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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Just Another Man
Title: Just Another Man
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG
Length: Oneshot
Genre: non-AU military (enlistment)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story.

AN1: No summary because I wrote this based on a scenario that jasexists shared in our Line chat that wouldn’t let me go. She managed to keep hers as a drabble but mine evolved into a monster that became longer than a “Nicki drabble”. If you want an idea as to what this fic might be about, have a read of her lovely little snippet here. Suman, I hope I did your scenario justice.

AN2: I wouldn’t have written something someone else had already done so wonderfully well, but this time it was Yunho who was my muse and he honestly wouldn’t let me go till I wrote it out in its entirety. I’d intended this to be a drabble of course but he had other ideas. Btw, you can also blame Trishy (@mysekushiboo on Twitter) for bits of this. Suman and Trishy are the worst type of YunJae enablers ISTG…

AN3: YOU MUST HAVE THIS SONG PLAYING WHEN YOU HIT THE FINAL SCENE… God I am cheesy mess but this song was on repeat most of today tbh and I’m in love with Matt Bomer jsyk…

The questioning expressions are expected, and Yunho studiously tries to ignore it all as he suits up for the upcoming assignment. It's been a very long few weeks and after finally settling into the hard work, yet comfortingly routine way of life in the military, he feels as if he has just been thrown back into his former life as a god idol.

He diligently ties and reties the laces on his boots, the final part of his uniform and the one that always gives him the most grief. It is appalling that of all the things that he cannot seem to master, it is this. He has been called out once for having his laces untied and the mortification of having to "drop 20" over such a minor infraction is both galling yet humbling. He had taken the punishment willingly and then spent what little time they had before lights out the same evening asking each and every one of his roommates how they tie their laces.

The result is a mishmash of suggestions and after finding himself all tied up in double dead knots twice and having to cut himself out of them, he's resigned to just constantly keeping his eyes on his feet whenever he can spare a moment.


Not shooting.

Not assembling his weapon with all the fiddly bits and pieces and making sure everything is clean and oiled, in the most perfect condition it can be in for firing.


Jung Yunho cannot quite master shoelaces.

And that makes him oddly happy for some unfathomable reason.

A loud huff before warm hands smack his away, snatching up the two ends of his laces and within seconds, a neat and perfectly tied shoelace.

The laces on the other boot are done just as quickly, and always accompanied by irritated huffing and puffing from the man helping him.

“How many times do I have to show you? Are you sure you have an IQ of 140, hyung?”

Yunho wrinkles his nose cutely, staring at the dark curls of the person before him who looks up just then and catches his eyes.

Doe eyes crinkle on the edges, giving his true feelings away as the man is unable to keep the affection from them, and despite the huffing and puffing and words of irritation, his next words are more amused than anything else.

“That might work on him, but it’s not going to work on me.”

He gives his laces a hard tug, willing them to stay in place, chuckling to himself when they loosen but do not quite unravel in their entirety. There is hope for him yet, as he secures it with what will probably end up being another dead knot.

Better a dead knot than tripping on his very first assignment as part of the Training Battalion of the Capital Mechanized Infantry Division.

Training Battalion is just a nice name for the new recruits in the Tiger Division, and Yunho is determined to live up to the illustrious name of his designation for his military stint.

The on-hiatus leader of TVXQ finally stands, turning back to his bunk mates, smiling as he gives them his signature thumbs up. While the military may have taken the leader of the hallyu wave away from the public, the man’s natural charisma still draws in “fans”, and his entire battalion is no different.

Even his superiors are fans, but none of them are going to admit it to the recruit just yet.

“Do you think it’ll be weird for him?” someone whispers, nudging his friend as they follow Jung Yunho out of the room, heading towards the waiting bus that will be taking them to Changwon City.

His friend shrugs. “He’ll be ok. Remember? He asked us to forget about him being an idol. After the mud bath yesterday, I think I can never unsee him as one of us.”

“He didn’t have to join the punishment, you know? He was the only one to complete that medieval torture obstacle course they call our training ground, and he could have been eating barbecued meat with the superior officers instead of digging trenches with us in the rain as punishment.”

“He’s Jung Yunho, isn’t it?” his friend replies with a small smile at the memory.

Yunho stares out the window as their bus pushes through the crowds filling the city. The autumn festival the city is so well-known for is in full swing, and he can feel the familiar bubble of anticipation in his chest as the bus inches slowly through the masses of people. The electric feel of a reveling crowd, the shouts and random bits of singing of the latest kpop tunes filter their way through the tinted windows of their air-conditioned bus. He strains his ears to try and catch the words, wondering if it may be one of his. There is a tiny smile playing about his mouth as his mind drifts, the smile broadening instantly when the catchy tune of Party suddenly starts blaring from somewhere close.

Hey girls, do you know what time it is?

“U-Know time,” Yunho answers immediately in a whisper, his signature smirk caught in the reflection of the window he is staring out of and seen by the men around him who exchange looks with each other.

They all share smiles as his fingers start drumming out the beat on his thigh, his other hand resting casually on his weapon.

Everyone knows the chorus, and the bus erupts with the distinctly masculine and out of place vocals of that particular song.

One very bright and enthusiastic trained voice stands out head and shoulders over the rest from within that large bus of uniformed men.

We can't stop stop stop
yeo-gin Party time
i-dae-ro gyeo-sok Party time
It's a party!
We gon rock rock rock
jja-ri-ta-ge nan
Lemon Soju, nan Tequila, neon Mojito
ga-ja Jeju, California Rome kka-ji
ha-yan jin-ju pum-eun ba-da meot-jin pa-do

The bus drives on, and the song gets fainter, as does the singing, for the chorus is all most of the fresh meat of Tiger Divison can manage. The people outside keep singing along and the thudding of Yunho’s heart is loud, the adrenaline coursing through his body from that short encounter sends a thrill through his body.

That opportunity to exercise his rusty vocals.

A memory of what his life used to be.

How naturally it stills comes to him.

These people are not here for him though, and that is starkly obvious as the bus turns left, not right.

Right heads towards the venue for the Hallyu Stars’ Concert that is the highlight of the festival.

No, he is turning left.

Left heads towards the grounds of Jinhae Public Stadium for the opening ceremony of the fringe festival of his peers, called simply, the Jinhae Military Band and Honor Guard Festival.

Yunho’s life for the next twenty months will always be represented and characterized by that turn to the left instead of to the right.

A sharp ache fills his heart as the crowds thin almost immediately, but he does not turn around to follow the way of the people, as do almost all the members of his unit in the bus with him. He can feel the eyes on him as they have been all day since they were told of their assignment at the crack of dawn. However, Yunho is resolute. This was a lapse that, nothing more. He has temporarily left that part of him behind, and he is not the type who will dwell overmuch on the past.

Eyes on the future.

And yet his mind cannot quite yet convince his heart that still feels the gaping hole left by his former life.

“What are we supposed to be protecting anyway? Surely all our fellow soldiers are more than capable of protecting themselves?”

Yunho shrugs, checking over his weapon that is more ceremonial than functional.

Regardless, it is still real, and he pays it its due respect, letting the conversation around wash over him.

Unusually quiet after the bus incident, his comrades leave him alone to his thoughts for they know and understand how hard it must have been for him.

“There seems to be a lot of teenagers in the audience.”

“What about unmarried females?”

“I think the definition of teenagers would generally include unmarried.”

“Girls can never resist a man in uniform.”

“I think they’ll make an exception for you.”

Masculine laughter follows and the conversation degenerates into tawdry ribbing and off color comments.

Comments that are surprisingly not as bad as most other companies.

Those other companies do not have Jung Yunho in them.

His distaste for the type of conversation most men indulge in when roaming in packs came up very early on. As the oldest in his unit, the younger ones naturally look up to him, and all have learned to tame their tongues when he is within hearing distance.

“Hey! The military band is here!”

“Of course they’re here you fool!” someone replies, smacking the speaker on the head even as many pairs of eyes stray inadvertently towards Yunho. “It’s not called the fucking Jinhae Military Band and Honor Guard Festival for fun. Were you expecting clowns or something?”

“It’s only the elite unit anyway. Didn’t you hear? Fourteen countries sent their military band divisions to take part in today’s event.”

“What is this? A drum off?”

“Something like that.”

“It’s a competition but we’re not competing.”

“Why not?”

“We’re the highlight of course. The opening ceremony and then the closing ceremony drum-off with the winner of the competition.”

“I reckon we’re good enough to compete.”

“Have you even heard our band play?”

“Well, doesn’t it have some actual musicians in it?”

Silence descends as all eyes fall on Yunho again.

The man is oblivious though, having tuned out of the conversation early on. His eyes are drifting across the field, searching for something.

Or someone.

That tingle of awareness.

He knows exactly what it means and yet, how can that be possible? A performance such as this will only be given to the very best in the military band division especially since national pride is at stake with an audience from so many countries represented in the small city.

Do you think he isn’t good enough?

Yunho frowns, shaking his head at the whisper in his mind. Of course he doesn’t think that. He’s never thought that.

Not once.

Not ever.

Then why are you questioning it?

Now that question was asked in Changmin’s voice. He can actually see his dongsaeng with his head cocked, eyes evaluating as if trying to decide whether Yunho is about to stay or bolt from his question.

Changmin was never one to mince words. A question like that simply implies that he believes Yunho utterly foolish to even be having thoughts like that.

He smiles to himself.

“What are you lot still doing crowded around here? Protecting a fucking idol? Thinking of malingering already? If you’re not in your positions in the next thirty seconds, all of you will be doing the training course when we get back till you manage to get through it. The imminent threat of hospitalisation is not going to get you out of it.”

Almost nobody hides their groans of dismay as they scatter instantly.

The threat is very real for it was given by the Master Drill Sergeant and if there was ever a bigger asshole.

Yunho knows it was a dig at him as he jogs towards his position which is thankfully close by, but he lets it go. His Master Drill Sergeant is only reminding them to do their jobs.

And also reminding him that he is no longer a fucking idol.

If anyone was making the rounds and inspecting the troops, Yunho would have been hauled off instantly for dereliction of duty.

He sees nothing.

He hears nothing.

He feels everything.

His uniform is too tight around his throat.

His grip on his weapon is painful and his hand is numb, tingling with cramps.

His eyes have not left one drummer for almost an hour.

The world could have burned in that instance, the stadium going up in smoke, and he would not have noticed.

So intently is he staring, that he does not notice the presence next to him till the man claps him firmly on the shoulder.

The Master Drill Sergeant.


“Sir,” Yunho winces inwardly, forcing himself to turn away and look at the impassive features of the most feared man to the recruits.

“Which one is he?”

“P-pardon, sir?”

“Don’t play dumb with me, recruit. You know whom I’m talking about.”

Yunho starts to shake his head, but thinks better of it. His eyes dart back out to the field, brow furrowing briefly for the band had been marching in various formations for a good hour and they have just gone into yet another one.

He turns almost unconsciously towards the left of the field, as if drawn by a force he is helpless to resist.

There are over two hundred men in identical uniforms, helmets so low over their foreheads that they’re practically covering their eyes. The band under the chin keeping the helmet in place is wide and thick, hiding any and all jaw definition.

They might as well be clone troopers from Star Wars.

Apart from height differences, absolutely nothing sets each soldier apart from the drummer next to them.

Yunho’s position in the VIP stands is elevated, so he can see the numbers on the backs of their helmets. Numbers that were previously invisible to him for he’d been oblivious to any and all identifying features of anything.

He sees nothing.

“Number 99.”

“Don’t be a fool, recruit. You expect me to find one number in that sea of people? Be specific.”

Yunho swallows dryly. “Third X formation from the front, right at the juncture of the two lines crossing, on the left, the one behind.”

The Master Drill Sergeant finds the man in question. He can make out nothing discernible that distinguishes the drumming man from anyone around him. In fact, that particular formation appears to have the most uniform men of all. Everyone is practically the same height. Everyone has utterly indistinguishable features.

Just another man in a sea of men.

As he watches, the band moves into their final position and the line the man is in is marching to the top end of the field, away from the spectator stands.

Had he blinked, he might have missed it, but he is watching closely if only to disabuse Jung Yunho of his unprovable choice.

One drummer looks over his shoulder in their direction for a split second as they move away.

Right at the man standing next to him.

Number 99.

“He is just as ill-disciplined as you are.”

Yunho’s smile is as helpless as it is uncontainable.

And the smile remains even when someone trips and spills two bowls of ddeokbukki on him.

“This isn’t the way home.”

“No shit, Sherlock.”

“Where are we going?”

“Do I look like the fucking Master Drill Sergeant to you? Why don’t you ask him?”

“What is he doing on our bus anyway?”

“My previous question still remains unanswered.”

“Shut up, guys. I’m trying to sleep. He’s on our bus so it cannot be a good thing. Chances are he’s probably taking us to the border to replace whoever is there and we’re probably going to be dead by morning anyway. I wonder who fucked up tonight to result in this punishment.”

“We’re turning into a camp.”

“What camp?”

“How the fuck am I supposed to know which camp? It’s dark and a watch isn’t exactly part of our uniform. It could be two in the morning for all I know.”

He speaks too soon as the motion sensors down the driveway start a chain reaction of lights that soon has the compound blazing so brightly as if its daylight.

“Fucking hell…there’s enough power here to light up the whole of the North I’m sure.”

“Where are we?”

“Wherever we are, I hope there’s food.”

The frission of awareness has Yunho’s whole body tingling as if someone has just touched a live wire against his skin and he is somehow surviving the flow of electricity.

He can feel rather than see the watchful eyes of the Master Drill Sergeant from across the aisle of the large company bus, but that’s as far as he gets when it comes to paying attention to anything beyond the man sitting next to him.

A man gripping his drum sticks, one in each hand fisted against each thigh till his knuckles are bone white, a very sharp contrast to his smart red band uniform.

A man sitting so stiffly in his seat, taking care not to get jolted with the movement of the bus and sway into his seating companion.

A man whose habit of licking at his lips becomes almost chronic when he is nervous.

Yunho can hardly breathe.

He hardly even dares to breathe.

It’s been almost eight weeks since he has last seen him in the flesh.

A little over six weeks since he had last seen the adorably round handwriting of the man on the cutesy Bear & Rabbit stationery. There were two pages left on the writing pad and Yunho had borrowed them knowing that a remnant of the last memory he has of the older man is going to be spread far and wide as his farewell letter.

It seems apt somehow that he shared it with him.

However, that is not the only thing spread far and wide.

Safe in the army, Yunho had left a trail of crumbs.

Some crumbs more obvious than others.

Boo? Cherry? Changmin had shaken his head at that but who is he to talk?

Who the hell pronounces apology as apolo-JAE?

Yeah, those were the more obvious ones.

Less obvious are the scenes in his drama, I Order You.

The way he kisses.

The way he looks at her.

The way he confesses to her.

Everything he had ever wished he could have done with the man.

Scenes he would’ve taken just that one step further had they been allowed.

It’s been ten years since Dangerous Love.

The drama where the reality of their feelings for each other shone in the outtakes.

Especially in the eyes of the man seated next to him.

The beautiful eyes shining with love that made Yunho feel ten feet tall and capable of doing anything.

Those eyes filled with pain when they argued.

Eyes filled with lust behind closed doors.

Not always behind closed doors.

But that’s a story for another time.

He knows he is just as guilty in playing the eye game. Sometimes he stares at Jaejoong just to see him blush.

His lips twitch at the memory, and his scalp prickles, a shiver going up his spine as he takes a deep breath.

Yunho sticks out his pinky finger, moving surreptitiously closer to the fisted hand of the man next to him.

The tip of his pinky grazes the man’s wrist, and Jaejoong almost leaps out of his seat.

So on edge.

It is years of training that manages to stay his reaction.

And even then, his involuntary jerk attracts the attention of the man across the aisle from them.

The Master Drill Sergeant turns away to look out the window, hiding a smile.


Movement at the front of the bus gets everyone’s attention.

Some of the men are half asleep.

The other half are simply starving, not having eaten since lunch time.

Practically a lifetime ago for men like them, expending the daily energy that they have been.

The hushed whispers fall into silence as the Master Drill Sergeant stands, beady eyes staring balefully down at the company of men.

“The 55th Division has extended their hospitality to us tonight for escorting one of their own back to the barracks. If a single one of you embarrasses me in any way, you will not see your beds at all till you’ve seen two sunrises. Am I clear?”

“Sir, yes, Sir!” Forty-five voices chant in unison.

“You will be bunking in with their men. It will be a tight squeeze tonight but I’m sure all of you will be too tired to care.”

“Sir, yes, Sir!”

“Unless you piss me off of course.”

“We won’t, Sir!”

“Your partners are waiting,” the man points out the window, and all the men of the Training Battalion of the Capital Mechanized Infantry Division stare out the window at the line of men in their army fatigues.

Each men is standing at attention with a folded pallet and a towel in their arms.

“What the fuck are you waiting for? Grab your things, have a shower, fix your bed, and be in the mess hall in ten minutes. Latecomers will watch everyone else eat.”

All the men scramble to their feet instantly, including the sole red-clad member of the 55th Division.

The Drill Master Sergeant moves across the aisle to stand in front of the younger man, forcing him to take a step back, making room so that all the men on the bus can exit the sole door.

There was no need for that of course, but the officer does not want anyone on the bus to get a closer look at their charge.

Yunho cannot help himself, dropping his chin, his lips press against the back of the shorter man’s spiky hair.

Jaejoong takes another step back, his body flush against the front of the other man, relaxing against the familiar body as he closes his eyes and takes the comfort given to him. He feels as tightly strung as a well-made bow, and all the tension in his body slowly diffuses for every second of contact he gets.

Curious glances are sent their way, but no one’s eyes dare linger for long because their commanding officer’s eyes are like a hawk, trained on each and every one of them, practically daring them to try and sneak a longer peek.

When the last man exits, the officer steps forward and turns around.

He takes in the flushed cheeks of the man he had pegged as rather masculine for all the rumors swirling around, but in that moment, he can see why they say what they say about him.

Next to the rugged masculinity of his own charge, the man in the red uniform blooms like a desert rose.

Still a man.

But not just another man.

They are separated, Jaejoong at the head of the mess hall table with one of his band mates, and Yunho about five seats down from him.

Familiar broken laughter.

And a glowing smile that none have seen till that night.

They are all drawn like a moth to a flame, not able to understand why they find him fascinating, but appreciating the atmosphere he seems to draw around him nonetheless.

Oddly enough, very few recognize him.

In a roomful of shorn men in identical fatigues and ugly grey teeshirts, many of whom are exhausted beyond endurance for they had been digging trenches till almost dawn, only given two hours of sleep before they were forced back out for their morning drills, the fact that Kim Jaejoong is seated among them goes unnoticed.

Those that do recognize him are close enough to their fellow soldier and brother Jung Yunho not to say anything about it.

They treat him the way they would anyone else.

Just another man.

“How about a song?”

It is inevitable in a division that revolves around music.

“Jaejoong hyung, will you sing for us?”



“Who is Jaejoong?”

“Kim Jaejoong?

Yunho hyung’s Jaejoong?”

The dam bursts as the men of the Tiger Division look around in bewilderment. That last outburst in particular was asked in such a loud and shocked voice that it silences the mess hall.

The Drill Master Sergeant rolls his eyes, squeezing the upper thigh of his counterpart in the 55th Division seated next to him and standing up.

“If a word of this leaks out beyond this camp,” he drawls, eyeballing every single man that he can, his or otherwise, the malevolence in his eyes causes a shiver or two, and several men to look away. “If I hear even the slightest whisper,” he pauses, fixing his eyes on several that he knows have younger female siblings, “you will wish you had never been born”.

Yunho swallows, looking past the men next to him to meet wide doe eyes staring questioningly at him.

No, baby. I didn’t do this.

Jaejoong sees his own confusion mirrored in Yunho’s small handsome face.

He is not about to question it any further though.

“I’ll sing.”

“One song,” the officer agrees as he settles in next to Jaejoong’s own commanding officer. “Make it count.”

Jaejoong worries his bottom lip for a second before he smiles.

He steps away from the mess table, several other men from his division following him. They huddle for a minute, before breaking up.

His friends scatter to find instruments while Jaejoong shifts his weight from foot to foot while he waits.

“We just learned this song this week,” he says by way of introduction.

“For the wedding of one of our officers,” someone carrying a guitar supplies as he drags a chair to sit next to Jaejoong.

“I hope you like it…”

Yunho leans forward.

The men between him and Jaejoong all lean back in unison to allow him a better view.

Neither of them notice.

The guitar strums quietly.

Jaejoong’s voice is unwavering, his pronunciation clear and sweet.

Oh thinkin' about all our younger years
There was only you and me
We were young and wild and free

Yunho moves closer, his heart in his throat and in his eyes.

Now nothin' can take you away from me
We've been down that road before
But that's over now
You keep me comin' back for more

There is no mistaking what is going on.

There are near a hundred men in the large mess hall.

And you could hear a pin drop between Jaejoong’s breathy singing.

Baby, you're all that I want
When you're lyin' here in my arms
I'm findin' it hard to believe
We're in heaven

One by one, the five men between Yunho and Jaejoong slip off the bench to move out of range.

Jaejoong’s stare is intense.

And they find themselves singed in his vicinity.

Yunho moves closer.

And love is all that I need
And I found it there in your heart
It isn't too hard to see
We're in heaven

Jaejoong sways slightly on his feet, lost in Yunho’s gaze.

And Yunho moves closer still.

Oh once in your life you can find someone
Who will turn your world around
Pick you up when you're feelin' down

“I guess the rumors are true.”

“Does it matter?”

The man thinks about it for a few moments before shaking his head.

“Yunho is a good man.”

Yeah nothin' could change what you mean to me
Oh there's so much I want to say
But just hold me now
'Cause our love will light the way

“How did you know?”

“He found him.”

“What do you mean?”

“Remember when I fell into a ravine and was injured in that valley during that final training exercise and they sent helicopters looking for me?”

“Fat lot of use that was. They couldn’t see shit and were utterly fucking useless,” the venom in the smaller man’s voice is still strong after all those years.

And baby, you're all that I want
When you're lyin' here in my arms
I'm findin' it hard to believe
We're in heaven

“You almost went AWOL to look for me.”

“I knew where you were. I knew exactly where you were.”

“And yet you’d never been down that ravine.”

“We were on a different course that day, yes…” the man closes his eyes at the memory. The fear and pain from that day almost chokes him, but a soothing hand on his thigh drives away the agony.

And love is all that I need
And I found it there in your heart
It isn't too hard to see
We're in heaven

“They knew exactly where the other was in that stadium with thousands of people.”

“That’s impossible.”

“I saw it with my own eyes.”

The two commanding officers stop whispering, turning their eyes towards the two younger men.

The smaller man gazing speculatively at the broad back of Jung Yunho.

The larger man with the mean scar slashed across one eye staring intently at Kim Jaejoong.

I've been waitin' for so long
For somethin' to arrive
For love to come along, yeah
Now our dreams are comin' true
Through the good times and the bad
Yeah I'll be standin' here by you, yeah
And love is all that I need
And I found it there in your heart
It isn't too hard to see
We're in heaven, yeah, heaven
We're in heaven

Yunho and Jaejoong fall asleep almost instantly.

Safe in the officer quarters given to them for the night, away from prying eyes.

Pinky fingers entwined under the blankets, nothing else of their bodies touching.

And yet that is enough for both of them.

AN: This fic was 100% driven by my elusive Yunho muse. He almost never comes out to play, preferring to allow Jaejoong to do whatever he wants, and Changmin to dictate whenever he wants. I seriously can’t believe I wrote this… It’s over 5,000 words…

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