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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Drabbles: These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things...
Title: Trophy Wife Drabbles: These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things...
Series: The Trophy Wife
Pairing: HoMin
Rating: PG-13
Length: Drabbles
Genre: AU, mpreg
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. Please don't kill me.

Summary: A series of drabbles spanning some years of their lives together ;-)

AN1: Photos/Gifs are not indicative of what’s exactly happening in the drabbles but they do the reflect the particular year in the Trophy Wife universe. I went on a pic/gif rampage to provide a happy visual as I drown in feels from the fact that today is the final Tohoshinki concert in at least two years… I AM IN PAIN.

AN2: Unbeta-ed as usual and all mistakes are mine :O

TW D1a.gif


Changmin feels a questing hand between his thighs, and familiar warm lips trailing around the curve of his ear. Swallowing his groan as his burgeoning arousal is captured by a sure hand, he turns in the circle of his brand new husband's arm.

Before his husband's mouth lands on his, Changmin has a hand over the man's mouth as he shakes his head.


Yunho squeezes his cock in response, pumping twice, making the eighteen year old squirm, butt clenching in anticipation.

However the teen doesn't budge, shaking his head again.


Yunho's eyebrow cocks, but he loosens his grip, allowing Changmin to free himself.

The lithe supermodel saunters into the bathroom, as naked as the day he was born, aware of the hot eyes on his pert backside.

They've been married less than a month, Christmas looming and along with it, all the corporate functions. The world is curious about Jung Yunho's very young trophy wife. A few have met him for the CEO hadn't been shy at all about stepping out with him prior to their marriage.

However all they know about him is that he is an international supermodel, and only eighteen.

Yunho smiles as the lanky teen climbs back into bed smelling like mouthwash.

"You didn't have to, you know?"

"Dragon breath isn't appealing, and especially not with my cold."

The older man chuckles, kissing his wife as he settles himself between the teenager's still tanned thighs.

"What about me then?"

"My nose is blocked."


TW D2a.gif


"Are you kidding me?"

Changmin looks up, staring at his reflection, not liking the deep furrow in his forehead. He can practically hear Jaejoong's voice chirping annoyingly in his ear about getting wrinkles or whatever.

Fuck wrinkles.

Changmin truly doesn't give a fuck and he scowls even harder just for the hell of it.

His reflection scowls back of course and the twenty year old remembers why he's irritated in the first place.


Bad enough he's had to get used to his husband squeezing from the middle of the tube but he'll be damned if he lets him continue with his current really bloody annoying habit.

The former supermodel growls under his breath, scowling one last time at his reflection for good measure and taking a rather perverse delight in an extra wrinkly (and very faint) line appearing from his forced scowl before he pushes away from the sink with a huff and makes the long arduous trek...

...to the shower.

Cradling his belly, Changmin squats to get to the tube of toothpaste that has ended up very unceremoniously on the floor. The only thing stopping him from howling the bathroom down is the fact that the cap is tightly on it.

He groans as he tries to regain an upright position just as BOTH his children decide hey why not pretend they're in a boxing ring.

His pained moan isn't even overly exaggerated when he is literally hit on four sides.

Kick the stomach.

Slap the bladder while we're at it.

Box the living daylights out of one set of ribs.

Oh hey there's two sides so why not practice taekwondo for good measure?

By the time he is actually fully upright, he is leaning against the glass wall of the shower cubicle, toothpaste squeezed so tightly in his hand the lid has popped.

The distance between the door to the bedroom and his current position feels like a fucking mile. Even the thought of having to walk all the way across that brings an irritated heat to the young man's eyes as he contemplates his predicament.

Dropping the mangled tube of toothpaste, he swipes at his hot eyes with the back of his hand as he fights the urge to cry out of frustration.

He knows exactly who to blame for this.


That old wolf.

Allowing his eyes to fill with tears more freely than he normally does, Changmin exits the bathroom in search of his old dog of a husband. Tears come way too fucking easily to him lately, though mostly out of frustration as they are that evening, but Yunho doesn’t need to know that.

The clueless CEO is in bed, laptop across his thighs as he types up instructions to his takeover team. However the man senses Changmin instantly and he looks up with a smile and a loving greeting only to have it falter when he takes in his wife’s swimming doe eyes.

The laptop is shut instantly without even having finished his email, and discarded to the bedside table as Yunho gets up in a hurry, rushing to his wife’s side.

“What’s the matter? Is it time?” Yunho’s voice is not much louder than a strangled squeak. Brain shutting down at the thought, he starts rushing around the room to look for things to pack.

Changmin walks to the bed, sitting on it and biting his lip, trying his damnedest not to laugh at his ridiculous husband as Yunho starts talking to himself, opening and shutting random doors and drawers, walking in and out of their walk-in closet, always empty-handed. God forbid if he really is having their babies. Yunho looks like he is going to be one of those husbands.


It is truly funny to the young trophy wife. His husband jumping to conclusions is one thing but this is really quite ridiculous of him as he comes out of their closet for the third time, still empty-handed.


The twenty-year old merely shakes his head at his husband, eyes twinkling but he knows Yunho doesn’t see it when the older’s man’s expression turns crestfallen at his response and he re-enters the closet mumbling loudly about hospital gowns being truly awful for a fashionable international supermodel, to look for god only knows what.

When he comes out holding a pair of pajamas that Changmin hasn’t been able to wear for a good four months now, offering it to the younger man with glassy eyes and a hopeful expression, the trophy wife can’t keep it in any longer.

Changmin loses it then, sitting on the bed he starts howling.

It takes Yunho a few more seconds, but the laughter snaps him out of his stupor.

The older man realises he's been had as his wife chortles rather unbecomingly. The earlier consternation of his expression changes quickly, morphing into an amused grin at his gleeful wife. Eight months pregnant and almost at the end of his pregnancy, his impossible wife is still able to pull one over him.

"I really ought to paddle your bottom for that," he remarks half seriously.

Like a switch that can be turned on and off, Changmin's laughter tapers off.

"Oh?" comes the very interested reply.

The answering smirk is positively wolfish.


Changmin stares at the lump in the middle of the bed, eyes focused on the body, but his mind is focused on his breathing and the note his best friend had left.

You’ve been out of sorts the last couple of days and I know it’s because you’re not used to this house. It’s too big, huh? I love it just fine but then again it is my home. I’ve given all the servants the weekend off and I’ve also kidnapped your girls and we’re all going to Jeju for the weekend. Enjoy, Minnie-yah ^^

Of course his best friend knows why he’s been a cantankerous shit the past two days.

And of course his husband is giving him a wide berth because he thinks it’s pregnancy related and nothing to do with him.

When Changmin had found his girls playing with a cockroach in the kitchen of the penthouse, he’d just about pitched the fit of all fits and stormed into Yunho’s office, with a twin in each arm and demanded the man get the pest killers to tear their apartment apart and make sure it is devoid of creepy crawlies.

It would take at least a week, and Changmin had assumed the CEO would find them a serviced apartment somewhere. Not bothering to check as he packed enough clothes for his family for the week, he’d trusted his husband.

Well, this is Yunho after all, and he really should have known better.

Yunho’s happy face and the exuberant greeting of Micky Yoochun in welcome for the foursome not to mention Minah’s and Yoona’s ear piercing squeals of Joongie and Yunnie upon seeing their playmates dashed all of Changmin’s hopes of being able to make up some excuse to leave.

Only Jaejoong’s understanding expression made him feel less of an ogre in that moment.

Yunho blinks in the morning light, wondering what has woken him.

“Hu! Hu! Hu!”

His brow furrows as he turns to follow the sound, to find his wife staring at him with shuttered eyes, working out with some dumbbells.

The Jung CEO sighs loudly, laying on his back to stare at the ceiling for a few moments. Changmin’s loud exhalations never cease and he sighs again, pushing the covers off as he sits up to stare at his wife.

Just about seven months pregnant, but truly barely showing it, Changmin is topless, sweaty, and stubborn. His eyes still show a hint of unhappiness, and Yunho is at a loss as to what to do. Nothing he does is right, the twenty-two year old snapping at him if he so much as tries to comfort the man.

Deciding that maybe he can try bribery, Yunho gets up, taking care to put on some clothes and leaves the room in search of some breakfast.

Changmin rolls his eyes as his husband departs the room. Clearly the man isn’t as brave as everyone thinks, or maybe he really has been impossible the last couple of days. It’s the fact that he has to share his personal space with so many strangers that’s bugging him. The headcount of the servants in the house is double the actual occupants of the Park Mansion including their guests! The word mansion is not an understatement, and his best friend does require the small army of servants, but Changmin isn’t used to it.

In all honesty, he hates it. Give him the penthouse where the cleaning lady comes in every afternoon for a few hours, usually when Changmin himself isn’t home, any day.

He stops with the weights, putting them away carefully, rather relishing the fact that he is still rather compact. After the twins, he feels like he’s only four months pregnant because of the tiny bump he has even on the cusp of seven months. His doctor had assured him that the baby is healthy and normal, and it is merely Changmin’s very adaptable body that is hiding his baby from the world.

The young man stretches his arms overhead before he grabs a large towel and heads out.

Yunho is circling the lower floors of the mansion in confusion.

It is as silent as a tomb, which has never happened in all his time at the Park Mansion. There is always some sort of hustle and bustle going on, whether it is the maids gossiping in the hallways, or the gardener whistling a tune, or children’s laughter echoing the vast space.

It has never been this quiet.

He hears footsteps, turning quickly he sees Changmin walking past. His wife is so attuned to both himself and their children that the fact that the younger man doesn’t comment on the empty house reassures the confused Jung Yunho completely.

Changmin knows.

And everything is ok, because Changmin is calm.

Following his wife, Yunho is unsurprised to find that the younger man heading towards the indoor pool. It’s been his wife’s sanctuary for the past couple of days, swimming lap after lap as if trying to expend his irritation and dissolve it in the water somehow.

He gets to the pool just in time to see his wife diving stark naked into the water, only to surface immediately, pushing his wet fringe from his face as he looks up at Yunho, droplets of water clinging to his long lashes.

“What are you waiting for, old man?”

Yunho doesn’t need to be asked twice.

TW D4b.gif


Shopping days are always an exercise in patience, and while Changmin likes exercising, this is one workout he’d much rather do without.

One of the few domestic things he used to enjoy doing, the addition of his little devils into the mix has taken the experience to another level altogether.

Take Jongin for instance. His precious fifteen month old toddler is normally content to be strapped into the seat for young children in the trolley but not that morning. Oh no, every time Changmin tries to strap him in, the little tike tells him NO in the most imperious manner. Identical eyes looking up at him, complete with matching furrow, mama and son stare at each other, locked in a battle of wills.

“Jongin, we are not moving from this spot until I strap you in.”



“No!” the child interrupts, not even allowing his mama to finish speaking, causing the supermodel to roll his eyes at his stubborn child.

He regards his son, deciding on a different tack when they are interrupted by a young female shop assistant.

“Sir, are these your children?”

Changmin picks up Jongin who beams at being in his mama’s arms just like he wanted, before looking down, gazing at the irritated faces of his 3 and a half year old twin girls.

“Yes, they most certainly are. What have they done?”

The young woman’s carefully blank face twitches slightly at the resigned tone of the tall, and very gorgeous young man. This young man looks about her age which ought to mean that he’s too young to be the parent of three kids since she’s only twenty-one, but one look at the faces of the kids, and the parentage is wholly apparent. All three children have his eyes. She takes a step back, taking in the long shorts and the crisp white shirt with the open collar. Having worked in the men’s department of the large department store for the last six months, she knows quality when she sees it.

Staring at him a little closer, she realizes he looks rather familiar. However, she brushes it aside when he makes an impatient clicking sound with her tongue, reminding her why she’s outside the store rather than in it in the first place.

“We found them biting on some shorts in the clearance section.”

Changmin blinks at the girl, straightening up and hitching Jongin higher on his side, staring balefully at the petite salesgirl. “Excuse me?”

“Well,” the lady amends, gazing down at the girls currently rocking back and forth on the balls of their feet. It’s pretty apparent they cannot wait to tell their side of the story, but it’s also apparent they know their parent will not appreciate the interruption for they remain silent and watchful. “Perhaps biting isn’t the correct word—”

Changmin exhales in relief because really, his children? Biting clothes?

“—gnawing might be more accurate,” she completes.

Changmin mouth drops open, glaring at the woman for her audacity at implying that his children GNAW on clothes. He is about to retort when a rather broad back cuts off his view of the short woman’s face.

“Thank you so much for looking after our kids. I’ll take it from here.”

Startled, the woman steps backwards, looking up at the newcomer, only to lose her breath completely at the handsome man smiling so winningly at her. The charming half smile complete with a twinkle in his eye, she takes another step back with her hand over her rapidly beating heart to try and calm down.

Unable to speak, she does the next best thing, turning on her heels and walking quickly away before she makes an even bigger fool of herself. She’s done her job and returned the naughty children to their parents. She also has a tale to tell her colleagues, for she knows for certain now who the tall and rather belligerent wife is.

International supermodel Jung Changmin.

Yunho turns around to kiss his wife in greeting, deepening the kiss more than their usual public displays of affection to calm his extremely affronted wife down. When he feels Changmin responding, he knows the gorgeous beauty has forgotten momentarily at least, and he breaks the kiss to turn to his waiting children.

Smiling slightly at the annoyed huff behind him, he drops to his girls’ eye level.

“What happened?” he asks, ruffling their dark hair.

“We wanted to try what mama tried.”

“I would never eat clothes!” Changmin replies instantly, staring at Yoona as if she’s the spawn of someone else rather than his own offspring. Granted, they may be extremely cheeky and too clever for their own good, but he is pretty fucking sure he always feeds them enough to prevent any chewing of things they ought not to be chewing.

And to blame him? When has he ever chewed clothes?

As if reading her mama’s mind, Minah speaks up, a tone quite serious as she explains to her listening father. “If mama can chew on the front of your pants, why can’t we eat these clothes? He was making so many sounds like it was the most delicious thing so we wanted to try.”

Changmin freezes, eyes almost watering in his effort not to wail at his children.

Out of the mouths of babes indeed.

Yoona is looking up at him so innocently, head cocked in a manner identical to her father. Her twin is right by her side, nodding vigorously.

“Yes, mama. We saw you yesterday, so we wanted to try some clothes too. We even picked the same color as papa’s pants!”

“It didn’t taste very nice though.”

“Why do you like it so much?”

“Yes, it sounded very yummy, we didn’t want to interrupt because we know you get very cranky when you don’t get your food.”

“Fuck,” Changmin manages to get out. The word is strangled, because really, he has lost pretty much all his ability to speak.


“Remember what Taeyeon-unnie said? It’s a bad word. She said we shouldn’t say it.”

“But mama just said it.”

“Mama’s big and we’re small. Small people can’t say it.”

Yunho straightens as his daughters bicker over what can and cannot be said. It’s taken a lot of effort to keep a straight face, and looking at his wife, he’s going to have to make a greater effort.

Changmin’s ears are flaming red, a sure indication that he is embarrassed.

If he smiles, his wife might actually slug him.

Instead, he reaches out, rubbing Changmin’s hot ears gently with his fingers to ease the fire, their son squished between them.

“Papa,” the toothy toddler grins at his father.

“Hello, son,” Yunho replies quietly. Letting go of his wife’s now cool ears to lift his son into his arms, kissing the adorable baby boy.

“Fuck mama?”

Yunho glances up at his wife immediately, eyes wide, and the supermodel has the decency to cover his face as his ears flame red once again.

TW D5a.gif


“Papa!” Two little girls run screaming into the living room, so excited to see their father at home when they get in. It’s a very rare occasion indeed to find the man home before them on a school day. They’re far more used to seeing him coming home just before dinnertime.

The squeals from the living room attract a curious Changmin who’d gone to the bathroom the second they had gotten home. He has a fair few things to do before dinner but it can wait as he goes in search of his family.

The twenty-five year old enters the room to find his daughters attacking their laughing father with kisses while he tries to fight back with raspberries. Smiling at the sight, he sits opposite the trio currently rolling around the floor.

It doesn’t matter that Yunho had only just gotten in, for he is still wearing his suit jacket.

After about a minute more of breathless giggling, Yunho calls a time out and a truce, declaring himself beat by the two prettiest little girls in South Korea.

“Why pretty, why not gorgeous?”

Yunho blinks at Minah, replying quickly and honestly. “Gorgeous is for your mama.”

Both girls look around immediately for the man in question, nodding in agreement, making both their parents smile.

“There are other words to describe mama too though.”

“Oh?” Changmin leans forward, curious as to what adjectives his daughters might give him.

“Yes,” Yoona nods. “We learned them in school today.”

“This should be good,” Yunho murmurs under his breath as he settles back onto the settee. Every time the girls have a story from school, there is always some kinda of twist to it. His girls are precocious as hell, much too curious for their own good half the time, and too sassy for their teachers to manage the other half.

“Cute,” Minah starts, getting encouragement from her sister. “Mama is cute.”

“And dangerous,” Yoona adds, ignoring the eyebrow raise from her mama as she beams at her father. “Not too dangerous, papa but you know when mama gets mad, everyone’s in danger.”

Yunho holds up his hands in surrender, neither agreeing nor denying because after almost eight years of marriage, he definitely knows better.


“And how would you know that?” Yunho questions curiously. “Shouldn’t you be asleep?”

Minah shrugs. “I need to pee sometimes and I’ve seen mama walking around at night wearing the bedsheets a lot.”

Changmin who has never noticed his daughter noticing him, chews his lip, remembering those instances. For the supermodel who can tell when his daughter is about to have a sniffle, it’s a little disconcerting how single minded he is in the middle of the night to not notice her.


“Mama, can be very noisy.”

Changmin, who really has learned by now, picks up a cushion to cover his face, distracting his girls from explaining exactly what they mean. He doesn’t want to know, and he truly doesn’t want any type of explanation from the terrible twosome. Yunho’s smirk just before he covered his face tells him that at least where his husband is concerned, he knows exactly what is on the other man’s mind.

The twins giggle at the sight, and continue on, forgetting to explain that particular attribute just as their smart mama intended.


“This one, I have to agree with wholeheartedly,” Yunho speaks up with a smile, holding his hands up for a high five from his smart little girls who slap his hand.

Changmin refuses to drop the cushion, hiding a smile instead, his heart warming at the amusement he can hear in Yunho’s voice, even if at his expense. The love and fondness in the older man’s voice overrides everything for him.


Changmin’s eyes widen. A shrew? Him?

“No, no, no, Yoona! Mama is not the shrew. Uncle Jae is the shrew.”

The supermodel makes a mental note to give Minah an extra helping of dessert should she ask for it.

“Oh yeah, Mama is derived from the shrew.”

“Mama is a hedgehog.”

Changmin drops the cushion instantly, glaring over his daughters heads to his laughing husband. Yunho’s sense of self-preservation went out the window with that definitive declaration from Minah.

No dessert for anyone tonight.

AN1: I clearly don’t know the meaning of DRABBLE… #FAIL ;; Also, the “fuck” story happened to me. I swear a lot and JD…well…let’s just say I don’t swear at home anymore. How do you explain to people why you son’s first word is daddy and his second is fuck?

AN2: Also, there will be more in this drabble series lol… I've got a fair few favorite things. If you feel like playing, see if you can figure out what were the favorite things I was alluding to in each drabble :P

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Yunho getting so confused and dazed when he thinks Changmin is in labour :'D

The twins imitating their mama with the pants and the "fuck Mama". I think I nearly shrieked the place down because oh my god Changmin must have been SO EMBARRASSED

And the last one..."Mama is a hedgehog".

This is all kinds of cute and perfect :'D

I swear I love your fics whenever kids are involved.
You always make me love the kids in your fics and Yunho and Changmin's kids are no exception.

Jongin sounds like he will grow up to be another Minnieball.
I am sure Jongin will bring lots of joy, humor, laughter and pain into both Yunho and Changmin's life.

I love the girls descriptions of Changmin.

“If mama can chew on the front of your pants, why can’t we eat these clothes? He was making so many sounds like it was the most delicious thing so we wanted to try.”



I've been seeing so much Trophy Wife from you lately, and seeing as I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this series, I am thrilled about that :) This (tied with your Sleeping Beauty Verse) is one of my all time favourite series :) :) :)

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after that one hell of an emotional roller coaster earlier... because it was the last toho concert before yunho enlists... because it will be the last in a while... and because i didn't want to read this when you updated because of all that's happening... because we were all crying and waiting for the latest of updates on twitter and ohgod those fancams and photos... we were all crying because yunho cried so much and then changmin cried as well...

anyway... after i had calmed myself down and did other stuff to distract myself, i found myself reading this drabble. so THANK YOU. this cheered me up quite a lot and really~ only you can do this with all the pics and gifs of homin you included here. they all fit perfectly in this universe.

All so good and adorable, funny, like always. So many precious moments. Thank you, Nicki! ^__^

sweeeet♥ thank u so much for this cuz knowing that we'll be waiting for more than 2years before we might c a toho concert again is completly frustrating and painful beyond words. u helped ease the pain so thanx again♥ hope that great authors such as urself won't forsaken our beloved hominship (*>/\<*)

this was so cute!
it seems changmini, can't win over his children! :D

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I really liked all drabbles, I'm amused how the kids can make Changmin blush like nobody else! It was priceless!

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You are a piece of work, you know? And kinky too.

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