again when he worries overmuch for no apparent reason. He also knows which nurse his wife is referring to. The woman is a tyrant and a bully and should never have been allowed anywhere near newborns, let alone their equally fragile mamas. He’s already seen to her dismissal of course, having witnessed the woman berating Jaejoong for swaddling the baby wrong. God only knows what rubbish the woman said to his wife when he wasn’t there, though from his young wife’s words, he can hazard a guess, and it makes him fume that he was too late in protecting him from her.

He tilts Jaejoong’s face up to him, his wife’s doe eyes swimming with unshed tears which spill when he blinks. He hates the insecurity he sees, thumbing the tears away gently.

“Love…” he speaks softly, “they are all perfectly healthy little boys.”

Jaejoong shakes his head, though he takes the comfort his husband is offering as he nuzzles sadly into his cupped palm. “Yoochunnie gets sick a lot. They could be healthier. She said it’s my fault and I always want things my way.”

“You know her words are untrue. You know your heart and your intentions. You know deep down that we have very happy, adorable, beautiful and healthy children. You know that you had to be so strong, stronger even than I could ever be, to carry them and bring them into this world. You cannot please everyone, and you cannot get the acceptance of everyone because there is always someone out there who will not agree with you. And there are also ugly people out there who only want to seek out the worst in people.”

Jaejoong’s tears are flowing silently as he clutches his husband’s hand to his cheek like a lifeline. Nothing exists in that room for him in that moment as he stares into the dark pools of his husband’s beautiful eyes. The scars on his face serve to exemplify the strength it took him to get through a decade of unspeakable horror at the hands of a woman who was supposed to love him.

And this man is telling him that he is stronger.

“I want people to love me. I expect people to love me. I always thought it was a strength to be loved, but it is a weakness in me because I don’t think anyone could ever hate me. What did I ever do to her?”

“Nothing,” Yunho leans forward to capture Jaejoong’s lips, kissing him softly and tasting the salty tears. He licks gently, before kissing his way back up the damp trail, chasing the tears up his wife’s cheek to the source before kissing the younger man’s now closed eyelids one at a time. “She projected whatever issues she had onto you. Don’t take them on, Jae. Not everyone will love you, and that’s perfectly normal.”

“I want to be loved. I need to be loved. I don’t understand anything else.” Jaejoong’s voice is small, dropping his chin to duck his head and nuzzle his husband’s throat sadly.

“I know,” Yunho’s eyes are unseeing, mentally condemning the nurse to purgatory because really, he may be charitable, but messing with his family is the biggest deal breaker ever and messing with Jaejoong? You might as well move to a different zip code. He hugs his wife, lips grazing Jaejoong’s hairline just underneath his backward cap, slipping his hand underneath his wife’s teeshirt and stroking at the smooth skin of his back. His wife runs hot, and the heat against his palms is comforting. “Do you truly need everyone’s love though?”

Jaejoong knows his own weakness, and as weaknesses go, it’s a little silly to want everyone’s love. He knows it, and he knows when it comes down to it, the only love he needs is the one provided by the man holding him. It might appear to others that he wants more than Yunho, but the reality is that he may appear to want more, but he only needs Yunho.

“No, but I don’t get it. What’s so unlovable about me?”

Yunho smiles, because he can hear the pout in the younger man’s voice which means his wife is coming out of his brief lapse. He replies quite seriously despite his smile. “You can clear the room when you fart. I can still remember Jiyool’s horrified face all those years ago.”

Jaejoong chokes, rearing back, his stitches pulling and twinging but he ignores them, so indignant at his husband’s terrible choice of example. Oh the nerve!

The Jung CEO holds fast though, not allowing his wife any major movements as he peppers the indignant beauty with kisses, licking at the dried tear trails, tasting the saltiness on his skin.

“I love you.”

Jaejoong stills immediately, sagging against Yunho’s firm body, he searches for his husband’s mouth to return his quiet promise of forever.

Mrs Kim is holding Changmin, the infant having woken while his parents were wrapped up in each other. Both herself and her husband are trying to remain inconspicuous, knowing they are intruding, but there is nowhere else for them to go because Jaejoong will likely panic if he sees his child missing. The Kim tycoon is hugging his wife from behind as they both gaze down at their newest grandson who doesn’t even deign to open his eyes even though he is awake as his mouth works and his nose and brow wrinkle when he finds his mama nowhere near.

A broken stuttering cry escapes the infant, startling the kissing couple apart.

Jaejoong’s searching gaze lands on his parents, and his sigh of relief is audible though no one comments on it.

Mrs Kim hurries forward immediately, not wanting her own baby son to move overmuch as she hands over the precious bundle to him.

Surprisingly, Changmin curls up and closes his eyes, quietening instantly in Jaejoong’s cradled arm.

“Yah! This child really sleeps a lot.”

Jaejoong smiles fondly down at the baby, before stepping back against his husband, tilting his head, making a tiny sound in the back of his throat that only Yunho appears to understand. The older man drops his chin and rubs his cheek against his wife’s, causing the pale beauty to purr, before he turns back to look at his somewhat amused parents.

“He’s just pretending.”


Jaejoong grins and nods. “Here, watch.”

The young mama lifts his son closer to his face, leaning forward, he starts to sing quietly.

A familiar song.

Changmin’s eyes open instantly.

Yunho slips his hand under his wife’s teeshirt again, rubbing the small of his back as he starts to hum along. He looks over his wife’s shoulder at their son who is gazing up at his mama with what looks to be an adoring expression on his face as Jaejoong drops his head closer, his singing turning into a whisper, eyes locked with his baby.

Both are unaware of the photos being taken of them.

Little Changmin is practically transfixed, staring up at his mama in absolute wonder, leading Yunho to nuzzle Jaejoong’s ear, as he admits quietly.

“I know how he feels.”


The chime of the doorbell can be heard, the sound muffled but definitely there.

Jaejoong groans quietly, shaking his head and pouting as he burrows his face against his husband’s clavicle.

Yunho smiles, not opening his eyes as he strokes his wife’s bare skin languidly.

Unfortunately, the doorbell doesn’t relent, and soon, it is accompanied by the buzzing of someone’s phone on the bedside table.

“I told them to come back for dinner. I’m pretty sure it isn’t dinner yet.”

“I doubt it’s them, love. They have the keys.”

“All the more reason why we should ignore it,” Jaejoong’s voice is resolute, his pout definitely in full evidence even through his voice.

Yunho doesn’t answer, continuing the stroke, but his other hand reaches out blindly for the phone vibrating by his head. It takes a couple of tries, for the phone has vibrated its way almost to the edge of the table, a little out of reach for the head of the household. His need to scoot over slightly wakes the slumbering bundle on his chest.

Jaejoong’s eyes open, sensing his baby waking without the infant making a sound, and he sighs as he watches his adorable youngest son staring at him mournfully through one eye. Little Changmin has the tendency to peer at the world through one eye at a time especially when just woken, as if to check out his surroundings to decide whether he should fully wake or not.

The twenty-three year old reckons his son is trying to determine whether the world is worth his while.

He can hear Yunho speaking in a low voice to someone on the phone, but he doesn’t focus on the words, too enamored by the baby who has both eyes open now and staring at him. Jaejoong knows better, but he likes being fanciful sometimes, and he imagines his son thinking what a wonderful bed he is on.

There isn’t a nicer spot in the world than Jung Yunho’s chest and belly.

“Hey, little guy,” Jaejoong whispers, smiling when he feels his husband pressing a kiss to his temple and apologizing against his skin.

The youngest Jung wrinkles his nose at his mama’s greeting, yawning widely, reducing his eyes to mere slits, before closing them altogether.

Jaejoong chuckles quietly as he strokes the back of his finger against his son’s soft apple cheek. The baby doesn’t budge, wrinkling his nose once more at the touch before his features even out and he drowses on his daddy’s chest.

AN1: Is there such a thing as TOO MUCH stimulation for Sleeping Beauty? ISTG my muses couldn’t settle down because there is SO MUCH inspiration around right now and I was tossing out between so many scenarios and all the kids were practically climbing all over me like a damn jungle gym trying to get my attention, and then Jaejoong came in and was all OK THAT’S ENOUGH, MY BABY BOY WANTS SOME ATTENTION, and that was that. Mama Jung has spoken OTL

AN2: Sigh…tbh I think YunJae stole the show from Minnieball this time… Mama Jung defers to only one man and well…Yunho wanted to be heard.
Tags: fic:sleeping beauty, pairing:yunjae, pg-13

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