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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Title: Baby
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG
Length: Oneshot
Genre: non-AU, crack(ish), fluff
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story.

Summary: Changmin isn’t the only baby in Dong Bang Shin Ki.

AN: This is pretty cracky…just take it with a whole packet of salt. You can blame Yunho’s MV… OTL It was supposed to be a drabble but it got absolutely out of hand AS USUAL.

“Aish! Yunho-yah, you’re such a baby.”

Yunho pouts cutely at his mother who is chiding him good-naturedly as she wipes at the water he has just spilled.

“He can’t even drink water without wetting himself,” another voice joins in, full of pretend censure as he glares playfully at the older man while waving his own bottle of water. “I’m sure he does it on purpose, especially since that MC called him sexy.”

“I do not!” The pout deepens, so pronounced that Yunho is basically making chu faces at Changmin who is struggling with hiding his amusement.

“Aish!” Yunho’s mother taps her son lightly on the shoulder before flicking at his mouth. “Don’t make faces like that. Who’s going to take you seriously when you look like a five year old?”

“I’ve never had any problems before,” Yunho grumbles as he continues to pout. He is well fed, well loved, and well taken care off and he feels like being a brat just for the hell of it.

“He does it all the time!” Changmin gleefully tells on his leader as he finishes his breakfast.

“I know,” Mama Jung nods. “I see enough photographs, even official ones.” She cards her fingers through her still-pouting son’s hair lovingly as she glances down into his dark eyes. “One of these days, you’re really going to turn into a baby, Yunho-yah.” She thumbs at his bottom lip to try and wipe away the pout, but to no avail. “And today might be the day since you’re looking like a petulant toddler. You were much more serious as an infant.”

“Who was serious as an infant?” A third voice joins in, and Yunho’s pout turns into a beautiful smile as the newcomer shrugs off his oversized jacket while pulling off the hood of his hoodie and a cap and ruffling his hair with his free hand. “It’s a damn fuc—“ he trails off as he gets a look from the only female in the kitchen. “A real nightmare,” he corrects hastily, “out there. It’s not just sasaengs but some unsavory media too. What are they hoping to see?”

“You.” Changmin replies curtly as he stands to help clear the table. “Why are you here so early? You know everyone will be watching whoever enters this building like a hawk. You couldn’t wait till the sun goes down?”

“I’ve been cooking since the ass crack—“ he cuts off again as a sound comes from the back of Mrs Jung’s throat. Her eyes are alight with amusement though she hides it well as she watches the man stumble, cheeks flushed as he becomes flustered again at his choice of words. “Sorry,” he mumbles as Yunho laughs outright at his discomfort. “I’ve been cooking since before the sun came up and there’s no one to eat it so I thought I’d bring it over.”

“We have Mama Jung, we don’t need you.”

“Changmin!” Two voices echo, a male and a female as mother and son stare at the unrepentant maknae who shrugs, before grinning.

“You’re an ass.”

“You love me anyway.”

“It’s getting harder.”

“That’s what hyung said.”

Mrs Jung claps her hands over her ears as the room is suddenly filled with a familiar broken laugh. Her son is trying not to join in, but it is almost impossible not to at Changmin’s totally matter of fact, and completely knee-jerk reply. The fact that he had blushed the second he had said it does not help matters at all as she watches the youngest and oldest chase each other around the kitchen and then out into the living room.

She drops her hands as Yunho’s gaze lingers in the doorway, the sound of a shrieking Kim Jaejoong can be heard still.

“I guess I can leave now that you’re in two pairs of capable hands that will more than likely baby you to death in my stead.”

“Where are you going?” Yunho’s eyes don’t leave the doorway, making his mother smile fondly at her only son. She’ has made her peace about them a long time ago, though her husband is still a work in progress, though not for the reasons most people think.

Jaejoong is still much too unpredictable for his comfort.

“Groceries. You’re out of milk.”

“I’m not a baby, umma.”

“Even adults need milk,” Jaejoong walks back in arm in arm with the tall maknae who is trying to extricate himself from the slight man’s firm grasp. However, as before, Jaejoong’s dainty and somewhat feminine ooks are deceiving, for he has a very strong and tight hold on Changmin. “I recall stories about you drinking so much you turned into a little basketball.”

“Hey! Speak for yourself! You were a round baby too.”

Jaejoong sniffs, wrinkling his nose haughtily. “I carried it well.”

Changmin snorts as Yunho purses his lips for the nth time that morning.


“This child!” Mrs Jung clucks her tongue as she taps her fingers on her son’s mouth again. “You really are a baby. I’m going to go out before I’m tempted to buy a pacifier.”

She turns towards both Changmin and Jaejoong who are wearing identical grins. “He’s all yours. Try and make him grow a little please?”

“Is that an invitation?”

“An invi—“ Mrs Jung’s eyes widen as she colors instantly, stepping away from her son to whack her pseudo son on the shoulder.

Changmin collapses into a nearby dining chair, howling with laughter as Jaejoong exaggerates a mournful expression as he rubs his shoulder.

She sees his face and she rubs his shoulder apologetically. “That wouldn’t hurt so much if you weren’t so skinny.” She turns to the maknae, deciding that she cannot trust the two older males, including her son. “Make sure Jaejoong eats at least a third of what he brought, and that half of that doesn’t end up in Yunho.” She leans down to rub her son’s belly. “He’s already getting a little pudgy and it’s only been a few days.”

“P-P-Pudgy!” Yunho splutters indignantly, his lips are pretty much permanently pursed by now. If the wind changed directions he’d be stuck with that face.


If you believe that sort of thing of course.

“I like him pudgy.”

“You mean squishy.”

“Yes, I like his squishy belly.”

“We all know the story. You like to lay your head on his squishy belly yada yada yada.”

“I’m not invisible you know?”

“Don’t let him misbehave.”

“But it’s fun when he misbehaves.”

“He’s injured!”

“That’s never stopped anyone.”



“I don’t think he’s sorry.”

“Shut up.”

“You shut up.”

“Do I have three babies or one baby?”


Interestingly, Yunho’s voice is the loudest as he glares at everyone from his wheelchair.

Mrs Jung laughs merrily, chucking her son under his chin as she collects her purse from the countertop. “Changmin, you’re not going anywhere, right?”

“Do I really have to stay?” Changmin sends a sidelong glance towards Jaejoong who has already lost interest in the conversation as he diligently looks as if he is trying to figure out how best to perch in Yunho’s lap while the man is still seated in the wheelchair. Yunho on his part, is trying his damnedest to prevent that from happening with his mother still in the room.

“I’ll only be gone a couple of hours. Just watch my baby.”

“I don’t have to follow him to the bathroom, do I?”

“That’s my job.”

“I have a perfectly good hand!”

“I don’t need details!” she declares hurriedly as she leaves the kitchen. “Be good!”

“Yes, umma,” three voices chorus, before Jaejoong starts to giggle as he is finally allowed to slide into Yunho’s lap.

Changmin rolls his eyes, but before he can take another step, Yunho’s mother pops her head in the kitchen for one final instruction.

“Make him sleep.”


“Yes, now. He was up all night. I could hear him tossing and turning.”

Jaejoong turns towards Changmin. “You didn’t stay over?”

“I got home late and slept in the other room.”

“Changmin…” Jaejoong’s voice is low and filled with irritation. “Do I have to do everything?”

Satisfied that her son will probably be bullied and guilted into going to sleep, she finally leaves with a tiny smile. Jung Yunho may be the leader of TVXQ, but at home, he gets gainsaid a lot by two incredibly bossy men who love him very much.

“We fight when I sleep with him and now we’re fighting when I don’t sleep with him. Are you crazy? Are you actually annoyed that I didn’t sleep with hyung?”

“Yes. He can’t sleep alone when he’s injured because he moves around too fucking much and then he wakes up from the pain. You know this!”

“I checked on him!”

“And what did you see?”

Changmin looks away, wearing his own pout this time. “What does it matter? I can’t be with him 24/7. That’s your job, hyung. Whenever he was injured, it’s always you he sleeps with. He can’t sleep with anyone else.”

“Bullshit.” Jaejoong stands, grabbing both Yunho and Changmin by the ear and pulling. Clearly it doesn’t matter to him that the leader is in a wheelchair and squawking at being handled so abysmally while injured, but the irate blond is not to be thwarted. “Don’t fucking lie to me, Shim Changmin. You two share a bed every time you go overseas, and you’re here when I’m not. I know this. You know I know this. What’s your excuse last night?”

It is telling that Changmin allows himself to be yanked by the ear as they make a peculiar sight, two men and a huffy blond. The doorway to the kitchen proves to be a bit of a challenge but Jaejoong’s will is strong and all three manage to get through the doorway without the blond letting either of them go.


“Don’t hyung me. You were out drinking weren’t you? You didn’t want to accidentally clobber him in your sleep like you normally would especially when you’ve had a bit to drink.”



“Look at me.”

“I know you’re pouting, I don’t want to look at you. I’m trying to be angry at our Changminnie here.”

“I’m the injured one here. Pay attention to me!”

“Oh god, you’re such a baby!”

A loud clap of thunder accompanies Jaejoong’s words as he finally turns, only to fall backwards as he screams in shock.

The sound of an infant crying starts up instantly, making Changmin whirl around, his mouth gaping, eyes wide as his brain is utterly unable to process what he is seeing and hearing.

The baby is upset indeed, his dark almond eyes filled with tears as he screams, arms open towards a prone Jaejoong sitting utterly bewildered on the floor and staring slack jawed at him, imploring to be carried.

His little foot is encased in a cast, and the whole effect of sad baby, and the obvious injury makes him look thoroughly forlorn.

“What the fuck…”

“Hyung…hyung, I think he wants you to carry him.”

“What do you mean him? Who the fuck is that? Where’s Yunho?”

The baby’s cries get even more shrill.

“Hyung! You have to pick him up before the neighbors wonder why a baby is crying in U-Know Yunho’s apartment!”

The baby’s cries stutter and die almost instantly at the maknae’s words, making both men stare at each other in surprise, and then back at the round pouty baby.

“Do you understand us?”

Baby Yunho rubs his nose with his fist and pouts, tears are clinging to his lashes, looking like the most adorable little sad nugget ever.

Or basketball.

“Are you Yunho?” Jaejoong gets up on his knees as he starts to crawl towards the wheelchair that only a minute or so ago, used to hold his boyfriend. Right now, he’s not sure what the fuck it’s holding. There is no way in hell the man could’ve moved that quickly, and even if he did where the heck did he find the baby?

“Oh god…” Changmin whispers as he crouches down by the wheelchair. “He doesn’t just have hyung’s mole, he has all of hyung’s scars…this is Yunho hyung…”


The baby gurgles, his eyes never leave Jaejoong’s.


Baby Yunho starts to suck his fist. Pouting around it somehow, his beautiful almond eyes still with a sheen of tears in them, blinking innocently up at Jaejoong.

Jaejoong stands up, lifting the baby gently into his arms as he stares at him, holding his breath as his eyes roam familiar marks, unable to draw breath because it is too fantastical to believe.

They both stare at each other for so long that Changmin is tempted to grab his phone and take a photo.

Jaejoong finally breathes, exhaling loudly as he cradles the baby against his chest.

“What the hell, Yunho?”

The baby simply nuzzles against him, snuffling quietly as he grabs the tie from Jaejoong’s hoodie and pops it into his mouth.

Changmin gains his feet too, staring at the infant whose eyes are drooping shut, saliva coating his fist and now Jaejoong’s hoodie.

“Hyung, if you can understand us, you know that isn’t meant for eating.”

The baby ignores him, continuing to chew contentedly on the frayed piece of hoodie tie.

“Yunnie-ah,” Jaejoong jiggles the baby a little, making the infant lift his head up and stare at him.

Dark, almost pitch black almond eyes stare seriously back at him. Jaejoong feels a shiver as the baby blinks at him, before resolutely continuing to chew and suck on his hoodie, not caring at all that two adults are now scolding him for it.

“Hyu—“ Changmin stares at the child in consternation, his gaze transferring to Jaejoong. “What the heck do I call him?”


“How about pabo?”

A loud smack echoes in the empty apartment, and a yelp follows it as Changmin backs away.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Baby Yunho stops immediately, turning his dark baleful eyes on Changmin as if asking what his problem is.

“You want this off?”

Yunho turns back to Jaejoong, breaking into a wide smile, causing the blond to laugh loudly. “He doesn’t even have teeth, Changminnie! He has no teeth, oh my god and he’s trying to strip me?”

The baby clearly doesn’t like the man’s words as he starts to cry again.

“Aigooo…” Jaejoong coos as he hitches the baby higher in his arms, putting the infant over his shoulder as he’s done with countless nieces and nephews. “I’m just stating a fact Yunnie-ah. You really have no teeth.” The baby starts howling even louder, making the incorrigible singer laugh. “Minnie come help me with my hoodie. I can’t get it off on my own with this little brat.”

“This is too weird, hyung.”

“I know, but what can we do? Yunho acted like a baby and he got turned into a baby. All I can do is make sure he’s comfortable. Mind his leg there!” Jaejoong warns as Changmin reluctantly assists him.

“How are we supposed to explain this to his mother?”

“We’ll figure that part out later.”

After much maneuvering and shifting of yowling baby, Jaejoong is sans hoodie, only left with a thin singlet.

The baby doesn’t stop crying though, eyes staring accusingly back and forth between the two men.

“What now? You’re supposed to silence him!” Changmin mutters, carding his hands through his hair. He peers down at the baby, trying to catch his eyes. “You had to be difficult, didn’t you?”


Changmin rears back in shock as a tiny hand lands on his cheek. Baby Yunho stops crying immediately, chortling now as he laughs at the comical expression of utter disbelief on the maknae’s face.

Jaejoong chuckles, as he starts to jiggle the infant once again. “I think that’s payback for then you smack him in your sleep.”

“Sleep! We need to put him to sleep!” Changmin’s expression turns gleeful as he rubs his cheek.

“We had to put adult Yunho to sleep,” Jaejoong reminds.

“Babies need more sleep,” Changmin counters.

Jaejoong cocks his head, still rocking and swaying as the baby chews on his fist and stares at Changmin with a watchful eye. He shrugs as he hitches the baby on his hip, the movement making the infant gurgle happily, as both idols smile at their dark-haired leader.


Changmin doesn’t bother hurting his head to think about it anymore. He simply turns, heading towards the man’s bedroom, followed closely by the singlet-clad Jaejoong who is currently being drooled on by the infant who decides that his singlet tastes better than his fist.

The younger man rounds the messy bed, staring at it in consternation. “I just made the bed yesterday…”

“Did you expect him to sleep on the sheets or something?” Jaejoong asks in amusement as he sits on the edge of the bed, dropping the infant in the middle of the mess and watching as Yunho stares back at him with a furrow in his little brow.

“Sheets…sheets…” Changmin’s eyes widen as he leans down to snatch Yunho off the bed. “I didn’t change the sheets!”

Jaejoong gazes up at the tall maknae who is currently trying to figure out what the hell to do with the baby he just picked up without thinking. Changmin’s face is absolutely comical in his confusion and the baby seems to find it hilarious as he starts to giggle with every strange expression the young man makes.

The lead singer merely stretches his arms up, yawning as he lays back on the bed, and making himself comfortable. A tiny smile plays about his lips as he watches the two. Changmin with his frown and little Yunho with his loud giggles.

“So what if you didn’t change the sheets?”

“Mfmmfmfmmmfff—“ is the very enlightening response.

“Come again?”

Changmin’s eyes widen at his hyung’s words as he nods his head. Baby Yunho has both hands on his mouth and is squishing his lips shut and the baby seems to find it the most hilarious thing ever and Changmin would rather have a happy Yunho than a crying one.

“What? Come?”

“Shhhhhhhhh!” Changmin juggles the infant, trying to cover his hyung’s ears while carrying him. His shushing though tickles the baby’s hands and Yunho throws himself backwards in glee, giggling.

Something Changmin wasn’t prepared for one bit and he loses his grip.

Jaejoong is up like lightning, catching the squirming brat, the precious bundle of questionable joy stares wide-eyed up at two pale men, fours hands on his chubby little body to keep him safe.

“I think I just lost ten years off my life…” Changmin whispers, staring at the child looking back so innocently at him, nonchalantly sucking on his fist once again.

“Your life? I think I just lost twenty, fucking hell.”

“Stop swearing!”

“It’s not like he hasn’t heard it before.”

“He’s a baby!”

A loud squawk interrupts the squabbling men while a wet, drool covered fist grabs Jaejoong’s singlet and tugs.

“Are you honestly trying to strip me?” the beautiful man asks quite seriously as he pulls the infant securely into his arms.

Changmin takes the opportunity to move quickly, ripping the sheets from the bed with a flourish, making a face as he bundles up the sheets.

Jaejoong rolls his eyes as the baby tucks his head under his chin, mouth open against his throat as he gnaws with his gummy mouth. The feeling is ticklish but not unfamiliar to the blond man for Soohyun and HyunA used to do it to him too. Their gums were just itchy and then needed something to bite.

“You do realize had you slept with him last night, you would’ve slept on those sheets, right?”

A visible shudder runs through the tall man as he makes quick work of the fitted sheet. “I’m never sleeping with him again.”

“I would place a bet against that and win.”

Changmin merely scowls, throwing the comforter back on the bed and laying on it.

Jaejoong is about to open his mouth to comment on the duvet cover the maknae is lying on when he feels an unfamiliar warmth running down the front of his singlet.

“Aigooo…Yunho-yah…” Jaejoong groans, moving the drowsing and peeing infant away from his body.

Baby Yunho merely stares at him, eyes looking slightly dazed, knuckles back in his mouth.

“Guess he was dead serious about getting you out of your clothes,” Changmin observes from the bed.

“This is fucked up.”

“Language…” Jaejoong whispers his chastisement while patting the baby cradled securely between his body and Changmin’s.

“He’s asleep, hyung. He’s been asleep for the last fifteen minutes. And notwithstanding that, he’s Yunho hyung and he swears and sure as fuck would be swearing if he were me right now.”

Jaejoong closes his eyes, wishing he could close his ears to the other man’s grumbling. Bathing a squirming and somewhat upset infant had taken more energy than anticipated and add to that the shock of the change, and the emotional upheaval of the past week in general, he’s just about ready for a nap himself.

“Don’t you think it’s fucked up?”

“Of course—“ Jaejoong remarks tiredly, but he is cut off by a maknae on a mini-rant.

“You two are the ones who are normally with a baby me. How did you and I end up with a baby Yunho? I don’t want to make babies with you. That’s really kinda gross…you’re like…like…like my mom!”

“And here I was thinking you thought it’s fucked up that he transformed into a baby,” the singer’s voice is heavy with amusement despite his sleepiness. “Of course you want to make babies with me,” he closes his eyes. “Everyone wants to make babies with me.”

Changmin decides to be the bigger man and not reply. His hyung has a point. Why the hell is he even thinking about that? He should be on the net and googling this phenomena and trying to figure out what to do and not writing his own JaeMin fanfic in his head.

A myriad of thoughts run through his mind, jumping from one implausible scenario to the next, mumbling to himself every now and again as he discards each and every one of them. He does not bother to get up to grab his phone from the kitchen to facilitate his crazy thoughts because he feels rather boneless, tired all of a sudden.

“Hyung?” he whispers, turning towards the older man.

There is no reply, for Jaejoong appears to be asleep, hand laid protectively atop the baby’s belly.

Sighing to himself, he too turns inwards, laying his own hand over his hyung’s. Staring at the peaceful features of baby Yunho, he cannot help himself, leaning forward and kissing the faint scar he can see that identifies the child as his leader. He inhales the soft sweet strawberry vanilla scent of the baby, recognizing Jaejoong’s preferred body wash for his hyung’s benefit.

“I think we’d make cute babies.”

“Shut up, hyung.”

Jaejoong smiles, not opening his eyes. He does move his hand though, and the oldest and youngest link their fingers over their leader’s body.

“I can’t believe they made you get groceries by yourself! If manager hyung hadn’t called me, you would’ve had to do this alone.”

“Yoochun-ah, you’re a good boy, but the only reason I bought so much is because you and Junsu ambushed me in the supermarket,” she laughs good-naturedly.

“Why didn’t Changmin go with you?”

“He was needed elsewhere.”


“Isn’t Jaejoongie hyung there?” Junsu asks, struggling with his tray of eggs and bags of milk dangling from each arm. He’s carrying enough milk and eggs to feed all of them for a week. The implication gives him hope, for they haven’t had a sleepover in a very long time and Yunho’s injury is a good enough excuse as any.

“You know my son. He didn’t sleep well last night and he was being a big baby this morning.”

“Ah,” Yoochun grins, not without a wicked glint in his eyes. “You’re evil Mrs Jung. You left him at the mercy of the only two men who can bully him into doing anything.”

“Anything good for him, yes,” she agrees with a smile.

“Isn’t that a little unfair?” Junsu asks, usually the one that gets ganged up on, he feels sorry for the leader. “He’s injured too. He should be able to do whatever he wants.”

“Like Jaejoongie hyung?”


Mrs Jung hurriedly enters her son’s apartment, shaking her head bemusedly. She doesn’t really want to know why everyone’s default response always has something to do with Jaejoong’s carnal appetite. She is going to cook them all lunch and leave quickly before she needs more than just brain bleach to get all the mental images out of her mind. To her, Yunho is still her baby.

The apartment is silent, the only noise being the crackle of bags as one of another, the three of them relinquish their burdens on the kitchen counter.

Junsu is the first to disappear, roaming around the apartment.

He is back before Yoochun can even get Mrs Jung a glass of water.

“Where is everyone?”

“What do you mean? Yunho can’t leave and I doubt Jaejoong would’ve left without him. They should be in the bedroom.”

“Oh!” Junsu’s expression brightens. “I didn’t check there because the door was closed. I was looking for Changminnie.”

“Do you need a chaperone?” Yoochun asks with a grin. “You do remember the danger of entering their bedroom, don’t you?”

“I’m sure it’s fine,” Mrs Jung waves them both out of the kitchen. “Yunho really didn’t get much sleep. Go check on them. Changmin is probably out to get some air.”

Both men nod and leave immediately, half jogging towards the bedroom. They haven’t seen Yunho in awhile and are eager to see the leader of TVXQ and commiserate over his injury. Junsu can both sympathize and emphasize for he’d been injured during their final tour.

“So, do you think it’s safe?”

Yoochun shrugs, hand on the doorknob, ear to the door. “I don’t hear anything.”

“They could be naked though.”

“It’s too cold to be naked.”

“Have you met Jaejoongie hyung?”

“Good point. However, it’s nothing we haven’t seen before,” and with that, Yoochun twists the doorknob quietly and pushes the door open.

“Awwwwww,” Junsu’s loud coo wakes two of the three occupants of the bed immediately.


“Shhhhhh,” Changmin hisses, not opening his eyes.

“Wake up! Junsu and Yoochunnie are here.”

“Good god, shut up or you’ll wake the baby,” he grumbles none too softly.

“What baby?”

Changmin’s eyes fly open, his sleep foggy mind clearing rapidly as he sits up.


“You were both rubbing his belly in your sleep! It was so cute.”

“You know, it’s usually you in the middle but I guess Yunho hyung is sick so it makes sense.”

Changmin turns to look at Jaejoong who is sitting up in the bed, staring at him too.

They turn to look down at Yunho.

Their leader is fast asleep, a fist against his mouth.

Their grown leader.

Yunho is back.

They both gaze back at each other.

“I won’t tell if you won’t tell.”

“Who would believe us?”

AN: Don’t ask please. IDK what happened here either. I was supposed to write sth else but baby Yunho… OTL I needed a bit of fluff due to some real life stuff. IDK if I succeeded tbh but writing this made me feel better.

Bahaha, I was wondering where you would take this.  I love when you put them all back together and it's just filled with love and fondness.  Makes my heart feel lighter and happier.  :)

I felt lighter and happier after writing this :-) I wish i'd included more baby Yunho scenes though lol.

I was drinking water as I read this and I actually accidentally spat some out when I reached the part where Yunho turned into a baby LOL. I love this! It's so cute how it's Yunho's turn to get babied, after all the babying that Changmin receives from his YunJae hyungs xD
It was really fun to read!

Hahaha this was a pure WTF is going on type fic for me but it made me happy so i'm glad you had fun reading this.

Aww LOL I love it! Yunho deserves to be a big baby sometimes haha this was fun^^

Yes, absolutely. Glad you enjoyed it~

This is what I need now. Missing the 5 of them together.

Tbh at the moment I just miss Yunho but I get you :-) //hugs//

Aww....baby Yunho is so cute....and he still preferred Jae even when he is a baby...^_^

He's just a clingy munchkin lol.

its funny!!!
hahahaaa..jj n changmin really have their hands full with baby yunnie..hahahhaaa

I actually kinda really wanna see JaeMin with a kid hmmmm...

Hahahahha baby Yunho!!! That's so cute!! Hope the five of them will get their sleep over party.

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Hahahahahahahahahha S cute . I enjoyed the humor greatly. ThNks hun

It was cute 😄thanks

I can't tell if it's YunJae or YunJaeMin, since Changmin features so prominently, especially with his thoughts of JaeMin fanfics and babies. I miss all five of them together.
Thanks for updating!

Damn! What the hell that I did read? So hilarious and creative! Esp Changmin's plots of Jaemin :)

It is amusing how baby-yunho still want to sex jaejoong up with his limited baby ability. And that Jaejoong got what yunho had wanted.

Omg... this is sooo funnyyy, i cannot stop laughing... hahahahaha.. jj n min so cute.. baby yunho or adult yunho ate always the cutest human being.. kikikiki.. i love it authornim.. good job.. 5 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 4 u.. saranggggghaeeee 💋