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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Mootak [drabble part 6]
Author: Anon via me
Pairing: YunJae (as MooTak)
Genre: Joseon AU
Rating: PG
Length: Drabble
NN (Nikki Note cos it isn't an AN cos I didn't write it!): All credit to the artist for this fanart. I can't draw for nuts... Read
MooTak and
Unrequited and
In The Shadow Of The Blood-Red Moon and
MooTak drabble 4a MooTak drabble 4b and
MooTak drabble 5 first cos this is a continuation drabble :X

The two weeks came to an end and they packed late into the night; not because they had a lot to carry with them but because their uncertainty was weighing heavily on their minds. Yunho had stepped out to check on the horses, making sure they were ready for the long journey home. A new chapter would start tomorrow, the moment they stepped out of the door of the forest cottage that they had called home for the past few months - A chapter that was unknown, its path covered by darkness and bleakness.

Kyungtak stood at the window where he looked up, gazing at the stars. He sighed, feeling the cool breeze blow in. Then a soft voice murmured from behind, a light kiss and a pair of arms, sliding around his waist.

‘I could feel your heart all the way from outside just now.’ Kyungtak sighed again, sinking deeper against the steadiness of the chest behind him.

‘Well, it beats for you.’ He replied, murmuring as he, in turn, raised his arms to encircle the pair around him. And it had, ever since he had almost lost him that fateful night in the forest months back. He has realised, realised the depth of his feelings for the other; the other’s importance to him. His light, his life.

‘And mine, for you.’ Whispered the other, his voice caressing Kyungtak’s ear, breath warm against his skin. Their long hair flying loose in the night breeze; it would be tied up in the morning when they returned to the Royal Court; but for now, they were Kyungtak and Mooseok. Just Kyungtak and Mooseok.

‘I know we’ve talked about it many a night, but..’ Kyungtak’s voice faded into silence; unspoken fear weaving its way into his being. He clutched at mooseok’s arms tightly, swallowing deeply.

Mooseok turned Kyungtak around, leaning his forehead against the other’s before speaking.

‘No matter what happens, no matter how far apart we are; I’m with you. When you miss me, look at the stars; and I will be looking at them too. The pain in your heart when you miss me, that’s my heart missing you too. Just promise me one thing.’

Raising his head slightly, cheeks colouring pink from the other’s affectionate words, Kyungtak looked up into the other’s almond-brown eyes, waiting for him to continue.

‘Remember the field of reeds, the one i told you about? Promise me, if you are ever there before me, don’t leave yet. Wait for me. on the path that leads to the beyond, Wait for me to come. then we’ll go into the afterlife together. Otherwise, live. Live well and live happily, if we are to be separated. I promise I will come for you as soon as I can, just wait for me.’

Eyes shining bright with wetness, Kyungtak nodded before capturing the other’s lips with his own, agreeing, promising in return.


They left the next day at the crack of dawn, riding against the wind. They rode, leaving the memories of a sleepless night; of entwined limbs, of hungry kisses and desperate touches, of tearful conjoining; breathless gasping as they both let their love manifest physically one last time. They rode with imprints of the other on their backs and shoulders; marks of love and promise. They rode in silence, hearts beating for each other into an unknown future.


Reaching the forest near the palace, they slowed and stopped in a clearing. a soft neigh from a distance away signalled company and both looked into the distance cautiously before Kyungtak acknowledged it with a wave. Mooseok’s horse padded softly next to Kyungtak’s where he then reached over and grabbed the other’s hand. Raising it to his lips, he murmured,

‘Remember, our promise.’

Kyungtak nodded, eyes committing his lover to his memory, the other’s every inch of being etched deeply into his soul.

Then he directed his horse to where a man sat on a horse; his Royal Infirmary assistant and trusted aide Geun Hee. The man he had been communicating with all these months. He smiled wanly at him, before plodding onwards, not looking back at Mooseok who was watching him from behind. They had agreed on separate arrivals; hoping the cover of discretion would help to tamper any fallout from their joint return. Both knew the King was aware Kyungtak had left the court and that Mooseok would be questioned for not returning immediately or giving word that he was still alive. The consequences were potentially dire but they had promised each other, that no matter what, they were in it together.

As Kyungtak rode towards the back gates through the forest with Geun Hee, he hoped that the King's relief at finding his treasured guard alive and well would ensure Mooseok’s safety and welcome at the royal court. As for him, he would pray that whatever punishment he received, he could bear it and bear it well.


Kyungtak reached his chambers and quickly changed into his official robes. Geun Hee had dressed him as a physician’s aide and piled him with herbs, masking his appearance as they traversed the courtyard to where the Royal Infirmary was. Once there, he took out parchment and ink brush, hoping to give the illusion of having been present for a longer time than was the case, in the event he was to be called to the King’s presence. He knew his presence back would be discovered soon; no one could avoid noticing the Royal Physician’s return, especially once he embarked on his evening rounds. He looked out the window, noticing the dimming sky and prayed silently for Mooseok’s safety.


The King was seated in his chamber, reviewing reports with Advisor Shim when the Eunuch of the Royal Household rushed in and asked for an audience.

‘Your Majesty, I apologise for rushing in like this but I bear news.’

The King looked up from his discussion with Advisor Shim, and nodded at the Eunuch, giving him permission to continue.

‘A palace maid was crossing the courtyard earlier today when she came across Physician Kim in his rooms.’

‘Oh? Physician Kim has finally returned?’ The King asked. His expression turned into a slight frown as he contemplated the new piece of news. The Royal Infirmary had pleaded the excuse that Physician Kim had to attend to an urgent errand in another county but as months past, that excuse had been torn to pieces, unable to hold fast. The King had sent messengers to inquire after his missing physician but to no avail.

‘Yes. One more thing, Officer Kang Mooseok, too, has returned.’

This time the King sat up straighter in his seat, his frown becoming deeper as the two separate pieces of news twirled and chased each other around in his mind.

‘Send for them immediately.’

The two figures knelt in front of the King, heads bowed. Advisor Shim stood towards the side with the Eunuch of the Royal Household and two guards stood behind the physician and officer.

‘I will question Mooseok first,’ said the King as he turned to Mooseok on the right, eyes stern.

‘Yes, your Majesty.’

‘I am glad to see you alive and well, Mooseok. But I am curious. Did you not think to send word of your well-being and status to me immediately? You have been gone for a long time, did it have to take you so long to return?’

Stealing a glance at the bowed figure next to him, Mooseok looked up at the king and hung his head lower.

‘Your Majesty, I apologise for my lack of communication. But I was seriously injured and was unable to give word in my condition, especially also from where I was deep in enemy territory. I returned… as soon as I could.’

‘Are you sure?’ the question was framed with suspicion and an underlying threat. Doubt, clear as day hung over the room.

‘Ye..’ Mooseok started to reply when he was cut off by Advisor Shim.

‘You understand don’t you Officer Kang. That so much time away in enemy territory and injured, may have impaired your judgement. We are unsure of .. your current state.’ Or loyalty, came the implication. Loud and clear.

Mooseok looked up, eyes wide first at Advisor Shim and then the King.

‘Advisor Shim, Your Majesty. My loyalty to the King is unquestionable. I have always done right by His Majesty and the kingdom. I was injured but I was hidden away. If I could, I would have returned earlier.’ Mooseok responded, voice firm against the avalanche of emotions threatening to overwhelm him.

‘Were you alone the whole time, Officer Kang?’ asked Advisor Shim. ‘I am unsure of how we can believe him, Your Majesty.’

Doubt of his loyalty if left to fester, could mean a verdict of treason. Treason meant death.

Then a voice spoke up.

‘Your Majesty. Forgive my boldness, forgive me for speaking out of turn. But please, please do not question Officer Kang’s loyalty to you. It has always been true, even as he lay dying in the Eastern Forests.’

‘And you, Physician Kim. How do you know this?’ The King turned his attention to the physician who was now lying prostrate on the ornate floor.

Mooseok stared at Kyungtak, stunned into silence. No, no, no. Kyungie, no, he shouted in his mind at his lover.

‘I..-‘ Kyungtak raised his head briefly to look at Mooseok, sorry, he spoke with his eyes, before replying, ‘I.. went to save him.’

NN: Read this yesterday and it killed me. I told nickianon that she would kill all her readers and she told me "I only aim for you." I don't think I need to say anything more than that... T___________________T
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Oh my god T____T Your NikkiAnon really writes beautifully.

I hope they don't die. Oh please NikkiAnon, don't let them die ;;

I really really hope nickianon wasn't planning to left it hanging like this. I'm dying to know what will happen next (although there's a big possibility that it will crush my heart even more). Anyway...it's really good...thanks nickianon!! <3

you're welcome, thank you for reading.

Gosh this is beautiful ;; thank you Nikki's anon <3

OH.MY.GOD.bless ur friend nikki..she is amazing..:D
i just hope the best for them ;A;..tell ur friend not to be cruel plzzz..

thank you for reading ~


their promise to each other is just romantic and sweet and fluffy~XDDDDDD

so much for staying silent, i guess... but i understand kyungtak's decision. mooseuk is loyal to a fault, that much is very true and he could not bear any doubt shadowing that loyalty~^^

what will the king's response to this be, i wonder? what will mooseuk say in return?

on a side note, i keep imagining the king to be yoochun, his advisor changmin and his eunuch junsu~ LOL. sorry~ i couldn't really help it... :D

tell your anon i love her so much and that i can't wait until the next drabble is posted~XDDDD i'm excited to read what's going to happen next! :)

thank you nikki for posting this as well~^^

thank you for liking it~ i will try to finish it quickly~

dear nickianon... nothing else i can say... i don't care how you will make these story.. but i believe you will write it the way it must be.. so if you need to kill them together.. well be it.. ^^

i love it.. love it to the bone.. god Nicki.. if ever nickinaon come out & writes more.. she will be like you... your twin.. your soul.. she just like you.. i can sense it..

thank you for your very sweet comment. in such a splintered fandom as ours, i'm thankful we actually became friends. however, i am nowhere near nicki's level. it's easier for me to write this because i see it as mooseok x kyungtak. i can't switch like she can. :>

Pleae let Kyungie and Mooseok live and happy :)
Thank you nickianon for your beautifull story

thank you for liking it ~

I feel like it will turn out well.
Well i maybe wrong, but being positive is good for you. LoL
*fingers cross* for the happy ending!

always a good attitude to have ^^

I am so hope that King's accusation was only in order to provoke them to tell the truth. Otherwise Mooseok should leave him to his enemies and not fight on his side anymore..

This story is getting really good. Jae is still the same. Can't lie to save his soul. I hope they are ok after this. Nikki tell you friend. Thank you for the update and a wonderful story.

OMG.... this story keeps getting more nerve wrecking, what will happen? will the king show mercy knowing what is so obvious? will he give them a way out?
ahhhhh... i'm pulling my hair now of anticipation and i don't have enough hair for that much stress :(

... /Yunho/ had stepped out to check on the horses, making sure they were ready for the long journey home. ...
uhm, I think it was supposed to be Mooseok?

anyway, don't leave us hangin', dear NikkiAnon ;A;

Lol we were wondering who would pick up on that :X

I have an extremely bad feeling about what's going to happen next.

Thanks nickianon for continuing to write this.

you're welcome, thank you for reading.

Oh oh......let's hope the king is forgiving.

Oh now she has an LJ acc eh? hahaha.

Goodnesss!! Stupid Kyungtak. Tsk tsk. Stupidly in love. fsfsgfhfjg. what wil happen to the two of them. I just canttt

nicki made me get one. kyungtak knew that if the king doubted mooseok, mooseok would definitely die, whereas this way, at least there may be a chance of survival. he was just trying to ensure his safety by putting himself at risk. thank you for reading.,