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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Drabbles: LINE photo prompts
Pairing: YunJae and HoMin
Rating: G
Length: Drabbles
Genre: non-AU
Disclaimer: I don't own anything.

AN: The only way I can write drabbles is in collaboration. YunJae drabble (755 words) written with jasexists and HoMin drabble (782 words) written with nickianon. We took turns to write one line each :) I also just noticed that both of them picked up on my unusual tense :O

Changmin observes from the corner of the room, the way the leader watches their lead singer. He watches Yunho move up to hand Jaejoong water even before the beautiful man asks for it. He takes a tiny sip, not even looking Yunho's way, but thanking the younger man nonetheless with a touch of the back of his hand against the leader's thigh.

Yunho fidgets in his seat, looking at Jaejoong's wan face and worrying.

Junsu and Yoochun aren't paying any attention, being attended to by the coordi noonas so Changmin can't even go over to bother them so he stays where he is, watching his two oldest hyungs closely, taking note of Yunho's expression especially because he knows the man is going to say something soon if Jaejoong doesn't slow down.

Yunho opens his mouth to speak several times but is stopped by the gentle pressure of Jaejoong's hand on his arm. "I'll tell you if it gets too much Yunho-yah. Focus on the radio show."

The other two join them and soon, the five of them are speaking convivially to their hosts, joking and speaking of superficial matters, while the leader always has one eye on the singer next to him, and one hand in his lap, squeezing it every now and again to offer him his strength.

The younger three try to comfort their oldest hyung in any way they can as well, handing him a warm jacket and fetching him a chair when he shivers from the cold air blowing in from the AC vents.

If the radio hosts notice, they say nothing nor do they do anything, and this frustrates the leader, wanting to at least request for the AC to be turned down, but a soft cough and a shake of the head from Jaejoong tells him the man has read his thoughts and said no.

Yunho struggles to answer the questions posed to him by the hosts as they converse with him, his mind mostly filled with worry for his other half.

"Concentrate please," Jaejoong murmurs when the music starts, giving them some respite.

Yunho nods quietly, frustrated with himself.

"Could we turn the AC up a little? Jaejoongie hyung has a bad cold and it will affect his voice," a voice that isn't Yunho's speaks up and the leader is torn between gratitude and anger with himself for not speaking up before Yoochun.

His anger however dissipates somewhat when he feels Jaejoong reach out to hold his hand under the table, seeking the comfort and heat of Yunho's warm hands.

The radio station acquiesces, and the rest of the show continues without a hitch, though more and more start to notice how attentively the leader is minding his pale lead singer.

Finally the show ends, and Yunho immediately wraps an arm around Jaejoong's waist to support him as Jaejoong struggles to find the strength to rise from his chair. Several eyes cast over them, but they are distracted by the sudden exuberance of the other three members of rising stars Dong Bang Shin Ki, those eyes leaving long enough for Yunho to heft Jaejoong to his feet before wrapping his arms around the man, both draping himself on, yet supporting, the older man.

"I'm alright" murmers Jaejoong with a small tired smile as he turns his head to look into Yunho's eyes. "This is the last schedule for the day, you can pamper me when we get home."

The urge to kiss the pale yet too-warm cheek of the older man is there, rippling just underneath his measure of self control but Yunho hasn't gotten this far to blow it all away for want of half an hour, and so he reluctantly steps away, one arm keeping Jaejoong steady while he calls his other three charges, wrapping up the visit completely and professionally, gaining strength himself from the warmth of Jaejoong leaning into him.

The other three move quickly, clustering around their hyungs as they leave the room, trying to give them some form of protection from prying eyes. It's too late though, for they are not just seen but caught on camera, but it is brushed off as innocent, those observing choosing to believe the best of the most exciting group to come out of kpop in a long time.

Safe from speculation and prying eyes in their car, however, Jaejoong huddles into Yunho's arms, face buried in his warm shoulder, while the younger three speak to their manager about medicine for their sick hyung.

Changmin is already seated when he realises there's something not quite right. He looks to the left immediately, sees Yunho and yet, something is off.

Fixing his fringe to hide his glance at his leader, it takes him a few seconds to realise exactly what the problem is.

There is a gap - a fucking wide enough gap to fit another person - and hell if there is a need for another person...

Changmin frowns, glancing at Yunho's face to see if the man notices, but even after a few long seconds of concentrated staring, his hyung simply continues talking as if the fucking Grand Canyon of gaps isn't between them.

Idiot hyung, he thinks to himself, huffing silently as he throws a quick glare to the side, making a mental note to have -words- later with Kyungjae hyung about this unwelcome arrangement.

Yunho continues to speak, and Changmin cannot ignore the growing discomfort that starts at the back of his neck and spreads out across his skin, the slimey touch of uncertainty that he never feels when his hyung is standing beside him.

Urgh, he looks up again at Yunho, feeling like he could bore holes into the other's skull but Yunho's attention is completely on the room of reporters before them.

Typical Yunho, making him do everything yet again, but Changmin does not waste more time thinking about it because if he waits for his oblivious and probably clueless hyung, he'd be sitting at the opposite side of the stage for the rest of this presscon. Already it's been way too long and Changmin is feeling uneasy; he mutters to himself and gets to his feet, the movement attracting camera flashes from the room. Trying to be as inconspicuous as possible, Changmin lifts up his stool, only to drop it with a surprised grunt for it weighs a fucking ton.

This time, Yunho notices and pauses mid-speech to throw him a questioning look.

Changmin scowls in response, only belatedly remembering to school his features when Yunho's eyes tighten marginally before his features smooth out and he returns the microphone to his mouth and resumes to address the press. He makes another mental note in the space in his brain labelled MYPABOHYUNG to not let yunho have any ice choco for a day in revenge for his negligence.

He tries again, hefting up the heavy stool and mentally wondering who the fuck thinks they need solid metal to sit on because it's not as if idols weigh enough to break the seats anyway.

But finally he manages to move the damned thing and moves it across into the gap that was before; ah here, no, closer; yes, here.

He sits down, unable to hide the triumph in his face at managing the feat, not noticing Yunho giving him another sidelong glance and smiling, even though whatever he is speaking about doesn't quite warrant a smile.

Yunho knows Changmin thought he had no clue; but he's so attuned to other that words aren't needed, even mere body language and the change in the atmosphere around the other is enough to alert Yunho that something is - or rather, was - in the way. He makes a small joke about suddenly finding Changmin so close to him, but the joke falls flat to the maknae at least for his eyes are unimpressed, puffing out his full cheeks, on the cusp of a full blown pout, and he finds himself having to fight a sudden urge to rub the younger's ear - his adorable dongsaeng who's looking positively edible today but Yunho cherishes having a full set of limbs too much.

He continues to speak, his smile a little brighter and his body a little straighter, leaning towards a Changmin every now and again to get a comment or two from the more reticent half of them.

Then he sneaks another look and finds the younger staring right at him, eyes sparkling, full of something that Yunho doesn’t really want to get into at that moment; a slight smile curled at the corner of his lips - he says it; he says it out loud without thinking.

"To Changmin for being beside me all the way, I couldn't be here today without you."

The flush is expected, starting from the apples of his cheeks and spreading outwards, and had he been able to see his ears hidden under his thick hair, Yunho will bet that they will be red and ripe for teasing—uh!

Changmin feels decidedly sentimental; he hesitates and then he exhales and stares into Yunho's eyes, letting the world around them fade away.

"Well, I wouldn't be able to do anything without Yunho hyung beside me."

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Hahaha omg "MYPABOHYUNG" and the ice choco. That was so cute! Poor Changmin xDD

I miss #yunjae so muchhhh.
With the upcoming #yunjaefestival, I hope maybe you would write us a short drabble. >

Awww poor jaejoong. .. thanks for the drabble

It's nice to see Yoosumin are so protective of their hyung.Aaaww, poor Jaejoong. But I don't think Jaejoong mind beign sick once in a while cause he has such an attentive lover/ leader and such caring dongsaengs.

LMAO at MYPABOHYUNG, this is cute.

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Aww, Yunho is so sweet to Jae<3 it's always sad when they're sick but have to keep up with their schedules *sigh*

Mypabohyung lol that's probably a very large folder xD

both drabbles are lovely and sweet and fluffy and i'm just one big smiling idiot right now~XDDDD


Poor Jae but Yunho got his back.

Hope you will write more about our Yunjae soon...missed them terribly.

So happy for some adorable romantic yunjae from you, especially since the whole military performance with them both appearing is to be tomorrow!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkk!!!!!!!!!! :D

Enjoyed reading both drabbles.

ahhhhh. such warmth from YunJae and oh Changmin you cutiepieeeee!! hahahaha. how cuuuuuuute

I adore the idea of yunho being all attentive to jae when hes sick. lovely drabble, thank you.

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