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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Love In The Ice [17]
Title: Love in the Ice
Pairing: YunJae/JaeHo
Rating: R
Length: Chaptered
Genre: Non-AU, mild angst, fluff, romance
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be married here.

Summary: A script for a new mini-series is left in Yunho’s apartment by his manager, and as he reads it, he becomes more and more intrigued. Unbeknownst to him, one of the leads has already been cast, and the contracts signed. When he too is cast in the project after expressing interest in the part, he gets the shock of his life when he arrives for the script reading to be faced with a person from his past. Someone that he has spent years trying to pretend never existed. How will they be able to get through filming this without killing each other? Or worse…

AN1: Hmmmm…this is very long...almost 9,000 words so don't start unless you have time to sit down for half an hour.

AN2: Oh and if you’re a new reader who has never read ICE, I really think you should because I will make a few references to it without actually spelling it out because the assumption is that everyone has read ICE and are familiar with the plot…

Changmin is woken by his phone vibrating under his pillow. Grumbling to himself, he grabs it just as it dies. Not bothering to check it, he leaves it, turning over instead and opening his eyes. He swallows his yelp at finding Junsu wide awake and staring at him.

“It’s been vibrating for the last ten minutes. I was just about to wake you.”

The younger man frowns, rubbing sleep from his eyes with one hand while the other goes in search of his phone again.

“What time is it?”

“Just before five I think.”

“Why are you awake?”

“I’m not sure,” Junsu admits, whispering almost to himself as he rolls over back on his back. “I kept waking, and pinching myself, wondering if it really is a dream, or it’s truly you sleeping next to me.”

Changmin ignores the pang his hyung’s words bring to him, making an scoffing sound instead, about to reply with a caustic remark when his phone vibrates again.

“Good morning, it’s not even dawn yet, this better be good.” He answers quietly, an edge to his voice.

“Changmin-ssi, please tell your cast mates that there’s been a change of plans,” the familiar voice of the TVXQ manager is calm yet firm. He knows how to deal with his charges, this one in particular.

“What now?” The youngest asks, sitting up abruptly, waking Ah In on his other side.

The five men had fallen asleep around the maknae, Yoochun and Junsu on his right, and Joong Ki spooning Ah In on his left. The oldest of them had fallen asleep long before everyone else, the excitement of the evening too much for him to take, unaware of the mildly tawdry ribbing Ah In had to shoulder for a good hour after because he’d decided to use the younger man as his bolster, flatly refusing to let go.

“We have a press conference in Gwangju this afternoon.”

Changmin’s eyes widen, hand tightening over his phone. “What did you say?”

The TVXQ manager takes in an audible breath, exhaling slowly. He hasn’t gone to sleep, the phone call coming in for him just before midnight. He’d been talking as fast as he possibly can to the producers to no avail. This was planned even before Yunho was cast as Baek Do Hoon. However, it was kept quiet for the very reason that he was cast. The fact that it was so quiet that even he didn’t know about it, is something else altogether. When he’d confronted the PDs, they feigned surprise at first but after an hour of badgering, admitted that it was a calculated decision.

Telling the cast to set aside three days for filming the ice hockey scenes at Anyang was just a cover. They only needed two at the very most, and with the legendary professionalism of the team they have, most of the filming had been done on that first day. Filming on the third day will mainly be the crowd scenes.

Which leaves the second day free.


A day trip for all primary cast to Gwangju for the final press conference before the show first airs the following week.

“Please inform your cast members. You can sleep a little more but we need to be on that bus by 10am this morning.”

“Hyung, are you joking?”

“I’m sorry.”

“Not as much as you’ll be. Do they know?”

“Of course.”

“Great, so the only people who don’t know are the ones right in the middle of this. Hyung, you do remember what happened the last time they were in Gwangju together?”

“They won’t have time.”

“You can’t do anything about it. Hyung’s contracts all state that if he is in Gwangju, he gets two hours to see his family. You can’t say no if he wants to go.”

“Jaejoong-ssi’s contract says no such thing, and you know your leader won’t ask if he believes it will inconvenience everyone else. And besides, it was four years ago.” The manager winces even as he speaks the words.

Changmin ignores the last sentence because it’s not even worth addressing. All he gives the manager is a disbelieving snort before he speaks. “Hyung, this is his only chance to talk to his family before their world is going to turn upside down. Do you really think it’s an unfair request?”

“Can you—“

“No. I’m not helping you. I’m not helping the PDs and I sure as fuck aren’t helping the nameless and faceless orchestrators of this scheme. The only person I’m helping is Yunho hyung, and if any of this bites him in the ass, I will kick up a stink so huge, they’d be able to smell me in Timbuktu.”

“Please be reasonable.”

“I think we’re well past reasonable, hyung. This is their life. I don’t think anyone actually appreciates this, not even you who practically lived in our back pockets. The fact that this was purposefully kept from him, from them, leads me to think that whoever gave these orders very well know about what happened four years ago.”

By now, the four older men are wide awake, watching the visibly agitated maknae speak harshly into the phone. Yoochun and Junsu are holding hands, both with a calming hand on Changmin’s knee, squeezing every now and again to remind him that they are there. Joong Ki and Ah In have his back, both stroking a hand in tandem, up and down the smooth back of the youngest.

“I wouldn’t over-think this, Chang—“

“Are you trying to fix them, or break them?” Changmin demands, well past caring about being rude. He keeps thinking about Yunho, and how he’d been the last three years, and how he’s been recently with the tumultuous addition of Jaejoong back in his life. He still thinks they’re not good for each other, but only because of the way they used to absorb the other completely. Three years apart has changed them, and he has hope that maybe they’ve both grown up enough to be able to exist separately.

They were forced to exist separately.

And now they’ve been forced back together, and the fireworks have been stunning thus far, both from what he’s seen and what he’s heard.

Whether those fireworks can obscure the truth of their relationship and leave people blinded still, is another question altogether. They are treading on very dangerous ground right now. One slip, and their world might end. He knows this was his idea in the first place, but he didn’t know about all the machinations in the background. Finding himself in the middle of it all is more terrifying than he will ever admit.

This is his fault, and if it breaks Yunho, he will never be able to forgive himself in a million years.

It is then that he realizes the hands on his body.

The only people he’s ever willingly cuddled have been the members of Dong Bang Shin Ki.

There are once again four hands on his body.

Two hands are foreign, but the comfort is familiar.

He may have started this, but he knows he has others to depend on.

Looking up, he meets Yoochun’s shining eyes. His emotional hyung is gone as usual, the silent tears streaking down his cheeks. He’d glistened enough from the one-sided conversation to figure out what could go wrong, and he’s afraid.

But his eyes speak volumes to Changmin.

We’re in this together.

Jaejoong wakes to a familiar presence behind him, and a very familiar and long-missed hardness pressing insistently against the cleft of his ass.

Strong arms envelope him from behind, but from the breathing pattern of the man holding him so firmly, he knows that Yunho is more asleep than awake.

He stares out into the darkness, feeling the chill in the air that signals predawn that manages to creep in no matter how enclosed a room is. Shivering slightly, moving to pull up the covers over them a little higher, he smiles when Yunho makes a soft protesting noise against his neck, kissing his nape, arms tightening even more.

Yunho kept his promise, holding Jaejoong tenderly in sleep, and not letting go.

Safe and secure, Jaejoong hasn’t woken up feeling like this in a very long time.

The thought of that slowly chases his smile away.

Closing his eyes and willing himself back to sleep, he fails as he plays the events of the previous night back over his head. The memories are hazy, tinged with a slight hangover, but he knows he has to apologize to everyone, Changmin in particular.

And Yunho.

Where does he begin with Yunho?

The hardness digs into his back once again as Yunho shifts, distracting him from his thoughts, and Jaejoong moans quietly, eyes clenched shut as his body fully awakes in response. No half-mast business with Yunho’s body so close. The explosion of lust is so sudden that his head swims from it, another sound ripped from him, unable to keep it in as his traitorous body falls back into the pattern it was accustomed to from over three years ago. His ass pushes back against Yunho’s morning glory, even as he bends over, wanting to relieve his own ache somehow, searching for some contact. He makes the same sound again, a sound deep in his throat and very quiet, as his eyes cross with need and he closes them, but it wakes Yunho in an instant.

So attuned to Jaejoong’s sounds even now, he freezes when he finds their naked bodies pressed together and his very insistent arousal pressing against the crease of the older man’s ass.

He can barely suck in a breath before Jaejoong whimpers, his ass grinding backwards as the singer curls as if trying to get into a fetal position. Trying to hold his breath and not move, because to move is dangerous because instincts are starting to kick in and blind him, a haze dropping over his sleep-induced mind.

The urge to rut is strong.

The instinct to grab the other man’s hips and thrust is like second nature.

The absolutely intoxicating need to take the other man in hand and love him the way he was always meant to be loved is overwhelming.

And Yunho gives in.

“Who was that?”

“Hyung,” Changmin answers simply, dropping his phone in his lap, shoulders hunched over as he stares and the hands on his knees.

“What’s happening?”

“We’re not filming in Anyang today. We’re going on a road trip to Gwangju.”

“Why?” Junsu asks quietly,

“So we can lay the final nail in the coffin that was YunJae.”

Silence as the four older men digest the maknae’s response.

Changmin looks around him, taking in the features of each of those four men before he chuckles self-deprecatingly.

“Did you actually believe me?”

“No, but it’s close enough to the truth isn’t it? You always speak the truth unless you need to lie to save Yunho,” Yoochun replies matter of factly.

“We have a press conference in Gwangju. It’s the final one before the first episode airs next week.”

“The first episode that will have everyone hating Jaejoongie-hyung.” Junsu’s voice is tinged with bitterness. “As if he doesn’t have enough people hating on him already.”

“Then we will love him, won’t we?” Changmin answers tiredly, staring at the piano. “The hate goes both ways, hyung. You don’t see or hear the vile shit people call out to Yunho hyung sometimes. Even now. Coward. Traitor. Faggot. Those are just some of them.”

“No…” Joong Ki breathes out, beyond shocked that anyone would do that to Yunho.

Changmin twists to look at the oldest of them all, the most innocent of them all.

What he sees mollifies him, the horror on Joong Ki’s face is so genuine, and he wants to laugh. “It doesn’t happen as much now, because his fans will bury the one stupid enough to say this within their hearing, but it did happen, and the occasional crackpot does get through to the front every now and again.”

“How does he take it?”

“Stoic silence, what else? Only I see the tightening of his eyes, and the longer stride of his step as he moves to get away as quickly as possible, but know that it makes him stronger.”


“He takes criticisms, and he works on it. Coward? He knows he isn’t, and he keeps fighting and working hard to show that he is unafraid of failure, and that we will prevail. Remember when we were promoting and Gangnam Style was also out? That’s assuming you were following us of course,” Changmin adds the disclaimer, continuing when Junsu and Yoochun nod fervently. “We kept coming in second, and sometimes he couldn’t help but show the disappointment on his face, but do you know what he said to me back stage? Next time, we will work harder. We will be better. I will be better for you, Changminnie.”.

Junsu bites his lip, able to hear Yunho saying exactly that.

“And traitor…i’m not even going to go there.”

“We know he isn’t. I hope you believe me when I say that we know it. Hyung understood it too, but we still had to leave…” Yoochun’s voice falters towards the end and he doesn’t say any more.

“I know,” Changmin responds simply.

“We will love them both,” Yoochun promises.

“What’s wrong?” Yunho’s voice is low, warm breath against his shoulder, the husky timbre from sleep results in an explosion of goosebumps across Jaejoong’s body.

The lead singer stifles his moan, biting his knuckle, shaking his head as his ass grinds backwards again. He wants to turn over on his front to relieve the pressure, wanting some friction. He half curls, unable to escape Yunho’s arm about his waist.

He doesn’t want to escape, but he also wants to be touched.

It’s been so long, and he’s probably forgotten how it worked, but all he knows is that all he can see is Yunho, all he can smell is Yunho, and all he can feel is Yunho.

And he really fucking wants to be touched.

As if reading his mind, Yunho’s hand splays wide across his abdomen, and then his hand sweeps downwards.

Jaejoong is acutely aware of the second Yunho’s little finger brushes the tip of his needy cock, his body jerking at the contact, and the moan is louder this time, his legs moving restlessly only to be stilled by a heavy thigh anchoring him into place.

His leader doesn’t go any lower though. Oh no, his hand sweeps back upwards, practically making Jaejoong cross-eyed in frustration.

“D-don’t tease.”

Yunho presses a kiss against the back of Jaejoong’s neck, not bothering to think anymore. He’s still half asleep and thinking can wait till the sun is shining and he’s more awake, and his reality extends beyond the beautiful whimpering man in his arms.

A man he’s missed so much, he’d forgotten exactly how much till that very moment.

“Not teasing…” Yunho answers, hot breath ghosting across Jaejoong’s very goose bumpy skin as his hand sweeps down again, wrapping around the singer’s hard cock.

“Oh god,” Jaejoong jerks backwards hard, “oh god, oh god, oh god…” the litany is quiet, his voice trembling with each word.

“Do you want me to stop?” Yunho asks, having done nothing but squeeze Jaejoong’s cock. He starts to trail a finger up and down the velvety hardness of the older man’s erection. Soft, yet hard. Familiar, up to a point, as his finger encounters…a point. “I think you have something to explain,” he murmurs against an elfin ear, kissing it as another almost violent shiver courses through the slimmer man’s body.

“No…” Jaejoong moans the word, rocking his ass backwards again, feeling the growing wetness against his crease.

Yunho is intrigued by what his fingers have found, and he flicks an experimental thumb against the metal ball.

“Fuck!” The exclamation is short and sharp, pulling a husky chuckle from Yunho as he kisses the singer, trying to soothe him, even as his thumb keeps playing.

Jaejoong hisses, the electricity is threatening to overwhelm him as the tugs go straight to his balls, drawing them high and tight and the coil in his lower body is painful, and he knows he’s going to make a total fool of himself.


Yunho’s thumb stills instantly.

Jaejoong shakes his head, not knowing what he wants, but he knows his body doesn’t want what he’d just asked Yunho to do.

He cants his hips, pushing his cock into the loose hold Yunho has of his cock, silently asking.

“What do you want, Jaejoong? I don’t want to hurt you.”

Jaejoong’s eyes squeeze shut as the serious words reminds him of a time very long ago.

Though back then, Yunho actually meant physically hurt him. He doesn’t think he means that this time.

Jaejoong is lying face down on his bed, moaning in pain as he rocks into the bed. It’s been almost a month since their rather disastrous first attempt at sex, and it’s taken him this long to even consider having Yunho’s great big THING in his poor cute little butthole.

However, it’s one of those rare days that they don’t have anything to do in the morning. Junsu is off playing football with Super Junior, Changmin in the SHINee dorm playing video games, and Yoochun hadn’t even stayed in the dorm the previous night. God knows where he is, but it’s probably nothing too dodgy since their manager hadn’t been up in arms about it.

And thus, left alone, the two oldest got up to their usual mischief.

Up being the operative word, as Jaejoong woke up to Yunho trying his best to burrow a new hole in his butt while still asleep.

Startled and a little alarmed, he’d tried to move away, but Yunho held fast, sleep humping him till Jaejoong managed to scoot upwards and Yunho’s cock had fallen between his thighs instead. The feel of that thick length sliding back and forth, trapped between the warmth of his slim thighs, had turned Jaejoong on so much that by the time Yunho finally woke up and realized what was going on, Jaejoong was more than ready to be fucked four ways to Sunday.

However Yunho as always, worries more about the lead singer than himself.

The pain from his turgid, dripping cock is ignored as he looks at the bare ass of the naked and whimpering young man in his bed.

Jaejoong’s bed might as well be his bed considering the amount of time he spends in it.

The lead singer arches, tilting his pelvis and offering his ass up, face still hidden and Yunho swallows hard.

“What do you want, Jaejoong? I don’t want to hurt you.”

It’s been three years, possibly longer.

Jaejoong doesn’t want their first coupling to be the awkward teary mess their actual first time was. But god, does he need release.

Making up his mind, he arches, curling his upper body towards Yunho, he reaches up behind him, carding the hair at Yunho’s nape before he twists and brings their mouths together.

The kiss isn’t the fiery spectacle it was during the press conference, neither is it the chaste sweet kisses on the drama set as Jaejoong lay seated in Yunho’s lap.

This is the kiss of lovers who believe they have all the time in the world to savor the other.

Deep, breath-taking kisses as they stroke each other’s tongues, twin moans being echoed and swallowed into each other’s mouths, Yunho’s hand leaving Jaejoong cock to hold the older man’s chin in place. He thumbs the corner of Jaejoong’s mouth, unaware that the singer has released his hold of him.

“Oh god.”

This time the exclamation comes from Yunho as he pulls away, staring almost blindly at Jaejoong’s red swollen mouth. The sensations coursing through his body just exploded tenfold thanks to the sneaky actions of the slimmer man. Swallowing back a groan, he shakes his head slightly to regain focus, only to lose it again when Jaejoong squeezes his thighs together.



“God, yes…” Yunho’s mouth is both dry and wet. His throat is parched at the mere thought, and his hunger for the other man just caused his saliva glands to work over time. He pushes his hips forward, thrusting even as Jaejoong squeezes his thighs together once again and Yunho’s groan escapes before he can swallow it.

“Make me come, baby…”

Yunho doesn’t need to be asked twice, reaching around and kissing any bit of skin he can get to hungrily, he pumps Jaejoong’s cock. His fist is sure, as if there was never time lost between them, even as his hips thrust in broken tandem with his pumping hand, pelvis kissing the other man’s ass, the slap of bare skin muted under the covers.

The leader’s cock brushes the underside of Jaejoong’s balls, the whisper of a touch shooting delicious sparks of electricity to Jaejoong’s extremities, making his toes curl as he seeks to get closer.

Closer and closer.

Yunho trails wet kisses up over the back of Jaejoong’s shoulders, his neck, back to his ear. That pretty little curve, Jaejoong’s ears have always driven him a little crazy when he manages to actually see them. The fact that they’re overly sensitive are one hell of a turn on too, and as he remembers, his hand stop pumping.


The older man simply groans, moving, trying to get back the friction that he lost when Yunho’s hand stopped moving.

“I know all your favorite spots…”

The shiver that wracks Jaejoong’s body makes him tremble from head to toe. His cock hardening to the point of pain, the piercing making it worse as his glands are so sensitive to the touch. Yunho’s hand around him is almost enough.

Almost enough to push him over the edge.


“That’s…that’s your f-f-favorite s-s-spot.”

“Jaejoong,” Yunho’s voice is so low and husky, and vibrating with emotion as his lover slowly comes unravels in his arms, the soft whimpering coming from Jaejoong’s throat is so incredibly sexy, there isn’t any way to describe or replicate it. His cock is so heavy and aching, trapped between the slim thighs of his lover.

His lover.

Yunho doesn’t bother to correct himself. He knows from the depths of his soul that it is true. He has known nobody else, and he doesn’t care to know anyone else.

Jaejoong is his.

He ignores his own weeping arousal as his hand languidly pumps his lover’s needy cock. Thumb flicking the piercing on the upstroke, dragging heavily against it on the downstroke, he speaks against Jaejoong’s ear, his voice the hot caress of a lover.

“Every inch of you is my favorite spot,” he begins, eyes closed as he savors the memories of the trembling man in his arms, knowing Jaejoong isn’t far as the man’s heels press and dig against his ankles, trying to brace himself. “From the tips of your toes to your smooth legs and slender hips.” He kisses and licks gently at that ear, eliciting another shiver from the older man, a sweet moan escaping his lips. He removes his hand from the turgid flesh, causing the sweet moan to turn into a whine, and he smiles at the sound. Jaejoong was always an impatient and needy lover, wanting release first, and then savoring later.

How much time do they actually have though? Will this be his forever? Or is it just another illusion as Jaejoong blinds him once again?


Jaejoong’s plea cuts through all of Yunho’s thoughts, and lodges itself straight in his heart…and his cock.

The leader snaps his dancer hips forward, pumping a few times, before he reins himself back, shaking his head.

This is not about him.

This is about Jaejoong.


The singer grinds himself back again, the needy whines and whimpers worse now that Yunho’s hand has started moving again. Pumping his cock slowly.

“Faster…” he pleads.

Yunho chuckles hoarsely, nuzzling, and then kissing that gorgeous little ear once again. “Not yet, beautiful.”

Jaejoong shakes his head, but stops when Yunho’s hand leaves his cock.

He feels the man take his own hand and guiding it down, and Jaejoong understands when his fingertips are pressed against the slick tip of Yunho’s arousal.

“Taste,” Yunho commands quietly, and Jaejoong’s eyes nearly cross as the word and the way it is said.

Jaejoong swirls his fingers in the slippery fluid, chewing hard on his lower lip as he fights his body’s urge to come right there and then. Squeezing his thighs and moving a little to give Yunho more friction, he smiles at the deep moan drawn from his lover’s chest.

His lover.

Jaejoong’s fingers stutter over the hard evidence of Yunho’s need for him.

Is the man really his lover or is this just a one-off designed to soothe him after the madness of the previous day.

No! Stop over thinking this. He wanted you even before you were awake. He wanted you when he was asleep. He will always want you, and deep down you know this. You know this very well, Kim Jaejoong. He’s only ever wanted you. He cast you out because of his need for you. He refused to believe that you didn’t need him as much as he needed you. If you push him away now, you will lose him forever. There is no audience here. There is no one here but you and him. Trust him not to hurt you. And above all, trust in his love for you because this is Yunho. The bright-eyed boy so determined to do well, and to prove to himself and his family that he can do it. The boy with the weight of the world on his shoulders, who would willingly bear more for those he cares about. The boy who would willingly bear anything for you, his hyung. The kind-hearted young man who never had a bad thing to say about anyone, who would even glare at fans who were rude and abusive towards you. The young man who would stand between you and the madness of the delusional fans, and the patient leadershii would be gone and in his place will be the angry and impotent lover. If he could do more to protect you from their abuse, he would, but he couldn’t, and he did his best. He always tried his best for you, and you know he will try his best now. Learn to trust in him again, even if you don’t trust yourself. Yunho has changed, but you know that the bright-eyed boy and the impotent young man is still in there. Protect him the way you promised him all those years ago. Protect him from this insecure insanity of yours, Kim Jaejoong. Protect him or open up to him, because if you don’t do either, you will destroy him, and with it, yourself. The boy who gave his own blood in exchange for some biscuits, you are a survivor Kim Jaejoong. Now stand firm, and do what you promised.

Your heart is still hurting. Why won’t you take the chance to soothe it?

Squeezing his eyes, and forcing his mind and heart to be silent, reaches for Yunho again.

Only to find himself on his back, Yunho no longer against him.

Eyes flying open in consternation and regret, because he knows he probably took long, so lost in his thoughts, he swallows his shock at finding Yunho leaning over him.

“One day, you’re going to share what goes on in that head of yours.”

“Maybe,” Jaejoong allows, hips tilting, his hand itchy because his cock is still hard and he wants release to distract him from the very thoughts that Yunho wants knowledge of. He pouts, staring up at Yunho with his shining doe eyes. “Yunho-yah…”

Yunho drops lightly against Jaejoong’s side, hand trailing lazily down the older man’s body, avoiding any dangerous areas, but considering how wound up Jaejoong is, every inch is dangerous. He places his head on the pillow next to Jaejoong, pursing his lips to kiss his lover’s cheek. “What do you want?”

“I want to come.”

“Where?” Yunho asks, smiling slightly as he nuzzles Jaejoong’s cheek.

It’s the hint of masculine smugness in his voice that flips a switch within Jaejoong.

“In you.”

Yunho chokes, cheeks suddenly burning crimson at a memory, or a few.

Leaning back slightly, he casts his eyes over Jaejoong’s face. Searching the cold features of the older man, he narrows his eyes when a telltale twitch gives the man away.

“Hmmm,” he hums, pretending to give it some thought.

“Something wrong?” Jaejoong asks, trying to keep the smile from his voice.

“Oh, nothing,” Yunho replies, hand over Jaejoong’s heart before he sweeps it downwards, heading unerringly towards his prize. Gripping the man’s leaking cock, he pumps a couple of times, reveling in the strangled sound in Jaejoong’s throat before he turns his eyes down towards the appendage in his hand. He pulls it back and up, holding it by the base with just his thumb, his other four fingers fondling and stroking Jaejoong’s soft balls. His middle finger slips lower still, caressing the perineum, before circling that little pucker he needs to get to know once again, but his eyes are on only one thing. “That piercing must’ve hurt like fuck.”


“You like it?”

Jaejoong turns slightly to observe Yunho in profile. He feels exposed, but it feels so fucking intimate too. The world is theirs, and no one can or will intrude. He knows Yunho won’t let them. “It makes everything more sensitive.”

“Mmmm…why would you want that?” Yunho asks, middle finger finding a nice damp patch on Jaejoong’s inner thigh, remnants of his own pre-cum drying slowly.

“I actually did it to avoid any reason to be intimate. I decided to get it the day after…” Jaejoong trails off, not wanting to talk about fucked up shit they’ve already discussed. He doesn’t want to ruin the mood.

“After that night when you brought someone back? Yoochun went with you?”

“Yes…you’re not angry?”

Yunho shakes his head. “I’m too busy to be angry.”

“Busy with what?”

“This,” Yunho smirks, as his middle finger, slips past the tight ring of muscle, turning just in time to catch Jaejoong’s surprised moue, eyes so wide and glowing in the dim light.


This time when Yunho captures Jaejoong’s mouth, the kiss is carnal, the singer rocking up against him instantly, legs spread wide open and invitingly as his tongue tangles with his lover. Both of Jaejoong’s hands are fisted in Yunho’s hair, gripping the man tight and holding him in place, he nearly bites off the man’s tongue when Yunho finally manages to work his entire finger into his tight channel that hasn’t seen anyone’s fingers but his own in years.

And oh lord, he’d forgotten how fucking dextrous Yunho was.


Ripping his mouth away after several passes of that finger he knows is going out of his way to scrape against his prostate, he stares up at the younger man whose mouth is ravaged, shiny with spit. “I don’t have any lube.”

“Neither do I.”

Jaejoong’s expression would be hilarious if Yunho wasn’t so fucking hard and about to lose his mind if he doesn’t get to taste Jaejoong and soon.

The older man clenches, and Yunho bites his swollen bottom lip, trying to clear the haze. His finger curls in his momentary lapse, and Jaejoong almost flies off the bed.

“Yunho!” He calls out, before latching against the man’s throat and punishing his skin for the tidal wave coming for him. Mindless, he expends his sexual frustration against his favorite spot, kissing, licking and sucking.

Yunho makes his decision, finger curling once again as he gently pulls himself away from Jaejoong’s eager attention, sliding down his body, his own hot eager mouth closing over the tip of Jaejoong’s cock.

His brain shuts down, the feel of the familiar length in his mouth dissolves the last three years. He swallows Jaejoong down whole, his nose kissing the shaven pubes of the beautiful man, throat opening to the intrusion, convulsing reflexively around the head of Jaejoong’s cock.

The singer is mindless at the heat enveloping his cock.

He cannot help that his hips jerk, thrusting into that welcome warmth.

He cannot help chasing the orgasm that has been a goal just that tiny bit out of reach for too long now.

And he cannot help the tears that spring to his eyes when it hits, pulling from him so suddenly, calling out Yunho’s name so loudly that it echoes around the room, as he thrusts one last time and spills his seed into his younger lover’s mouth and throat.

Five heads jerk up, staring at the closed door.

“I’m guessing you heard that too.”

Joong Ki swallows hard and looks away, staring at the floor.

Yoochun catches the movement and he squares his shoulders, laughing quietly, though even his laughter sounds fake to his ears. “Yunho hyung probably touched Jaejoongie hyung’s phone or something and he was just calling him.”

Changmin scoffs quietly, but he doesn’t say anything.

Junsu’s brow is so furrowed, he is in danger of making it permanent.

Ah In’s face is in flames. He couldn’t get any redder if he tried.

Joong Ki is the first of them to actually move. Lying back down on the makeshift pallet they made in the middle of the sitting room, he lies back against the messy sheets and stares at the ceiling.

The other four men turn towards him, all their eyes showing varying degrees of concern.

Yoochun is particularly bothered by the tightness around Changmin’s, and the firm resolve within them. He knows the maknae will say something pretty terrible to Joong Ki, for if Yunho is threatened in any way, Changmin will fall in line for him.

He is about to open his mouth to try and diffuse the situation when Joong Ki speaks.

“How in the fuck are we supposed to protect them? I think we need to gag Jaejoong first.”

“He’d probably like that too much,” Changmin replies automatically, before realizing immediately what he’d said, slapping his hand over his mouth.

Stunned silence between the five men, before Junsu starts to laugh.

A rather hysterical type of laugh.

The one where the likelihood of the laugher breaking apart and sobbing is pretty high.

Changmin moves first, hugging his hyung, hoping to calm him down.

Yoochun moves next, hugging both his dongsaengs.

It’s too crazy to bear.

The whole situation is.

Joong Ki and Ah In stay where they are, watching the trio in silence.

Junsu finally stops laughing, wiping away at the tears, he just shakes his head as he gently pushes Yoochun and then Changmin away slightly as he comes up for air. Fanning his red face, and wiping away some more at any remaining tears, he catches the eye of all four men, one after the other.

“I know we all signed NDAs.”

Four heads nod, Changmin speaking. “We’ve been through this, hyung.”

Junsu’s smile is brilliant once again when he basks in the “hyung” that Changmin bestowed on him, to the point that the maknae looks away, unable to look the man in the eye, for his smile is quite literally face splitting.

Yoochun pokes Junsu, distracting him. “What did you want to say?”

“They’re going to be bad. I think we all assumed Yunho hyung would hold out—“

Changmin snorts very loudly at that, earning himself a smack from Ah In of all people.


Changmin just glares at the older man, rubbing his knee and pouting rather childishly, but he lets it go.

“Well, we thought he’d hold out. At least I thought he would, because they really need to talk, but now that the dam is broken…”

Yoochun shakes his head. “I have faith. I think Yunho hyung knows they cannot go back to how they were before. Jaejoongie-hyung probably needs more convincing, but Yunho hyung—“

“It’s not about faith!” Junsu cuts in hurriedly, growing agitated as he casts a worried glance over to Changmin who is watching him curiously. “I have all the faith in the world for Yunho hyung, but this is Jaejoong…”

“Jaejoong who makes everyone crazy?” Changmin offers.

Joong Ki sits up. “No, it’s just Yunho isn’t it? There’s a certain flavor to the madness, and we’ve all been burned.”

“I wouldn’t take it personally,” Yoochun placates his friend.

“I’m not. It’s just very apparent. Their disagreements and the way they talk and react to things, it’s the madness of intense lovers. And this was well before they were actually lovers again. It’s going to be bad.”

“If Mr. Virgin here noticed, then so will everyone else,” Ah In adds in rather unhelpfully, earning himself a loud smack from Joong Ki. Props to him for not yelping, merely cocking an eyebrow at his friend for his outburst, causing the man to blush and look away.

Changmin gazes and each and every one of his hyungs, as silence descends upon the room. All the men are deep within their own thoughts. When he finally speaks, his voice is quiet, the worry evident.

“Yes, this is all bad, but it’s about to get worse.”

Yoochun catches on immediately for he’d been thinking the same thing. He catches his dongsaeng’s eyes, and a silent exchange occurs between them.


Yunho is trying to get out of the bed, but Jaejoong is having none of it.

Boneless, he might be, but he has strength enough to keep the younger man by his side if need be.

If Yunho wants to leave the bed, he’s going to have to carry Jaejoong with him for the older man has managed to thoroughly ensnare him, wrapping all manner of limbs around him and holding fast.

“I just want to go and brush my teeth.”

“What for?”

Well, he’s got him there. Yunho is stumped trying to answer when Jaejoong huffs breathily.

“When I regain my senses, it’s your turn.”

Yunho’s smile is soft and affectionate as he presses a kiss to Jaejoong’s nose, causing the older man to squirm happily under the simple caress. “There’s no need, Jaejoongie. I’m ok.”

Jaejoong wriggles, feeling the dampness and hardness against his belly, and he shakes his head even as he pouts. “I can feel you.”

“It’s really ok. We’re even for now, love.”

The soft endearment sticks to Jaejoong and his eyes grow warm for the umpteenth time. He’s lost count, does it really matter?

It truly doesn’t.

“We can’t go backwards,” Jaejoong speaks, blinking the threat of tears away as he smiles at his younger lover. “I want to sleep in your arms for the rest of my life.”

“You might have to fight with Changmin,” Yunho replies quickly and unthinkingly, for he doesn’t want to examine Jaejoong’s words too closely just yet.

“I’m too tired to think about anything besides the obvious.” Jaejoong admits, closing his eyes. “He can just make room then.”

“There’s nothing to think about,” Yunho presses another soft kiss to Jaejoong’s nose. “Go to sleep, love. I think we still have a couple of hours at least.

The lead singer obliges, falling asleep in the next few minutes wearing a pout.

Yunho stares down at the older man for a few minutes, before extricating himself gently from his arms.

He doesn’t go far, remembering his promise from long ago, as he stretches out next to the older man.

Jaejoong turns instantly, a furrow in his brow as he tries to find Yunho. The leader of TVXQ swings a heavy arm over the beautiful man’s torso, stilling him instantly as Jaejoong’s restlessness calms down.

Unable to help himself, Yunho starts to kiss Jaejoong’s frown away.

It doesn’t take long for the singer’s brow to smooth out, and when Yunho is done, he leans back, eyes pricking as he takes in the stunning sleeping man.

I want to sleep in your arms for the rest of my life.

“How did we go from nothing, to something, to this?” Yunho asks quietly, voice barely a whisper. He raises his hand, stroking lightly over Jaejoong’s cheekbone with the back of his finger. His touch is gentle, and merely ghosting across the smooth pale skin of his lover that the singer never stirs. “You have no idea how much I love you, and I have no idea how to prove it to you, because you don’t want my words. You want action, but I am lost as to what to do.” His eyes flutter shut, his hand reaching down to search for Jaejoong’s hand. “Why do I only speak like this when you’re asleep?” He asks himself quietly, eyes remaining shut as he speaks to them both. “If you only understood how important you are to me, for I am incapable of explaining it to you, because if you understood…you’d never ask me to prove my love.”

Finding Jaejoong’s hand, he brings it up to his lips, kissing each fingertip, smiling in the darkness with his eyes closed, not seeing the hot eyes filled with tears staring at him.

Laying Jaejoong’s hand against his cheek, before slipping his arm around the man painfully slender waist once again, Yunho falls asleep in less than a minute.

“It’s eight. How are they still asleep?”

“Do you really want me to answer that question?” Changmin asks Joong Ki with a pointed look till the man blushes for the millionth time and looks away.

The living room is back to what it once was, no sign of pillows or blankets anywhere. The dining table is covered in all manner of food from traditional and not-so-traditional Korean breakfast dishes, to the usual Western array of food.

Around it, sit five men in various states of dress.

All have showered, and are currently eating their breakfast.

Junsu is sitting on Yoochun’s lap, feeding himself and Yoochun in turn from a bowl of ddeokbukki, heads together as they go over the script. They are going to keep up the charade of being in character and to add to that, they will be throwing some lines of script wherever they can.

Changmin is at the head of the table, trying to decide what to eat next. He’s already had a three-egg omelette, ddeokbukki, three different kinds of sashimi and too much coffee.

Ah In and Joong Ki are seated facing the door to the bedroom of the two leads. Both are doing the same thing as Yoochun and Junsu, but both are thoroughly distracted, looking pretty much every other second to see if anyone is going to emerge.

“Did you learn idioms in school?”

“Of course.”

“English idioms.”

“Then no,” Ah In mutters, sending a fond but exasperated look over at the genius maknae who has finally settled on a warm croissant smothered in butter.

“A watched pot never boils,” Changmin intones sagely as he bites into his dripping croissant.


Yoochun looks up and chuckles at the little smirk Changmin sends him. He turns to a confused Ah In to explain, “If you’re concentrating too hard on something, whatever it is you’re waiting for will not happen because of that.”

“I’m not waiting for anything!” Ah In replies defensively, giving himself away when he once again looks at the bedroom door.

“Sure you aren’t,” Changmin waves his butter knife and points it at the older man. “A word of advice.”

“You’re going to give it whether I want it or not,” Ah In replies, his tone offers his disgruntlement which makes Junsu laugh uproariously till Yoochun shoves him off his lap.

“This is when it gets dangerous.”

“What do you mean?” Joong Ki’s eyes are wide as he leans forward.

“You need to watch your back.”

Ah In frowns, leaning forward too, eyes intent on the serious maknae. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“Is there any food left?”

Both Joong Ki and Ah In screech in shock, turning to gape at the vision framing the doorway of the bedroom they have both been watching for the better part of an hour.

Changmin is laughing so hard he drops from his chair to huddle under the table to gain control of himself.

Yoochun is howling as well, and he makes a dignified entry under the table, joining Changmin.

Junsu is perched on the edge of the dining table, hip half hanging on it as he takes in his lead singer.

No marks that he can see.

Were they mistaken?

Wrinkling his nose at the rather unpleasant welcome he just got, the man is far too rested to care as he shuffles his way to the dining table. Mumbling a greeting to everyone, he picks up an empty plate and starts picking and choosing whatever looks appetizing to him.

“Why didn’t anyone wake us?” Jaejoong asks as he ignores the chortling duo under the table. His heart is soaring at the way the two of them have gotten back to their usual trolling ways. Junsu will probably bear the brunt of their pranks but if his welcome is anything to go by, the terrible twosome now have new subjects to torment in the form of Ah In and Joong Ki.

He doesn’t mind it one bit.

“As if any one of us would enter your bedroom,” Joong Ki’s indicates that he thinks Jaejoong is insane to even be asking that questions.

Slightly more tactful, Ah In answers as well, “They’re not fetching us till ten so we thought we’d let you sleep in.”

“How kind of you,” Jaejoong murmurs, eyes lighting on Junsu as he munches on a piece of sashimi. “Su, off the table.”

Junsu hops off immediately, much to the amusement of the other man now standing in the doorway of that bedroom.

“Is there any food left?”

Jaejoong spins on his heels, eyes glowing, just as Yoochun and Changmin emerge from under the table. Handing his plate to a bemused Yoochun, the singer practically flies across the room to recreate that leap in front of thousands.

He is well met, as he was back then, the kiss shared in front of the five men is every bit as intense and exclusionary as it was during that press conference.

“It’s like they just popped up some impenetrable umbrella and nothing can get to them.”

“We are that umbrella,” Yoochun replies quietly, eyes on both Jaejoong and Yunho, noting the soft shy smile the lead singer is wearing as he nuzzles the taller man, rubbing their noses together as he slowly slides down Yunho’s body.

The hem of the overlarge red pajama top that is hanging rather precariously off one pale shoulder, hikes up on the way down and Yoochun closes his eyes, sighing at bare bottom exposed for a second, for all to see.

Glancing over at a frozen Joong Ki and a blushing Ah In, he catches Junsu’s concerned teardrop eye, shrugging, because what else can he do? Drawing attention to it will cause Yunho to bundle Jaejoong up, and then what?

Speaking of Yunho, he turns to the man now. The leader’s smirk is every bit as masculine as what Jaejoong constantly used to harp about. There is a certain type of confidence a man wears, and Yunho has always worn it very well. Whatever Yunho did behind the bedroom door has turned Jaejoong into a clingy kitten. The looks they are exchanging is wholly and entirely private and best kept in the bedroom.

Before his very eyes, the hyung who snapped at Junsu to get off the table has turned into a sensual being, swaying on his feet as he speaks to Yunho without a word being exchanged.

Yoochun takes in the topless leader of TVXQ whose red pajama bottoms are slung low on his hips, eyes skimming past the growing bulge in his crotch.

“Why don’t you just wear one side of each other’s shoes while we’re at it huh? Sharing pajamas? Seriously?” Changmin calls out, sitting back at the dining table to resume eating his food, keeping an eye on his smirky leader who is trying to manage a swaying Jaejoong. “Why don’t you just put up a giant sign on your foreheads that proclaim YunJae is back because god knows if you don’t wipe that smirk off your face hyung, you will set the streets on fire. The insane fangirls are going to descend and it will be 2008 all over again.

“What’s wrong with 2008?” Jaejoong asks, all shiny eyes, sweet pout and totally and utterly lovesick from head to toe. His blissed out expression in the arms of the taller man causes more than a pair of eyes to look away, feeling if they are intruding. He may have asked a question, but his eyes never leave Yunho’s face.

Yunho chuckles, bending his head to nuzzle against Jaejoong’s jaw towards his ear, walking backwards back into the bedroom. “I think it was hell for them.” He has actually not noticed that they even have an audience.

“I would burn in hell for you.”

Little does Jaejoong know, his hell is about to come in a few hours, and the test for them both as to whether he would truly willingly burn in hell for Yunho.

Changmin sighs loudly, painfully aware of all the eyes on him as the door to the bedroom slams shut.

“I’ll tell them.”


“Give them an hour,” Junsu answers quietly. “If this is all they might get, please let them have it.”

“Wouldn’t it be worse if they got it, only to have it ripped away again?” Changmin questions.

“I’m praying for a favor.”

“From God?”

“From anything and anyone who will listen.”

“You might want to pray to the former god named Hero Jaejoong then,” Changmin replies a little caustically. “Because the last time this blew up in Gwangju, it was because of his insecurity and total misunderstanding about what hyung meant.”

Yoochun cuts in smoothly when Junsu’s eyes flare. “Let’s not fight about the past.”

“You might have a short memory, hyung, but that day will never be forgotten by me, because it was the beginning of the end, do you hear me?”

The silence is thick at the dining table, no one willing to break it for the belligerence coming from the youngest is painful.

Ah In reaches out a gentle hand around the wrist of the maknae.

“I don’t share a history with you, and I’m speaking as an outsider and a stranger who has seen far too many things, and wished immediately that he hadn’t seen some of it.”

“Yes, I wouldn’t mention Jaejoong hyung’s ass to Yunho hyung.”

Ah In colors, coughing to cover his embarrassment, but his gentle grip turns firm as he shakes his head at the unrepentant maknae.

“I don’t know what the significance of Gwangju is, but I can hazard a guess considering that’s Yunho’s hometown and his parents are there. It’s related to them isn’t it?”

Changmin doesn’t answer, but his expression changes, morphing into the helpless youngest he was back in 2009 as he watched his two oldest hyungs falling apart.

“Then they will need our support, and not have to worry about us fighting amongst ourselves. The past is over, we have today to face. We have to stick together if not for us, for them.”

“Always in character,” Joong Ki speaks up. “Always in character, no matter what. They are acting, and so are we.”

“No one’s that good an actor,” Junsu murmurs.

“Agreed, so we will sell it. Sell it as if your life depends on it,” Yoochun pats his dongsaeng on the shoulder.

“His parents won’t buy what we’re selling because they know better.” Junsu argues.

“Do they really? It’s been three years,” Ah In observes.

“Then they will hope that Yunho is over Jaejoong,” Joong Ki responds though it is quite apparent on his face how much he believes what he just said.

“No, they won’t.” Changmin interrupts the four way conversation. “I don’t know how this will play out, but Ah In hyung is right. We have to stick together.”

Yoochun sighs, “Well, let’s hope it doesn’t come to it.”

“To what?”

“Burning and hell.”

The five men are silent, remembering Jaejoong’s parting words. Words that sound like a vow.

“I would burn in hell for you.”

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“Why do I only speak like this when you’re asleep?” He asks himself quietly, eyes remaining shut as he speaks to them both. “If you only understood how important you are to me, for I am incapable of explaining it to you, because if you understood…you’d never ask me to prove my love.”

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