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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Untitled: Random one-shot...
Title: Untitled
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: R (was meant to be NC-17 so I failed...)
Length: One-shot
Genre: Non-AU
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P
Summary: Sekushiai's prompt on the YunJae Anniversary anon meme that I filled - Yunjae haven't seen each other in two years. They meet coincidentally on a night out/at some function/something and ~the passion reignites uncontrollably~ and when i say ~uncontrollably~ i mean nc-17 guize ;D BUT IT SHOULD ALSO HAVE GENUINE LOVEY FEELINGS <3

AN: Un-betaed and I haven't even re-read it lol. Wrote this in just over an hour so please excuse any horrid mistakes and weird flows and repeated words etc etc etc. I think i'm all smutted out from Slept So Long hahahahaha so apologies for the fail!smut :P Also, this is the first thing i've written in weeks. I've got a writer's block from hell but I think writing this has dislodged it somewhat so next chapter of Jejuko will be coming soon hopefully.

Yunho knew he shouldn’t have come to the party. Accepting the invitation was a mistake. Changmin warned him and so did management, but it’s been two years, what harm could it do? He snorts derisively to himself as he nurses his snifter of cognac, watching the amber liquid swirl around as he lazily rotates his wrist. He is sitting at the bar, having uncharacteristically shrugged off most of the attempts at small talk by the various people from the industry. After an hour, most have ceased attempting to engage the tall, brooding leader of TVXQ! In any form of conversation. Yunho knows he will get into trouble for being anti-social but in his current state, to stay he gives a single fuck would be an exaggeration because he has none to give.

He hears laughter roll across the crowd till it reaches him and his dark eyes turn to search for the source of the sound. And there, standing out against the crowd with his shiny blonde hair, is his tormentor.


Yunho’s eyes narrow as the circle around the older man laughs once again. He turns back to his drink and downs it in a single gulp, relishing the burn as he clenches and unclenches his free hand. He has to get out of there before he does something he will definitely regret. And with that, Yunho gets up and walks out.

He strolls around the lush gardens surrounding the hotel. The night is cool and still and although there is a definitely chill in the air, the alcohol has sufficiently warmed Yunho that it does not bother him. He has no idea how long he walked around but as he approaches the lobby to get to the elevators leading up to his room, he recognises many guests leaving. It’s strange being alone in Japan, and he unconsciously scowls as memories assault him. Memories of the final time the five of them stood together on one stage, already torn apart and staying in separate hotels thanks to their “issues”.

Caught up in his thoughts, Yunho doesn’t realise he’s no longer alone. Waiting by the bank of glitzy elevators is a man, dressed not unlike him, hair almost as fair as his skin, his eyes as dark as his suit as he takes in the tall man striding in his direction.

Jaejoong waits, his heart thudding painfully in his chest as he stares at the broad man standing in front of him. He knows Yunho hasn’t noticed him otherwise he would’ve probably turned on his heels and walked away in the opposite direction. He is thankful for small favours as his eyes drink in the bulkier form of his former lover. Hungry eyes, if Jaejoong is honest with himself. He accepted the invitation solely because he was told Yunho would be there and now here he is. They are once again living and breathing the same air, after over two long years.

A musical chime signals the arrival of an elevator and Jaejoong ducks quickly into it. He is closely followed by Yunho who is still nursing memories as they both swipe their cards for their respective floors. Yunho’s on the 25th and Jaejoong’s on the 31st. The elevator doors shut, trapping the two men within it.

Yunho exhales loudly, as if pushing those memories with the expulsion of his breath. He pinches the bridge of his nose as he takes in a lungful of air before he freezes. No, no, no. He is dreaming. He shakes his head, looking up at the lighted numbers, 6…7…8. He exhales forcefully and takes another deep breath and he is almost sent to his knees as his olfactory nerves trigger wave after wave of memories he’s been repressing for over two years. He slams his fist into the wall as he chokes on visions of a smiling Jaejoong, leaning in close and fixing his collar. He chokes on the memories of him trailing his nose up that milky white skin and nuzzling the back of the lead singer’s ear. He slams his fist once again into the wall of the lift and relishes the pain radiating up his arm as he chokes on the emotional pain. His second attempt at maiming the lift however, elicits a loud gasp from the other occupant from within the carriage.

The first slam of Yunho’s fist into the wall shocks Jaejoong, who takes a step back against the cold metal, feeling the handrail digging into his lower back. At the second slam, he is unable to contain his shocked gasp, one hand gripping the hand rail while the other is placed over his heart. Yunho whirls around to stare at him, unseeing at first, eyes filled with pain, and Jaejoong gasps once again. He chews on his lower lip as he watches recognition flow through Yunho’s face, his tormented features changing, rearranging into a cold mask. His eyes are shuttered as he stares at Jaejoong and the smaller man inexplicably shivers. This is why he came, isn’t it? To see Yunho? To talk to him? Maybe even to beg his forgiveness. Jaejoong doesn’t know. Now that he is confronted with the overwhelming presence of his leadershii, his mind is blank.

The two men stare at each other for what feels like an eternity, only to be interrupted by a bell, as the elevator stops with a gentle jolt. Jaejoong’s eyes dart upwards, seeing that they are on Level 25. Yunho’s floor. He waits as the doors slide open with a soft whoosh. However neither man makes any move to exit the carriage. Jaejoong looks up again at the lighted number and then stares past Yunho’s shoulder at the empty hallway. Staring till the doors close and the elevator moves, continuing it’s ascent upwards. He turns back, staring at Yunho’s broad chest, hands twitching, itching to pick at the tiny piece of lint near his lapel, giving in to the automatic impulse as his hand reaches out to flick at the speck of dust.


Jaejoong’s hand stills in mid air. He looks upwards to meet the angry, glittering eyes of the love of his life. Still the love of his life after all this time. The hurt he feels at the command fills his eyes, as he takes his hand back, thankful as the elevator reaches his floor and he pushes roughly past Yunho to get out of there. Away. This was a mistake. He knows it now. Yunho hates him and in all honesty, Jaejoong cannot blame him.

He fumbles at his door, trying to get his keycard to work but the damn thing just keeps blinking red. Jaejoong’s hands are shaky as he tries again, tears blinding his vision as the hurt flows through him. He huffs in despair, feeling exposed in the empty hallway when a warm hand reaches around and covers his trembling hand. Jaejoong’s breath catches as a familiar presence steps up, pressing against his back, nose in his hair as the warm hand takes the keycard from his cold fingers, getting the green light on his door at the first try. An arm snakes around his waist, hands pressed familiarly against his belly, urging him to step back, and step back he does, into the arms of the the younger man. Jaejoong closes his eyes, letting Yunho take the lead as he shuffles the both of them through the door, their bodies not breaking contact.

The door shuts with an inexorable click and Jaejoong’s eyes fly open. They widen even more as he feels hot breath against his ear, teasing and he shudders as Yunho presses closer, kissing behind his ear like he used to.

“I’m sorry….” Jaejoong’s voice is anguished as he steps back further into the arms of the man he misses with every fibre of his being.

“I know.” Yunho’s husky voice is a whisper against the shell of Jaejoong’s ear. “Show me how sorry you are….”

The older man needs no other invitation as he turns quickly, wrapping his arms around Yunho’s neck, their lips colliding hungrily. They don’t so much as kiss, as they devour each other, nipping and biting frantically, as if wanting to take in every piece of skin they can get. It is a fierce tango of dominance, Jaejoong’s hands raking roughly through Yunho’s hair, tugging forcefully, wanting to absorb the man, to swallow him whole. He is whimpering and practically climbing on the taller man, the force of his kisses, driving Yunho against a wall.

Yunho’s hands are not idle either, tearing at Jaejoong’s dress jacket, uncaring as he hears a rip, wanting to see the man he once claimed as his. Wanting to know if he is still his. He groans in satisfaction as his hands finally meet skin and he rips his mouth away from Jaejoong’s desperate kisses, causing the man to to growl in protest. Yunho ignores him as he pushes Jaejoong’s slight body away from him, taking in the dips and planes of the milky white skin. Jaejoong is topless, his nipple ring winking in the light as he sways lightly on his feet, still a little dazed at the sudden loss of contact.

“Angel.” Yunho breathes out, his heart hurting at how thin Jaejoong has become. He is practically just skin and muscle, his belly taut and toned, but not the way it used to be. He looks up, locking on beautiful doe eyes, staring at him…with love? He groans, jerking the man suddenly into his arms, crushing him in a hug, his nose buried in the other’s neck. He breathes in deeply, taking in the scent that is uniquely Jaejoong, a mixture of cologne, powder and a hint of musk. His hands roam up and down Jaejoong’s thin back, feeling the ridges of his spine and Yunho has to bite back the need to shout and scold the man for letting himself get so thin. Instead, he pulls back slightly, looking into now wet doe eyes, and he gives the older man what he needs.

“I love you…”

The tears held in check till then, slip out as Jaejoong lets out a low wail of pain, smashing himself against Yunho once again, their kissing frantic. This time it is Jaejoong’s hands ripping at Yunho’s clothes, uncaring as to what happens to them, simply wanting the proud man naked against his skin. Somehow Yunho manages to maneuver them towards the bed, their mouths never leaving each other’s as they both hurriedly step out of their pants and underwear, falling into the bed in a massive tangle of limbs. Jaejoong ends up on the bottom, his free hand running up and down Yunho’s broad back, marveling at how the man has filled out, shivering at how small and insignificant he feels underneath him. He moans as Yunho latches onto his neck, sucking hard. Yunho has always been careful and for him to mark him in such a visible place draws out a moan from Jaejoong.

Yunho is like a starving man. Hell, he has been starving for over two years, unwilling to replace Jaejoong in his bed with anyone when he has not replaced him in his heart. The sharp contrast of the red mark against Jaejoong’s pale skin pulls his mouth into a satisfied smirk as he moves down Jaejoong’s body, his senses are on fire as his tongue traces a trail from sharp collarbones down to that pierced nipple. His mouth latches over the piece of metal, tugging and sucking hard, his cock pulsing against the bed as he ruts unconsciously against it while Jaejoong keens loudly. His own hair is a mess as Jaejoong cards his hands through it over and over and over as he moves restlessly against the bed, eyes closed and lips parted. In the dull light of the bedside lamp, Jaejoong shines. Yunho’s eyes never leave his face as he gives the same attention to the other bare nipple, biting at the proud peak, tongue laving as Jaejoong body jerks up against his, his hard cock pressing against Yunho.

He makes to move lower down but Jaejoong’s strong grip of his hair stops him. The beautiful man’s eyelids flutter open, his eyes still wet as he shakes his head at Yunho.

“No more, please. I just want you.”

Yunho drags his body up over Jaejoong’s overheated one, trailing soft kisses on all the skin he can get, the need within him strong, wanting to take in and absorb as much of Jaejoong as he can. He kisses and licks, occasionally nipping, taking his time, knowing of his need and Jaejoong’s and yet wanting to prolong it just a little longer. He has been starving for too long and Jaejoong laid bare beneath him is a banquet that should be savoured. However as usual, his bossy lover has other plans, tugging impatiently, mewling needily, breathily repeating his need for Yunho over and over again like a mantra. It is music to his ears.


Jaejoong stares at Yunho with lust clouded eyes and shakes his head. “Lotion. Bathroom. Hurry.”

In no time at all, Yunho is pressing a lotion slicked finger into Jaejoong’s clenching opening, his finger all but sucked into the man’s body as Jaejoong pants into the side of Yunho’s neck, demanding more. Who is Yunho to deny him this? So he feeds the man with a second finger, closely followed by a third, his body so hard it is almost painful now and Jaejoong bites at his throat as his fingers brush against his prostate. Yunho relishes the pain, wanting to feel those perfect teeth against him again, so he seeks out the spot once more, pressing almost brutally against it and moaning as Jaejoong’s mouth clamps down on his jugular. He can feel the blood roaring through his ears, as he pulls his fingers out, ignoring the almost angry growl against his throat as he hurriedly slicks up his cock. He sits up on his heels, looking down and the flushed man splayed out on the bed, and he has never seen anyone so beautiful. Their eyes lock as Yunho lines up their bodies, a move so familiar it is as if the last two years never happened. He demands, his voice commanding that Jaejoong keep his eyes open as he slowly sinks into the pliant body beneath him. Jaejoong’s mouth is parted, soft pants coming through as his body adjusts to the intrusion, welcoming the man watching him so tenderly, into his body.

Fully seated, Yunho doesn’t move, simply staring down, knowing he needs to wait for Jaejoong’s body to adjust. A tear falls against Jaejoong’s cheek and Yunho moves, slowly at first, his strokes long and measured, reducing the smaller man into a whimpering mess. Jaejoong fingernails rake harshly up and down Yunho’s sides, scratching and clawing as he bucks his hips, wanting the man to move quicker. The slow strokes are brushing past his prostate and driving him crazy as each stroke is but a tease to his extremely desperate body. His hand moves to fist his weeping cock, only to be knocked away and wrapped by long fingers. A hand he knows very well and his body trembles in anticipation.

They move together, both desperate and needy, wanting to take as much as they give. Yunho’s moves quicken, his hand pumping Jaejoong’s cock hard, not worried about technique as the man is vocal is his need and Yunho knows he’s doing it right. Six years of love is a memory that cannot be erased by two empty years and their bodies move together, dancing as one, fitting to one another just as perfectly as they used to. It doesn’t matter that Yunho has filled out and Jaejoong has thinned, they are perfect together. Yunho presses down, kissing Jaejoong harshly, swallowing the mans moans and returning them with his own, their bodies slick with sweat as their moves become even more frantic, both chasing their orgasms.

Jaejoong comes first, biting down hard on Yunho plush bottom lip, ropes of cum decorating their bodies as he spends himself, his walls clamping down hard around Yunho’s thick length. The pain on his mouth and Jaejoong’s body tightening so hard around him pulls Yunho’s orgasm out of him, and he comes with a hoarse shout, head thrown back, his mind blanking as Jaejoong’s body milks him for all he’s worth. He shudders and twitches as his body empties into Jaejoong, looking down once again at the beautiful man in his arms. He leans down, not wanting to leave Jaejoong’s body just yet, but lying off slightly to the side so as not to crush the smaller man. Jaejoong lifts a tired hand up to brush away at the hair at Yunho’s temple and presses a kiss against it, his body sated and his heart full.

“I’m not letting you go again.”

And Jaejoong smiles, recognising the promise in Yunho’s voice, as his eyes close, holding his love.

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love this :-) looking forward to reading more fics from u :-)

Hello! Glad you like it ;-) I just wrote a HoMin oneshot lol but I dunno if that's your kinda thing heh.

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