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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Drabble: Swimming
Title: Drabble: Swimming
Pairing: YunJae, guest-starring HoMin from The Trophy Wife ;-)
Rating: G
Length: Drabble... Nicki sized OTL
Genre: AU, mild angst, fluff, crossover, an AU of Sleeping Beauty OTL
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be married here :P

AN1: You know how I normally write the opposite of what I’m feeling so that it’s cathartic which is why there’s usually a lot of fluff? And then there are times when I succumb and write whatever mess is in my head? This is one of those times… It’s SB!AU and half way through I lost the plot completely...sigh...

AN2: You must read Promises first because this follows on from that.

“Jaejoongie, come on. It’s warm and very nice.”

“Nice is not a word.”

“Alright, it’s lovely.” Yunho amends, arms wide open as he stands at the edge of the pool trying to coax the five year old in.

“No, it isn’t.”

The brunette teenager shakes his head as he stares at his exasperated counterpart.

“Why don’t you leave him be?”

Yunho lifts his eyes from the little boy to the supermodel holding him.

“Why don’t you mind your own business?”

“It’s my business since it’s me he won’t let go of.”

“He won’t let go of you because he likes babies.”

“I’m not letting go because I don’t want to go into the water. Don’t tell fibs, Yunnie!”


“No!” The little boy’s voice is shrill as he clings harder to the pregnant teenager, digging his sharp nails into the former supermodel’s arms, making the teen wince.

Yunho rolls his eyes as he pushes away from the edge of the pool. “Fine, stay where you are then. I’m going for a swim, and I’m not coming back.” He turns, diving under water without so much as a backward glance.

Changmin’s eyebrows raise at the younger man’s unusually harsh tone. He’s seen the younger Jung with the Kim heir and he has always been nothing but warm and patient. He’d scold the teenager if it weren’t for the fact that he is their host and he is struggling to barely keep a five year old on his knee with his belly poking out the way it is. He is seven months along, and rather comfortably pregnant if he’s being honest. Contented for the most part, though his clumsiness is making him crazy, the way his husband looks after him more than makes up for it.

The parents of the younger Jung Yunho are away skiing in Aspen or some such nonsense as the rich do in November. Their only son is babysitting this mausoleum of a mansion, and of course they have not one but two pools and a jacuzzi in the basement of the gloomy house. Changmin would be lying if he said he didn’t secretly love visiting and taking advantage of the facilities since his own rooftop pool is exposed to the elements and swimming in winter is not exactly the most pleasant of endeavors, not to mention Yunho would actually have a fucking cow if Changmin even attempted to dip a toe into the freezing water.

The Jung brat had been gracious in opening the heated pools to him for his use anytime he wants to swim, but Changmin has never gone without his husband.

This time he is alone from his household, Yunho dropping him off before leaving for a meeting and promising to be back to fetch him in a couple of hours.

Changmin had arrived to find the lap pool already occupied, much to his disappointment. Yunho along with little Kim Jaejoong’s two youngest older sisters were already in the water, the younger man and his future in-laws all busy trying to coax a pouting cherub into the deep black depths.

No one holds any sway over the child who’d brightened instantly at seeing Changmin, causing the former supermodel to forget his ire at not being able to swim in peace. He’s spent the last hour listening to the little boy talking about his past week and he realizes something.

Little Jaejoong genuinely loves Yunho the way only a child knows how.

The surprising thing to Changmin, is that the boy actually appears to understand what being betrothed means.

”He is mine. Only mine.”

Changmin is broken from his brief reverie when he realizes that Jaejoong is silent.

The large room is silent in fact.

No splashing.

No giggling, for the Kim girls left half an hour ago declaring they were turning into prunes and they’d go fix some lunch for everyone.

“He’s not coming back?” Jaejoong whispers, eyes roaming the empty pool.

Changmin frowns, straightening to look around. He knows the lap pool floor drops away to ten feet, and it’s easy to disappear

The former supermodel doesn’t even have time to blink when the five year old wriggles out of his grasp, and before he can reply or react, the child runs and jumps into the greenish black depths.

He is much too startled to even shout out, for he knows young Jaejoongie cannot swim. While the child is more than happy to play around in his paddle pool, the Jung pools whether lap or playing pool at five feet with their unwelcoming black tiles and greenish devilish hues of the room, borders on terrifying to the kid. Changmin doesn’t even think about it, jumping in after the flailing boy without so much as a second thought.

Yunho is inconsolable.

Jaejoong’s first word when he wakes is Yunnie.

Changmin stares at the ceiling, replaying that afternoon over and over again. His heart starts racing madly even as he does, which clues his husband to his thoughts, Yunho whose hand is already over his wife’s heart, rubs soothingly to try and ease the rapid beats.

“It’s ok, love. He’s ok.”

The former supermodel turns his head, staring at his husband whose eyes are filled with sympathy and love. He’d arrived with the ambulance, the paramedics having needed to deal with two patients, giving a hysterical and furious Jung Changmin a mild sedative as he ranted and railed at the topless, barefoot, teenaged Jung Yunho who felt nothing in the freezing temperatures, utterly focused on the body in the back of the ambulance with the oxygen mask that was too big for his small cherubic face, wearing a haunted expression that the trophy wife will not soon forget.

“He’s only five.”

“Yes, and already talking—“

“And he loves your cousin enough to ignore his very real fear of the water to jump in with no regard for himself.”

Yunho is silent, staring at the tears forming in his wife’s soft brown eyes. He thumbs them away silently, but the tears keep coming. He knows what Changmin means. He’s seen how attached little Jaejoongie is to the younger Jung heir, but never in his wildest imaginations would a child’s fight or flight response be exemplified in such a manner.

After a few moments, he speaks.

“He has my cousin for life.”

“He already did,” Changmin whispers, taking his husband’s hand from his chest to press kisses to the man’s fingertips. “You didn’t see his face when he pulled him out of the pool. He got to Joongie before I did, and he looked like he’d just lost his will to live. I was hitting him to get him to react…the emptiness in his eyes…Yunho…it was terrifying.”

“He had every right to be terrified.”

“You don’t understand,” Changmin shakes his head. “And I’m not explaining it properly,” the teenager gestures in frustration with a hand, stabbing at the air. “No one should be that attached to another person. It’s not normal. It’s not good.”

Yunho catches his wife’s hand, bringing it to his chest, right over his own heart. “What about me? What about us? How would you react? I’m older than you, Changdola…the chance of me leaving you first is very real.”

“Shut up!” The teen bolts upright, wresting his captured hand away, eyes filled with fire before he crumbles in the next second, sobbing and punching at his husband blindly. “Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut—“

The older man’s eyes sting as he wraps his upset wife in his arms, cradling the traumatized, weeping, very pregnant teenager whose punches gradually lose their heat. He kisses the younger man’s soft, slightly curling hair, inhaling deeply as he whispers his apologies and words of love, his mind angry with himself for unthinkingly pushing his wife like that, but his heart is warmed nonetheless by the way he reacts, though each continued sob stabs him deeper and deeper.

“I love you,” the whispered confession is heartfelt and each word sounds as broken as the teenager feels.

“I know, baby… I know…”

“It’s not healthy. He’s just a goddamn child for goodness sake. We’re flying back tonight. Tell the Kims we will be coming over and officially breaking the betrothal for reasons of suitability. They’ve obviously raised a child completely bereft of his senses. And you. Don’t even get me started with you. You cannot get so attached to your future wife that you make absolutely no sense. What kind of useless businessman are you going to be if your wife can affect you this much?”

No sense?

Yunho’s fingers clench around his phone. He had called his parents to inform them that he would be moving into the Kim household temporarily till young Jaejoongie is fully recovered, but instead of compassion and commiseration, he had faced anger, annoyance, disbelief and utter derision. How have his actions been anything but sensible?


“Now you listen here Jung Yun—“

“No.” Yunho voice is like ice. The Kim magnate and his wife who are in the same room feel the chill immediately, shivering at the absolute authority and utter coldness in the voice of the teenager. “You can do whatever you wish to me or my inheritance, but I am not breaking my promise.”

“Promise? What promise? The contract has an out clause for both of you.”

“You can do whatever you wish, but I am not breaking my promise.”

“What promise is that you, foolish child?”

“To marry him.” Yunho replies simply, before hanging up and phone and powering it off.

The silence that follows in the hospital suite is tense. The temperature in the room hasn’t increased or decreased in those few minutes, but there is a decided chill in the air emanating from a tall pale teenager.

Yunho places his phone on a table before approaching the couple seated in the couch next to the bed. He sinks to his knees, before prostrating himself before the Kim magnate and his wife, not saying a word.

Mrs Kim moves to raise him, but her husband stays her, interested to see what the teenager has to say.

However no words come forth.

The teen remains in the servile position without saying a word.

Long seconds pass into minutes.

And still he remains.

“Love, I don’t think he’s getting up until we say he can,” Mrs Kim whispers, pain and love clogging her voice as she looks down at the dark haired young man before her.

Her husband frowns slightly. “Speak, Jung Yunho.”

“Will you take me in if my parents disown me?”

Even in that position, the strength and pride in the teen’s voice is there. He is not asking out of desperation. He is asking because this is his first choice. He is not apologizing again for the state his son is in, which is what the media tycoon had half expected. Those apologies are already done.

“Yes,” the man answers simply, watching as the Jung heir finally lifts his head and raises himself up, sitting back on his knees before slowly raising to his feet.

Pregnant silence follows, neither side saying a word as they assess the other, before the younger chaebol speaks.

“Jaejoong’s idea of marriage is premised on your own,” Yunho gazes pointedly at the entwined hands of the older couple, and the way Mrs Kim leans into her husband for support as they keep a watchful presence on the steady, sleeping breathing of their beloved youngest child. His voice is matter-of-fact, no inflection in it whatsoever, but the haunted look in his eyes is still there. Jaejoong may have called his name in his brief moment of wakefulness, but that was as much as anyone got out of the five year old before he fell back to sleep.

“He doesn’t know anything else,” the Kim magnate nods. “Our oldest daughter has also been an example for him.”

“When he asked me to marry him, he wanted a marriage like yours.”

Mrs Kim’s eyes fill with tears as she watches the serious young man whose eyes are drawn back to the babe sleeping in the large hospital bed while he speaks. “Y-yes. Th-that is likely.”

“More than likely,” Yunho’s voice drops lower, the pain in his chest is like a dull throb. He didn’t swallow any water, but his body feels like its on fire, and his heart feels like it just got squeezed and it hasn’t been able to expand again since. He just feels so adrift.

He knows what will ground him.

“I’m a man of my word.”

“I believe that.”

Uncharacteristically, Jung Yunho bites his full bottom lip, swaying slightly on his feet as he turns to look at the sleeping form of his betrothed once again. The reason for that is obvious in his next words, whispered so softly that both Kim parents strain to catch the words.

“I want to give him the marriage he wanted, but I don’t know how.”

Tears slip silently from the eyes of the mother of his future wife. Her voice cracks, but the belief in it keeps it strong. “You don’t have to know how. Just follow his lead.”

A hoarse chuckle escapes from the teen. “He is miles ahead of me.”

“Then chase him.”

“He’s a little crazy though. Should I be worried?”

“Perhaps,” Mr. Kim has to admit, because he cannot imagine his daughters, not even Jihyo, ignoring their fears so carelessly and willfully. “My grandmother was considered insane, but it hasn’t manifested in anyone yet. Perhaps it skipped a couple of generations.” He ignores the pinch from his wife. He hopes the very young Yunho knows what he is in for. His son has always been a little peculiar, but the events of that day has cemented that fact. While he doesn’t seriously believe that Jaejoong has some sort of mad gene, his son will most definitely be a handful and he wants his betrothed is prepared for that.

Jung Yunho quirks a breathtakingly soft smile at the admission, not at all worried as he moves quickly towards the bed for little Jaejoong is stirring.


“I’m right here, love.”

Jaejoongie’s ears perk up and his eyes widen as he fights the sluggishness of his limbs to turn towards the familiar voice.

Sleepy doe eyes blink owlishly at the tall teenager accompanied by a beautiful smile. “Am I in heaven?”

Yunho sits on the bed and crouches over, pushing strands of hair away from the boy’s forehead. “Why would you think that, baby?”

“You love me,” he replies matter of factly.

“You don’t have to be in heaven for me to love you though.”

The five year old closes his eyes, breath huffing softly. “Yes, I do. I’ve loved you forever and ever but you’re a little slow on Earth.”

“I am?” Yunho looks up to exchange glances at the Kim parents who are smiling. His betrothed’s father mouths I told you so which makes the young man want to laugh.

If this is madness, then he will gladly live with it for the rest of their lives.

AN: This is honestly one big mess. I’m sorry you got dragged into my mess. My thoughts are so jumbled and disjointed and everything just fucking HURTS. My heart shattered today and I did put it back together, but I lost some pieces and they will forever remain missing. I’m feeling so out of it, so tense and just so damn lost. I’m going home to my husband now and I know he will bring me right but this was written when I was feeling very much WRONG.

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I'm sorry for whatever broke you today and I hope that you can be put back together by your husband's love.

Am I right in believing you have a little one now? Only I had a tiny one in November and it makes it all the more real when I read your stories with little people in.

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