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My Only Comfort

Title: Drabble: His Only Comfort
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG-13
Length: Drabblish oneshot
Genre: Non-AU
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story.

Summary: Life is full of disappointments and for a lucky few, there is a universal panacea for everything that goes wrong.

AN: This was meant to be a DRABBLE but it turned into an almost oneshot so hence a drabblish oneshot hah! Guysssssss I need to finish Tattooist and not get distracted by YunJae in their other forms OTL Wrote this in an hour and probably a million mistakes but I gotta run to a meeting in five minutes so posting nowwwww OTL

Yunho waves a cheerful farewell to the fans by the car, wishing one and all a happy new year. The recording had taken barely an hour, showcasing the professionalism of TVXQ as always. With no other plans for the night except to watch the MBC drama awards. It’s a good thing their filming was delayed anyway, for Jaejoong had been texting him relentlessly since noon, asking his opinion about which hairstyle is best.

The leader of TVXQ is always honest and biased to a fault, much to the chagrin of his longtime lover, because every hairstyle is perfect, and by the seventh text message complete with attached photo example of said hairstyle, Jaejoong had given up in disgust.

Yah, it’s no use asking you! You’re almost as bad as Yoochun who lets the coordis do whatever to him. I’ll ask Changmin. At least he’ll tell me if I look bad.

Yunho had replied shortly to the irate message, smiling all the way as he warns the lead singer that Changmin will more than likely veto every single hairstyle.

He hasn’t looked at his phone since, concentrating on his task at hand as they commence with their recording.

Now, a few hours later, he is ready to hustle home, probably only just in time to catch the red carpet, though he doubts he’s even going to make it to that. No matter though, he can check out Jaejoong on the various SNS platforms. No doubt his boyfriend will be trending on several of them.

Not many people know that both he and Changmin keep track of what goes on in the public sphere of their fans, and really, they shouldn’t be surprised. Both of them have not risen to where they are now by being ignorant and not having their finger on the pulse of fandom.


Changmin’s tone is odd. Yunho looks over to his dongsaeng curiously before switching on his phone. Opening his mouth to ask what’s the matter, he doesn’t actually get a chance to as his phone goes to hell, beeping incessantly as message after message pours in.

Yunho sighs, settling down in his seat and buckling up, he turns to Changmin, expression rueful and vaguely apologetic.

“What has he done now?”

Changmin’s mouth thins, lips pressed together in a line, his displeasure is clear, but there is worry in his eyes. He shakes his head, gazing down at his own phone. “It’s not his fault.”

“It never is,” Yunho’s smile is tired but fond. He reaches over to rub Changmin’s knee before picking up his phone to check the messages. His hand pauses in mid-air though, realizing what has just happened as he turns towards the younger man once again, expression a little concerned now.

“Wait, you’re saying it’s not his fault which means it really isn’t his fault. What happened? Are these messages from friends or from him?”

Changmin rolls his eyes. “Hyung, just look at your phone. I can’t even begin to guess.”

“But you’re good at guessing,” Yunho replies immediately. His expression is genuine, his phone clutched in his hand. “Just…tell me what you think?”

“It’s probably hyung,” Changmin answers, shaking his head at his wide-eyed hyung. “Your phone won’t blow up, but I think you should be prepared.”

“This is sounding worse and worse. Is he ok?”


“Ok, ok, calm down.” Yunho grumbles, flipping his phone over, his eyes widen at the screen showing exactly how many missed calls he’s received.

Twenty-seven missed calls.

Jaejoong prefers to text not call and if he called…

The phone rings just then.

Yunho is fuming. His body is rigid with rage as he doesn’t even bother taking the elevator, ducking into the ne’er used stairwell instead, he takes the steps two at a time. He has a lot of energy to work off and he needs to expend it all before he sees Jaejoong because he knows that he will lose his cool the second he sees his older lover.

Jaejoong had been so inconsolable on the phone that the task of deciphering his shaky and tearful words stumped the genius brains of the two members of TVXQ. It took a good fifteen minutes before they finally pieced together the only words that made any sense.




In all honesty, Yunho hadn’t been surprised because it really was something worth punishing for. The negative attention had been so great that some had dared to mention it in his presence. Heechul had apologized immediately of course, but the damage is already done, while Gunhee kept his head down and out of Yunho’s sight.

However, for CJES to do it like this? At the very last moment? That is just sheer vindictiveness and the cruelty of it is something Yunho will struggle very hard to accept and forgive. Jaejoong had been so excited barely hours before the red carpet, and as Yunho takes the stairs two, sometimes three at a time, ignoring the burn in his knees and thighs, his heart filled with worry for his emotional lover. Jaejoong has suffered a lot of

He is patient to a fault, but there is a very clear limit to that patience. The people in SM already know it well, despite what others might think. Even now, to speak about Jaejoong in an unsavory light will cause the affable leader of TVXQ to turn cold instantly. Some mistake it for disgust at the audacity of anyone bringing up the former member of TVXQ, but those who have been there long enough know better.

Yunho’s behavior has not changed one iota for almost a decade. The look in his eyes is the same. The cold aura is unmistakable and extremely uncomfortable to be around. Changmin is the only one who can diffuse it and even then, he stays out of the way for the most part for it is really the unwise who would mention anything negative about Jaejoong around Yunho, and Changmin isn’t really in the habit of coming to the rescue of stupid people.

The leader of TVXQ has a blindspot by the name of Kim Jaejoong.

He reaches the landing of the uppermost floor, absentmindedly noticing the dust and dirt on the handle when he opens the door and exits it.

The plush lobby of the penthouse is quiet, the thick carpet muffling his footsteps as he hurries to Jaejoong’s door. There is a light sheen of sweat on his brow, and he wipes carelessly away at it with his dirty hand, streaking his forehead and cheek with grime.

In less than five seconds, he is in the apartment, finding it dark and gloomy, he quickly hurries to the main bedroom.

His anger has diminished somewhat and he has calmed down, but he is bracing himself for his emotions to change the second he sees Jaejoong.

Jaejoong looks up when the door opens, just as he sends his final message to his sister and muting the device. His shock causes a hysterical bubble of laughter to spill from his throat, stymying the man standing in the doorway for a few seconds.


“Why is your makeup so weird?”

“Makeup?” Yunho rubs at his other cheek, causing another streak of grime to appear and Jaejoong to giggle at the sight, confusing the leader even further. “I’m not wearing any makeup.”

“I can see that,” Jaejoong grins at the adorably disheveled man who walks over towards him, sitting on his side of the bed while eyeing his lover curiously.

The bed is littered with small balls of tissue, and Yunho heart clenches at the sight, momentarily forgetting Jaejoong’s strange welcome of himself as he starts to flick the tissue off the bed. Each flick increases his irritation at the whole situation, for there are very many balls of tissue to flick. He does not want to look up just yet to examine Jaejoong’s face too closely, because they have been together long enough for him to know exactly how long Jaejoong has been crying from the shade of his nose and how swollen his eyes are. His brief glance has already led him to believe the crying fit has lasted at least a continuous half hour, and maybe an hour more in sporadic bursts.

Yunho leans across Jaejoong to get to the tissue on his other side, leaning against his boyfriend while he does it, though still not saying a word.

Jaejoong wrinkles his nose.

“Yunho-yah…did you shower after the recording?”

“Yes, I did,” he replies, leaning even more heavily against Jaejoong, as he starts on the bedside table covered in tissues, scowling at the sight. His frown is dark, and it is only Jaejoong’s warm vanilla and strawberry scent that is keeping him at bay. It is calming and homely and makes Yunho think of cupcakes.

He chances a quick kiss, pushing into Jaejoong and pecking him quickly just under his ear before resuming his task of flicking the annoying balls of crumpled tissue that serves as evidence to the heartache and disappointment that should have been avoided. The kiss has done a number on his head though, his nerves tingling in awareness at the invitation to eat. Jaejoong smells like food and Yunho is rather hungry.

The older man can see the sweat streaks around his younger lover’s neck as the man pulls pack after randomly kissing his neck, and the next inhalation sends his senses veritably swimming, and he lets out a soft moan.

Yunho stills at the sound, turning in surprise towards Jaejoong, to find blazing eyes on him, and hands scrabbling at his clothes.

“Wh-what—“ The question is cut off as a mouth still salty from dried tears slams against his, a strong hand fisted around the collar of his sweatshirt, there are no prizes for guessing the lead singer’s intentions.

Man has two base instincts; food and sex.

With an answering groan, Yunho allows Jaejoong to pull his sweatshirt off him, their mouths losing contact long enough that the lead singer actually whines in protest, throwing the offending pieces of clothing far away. His exuberance has taken all three layers off Yunho in one go, much to his pleasure as he smiles at the sight before their mouths crash together once again.

Yunho tugs at the covers, pulling them aside and swinging a leg over his lover’s thighs.

His lover’s bare thighs.

Yunho can feel the difference even through his jeans and his hands slide down instantly to see if his discovery is accurate.

“Jaejoong-ah…” he breathes against that pillowy mouth.

“I knew you were coming,” Jaejoong answers breathlessly, hands already working on Yunho’s belt.

Yunho’s hand slips up, thumb against the older man’s chin, he tugs, opening Jaejoong’s mouth to him as he delves his tongue in, sweeping possessively even as his lover pushes his jeans down over his hips, kicking and scrabbling with his feet to get it all off.

They both scoot downwards, a practiced move as Yunho settles between Jaejoong’s smooth milky thighs. Their cocks, already fully hard, knock against each other before Yunho presses down, increasing the friction between their bodies that has Jaejoong grabbing at his shoulders, silently asking.

The leader kisses his way down, Jaejoong’s skin, no longer salty, but the intoxicating fragrance of warm vanilla and strawberry is strong. He licks at the pretty strawberry birthmark, smiling against the darkened skin when Jaejoong whimpers.


“Mmmmm,” he hums a reply as he moves towards his lover’s sensitive ears, blowing into one and feeling Jaejoong shiver beneath him and whimper some more.

He knows full well they’re about to be distracted, and he is willing to distract and comfort Jaejoong for as long as necessary, but he also knows that Jaejoong is at times, not forthcoming about any problems when he’s already gotten what he wants, so Yunho will hold out till he gets his answers.

Yunho ducks his head, kissing along that diamond jawline before ending at his chin and scooting back even more, feeling the drag of Jaejoong cock against his belly, he moves lower before stacking his hands on Jaejoong’s chest and dropping his chin on top of them.

Jaejoong, already arching in anticipation, eyes closed and head back takes a few long seconds to realize that his lover isn’t going any lower.

He drops his chin, nose wrinkling as his eyes open to find Yunho gazing up at him. The streaks of dirt on his face and his rumpled hair make him look so very young, Jaejoong’s hand is cupping his cheek before he can stop it.

“You wanna talk first?” he asks, drawling his words, thumb trying to rub away at a smudge over Yunho’s cheekbone.

“You tell me. You upset Changmin and he’s pretty cool when it comes to your company.

Jaejoong’s mouth tightens, eyes fixated on the other smudge on Yunho’s forehead, moving to rub that out before he starts to speak.

“They called me while I was at the salon. Told me that they will not allow me to attend the awards,” Jaejoong’s voice catches, but it evens out when Yunho starts kissing the fingertips of his free hand comfortingly, encouraging him to continue. “They said Gunhee’s post had garnered too much negative publicity and I should have more control over my friends and what they post.”

Jaejoong’s frustration is evident as he tries to tug his hand free from Yunho’s grasp to gesticulate and emphasize his words, but the leader doesn’t let go, and the tension in the lead singer slowly ebbs away as well, his voice monotonous as he continues his tale.

“We usually get punished by having to pay a fine but the company decided that a fine won’t teach me a lesson because paying it is easy. So they chose to do this because they know that I will feel it. The fans were waiting for hours, Yunnie-ah…” his voice crumbles once again.

Yunho kisses Jaejoong’s palm, eyes never leaving the other’s wet doe eyes. “Will this be the end of it?” He asks quietly.

“Apparently. They can’t do more damage to me than they already have.”

“Do you want me to do anything?”

“Comfort me.”

Jaejoong is rolling his eyes so hard, he can feel the strain in his eyeballs as he makes a very loud sound of disgust.

“What is it?” Yunho asks, but he doesn’t look up, content to talk into the back of Jaejoong’s neck and inhaling his delicious vanilla scented hair.

“Look at this!” Jaejoong lifts his phone to show the younger man.

Yunho looks over Jaejoong’s shoulder, mouth pressed against the smooth skin and kissing it languidly as his eyes focus on the picture.

“Your seat backstage? Who posted it?”

“I don’t know,” Jaejoong growls, slamming the phone face down onto the bedside table.

“Jaejoongie…you’re gonna crack your screen again.”

“Don’t care.”

“It’s just media play I’m sure. Don’t worry about it.” Yunho kisses Jaejoong placatingly, nuzzling along the soft skin and nibbling as he goes. He can feel the tension in the other man though, and it needs to be redirected before Jaejoong gets up enough steam to get riled all over again.

“I don’t like being used. Fucking idiots if they think that media play is going to work. Boohoo poor Jaejoong, but they’re the ones who did this to me. Assholes. I hope the fans see it for what it is.”

“I’m sure some will.”

“Not enough, but whatever. I don’t care anymore.”

“Such a grumpy baby, aren’t you?” Yunho bites Jaejoong’s bare shoulder playfully. “Clearly you need more comforting.”

Jaejoong smirks, turning over on his back, arms welcoming his lover whom he knows will comfort him till tomorrow if necessary.

Definitely necessary.

Yunho will always be his only comfort to anything and everything that ails or affects him.

AN1: IDK if HoMin left together tbh. They probably didn’t actually but I rather like having Changmin around so artistic license in my pocket, y’all. And two sides to every story, hmmmm? So many theories out there… Something to think about though…CJES play the victim card very well and if it was a “higher power” involved, they probably wouldn’t be quiet about it. Anyway, the speculation is moot. I’ve discharged my irritation now lol.

AN2: Lol, I love the smell of my husband’s sweat :P After he goes for a run, the chances of me jumping him where he stands is very fucking high hahahaha :P Sorry for the truncated smut btw, I’m really fucking rusty lol. Happy New Year everyone.
Tags: drabble, pairing:yunjae, pg-13

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  • Friend-locked

    I am locking my journal due to some reader shenanigans. If you want to be added, cut and paste the following statement and questions. Please answer…

  • Random side-shot poll

    Ok, as thanks for everyone's support and comments for my fics thus far, i'm thinking of writing a random drabble/side-shot. I'm aiming for it to…

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