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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Mirotic: A Special ROKA version
Title: Mirotic: A Special ROKA version
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: R
Length: Oneshot
Genre: non-AU military (enlistment)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story.

Summary: Muscle memory is a powerful thing, striving to reunite two men in a way that is wholly unexpected.

AN1: Quite a bit of this was written on napkins at a wedding because my phone died. No one thought I was rude scribbling away and not socializing because they just assumed I had to work since it isn’t a public holiday in any of the other offices lol! I wrote in parts so this might be all over the place and I totally absolutely killed myself halfway through but ugh what's new? OTL

AN2: Same !verse as Just Another Man but you can read this as a standalone. Also, I suck at ranks so just take any mention of that with a salt shaker.

Their goodbye is not a goodbye at all.

The younger man does not turn back after boarding the bus.

Just the way the older man had not turned back all those years ago when he stepped across the threshold of their shared dorm for the very last time.

No goodbyes were exchanged then, and none are exchanged now.

For they know it isn’t goodbye.

It is just waiting.

They’ve managed to miss each other so far.

He will not be at all surprised if this was contrived somehow, but he has other things on his mind. So much work and practice to do and he still has his duties to perform. No dereliction allowed of course even if he has to practice on top of everything.

There are a good couple of hours of free time before dinner and his turn to perform guard duty. He’s managed to shake off his friends this time, complaining of a headache and they leave him alone because while they like him well enough, free time is found very sparingly and guarded quite protectively.

Jaejoong wanders around the compound, heading towards the building where they normally have their band practices. There is a music room with a piano and he is hoping beyond anything that there will be no one in it, and that the rest time he is enjoying is universal.

It is a very slim hope of course, for he knows that due to the number of people performing, all rooms will be utilized but he takes a chance anyway.

Walking down the hallway, eyes focused on the room at the very end, a familiar voice cuts through the tunes he is composing in his head, drawing him up short.

“One more time!”

Neon nareul weonhae.

“Weonhae!” Jaejoong claps his hand over his mouth, eyes wide as the fan chant inadvertently slips out of his mouth.

Neon naege bbajyeo.

“Bbajyeo,” this time the word is muffled against his hand.

Neon naege michyeo.

“Michyeo,” Jaejoong whispers, dropping his hand, eyes wide as he edges towards the room.

The song continues to its end, and there is a voice in there that causes a smile to grow and continue to grow when he hears it.

“Let’s try again from the top. You’ve almost got the choreography. I know it’s hard, but just follow my lead. We have this room for another two hours, you will be ok. I promise.”

“Can we do it without singing?”

A familiar laugh wafts out the door that is slightly ajar. “Of course. We’ll focus on the dancing for now and do the singing later.”

“You can still sing if you want,” someone speaks up fairly loudly.

There is laughter again, and he strains his ears to listen for that voice.

“Alright, back to the top. Let’s go, guys!”

Encouragement in the form of loud claps, and then there is silence before the familiar pounding beat of the start of Mirotic filter out into the near-empty hallway.

Shijakeun dalkomhage, pyeongbeom hage naege kkeullyo…

That is the only line that is sung, and Jaejoong feels every word in his heart. It isn’t only at the start, he wants to reply. He wants to ask why he is only singing his line and no other, but he does not get the chance for his body decides it has a mind of his own.

Choreography he hasn’t executed in years flow over his body, the loud music setting a fire within himself, stimulating the latent muscle memory of a time long past.

Though clearly it isn’t long enough.

Only remembering his parts, he dances along to the men he cannot see, to the music he can feel, and the voice he strains to hear, smiling each time a line or two is sung out.

The voice doesn’t actually keep the tune, Jaejoong can hear that the man is emphasizing certain steps with his voice, merely singing to bring attention to those parts. He can practically see him waving his arms and pointing out the mistakes, yet continuing, moving along quickly with the song regardless.

When the first chorus hits, he remembers the one time he was at a live performance of Mirotic, but not on stage.

The only time.

I got youuuuuuuuuu…

That quick glance to the side, their eyes meeting, and one half of the two main men onstage swallowing his smile.

A far away memory full of denials upon his request.

The fan club can never say no to either of them, though at times he wishes he hadn’t asked them to deny it. It was an important time. Too important to be shared with so many, no matter the well-meaning support.

He continues dancing, utilizing the breadth of the hallway now, enjoy himself thoroughly, his body moving in ways it hasn’t for awhile. JYJ has choreographed routines of course, but he has to admit that the SM choreographers are world class, and a good routine gets the heart pumping like nothing else can.

The chin dance makes him smile so hard, rapping right along to the other voice, his voice rising more than just a whisper from earlier, matching the other in tone and delivery. As he bends over for the second half, Jaejoong is startled from his dancing by a voice behind him.

“Why are you out here, soldier? Are you being punished?”

Whirling around in surprise, lifting a hand to brush his non-existent fringe nervously, eyes widening when he sees who it is and months of training has him immediately standing at attention and saluting smartly.


“No, sir.” Jaejoong answers crisply, eyes ahead, body straight.

“At ease, Private First Class,” the man pauses, leaning forward to read the tag on the taller man’s chest, “Kim Jaejoong.”

The man is so high ranking that Jaejoong’s mouth goes dry, wondering what is in store for him if he finds out that he’s not supposed to be anywhere in this building at that time.

Barely able to obey the order, his body relaxes minutely, but it tenses up again when the middle-aged officer strides towards the practice room door, pulling it open and asking to speak to the one in charge.

Closing his eyes, idly wondering if he’ll be yanked out of the festival now, he is startled when he feels himself being physically moved.

“Is he being punished?”

Yunho’s eyes are wide, doing a very good imitation of a goldfish for a split second before he finds himself, straightening up. Surprised at the interruption by the very high ranking officer, the shock does not end there when he sees a man he’s only caught glimpses of over the past week right in the flesh, standing in front of him, the color high in his cheeks.

“He’s…he’s not from our, b—,” he swallows the word band and changes it at the very last second. “Division. He’s not from our division.”

“Why not?” The officer demands, voice rather grouchy. “I saw him dancing outside this room and he was keeping with the beat. I don’t know what this dance is supposed to look like, but it seems like he knows it. Are you telling me you plagiarized his division’s performance or vice versa?”

Several people swallow hard, exchanging glances, mute.

“No, sir,” Yunho replies, voice calm and respectful. “This is a kpop song and the choreography is known by my…” he pauses realizing he’s used the wrong pronoun, glancing over at Jaejoong’s face. My what?

“My? My what?” The officer’s eyes narrow suspiciously. He has no children, and no interest in kpop so he will have to take this soldier’s word that there has not been any shenanigans. He looks like an upstanding young man though, the small honest face, sweat on his brow betraying his hard work. However his eyes hold an emotion that he is unable to figure out, and it looks a little too much like panic for him to let it go.

“My…” Yunho tries again, but his mind empties of words when he looks over at Jaejoong who is smiling. Smiling with his eyes, his mouth curved shyly, cheeks pink. Smiling like the sun just rose and set out of Jung Yunho’s sorry soldierly ass.

“His fellow performing soldier,” someone finally decides to help out, stepping forward. Recognising Jaejoong for he was there with Yunho when they had accompanied the band member back to his camp some weeks ago, he knows his friend and leader of their little ROKA boy band is stymied.

“Show me this dance,” the officer orders. He waves at both Yunho and Jaejoong to stay, gesturing towards the other four men in the room to stand in the centre. “The four of you dance.”

“S-sir…Yunho hyung was teaching us how to dance. We can’t really dance without him.”

“Are you telling me you’re unprepared?” the man roars, causing all six men to flinch.

One man moves, despite having been told to stay.

Five steps to the right, behind the back of the angry-looking officer of the ROKA.

Four heads are bowed, and a fifth is tense, fists clenched, staring dead ahead to the back of the room.

“Why can he,” the officer turns to look over his left shoulder where he last left Private First Class Kim (AN: I typed Jung at first omg what the hell) Jaejoong, only to find no one there. Even more angry now, he whirls around, stopping short to find the young man not at all where he told him to stay. Squinting at the pair standing next to each other, the panicked one still panicked but doing his best to keep it hidden, his posture betraying nothing, and the one who moved without permission is staring serenely back at him, not the slightest bit perturbed at disobeying an unspoken order.

Cocking his head, feeling like there is a great big piece of puzzle that he is missing, but not wanting it known to the other men in the room that he’s missing half the story, he gestures towards Yunho. “Go and join them then. I saw PFC Kim dancing outside and I have a very good memory. Show me your dance.”

Not needing to be asked twice, Yunho moves immediately to the music player and turns it on. He has no idea how much Jaejoong remembers, or what he was dancing, but he hopes for all their sakes, it was the original choreography to Mirotic.

The darkly sexual beat of the start of Mirotic fills the room once again.

He cuts them off just after the rap bit is done, watching Private Jung Yunho running to turn the music off.

“Which band division are you from?”

“55th, sir,” Jaejoong answers respectfully. He might think he’s being very inconspicuous, but the officer is watching for anything strange and he absolutely notices how the soldier makes a slight gesture with his hand, bringing the private from the other division back to his side.

“The singing division then?”

“Yes. We play instruments too,” Jaejoong volunteers helpfully, eyes wide and shining with innocence and eagerness to be helpful.

“No dancers in your division?”

“Not a single one,” he replies cheerfully, forgetting one rather important detail.

“Except for you.”

“Errr…” Jaejoong’s eyes drop, flustering immediately at the scowl on the older man’s face.

The officer turns back to the six men, eyes serious on the four who just danced, excluding Private Jung for he definitely danced properly. The rest were in shambles whether out of nervousness or a lack of practice. Whatever it is, he cannot allow one of their main military arms to be embarrassed in front of the common people during the festival next week.

“What other duties do you have today?”

The six men each reply in turn.

Getting what he wants out of them, he turns to look at the soldier from the other division. Again resisting the urge to comment on what he is seeing, for the PFC has yet again managed to move closer to the taller man. Perhaps the puzzle he is missing is the fact that they know each other.

“I am transferring you to the 26th division—”

A high-pitched sound fills the room.

Yunho resists the urge to cover his face, for Jaejoong has just squealed. He can see the shock on the officer’s face, the man actually taking a step back and turning to look back and forth at his face and then Jaejoong’s. He hopes to god that his face doesn’t betray him, because right now, all he can hear is the fact that the man is transferring Jaejoong to him, and if anyone can authorize that, a Major General definitely can.

“—For the rest of today,” he finishes, seeing the disappointment the rather beautiful man is unable to hide. His friend controls his expression much better, eyes still resolutely ahead. “You two may be friends,” he starts, satisfied at the acknowledging recognition in Jung Yunho’s eyes, “but I am posting him here today to make sure this dance is perfected for next week since it is clear he knows the choreography and your division mates don’t. Anything less than perfect and all six of you will be punished. Am I clear?”

‘Yes, sir!” Six voices chorus.

“I will speak to your officers in charge. Get back to work, men.”

All six shout their salute, and not a single one says a word till the door to the practice room shuts tightly.

“Augh! This is so much harder than it looks! How do you get your body to move like that?” Private Lee Jihoon groans in dismay, laying on the floor, absolutely sweat drenched.

Jaejoong laughs, equally sweaty, leaning back on his elbows and staring fondly at the young man. He is the only one out of the four who was present with Yunho when they returned him safely back to his camp a few weeks ago. However, despite having never met the other three young men in the group, they too warm up to him quickly, especially when PFC Kim protects them from Yunho’s exasperation at their inability to get some parts of the choreography.

“Changmin still can’t do that part properly and he’s been dancing it for seven years.”

“He’s much better now,” Yunho speaks up, loyal to their maknae.

“You didn’t see him at this year’s KMF?”

“I was too busy dancing,” Yunho replies tightly, gaining his feet to repeat the song on the music player.

[You have to watch/read this before moving on…]

AN: I don’t normally do this but oh dear god you need to watch this video!!!!!!! The girl’s HOLY SHIT at the start of the video is pretty much a warning to all of you as to what this video is gonna do to you…


I’m actually using it to show which part Changmin still fails at and you can find it at 2:28 but dear god Jung. JUNG JUNG JUNG!!!!!!!!!!! Mother fucking Jung HOW DID ANYONE NOT DIE FROM THAT SMIRK? Wanna know which smirk? Just go back to 2:28 and look at Yunho instead of the flailing bambi next to him and RIP because holy fuck the way he SINKS into that move and is just so effortless and the swag and hotness and confidence is just motherfucking OFF THE CHARTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO FUCKING NAMJA TO THE VERY MAX AUGHHHHHH!!!!! Yunho knows how goddamn attractive he is here. HE HAS TO KNOW. HE HAS TO KNOW BECAUSE DEAR GOD I AM SO SO SO DEAD. SO DEAD. SO DEAD. SO SO SO SO SO DEAD. HIS THIGHS HIS BODY HIS HAIR HIS FUCKING EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE WHOLE VIDEO IS A PORN OF JUNG YUNHO AND MY OVARIES ARE SCREAMING AND WEEPING AND EVERYTHING IS LEAKING OH GOD……


Staring at his back, the white teeshirt plastered to his form, accentuating his back muscles beautifully, Jaejoong knows why Yunho is shitty with him. The exacting task master from the pre-debut days is still there. Even more so now. Within the military, a man with Yunho’s work ethic excels and is right in his element. Yunho understands that people get tired, but what he finds difficult to understand is why they do not push through the pain to attain the excellence he expects. The high standards are difficult even for him to maintain at times, but maintain them he does, and he expects everyone he works with to want to achieve a similar level of excellence.

Mind over matter and all.

The motley crew of young soldiers picked to dance with the dance master himself, though reasonably good dancers, are nowhere close to the level Yunho is at. Hell, not even Jaejoong is capable of half of what the leader is able to do.

“Come on, one more time, then we can break for dinner.”

“Dinner was an hour ago,” Jihoon grumbles under his breath as he reaches up, accepting Jaejoong’s proffered hand grateful as the smaller yet much stronger man pulls him to his feet effortlessly. He likes Yunho. Admires him immeasurably, but good god the man does not seem to understand the meaning of exhaustion.

“Junki, not like that. You almost banged heads with Jihoon! Step back a little please, you’re too close.”

“I’m sorry, hyung. I keep miscounting,” the young private bows his head in apology, sweat dripping from his forehead. He smiles gratefully when a towel is handed to him, meeting the large doe eyes of the interloper.

“Yunho-yah, let’s show them again.”

Yunho ignores the shiver of awareness at the endearing way Jaejoong calls out to him. Outranking him, he cannot call the older man to task for being too familiar, and yet at the same time he doesn’t want to. He is well aware of the looks that get thrown their way by his division mates, more so towards Jaejoong’s direction though for he can practically see the stars in their eyes every time the man speaks.

That’s a quality about the older man that cannot even be suppressed in the military.

He replays the music, and they dance as they used to do, the memories tugging at him even as his body moves unbidden to the music, their muscle memory for the song so perfect that they get through the part easily despite neither of them actually focusing on the song.

Heads bowed towards each other to form the letter K that Junki and Jihoon cannot seem to get.

“They’re pretty close too,” Junki whispers to Jihoon. “In fact, I think they touched.”

Jihoon merely shrugs, accepting the towel that has just been handed to him by the ranking soldier in the room, just one more thing to endear Jaejoong to them for never once does he pull rank on them. Making sure they have sufficient towels, bringing them ice cream and cold drinks, even snacks when it was clear Yunho wasn’t going to let them off for an early dinner.

Never actually undermining Yunho, he instead blunts the man’s edges. He expects the other four to obey the dancer wholly of course, but he jokes and teases in between, sharing anecdotes and stories of shared misery when they were younger and Yunho was equally strict with them all. All the publicly known stories of course. He tells tales of how the leader scolded him on camera for turning two beats too slowly at the end of Hug. Two beats. Then he follows up by explaining how right Yunho was to call him out on it because he’d ruined the aesthetic of their unit.

They are all a unit now with the need to work together towards a common goal. Jaejoong keeps talking about it, keeps reiterating it, until the four younger men all believe that they will all live and die together somehow. A passionate speaker, he focuses on the feelings of the exhausted soldiers and how to keep their moods and energy up somehow. Yunho may not have many faults, but he tends to be rather singular in his goals, brushing off soft things like feelings that men like Jaejoong tend to pay attention to.

However, he also accompanies his words with actions.

He never complains when Yunho wants him to get up and show the men how to dance “one more time”.

He dances each step with the other four even when he isn’t asked, providing one more body, one more example, one more alternative.

In exercise videos there’s always the main workout, and the modified workout.

Jaejoong is the modified workout, teaching them to get what they need to achieve without requiring to go the whole hog the way Yunho does with his big moves and elastic body.

The man is a perfect accompaniment to the tall leader of TVXQ in this respect.

Jaejoong hands out towels to all of them, grabbing a bottle of cold water from the cooler he’d brought in before forcibly herding Yunho into a corner of the room.

Four pairs of eyes try not to watch, but they are like iron in the face of strong magnets.

They watch for what must be the umpteenth time that Private First Class Kim Jaejoong opens a bottle for their tall leader. Watch as he takes the first sip. And continue watching when Private Jung Yunho takes the cool bottle from him and takes a long drink.

“Why are you going so hard? Not even Changmin can keep up this pace, Yunho-yah…”

“We don’t have many hours left of today.”

“They’re better than I thought. You’ll be fine when I’m gone.”

Several beats of silence, Jaejoong only belatedly realizing what he’d just said.

Yunho takes a deep breath, stepping back and turning to the four younger men. “Go get your dinner, a quick shower and some dry clothes please and return here.”

“How long do we have, hyung?”

“An hour,” Jaejoong answers, looking over Yunho’s shoulder at the men. “Make it count guys, because after that we’ll be here till midnight.”

“Sir, yes, sir!” All four salute jauntily, unable to believe their luck. They have worked with Yunho before and he never ever calls for a rest break of longer than thirty minutes.

Jaejoong straightens, hand resting lightly on Yunho’s hip, out of sight as he gets right up into the private’s personal space, chest pressed against the other man, eyes on the men groaning to their feet.

“Don’t eat too much otherwise I promise you will throw up. Just eat enough to fill half your belly, and I’ll grab us supper later and you can eat to your heart’s content.”

“Yes, sir!”

“Are you trying to bribe my men?” Yunho murmurs, his mouth dangerously close to an elfin ear.

“Why do you think I used to cook all the time?”

Yunho watches till the door shuts firmly, hearing the lock click. Jihoon had made sure he was the last one to leave, and he puts away a mental note to thank his friend.

Jaejoong steps away the second the door shuts, reaching behind him to grab the scruff of his teeshirt and pulling it off in one quick move.

Yunho swallows hard, his throat suddenly feeling extraordinarily parched despite downing practically an entire bottle of water.

“I’ve been wanting to do that for awhile,” Jaejoong admits as he shakes out the sweat soaked tee shirt and drapes it over a nearby bench rather prissily. “However, I wasn’t sure how you would react.”

“Like this?” Yunho comes up behind him, wrapping his arms around the topless man and curling around him, nose pressed into the back of the older man’s neck.

Jaejoong smiles, tilting his neck and allowing the leader more access. “Actually, I was more worried about how you’d react to the reactions of the four kids.”

“Narcissist,” Yunho nips lightly at an exposed collarbone, not hard enough to leave a permanent mark, but there is definitely a bloom of pink across the still-fair skin of the PFC.

“Just being cautious, Yunho-yah. This is the army not the SM dorms…” his words are gentle, hugging Yunho’s arms to his body, stepping back against the broad and firm back of the taller man.

“So cautious that you won’t kiss me?”

“I’m afraid I won’t be able to stop.”

“That I can believe.”

“Wretch,” Jaejoong smiles, sinking deeper against the younger man who hasn’t ceased his attention to his shoulder and neck, cock filling gently at the simple and familiar touch.

As if knowing exactly what is happening, one of Yunho’s hands drops, skimming the waistband of Jaejoong’s track pants before the older man catches it and presses it firmly against his hard belly, not allowing it to go lower.

“Really?” Yunho asks.

“We promised, remember? Not on military grounds.”

The younger man’s heartfelt groan amuses the singer who pulls away, turning around to gaze at his boyfriend.

Eyes cloudy with muted lust, shining with love, mouth parted, lips red from the kisses he had bestowed on Jaejoong’s starving body.


“Are you disobeying an order, Private Jung?”

“It’s Squadron Leader,” Yunho mumbles, though a smile tugs at his lips.

“It was,” Jaejoong corrects, grinning as he crooks a finger. “Now take off your tee shirt, Private.”

“I think this is an abuse of power,” Yunho scrunches up his nose, fully aware of his heavy arousal and knowing he is not going to be getting any relief any time soon. It’s like their first few years at SM all over again. He is dating Mrs Palm and her five daughters.

Jaejoong is a master at seduction, and after seeing Yunho the way he is right now, sweat covered, breath hitching after merely touching his bare skin…maybe he can work this out for both of them somehow.

He trails a finger over the ancient cd player, pressing play.

The deep sultry beat fills the room for the umpteenth time, and causes goosebumps to break out across his bare skin in the cool room.

His body moves, not singing.

Yunho follows each step with his eyes, the ripple of Jaejoong’s muscled body to the song sending him back to 2008 when the gorgeous man was just as ripped, just as beautiful, and glowing with the love.

“I’m breaking my rules again,” Jaejoong ad-libs his first line exactly the way Junsu used to do, smirking when he sees Yunho’s eyes widen, the man stepping forward. “That wasn’t an invitation, soldier,” he sings out in tune with the song, grinning when Yunho chuckles sheepishly. “Step back against the wall,” he orders, breaking out of the song for the first time, though his body continues to mindlessly move along.

The lead dancer obliges instantly, eyes only on Jaejoong, licking his bottom lip as he takes the three steps back to bring him flush against the wall.

Jaejoong’s tattoos are tantalizing, and being only able to see and not touch is driving him crazy.

Is this how everyone else feels when they look at him?

He inhales deeply through his nose, trying to regulate his breathing, the pounding of his heart pumping blood harder and harder, his ears soon ringing with the pounding sound. The blood appears to only have one destination in mind though, and he is acutely aware of the obvious bulge between his legs, pressing outward, yearning towards the tattooed man still dancing before him.

“I got you…….” Jaejoong sings, pursing his lips more than necessary, adding a wholly unnecessary knowing wink before pausing mid-dance, slipping his hand down into the front of his pants with a wicked smile, “…under my skin.”

He couldn’t have kept his moan in under pain of death. Yunho should have known. He really should have fucking known.

“Still waiting for that tee shirt, soldier. Lose it.”

This time, there is no pause, not even a pretext of a protest.

The shirt is off and on the floor in two seconds flat.

Giving himself a much needed squeeze, Jaejoong removes his hand and backs away towards the opposite wall, right by the cd player.

His chest is heaving from the exertion of dancing, but his heart is racing and blood pounding for another reason altogether.

Two pairs of eyes meet across the room.

One not daring to breathe.

The other wondering if he can pull this off.

Changmin’s scream breaks their reverie and Jaejoong steps forward once again, resuming the choreography, biting his lip when Yunho thrusts his hips forward the way he normally would at that point in the song, unable to control himself.

The part Jihoon was having trouble with earlier is coming up.

“Dance with me.”

Yunho pushes away from the wall immediately, falling quickly into the music without missing a beat, eyes only on the man dancing in front of him.

Cock straining, thighs thick in his sweat-dampened pants, skin glistening, he sinks into that move, swiveling his hips and the man watching can feel each fucking move as if he made against his own body.

Which he has, many times before.

That hip swivel when he wants to be stretched and feel every single fucking inch, Yunho’s cock buried deep within his body.

And this time it is Jaejoong that moans.

The sound seems to wake something in the dancer, finally remembering who he is perhaps, and the smirk he wears is so fucking sinful, anyone watching would know exactly what is on his mind as he moves his firm, dancer body.

Like a leashed force, controlled and perfectly on the beat, slipping his thumbs into the front of his waistband, he tugs it down much much much lower than necessary, causing Jaejoong to stop dancing altogether and stare.

“I got you…” he smirks, hands moving free from his waist band to slip over his own body, making damn sure to caress every part he knows the other man wants to touch, “…under my skin.”

Mouth filling with saliva as his glands work overtime, Jaejoong steps back, allowing the other man to move forward and take control of the centre of the room with his too-big moves and long limbs. The sweat on his naked chest wink in the light, and the singer is thirsty.

Really fucking thirsty.

When Yunho does that thumb hook move again, Jaejoong counters, not even bothering to be shameful about it, stepping back against the wall he thrusts his right hand into the front of his pants and blatantly fondles himself as he watches Yunho miss a step.

The man recovers immediately, taking more steps towards him behind the pretext of dancing.

“One more time,” he growls, eyes dark with promise and never leaving the shorter man’s.

Jaejoong’s mouth is parted, no longer trying to be coy about it anymore, needing release and fast. It’s only been three minutes, and he’s ready to go and go and go. Yunho has always been able to elicit that kind of response from him.

Simple movements and smirks at the camera once left the singer howling without a second thought to all and sundry, howling about Yunho and lamenting how he is his member.

As if that was ever a reason to stop.

They are in the military now and they made a promise.

Will that be a reason to stop?

The song ends with Jaejoong trapped against the wall, Yunho’s arms caging him, but not touching.

Tilting his head down, Yunho inhales, smelling the musk of Jaejoong’s sweat and the sweetness of his arousal, the tip of his nose just shy of touching damp salty skin.

The short hairs of Yunho’s army sanctioned haircut tickle at his cheek, his hot, oversensitive skin unable to take the contact, and the smaller man whimpers, biting his lip hard to stop himself making more sounds.

He thought he had control, but clearly he thought wrong.

Yunho head jerks up at the sound, pupils blown, staring at the pink luscious mouth of his lover.

Leaning forward, he stops a hairs breadth away, so close, tormenting both of them.

Jaejoong’s mouth parts and Yunho leans in, the cushiony top lip now very nearly trapped between his own cupid bow.

And still they don’t touch.

They barely breathe.

Drawing back slightly, Jaejoong tilts his face up towards the taller man, lust still clouding his eyes, his top lip whispering across Yunho’s bottom.

“We promised,” his voice is hoarse to his ears.

“We promised not to have sex,” Yunho counters.

“If we kiss, I can promise you that any promise made along those lines will be broken without a second thought.”

“You’re supposed to be the impulsive one and I’m supposed to be one telling us we can’t do something.”

“I’m not saying we can’t do it.”

“Fuck,” Yunho draws back, staring into the other’s liquid doe eyes. He knows he will give in should Jaejoong ask. He is barely holding on by a thread and a whisper from the older man will bring him to his knees easily.

Something he used to think he should be ashamed about, but he is long done with trying to please others. He is by no means selfish, but he is extremely protective of what he deems as no one else’s business.

And Jaejoong sits alone in that basket.

The man in question presses a hand, splaying it out against the other’s chest, covering as much warm skin as he can, pushing gently.

“I’m saying we won’t do it.”

“We won’t?”

“I’m trying to be good—“

“Try tomorrow,” Yunho’s reply is quite serious.

Jaejoong’s laughter echoes around the practice room, hand placed delicately over his mouth, eyes sparking with love, amusement and a fair amount of desire still.

“Yunho-yah,” he chastises playfully, already giving in, “we have no lube and I need to be able to dance.”

The slow smirk is absolutely devastating on the younger man when he realizes he is getting his way.

Stepping forward and driving the beautiful man back against the wall, sliding his thigh between the other man’s legs Yunho once again noses his way along the other’s sharp jawline, peppering kisses where his mouth can touch, tracing his way to his ear.

“You used to be able to dance just fine…”

“Yunho…” breathless at the proximity, dizzy with need to push and pull against Yunho, wanting to push so he can get some much needed air into his lungs, but needing to pull as well, to feel the man within him.

“Don’t worry,” Yunho presses a kiss against Jaejoong’s ear before dropping to his knees.

Track pants are nothing compared to the leather pants Yunho used to have to peel off the other man, and his mouth is on him, kissing hungrily within seconds.

Blending his licks and nips with whispers of nonsensical love words against his skin, the starved Private Jung Yunho doesn’t waste any more time, kissing that damn tattoo low on Jaejoong’s belly revealing every fantasy he has had in the past few weeks since their last meeting and innocent touches.

Fantasies with a few choice words that cause the older man to listen quite carefully.

Jaejoong’s cock is poking urgently against his throat, but Yunho sits back on his heels instead, looking at the turgid member and gazing upwards.

Jaejoong is beautiful.

Skin hot and flushed with arousal, Yunho can taste his sweat and the saltiness still has him licking his lips.

The older man stretches a hand out, cupping the man’s small face with a hand, he thumbs at his plush bottom lip, rubbing gently.

“I think about your mouth a lot—how it might look around my cock.”

“Are you ordering me to do something, sir?” Yunho questions, eyebrow cocked.

Jaejoong ignores the question. “Sometimes, late at night, I think about how I used to wake you, my mouth around your limp cock, licking at the tip, and how your cock would be full and leaking before you even woke,” he closes his eyes, tilting his head back against the wall, but never losing his touch of the younger man, continuing to thumb at his mouth before slipping it between Yunho’s lips, grazing the fleshy pad of his thumb against the other’s teeth. “And how you would say my name in sleepy wonder, body already fully aroused but your mind isn’t quite there yet. How you would take me, spooning my body as you slipped your cock into me and hold it there till I begged for you to move…” he trails off, teeth clamping hard on his bottom lip when he feels Yunho biting his thumb.

He pulls his thumb free, and the next moment, a warmth like no other he has felt in recent times envelopes the head of his wet cock.

Tongue stroking the underside, teasing the vein running up it, lazy sucks as if Jaejoong was one of those popsicles he bought the dongsaengs earlier.

As if understanding the older man’s mood, Yunho tempers his ministrations to match. From the fire raging low in his belly earlier to the familiar thrum that wracks his body, his groin aching with delayed gratification. Jaejoong wants it slow for some reason, and Yunho’s body obliges, naturally mirroring the man’s mood easily, for they have been together so long.

“Lately I’ve been thinking about waking you differently,” Jaejoong speaks, voice hushed and aching, body shuddering, legs barely holding him up as Yunho works him over. Feeling and remembering, cheeks turning a darker shade of pink, he speaks of his own fantasies. “Slipping my tongue into you…”

Yunho’s eyes cross at the image, teeth nipping across sensitive flesh accidentally, holding Jaejoong up in apology as the older man’s hips cant, shoving his length down the dancer’s waiting throat in return. His hand moves to his own cock, wrapping around the hard length, he starts to stroke slowly, timing it with his mouth.

Opening his eyes and dropping his gaze, he stares as if blind at the other man, lost in his thoughts and memories. “I wanted you on your hands and knees, and take my pleasure from you, feeling your heat around me for once.”

The younger man’s breath stutters, drawing back, lips moist with spit and precum.

“Do it.”

“You don’t get to command me. I outrank you, Private.”

Yunho responds by leaning his cheek against Jaejoong’s thigh, glancing up at him through his lashes, hiding a smile when the older man sucks in a heavy breath.

“You’re playing dirty.”

“You speak of things that I have imagined as I gaze at you, muscles straining against your shirt that you needed help rolling down your sleeves.”

“How long?”

“Since our last time in July before I enlisted.”


“During Mirotic…your body was just as it is today, but there was still a softness about you that I enjoyed completely.”


“But I like this version too…”

“Why?” Jaejoong asks swirling a finger around his precum, body tightening when Yunho parts his mouth willingly and he paints the man’s lips with the slippery liquid.

“It reminds me of when we first met at that street fight. You looked soft, but there was steel.”

Jaejoong smirks. “Get on your hands and knees then.”

Pausing for a moment, looking at the older man to see if he is serious, Yunho sees nothing that says otherwise, and he rolls back on his heels, unfolding himself into a standing position.

Gaze hooded, he stares down at the shorter man, licking at his mouth when the other does, unconsciously mirroring him.

Eyes not leaving the other’s he bends at the waist, pulling his pants down before stepping out of them, kicking them aside when he does. Licking his mouth again, he slowly steps back towards the middle of the room, before sinking to his knees.


“This is absolutely an abuse of my position.” Jaejoong muses aloud, pushing himself away from the wall and walking towards the kneeling man staring up at him with dark serious eyes, fists clenched against his upper thigh. “But you want this.”

Understanding dawns on Yunho.

His whispered fantasies.

He didn’t think Jaejoong heard.

Bowing his head, he moves into position, body like a bridge, so stiff and tense, cock leaking profusely, a long slow drip connecting him to the floor.

There is no shyness.

No anxiety.

But his skin is absolutely prickling with anticipation and awareness. Despite establishing that there is no lube, Yunho has no doubt that Jaejoong will figure something out.

“I’m not ready though,” Jaejoong admits, moving into position, wriggling his way between Yunho’s arms and legs till his body is once again caged by the other man. Yunho’s cock is pressing against his cheek, heavy and insistent. “Fuck my mouth, Private,” he follows the order by tilting his head back and opening his mouth and throat for the pulsating length.

Kissing his way down Jaejoong’s cock in front of him, Yunho obliges, relief mingling with disappointment that doesn’t linger, their bodies rocking with a memory stronger than anything else.

Jaejoong spends himself first, painting the back of Yunho’s waiting throat.

Coming down from his high, he moves slightly, hands gripping the now slick skin of the curve of the younger man’s ass. Yunho wants to switch, but there is no need for Jaejoong is powerful enough right where he is.

His touches alternate between heavy and light, his ability to make Yunho shiver in need, the man’s strong body bending and curling under his hand.

When he runs his hands further back along the underside of his ass, scraping up his perineum and rubbing a damp finger against Yunho’s clenching still-virgin hole, the cock he is deep throating pulsates in response and Yunho comes with a harsh bite against his inner thigh, spilling his seed far down Jaejoong’s throat.

Wearing their army hoodies for the evening air is very cool and crisp, the two on-hiatus idols jog slowly back to the practice room. They keep an arms length apart, caps drawn low over their faces, not inviting conversation.

They keep up with each other easily, the pace kept by the taller man, the shorter one merely keeping up.

Laughter echoes down the hallway towards them, just in time to see four young men horsing around, shoving each other into the practice room.

Taking up the rear, the oldest soldiers enter just a few paces behind the rejuvenated army dancers.



“Just call me hyung,” Jaejoong admonishes quickly, eyes darting to a particular spot in the room before glancing away.

“Ok, hyung.”

“You two had a shower too?”

“This room stinks of sweat. Whose shirt is that?”

“The practice room next door is empty. Can we move there?”

Yunho nods immediately, lips pressed, trying his damnedest not to smile. For whatever reason, he just wants to smile.

And smile and smile and smile.

He just wants to smile.

“We didn’t see you in the dining hall. Have you had your dinner?”

Jaejoong walks into the doorway.

AN: As usual, this was supposed to be a drabble but I fail at drabbles OTL If you want a drabble version of this, go and read jasexists because the scenario was conjured up in our LINE group chat with Trishy (@mysekushiboo on Twitter) who is damn good at scenarios btw but she doesn’t want to write them for some reason so Suman wrote it too.

AN2: Errr….IDK what happened //innocent// Ok that’s a lie. I know exactly what happened. THAT FUCKING VIDEO HAPPENED. I think my eyes are still crossed from lusting after him so badly omg… I AM THIRSTY OK. I need very long and deep drink of… +_____________+

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I'm sitting in a Barnes and Noble right now and trying so hard not to squeal, but people are looking at me weirdly anyways. I read jaesexists earlier and loved it, but this just hit all my emotional spots. Will they get the dance down in time and will they see the Major General again? I feel like that would be an interesting scenario: the Major General was so confused by the two that he decided to look up Mirotic and realized the two were in the same band that originally sang and danced to the song. I don't know why, the scenario just makes me laugh. Thank you for updating!

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call changmin for my funeral


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Okay wow. Wow. Wow. WOW.
Okay, first about the smut. I love how everything they do together has so much meaning behind it all. And I wouldn't be surprised if they switch IRL too, I mean come on, more fun right? xD

I love the whole part about how Jaejoong tempers Yunho's single-mindedness. I bet he used to do this during DB5K days too. That was absolutely perfect and made me smile and smile.

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The day you wrote this fic is also the day they really met again in person. Greeted and hugged each other in public for the first time in almost 6 years,in an army festival. For years they were seperated in the public eyes but then when they met again in public, they dont even seem to act like they just saw each other for the first time in years... Or i think thats not the way you act when you just saw someone for the first time in years... So i thought this fic will be about this like what happens more behind the scene of the festival a little insight of yours i guess. But anyways i havent started reading yet and im aboutto, i only did some skimming to see if its about the yunjae2015 reunion. But anyways going to read now. Cant contain my feelings since yesterday!

First thing first, I wanna say Happy #yunjae Festival. LoL These few days have been great!

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The day you wrote this fic is also the day they really met again in person. Greeted and hugged each other in public for the first time in almost 6 years,in an army festival. For years they were seperated in the public eyes but then when they met again in public, they dont even seem to act like they just saw each other for the first time in years... Or i think thats not the way you act when you just saw someone for the first time in years... So i thought this fic will be about this like what happens more behind the scene of the festival a little insight of yours i guess. But anyways i havent started reading yet and im aboutto, i only did some skimming to see if its about the yunjae2015 reunion. But anyways going to read now. Cant contain my feelings since yesterday!

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