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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Drabble: When Are You Coming Home?
Title: Drabble: When Are You Coming Home?
Pairing: HoMin
Rating: G
Length: Drabble
Genre: non-AU
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story.

Summary: He is all smiles for the masses and in all honesty, he is also all smiles for his hyung because he knows friends and family are all watching him closely. However, no one watches close enough.

AN: Written in bits and pieces while at work today. I took a lot of creative license but you get the idea. This is a true drabble (well, as true as I can manage… it’s less than 1,000 words).

Day One - 7/21/15

14:30 - You’re there now and I’m not. These clothes are so suffocating, and I feel so damn hot. I just want to strip away everything and go, but I can’t. I can’t because you made it so that I can’t. I hate you.

14:33 - What the fuckkkkkkk! You changed your password? Why did you change your password? I need to take back a text!!!

14:34 - Damn it, hyung. Did you change it just to spite me or did someone finally figure out your phone password?

14:35 - Hyung!!!!!!!!

14:36 - I miss you.

18:45 - How are you? Are you ok? I think I’m going crazy. I know everyone has to go through this, but why did we have to be born two years apart? I could be in there with you right now.

18:47 - Augh!!! I’m going to reset your phone. The messages are becoming more and more ridiculous. This is all your fault!!!!!

18:50 - Have you had dinner? We’re on a break right now and I keep wondering what you’re doing. I hope you remember that I packed your gastric medication in three different places so don’t you dare fall sick! I will shoot you with your own rifle…don’t think I won’t.

22:00 - Your trend went on for so long. I read some of the messages throughout the day and sometimes I want to smack them and tell them to get a life and other times I want to shake their hand and thank them for loving you. I think more needed to be smacked though ^-^

23:50 - It's lonely in your apartment...

23:55 - The bed still smells like you…

Day Two - 7/22/15

00:01 - I can’t sleep here.

00:02 - Why are your sasaengs still hanging out here? Who are they trying to see?

12:57 - It’s scorching hot. No wonder the outfits changed over time. How can anyone dress like this everyday in the summer without dying from heat stroke? See? I even screen capped myself because this is how I look right now.

12:59 - Why no selca? Too many people around me.

13:01 - They’re feeding us very well. I hope you’re getting to eat properly in the army too.

15:22 - Our album is doing well.

15:24 - I wonder if anyone understood my video.

15:25 - Everyone thinks they understood yours.

19:07 - Gold Mission 002 is out today.

19:08 - Why am I telling you things you already know?

22:39 - We finished filming early today, and I called to see if you wanted me to buy anything for supper but then it went straight to voicemail and I remembered…

22:41 - I bought food anyway. I’ll eat your share for you.

22:42 - Maybe I’ll share with Kyuhyunnie.

22:43 - Serves you right if I did.

23:14 - I didn’t.

Day Three - 7/23/15

00:07 - Hyung pabo ugh.

00:19 - It’ll be your fault if I turn into a ball before enlistment since I’m now eating for two.

00:20 - That came out wrong!

00:21 - Stupid fanfics…



01:01 - I can’t sleep and I’ve got an 18 hour day tomorrow.

02:45 - Fuck my life.

11:21 - You better watch my drama when you get out. I’m not sweating out here and speaking so weirdly for nothing.

11:22 - I’m getting good reviews. You’re proud of me right?

15:35 - It’s weird rehearsing for SM Town without you.

21:55 - Jihye misses you. She even posted a photo of you on her IG.

Day Four - 7/24/15

21:32 - Hyung, I trended! I wasn’t even doing anything! Look!

21:33 - Ooops I forgot to attach the other photo. See now?

21:35 - I should be a good citizen and wear political slogans or something. I'll think long and hard about to wear next ^^

22:45 - SM Town tomorrow without you again… I promise I’ll do you proud. I’ll make you proud, hyung.

23:59 - Come back right now…

Day Five - 7/25/15

21:35 - Hyung!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RED OCEAN FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

21:38 - For us. It’s for us. Everyone misses you so much. Even the Japanese coordis keep asking me about you. How do I explain to them that I don’t know how you are either?

21:45 - I couldn’t do SM Town today without you. Do you recognise the shirt? Of course by asking you like this you know it's yours but no one else knows. Not even Kyuhyunnie... He would never let me live it down.

21:49 - Do you see what I’m wearing? It’s yours, though everyone else thinks it's mine. I wanted you with me…


Day Six - 7/26/15

00:47 - Why is it my birthday?

00:47 - Why is it my birthday?


00:48 - I am the definition of insanity.

00:50 - I’ve deleted all my stupid messages. Your phone is nice and empty now.

00:51 - Yes, no one else was crazy enough to message you. The whole of South Korea and Japan and the world beyond knows U-Know Yunho is in the army.

00:53 - Everyone except me…

00:54 - When will I stop texting you?

00:55 - When will I stop calling you?

00:57 - Thank god I know your password…

13:49 - I wonder how many people will get it.

13:51 - You get it right?

13:53 - No one can talk to you…not even me…

13:55 - It’s the last Dome concert for me. Standing on stage without you, if not for the fans, I don’t know if I could’ve done it so well. I never wanted to worry you, so I will always do my best the way you’ve always taught me. I will do my best to make you proud of me again today.

13:59 - I’m glad it’s the last concert because I cannot stop searching for you onstage and I know it will happen again today.

14:00 - When are you coming home?

AN: Five updates in one week… I did mention before that it would be easier to write when they’re in the army. I never thought Yunho would cause this deluge of words. I thought I was going to mope and be all sad and angsty and whatever…but instead I’m just channelling it to writing…

AN2: SMTown happening now. I’ve got an emergency meeting and won’t be able to keep up but I hope Changmin doesn’t cry ;;

Reading this actually made me really emotional. Changmin really does love Yunho a lot :')

Both ways…always both ways :-)

Changmin's delirium ♡
Makes me wanna hug him and cry with him
I love this girl!!
Your updates this week is like Christmas and Easter together \^o^/ thank u love !!

I'm scratching my head at how this week even happened tbh but i'm not complaining. Don't get used to it though cos I do need to sleep ;;

i know i should be emotional, but it just made me happy and all smile...
changmini is so cute...
too bad, he found his password that fast!
i'm not happy, yunho is in army, but i'm happy it gave you muse to write...

Yeah it's like the muse gods just rained on me. I knew it would be easier to write when oppas are away but damn… I honestly think it's an overflow of feels and I had no idea what to do with them ;;

Aww...this is so bittersweet.

At least Chami has an outlet though. I wonder what Yunho is doing…

I was doing fine until this:

"22:45 - SM Town tomorrow without you again… I promise I’ll do you proud. I’ll make you proud, hyung."

Broke me up entirely. Tears and everything.

He did not cry...and thank you for this...I miss Yunho so fcuking much too...

Instead he went mad with the hair and everything else. His hair though omg in those tiny qtpie pigtails… I REALLY COULDN'T DEAL.

I don't think Changmin cried today... But i cried reading your drabble. Thank you so much!! I miss Yunho >


Me gusta your DP btw… I thought it was Heechul O_O

omg LOL this is just so LOL and really, changmin being a sap just for yunho... i really really really wanna hug him and squish him and tell him that it's ok to miss his hyung because he loves his hyung so much~

changmin is a bit of a tough cookie, but he really does love his leadersshi. :) he just doesn't show his feelings like yunho does~XDDDDD

oh yunho, i miss you, you dork. reading this made me miss yunho a lot more... and made me wonder how he's doing right now with his basic training~

You know what Yunho is like. Does he know to be anything but the best? It's a fucking tough division since it's a frontline unit but he will do his best. He always does his best ;;

Oh God, this was so lovely and so touching!
It's so strange and unbelievable how he just can't reach Yunho to share his happiness or disappointment over small things, to nag or to express his affection any time he wants! He needs time to get uses to this new arrangement... and then he will be soon in the army too, so even if there would be any urge to text when Yunho doesn't even have his phone, he also won't have his own to do so!

Thank you very much, I loved it so much! [heart]

I think he'd spend the nights mentally composing or having conversations with his hyung in his head OTL Tbh…I think Yunho does the same…

You're very welcome. Thanks for the lovely heart :-)


that line broke me. excuse me while i bawl my eyes out. /tears

Reading this make me crying .... i miss them together T____T

I miss Yunho too thank u for writing and sharing...

I miss him… it's been less than two weeks!!! Only thankful that this week has been so busy I can barely breathe but still...

This is so beautiful. It's very funny but all the while so much love! I love it. Thank you.