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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Remember When 2.0
Title: Remember When 2.0
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG
Length: Oneshot
Genre: non-AU military (enlistment)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story.

Summary: It’s been a good decade since Jaejoong first met “the parents”, but this meeting is different, for it is the first time they are “meeting” in front of curious eyes who believed that this day would never ever come.

AN1: LOL I actually started this (800+ words) on my phone on Friday but my husband came back from his business trip so yeah. Kinda crazy last few days which made me want to retire from writing non-AU because real life and all hah but Jaejoong is a rather noisy muse, plus NGL I am digging his new form and was very fucking thirsty today JFC… This has turned into a monster at 5,000+ words though thanks to him…Don’t ask how. Only Jaejoong.

AN2: Written in between meetings after the end of the fest. Yunho was fucking gorgeous in that cap augh!!!!!!!!!!! You might want to read Drabble: Remember When first for panicked qtpie JJ (I wrote that almost a year ago omg), but it’s not a straight follow-up from that and this can stand alone. If you’re allergic to OT5, you might want to look away btw.

"Did you hear me? They just told me I'm performing at the main stage!"

Yunho doesn't answer, head down, looking at his cue cards.

The furrow in his brow is deep and pronounced, prompting Jaejoong to reach out and try to smooth it with his thumb while he huffs and puffs. Rubbing soothing circles despite his inner butterflies that are threatening to fly straight up his gullet and out of his mouth and do swan dives in Yunho’s bunk room.

Brow smoothing out, he continues scanning through the cards in his hand, not seeing the other man's name anywhere on his cards. "You're not here."

"What do you mean? I'm right here!" The older man thumps his bare chest loudly.

Yunho's mouth quirks, but he doesn't give in to the smile. He flicks through his cards again, slower this time, searching for a familiar name. He still sees nothing.

"You're not in my cards."

"Haven't you been reading those cards since Tuesday?" Doe eyes narrow.


"Well of course I'm not on your cards! Weren't you listening? They JUST told me I'm performing."

Yunho's frown deepens, brow furrowed again. “Shouldn't they have told me?"

"You just got told."

"No, I didn't."

Jaejoong huffs exasperatedly, mentally praying for patience. Here he is freaking out and there is Yunho having no idea what's what.

A knock on the closed door has Jaejoong leaping off the bed as if he just got scorched, flying to the other end of the four man bunk room and fitting himself against a metal locker, ignoring the cold steel against his bare body, eyes wide and very mildly worried.

Yunho shakes his head, the smile from earlier finally escaping. "Come in!" He calls out.

Two men enter, both officers, and the younger man gets to his feet instantly, saluting smartly.

Jaejoong, torn between being discovered and being found insubordinate, decides to go with the lesser of two evils.

He stays silent.

"Where's PFC Kim?" one of them demands, voice harsh, but that's just an occupational hazard.

Yunho takes too long to answer, unsure about what to do, but the other man makes his choice for him.

"Yunho-yah," the officer in-charge of the opening ceremony deliberately adds honey to his tone. He is extremely fond of the polite and upright young man, and he knows exactly who always causes the tall man before him to waver about anything.

Good or bad, the officer is not there to judge, but waver Yunho does.

"Yes, sir?" Yunho blinks, aware of the annoyed eyes trained on him and the back of the officer's head. If looks could kill, his OIC would be floored at the very least.

"I saw him enter ten minutes ago after I told him the news, and I'm sure he didn't leave. He never does unless it's lights out and he gets forcibly ejected."

A sigh that could topple Seoul Tower is heard from across the room.

The officer who had spoken first scowls. Without turning round, he barks out crisply.

"Drop 50 right this instant, Private First Class Kim Jaejoong.”

Jaejoong manages to swallow his sigh this time, trudging out from his hiding place.

"This is not the place for hide and seek, Jaejoong-ssi." Yunho's OIC chastises as the man gets into position.

"I'm sorry, sir," Jaejoong holds a perfect plank. "Permission to start, sir."

"Go ahead."

Yunho tries not to look.

He really does.

To the amusement of one officer and the irritation of the other, he fails miserably.

By the time Jaejoong hits 10, Yunho's glances over get longer and longer.

By the time he hits 30, there is a sheen of sweat on his tattooed skin, arms showing no sign of exertion just yet, still maintaining his perfect form.

Yunho licks his lips.

The two officers pretend not to notice.

When he gets to 50, sweat is dripping from his brow, tickling his temple and he moves without thinking, pulling his knees in and sitting back on his heels, wiping his red face and breathing loudly.

"Did I say you could stop?"

Jaejoong bites his bottom lip and shakes his head.

"I can't hear you."

"No, Sir!"

"Another thirty."

Jaejoong chews his lip again, getting into position without so much as a look of complaint.

"Permission to begin, sir."

"Not yet."

Jaejoong's head drops slightly at that, staring grimly at the floor.

A full minute passes.

Yunho wonders if this part of the reason why Jaejoong is so buff. He keeps getting into trouble and being punished for it. Push ups and burpies are a favorite amongst the officers and while Yunho hasn’t been punished directly per se, he’s definitely seen fellow soldiers grow dizzy from too many burpies. And as for Jaejoong…all those push ups would certainly explain how developed his boyfriend’s upper body is.

His eyes travel the length of the man, stopping overlong at the straining biceps as the tired man holds himself up after a full day of practice, and their usual duties as soldiers of the ROKA. Yunho had spent most of the last couple of days helping to set up the tents, on top of practice, and he knows Jaejoong had been doing something similar at the other end of the grounds. Their officers do take a cursory approach at keeping them “separated”, but only because they attract too much attention whether apart or together.

Both officers watch in silence, the OIC of the event is particularly concerned.

Many idols have come and gone over the years. He has overseen this event and all the hoopla that come with congregating on-hiatus idols to allow them to let off a little steam from the routine of their army lives.

However never since his first time at the event since it began has he felt an electricity in the air like this

He can practically smell the ozone.

And really, he should’ve known this would happen. The arrival of the first one already brought about more rubberneckers than he’s ever seen. Watching the man disembark from the bus, only to be swarmed by soldiers eager to see him had not been a surprise, for it usually happens with any well-known actor or idol.

What he did not expect however, was for the waves of men to keep on coming, till it got to the point where he actually had to send men in to extricate the soldier because the crowd grew at least five soldiers deep, all eager to catch a glimpse of the man known for his pale ethereal beauty while as an idol, and wanting to see how much he has changed during his time in the military.

Since then, the swarms have stayed back a little, watching and creeping closer, but never to the extent that they did that first day. Some of the more daring approach for autographs. Whispers follow him everywhere he goes, but he has a good set of “bodyguards” that keep most away, and cover his tracks when he disappears every now and again.

The definition of idol-soldier is definitely Kim Jaejoong.

Older than most, though you would never believe it by looking at him. Even without the extra layers of makeup he is accustomed to, there is an undeniable glow about the other man that only grows more pronounced as the days go by, especially after the arrival of the second idol soldier.

That arrival brought about even more craziness. However, the craziness is different compared to the arrival of the first one. Everyone swarms to greet him, but the greetings are different.

They are not just there to watch and ogle, but to genuinely greet.

Men from the far corners of HQ come running to greet the on-hiatus leader of TVXQ.

And it continues to this day, soldiers move around the man on the grounds in funny ways. Some walk past, only to do an about turn and double back when they realize whom they have just walked past. A lot stop. Others zig zag. Whatever it is, no one appears capable of walking in a straight line the minute this particular soldier appears in the vicinity because they will all go out of their way to bow a greeting to him.

Yes, bow. Even the soldiers who outrank him.

An order had to be issued to stop the men from doing this at the festival. Imagine that?

The choice to make Yunho the main MC had been very easy after observing this phenomena for just two days. There is an unmistakable aura of a leader about the man, and yet his easy going nature, ready smile for everyone, and helpless laughter that is identifiable from across a parade square has everyone taking up the call of his own division.

Baby soldier.

Another two minutes passes and his body is trembling now with the effort of holding the position.

"Yunho-yah," the OIC practically coos, not at all showing his amusement when PFC Kim's body visibly tenses, his drooping hips coming back up into proper form. "Count to 30."

Yunho starts to count.

Jaejoong doesn't move from his plank position, having not been told to start. His muscles are screaming and he wishes Yunho would count a little faster. Can't he see he's about to face plant?


“At ease, PFC Kim.”

Jaejoong knows better than to let out any sign of discomfort, swallowing his urge to whine and groan as he drops rather ungracefully to the floor, his sweaty upper torso collecting the grime on the concrete in the small barracks. One more reason to complain, but he says nothing, pushing himself off without so much as a huff, he gains his feet, cracking his neck as he does, letting the stiffness out, and jogging lightly on his feet to work out the kinks in his muscled body as he shakes his arms.

Dropping his gaze, he is perfectly mollified to find Yunho staring at him with a familiar glazed expression.


Yunho snaps back to attention, jaw closing with a loud clap, turning sheepishly to his OIC. He knows the man knows, but he’s not sure about the other officer.

The man shakes his head. “You cannot do that tomorrow.”

“Do what?”

“Stare at him like that.”

“Keep your eyes down and engage your fellow MC,” the second officer interrupts, voice marginally less harsh than when he spoke to Jaejoong. All the officers have a soft spot for the baby soldier, and while it irks Jaejoong sometimes because this baby soldier is HIS baby soldier, he lets it go. Anyone who cares and looks after Yunho is all right in his books.

“So it’s true?”

“Yes, the orders came from higher up. Apparently it makes no sense to have the two biggest idols at the festival and not have both at the opening ceremony.”

“Don’t they know our history?”

The OIC’s face turns grim, looking back and forth between the two men. “They are monitoring it closely. If anything happens, then you will stay on your stage as perviously arranged for the rest of the festival. I will make that order myself, PFC so listen well.”

“Just me?”

The harsher officer practically growls, “He’s the main MC for the event. It is your schedule that can be tweaked, not his.”

“Ah,” Jaejoong replies simply, sitting back on Yunho’s bunk.

Both officers’ eyes narrow.

“Sir, we need to talk about this. May we have a few minutes?” Yunho asks quietly, setting aside his well thumbed cue cards.

The OIC runs his eyes over Yunho’s serious expression, and he nods quickly.

Both Yunho and Jaejoong gain their feet and bow to their superior officers before saluting and watching the men walk away.

The other officer turns in the doorway, pinning both with a level look. “Lights out in thirty minutes. PFC Kim Jaejoong, your barracks are clear across the grounds so if you don’t want to be taken out of the festival altogether, I suggest that you give yourself a good ten minutes to get back in time.”

“Yes, Sir!”

The event’s OIC cocks his head, eyes on the PFC whose eyes have taken on a rather defiant cast. “At ease, soldier,” he turns to look at Yunho’s face which is more troubled than anything else and he makes a decision he hopes he will not regret. “There’s a spare bed in here because it’s only Yunho, Dongho and Sangwoo as you probably already know. You can stay here for the duration of the festival.”

Jaejoong’s jaw drops.

As do two others.

“S-sir?” the other officer speaks up, eyes wide and disbelieving.

“You’ll be following them around for the next few days, it’s probably easier if you only need to keep an eye on one room rather than running back and forth, no?”

The officer’s lips thin, pressing them together and nodding in acknowledgment of his superior officer’s words before he turns to leave without a backward glance.

Yunho’s OIC’s eyes are trained on PFC Kim Jaejoong when he speaks, voice lower than usual. “Whatever you’re thinking about, just remember that it is punishable by jail time.” His eyes dart to Yunho’s whose countenance is even more serious than usual. “For both of you.”

And with that dire reminder, he turns, the door shutting with a soft thump behind him.

“Why was he looking at me? My thoughts were innocent!”

Yunho doesn’t answer, merely lying back on his bed to stare up at the ceiling, hands stacked behind his head.

“Move over,” he feels a nudge against his side.

He takes the time to unstack one hand and point to the bed diagonal from his. “Your bed is over there.”

“Very funny.”

Yunho’s view of the ceiling is suddenly obscured by a sweaty head, dog tags hovering and smacking his jaw every now and again as indignant doe eyes glare down at him. He stares back nonplussed.

“I’m not joking. Your bed is over there.”

“What if I want this one? I outrank you.”

“Dongho hyung and Sangwoo outrank you.”

“You’re going to tell on me?”

“They can see for themselves,” Yunho chuckles, “though I think Dongho hyung is stronger than Sangwoo.”

Jaejoong huffs, standing back up and physically shoving Yunho over rather unceremoniously, and plonking himself down right beside the man on the already narrow bed and anchoring him to it with his sweaty body.

The door opens right then, and a smirking Sangwoo pokes his head in. “That didn’t take long,” he observes, noting Jaejoong pinning Yunho to the bed. “Though I always did think it was the other way round.”

Yunho makes a sound of disgust, shoving Jaejoong off him, the older man yelping as he loses his balance and topples right out of bed.

“You can sleep on the floor.”

“Who’s sleeping on the floor?” Dongho enters carrying their pressed uniforms for tomorrow, hip-checking Sangwoo out of the way.

“PFC Kim Jaejoong apparently.,” Sangwoo chuckles, thoroughly amused. Yunho’s expression is disgruntled as heck, while Jaejoong is cross between indignance and disbelief. Both he and Dongho had just been told by the OIC of course, and they were going to help Jaejoong get his things from his room after delivering the uniforms, but he in particular definitely did not expect Jaejoong to move this quickly.

‘Well, better the floor than that spare bed. I’m sure it has bed bugs. Remember our first night?”

“Hah!” Jaejoong crows instantly, getting up on his feet. There are dirt smudges on his pale chest, marring the butterfly tattoo slightly, not to mention the one low on his belly. “I’m not sleeping in that bed!”

“Then I’ll sleep in it,” Yunho sighs loudly.

“No, you’re not! You’re sleeping here.”

“And where are you sleeping?”




Dongho rolls his eyes, hanging up the uniforms and exchanges looks with a thoroughly amused Park Sangwoo.

“We’ll get your things. Lights out in twenty minutes or so. You’d better figure out where you’re sleeping by then,” Dongho speaks brusquely, ushering a laughing Sangwoo out ahead of him and shutting the door firmly behind them.

“I want you to meet my parents,” Yunho blurts out three seconds after the door shuts, hoping to distract the beautiful man with what he’s been thinking about since he’d been told about Jaejoong being with him at the main stage tomorrow.


“My parents are coming tomorrow. They’ll be backstage and at the rest area. I want you to meet them.”

“Meet them…as in?” Jaejoong asks cautiously, picking up his discarded teeshirt to wipe at his chest. The rough grit from the dirty floor scratches at him, but he ignores it as he continues wiping himself, trying to process what Yunho is saying.

“As in, talk to them. What else would I mean?”

“That area is not covered. People can see in.”

“I know.”

“I’ll see them in the tent anyway. I can say hi there. Eomeoni won’t like a public greeting.”

“Why not?”

“Her promise is still haunting her,” Jaejoong laughs, the broken sound loud in the room.

“What promise?” Yunho asks, scratching his head, standing up to start making a pallet on the floor.

“You’re thirty.”

“So are you.”

“My mother didn’t promise to marry me to you when I’m that thirty.”

“Oh,” Yunho frowns slightly, thinking about his mother’s joking comment after finding out how Jaejoong cooks for them all and looks after them. She had just been referring to what a good wife Jaejoong would make (had he been a girl) but everything got lost in context. Anything anyone remembers from that is that she would marry Jaejoong to Yunho if he’s still unmarried at thirty. “Ok, maybe it’s not a good idea.”

“Hey! You can’t take it back!”

“I’ll check with them first ok?”

“Of course.”

Yunho digs around for his phone that he’s only just recently been allowed, pressing the first number on his speed dial and putting it on speaker.

“I’m on holiday,” comes the grouchy greeting barely two rings in.

“That’s not eomeoni!”

“What are you doing with hyung’s phone?!!?”

“I’m in his room.”

“Well, get out before I arrest your sorry ass!”

“You’re not a police officer yet, Changminnie.”

“Stop calling me that!”

“Changminnie, Changminnie, Changminnieeeeeeeee,” Jaejoong sings out, totally unrepentant.

The dial tone isn’t unexpected, and Jaejoong continues laughing as Yunho sighs and picks up his phone to call the maknae again, this time off speaker-phone.

“Get out of his damn room before you’re both arrested. I swear to god hyung I will fly back and personally throw your stupid uncontrollable body into jail and let them have a piece of you!”


“Oh…wrong hyung.”

“You didn’t mean that!”


“Look, lights out soon and I need to tell you something.”

“You’re going to be seen together and you’re going to smile like a fool and he’s going to preen like a princess.”

“Wh-what? How did you know?”

Changmin rolls his eyes, cradling the phone as he pays for his coffee, smiling at the girl behind the counter who grins back and winks, almost causing him to drop his damn phone. The girls here are way too pretty for his peace of mind.

“Why do you think I left the country? I don’t want to have anything to do with this.”

“You’re ok with it?”

Changmin shrugs, trying not to resist the urge to look at the girl again. He can feel eyes on him, his years as an idol training him to recognize that prickle between his shoulder blades, and he damn well hopes it’s the pretty barista and not some fucking sasaeng who’d followed him all the way from South Korea.

“It was bound to happen. I’m surprised no one has caught the two of you sooner the way you get on, but then your fans are protective as hell and his are delusional as fuck so between the lot of them, no one shares any incriminating footage.”

“We were careful!”

“Hyung,” Changmin’s voice is tinged with exasperation. “It’s not you, it’s him. It’s always him. He plays with fire and fully expects you to put it out for him.”

“I’m going to take that as a compliment.”

“Don’t,” the maknae replies, tone a little harsh. “It wasn’t a compliment in the slightest. Even now you’re still doing it.”

“Doing what?”

“Protecting him. If both of you end up in jail, I’m going to kill him.”

“It takes two to tango.”

“He can’t fucking dance.”

“Then isn’t it my fault?”

Changmin has lost the point of the conversation, sighing heavily and shielding his eyes from the autumn sun, smiling brightly at the pretty girl handing him his coffee. She winks again and points to his cup, and he realizes that she’d given him the largest size despite him paying for the smallest, and unless his name is a string of digits, he also just got her number.

“Hyung, just get to the point please. I’m on holiday and I intend on enjoying myself.”

“You’re right, he’s going to be performing tomorrow.”

“Keep your eyes anywhere but on him.”

“You sound like my OIC,” Yunho grumbles.

“He sounds like a smart man.”

“I’m also going to let him talk to my parents.”

There is silence for a couple of beats.

“Since I saw them see him earlier this year, I’m guessing you mean something of the more public variety?”


“It’s about time. I’m really sick of all these stories about how your family hates him.”


“Don’t you read?”

“Clearly not whatever you’re reading. What the hell? Why would anyone think that? Jaejoongie just reminded me that my mother wants to marry him to me!”

“There are two types of fans,” Changmin explains. “You don’t want to know about the other type.”

“So you’re ok with this?”

“Yes, if they’re ok with it.”

“I haven’t asked them. I called you first.”

Changmin is silent, pretty barista forgotten as he turns to leave the cafe and regain the sunlight.

Feeling the heat on his face, the warmth from his ear spreads throughout his body, and he knows full well it has nothing to do with the afternoon sun.

It has everything to do with the sun talking to him.

“Just be careful, hyung. I trust you.”

They exchange goodbyes, Changmin flatly refusing to speak to Jaejoong again. Not wanting to push it knowing the maknae will only spend the time threatening the older man’s person, he calls his father instead.

Walking towards the corner of the room for more privacy, they speak for a couple of minutes, his father neither for nor against the idea but has no issue with speaking with Jaejoong in public. His mother, surprisingly, just as Jaejoong predicted, was more resistant. She did not promise to engage, but she did say it would be lovely to see him again outside of the public eye. Yunho has to relent to that. He knows his mother will smother Jaejoong in private but he can only ask so much of the woman who birthed him to partake in their public shenanigans.

Neither want to speak to Jaejoong because they will see him tomorrow anyway, and probably because they know it’s easier to cut off Jaejoong’s rambling in person rather than on the phone. Yunho still remembers fondly his mother telling him to set a time limit on Jaejoong’s calls because he makes her head spin with his stories of everything and everyone, as if determined to fit in every possible anecdote so she doesn’t feel left out of their lives.

She really doesn’t mind being left out.

Yunho is smiling when he hangs up this time and when he turns back to his bed, the smile slowly disappears, unable to believe his eyes.

Jaejoong has created a fort.

The simply wire frame of his bed has been upended, lying on its side and angled towards the rest of the room. He’s draped a sheet over it to make a private screen, and behind the screen is Yunho’s thin mattress and a pallet laid out beside it, both covered in a sheet to make it look, for all intents and purposes, like a simple double bed.

God knows where the man god all the bedsheets from, but there is another one going over the top of the bed and pinned to the ironed uniforms hanging on hooks in the wall. Jaejoong has actually pinned the sheet to the sleeves of Yunho’s and Dongho’s band uniforms.

The man is question is seated cross-legged in his boxers under his tent fort, speaking to someone on the phone.

Yunho can only hear one side of the conversation, but it is soon obvious to whom the older man is speaking to.

“Su-ah, you don’t have to do that.”

Yunho sighs and crouches down, ducking his head and crawling under the fort to join his boyfriend. If he’s being honest, Jaejoong’s need to play house is adorable as hell. However, the man’s sense of propriety is and will always be, a major issue.

Jaejoong turns, his smile practically incandescent and Yunho decides right then not to take him to task about their ridiculous bed for that night. Sangwoo and Dongho will tease them like hell, but Jaejoong has Yunho, and that’s all that matters.

He gestures to the phone and the beautiful soldier’s eyes widen and he immediately pulls it from his ear and hits the speaker phone button.

“Su-ah, Yunho is here.”

“Hyung! What is this madness I’m hearing about?”

“Are you taking lessons from Changminnie on how to greet your hyungs?”

“Did he spit fire? Breathe flames? Tell you that you’ve lost your marbles?”

“He said he trusts me.”

Junsu’s sputtering comes to an abrupt halt, and Yunho gets elbowed by Jaejoong for his remark, but the latter’s smile speaks volumes.

“This is still crazy though,” Junsu’s protest is a lot quieter. “I’ll help distract them.”

Yunho’s eyes widen, remembering Junsu’s distractions that only served to highlight their relationship more. “No, Su-ah, it’s ok. You don’t have to do anything!”

“But I have to do something,” the next youngest practically wails. “The first time you didn’t even let me do the washing! I want to help!”

“Washing?” Jaejoong questions, confused, looking so softly confused that Yunho takes a risk.

He leans over and presses a soft kiss to the other’s mouth. Jaejoong pulls back at first, shocked, but it’s only for a split second before he leans in, sighing quietly.

The leader of TVXQ squeezes Jaejoong’s thigh before pulling back, ears again listening to Junsu’s elaborate plan to do with his new album and what have you.

“I really don’t think you need to distract them with your album, Su-ah,” Jaejoong speaks, leaning against Yunho’s side, wrapping his arms around him and slinking lower so his cheek is resting against the seated man’s shoulder.

“It’s the least I can do. If I was there I can wave at them and tell them to stop imagining!”

Yunho drops his chin, pressing a kiss to Jaejoong’s temple. “Junsu-yah, I really don’t think it’s a good idea. What if it fails? Then you’ll be upset.”

“I’m not doing this for me, hyung. I know it probably won’t be successful, but I need to do something. I can’t just sit here and not be a part of this.”

“Ok, ok,” Jaejoong picks up the phone and drops it in Yunho’s lap, bending his head to ostensibly speak closer the phone. “Talk to the company first and make it seem like it’s their idea so if it fails, they cannot blame you.”

“I know what to do, hyung. Both of you take care.”

They exchange goodbyes with their dongsaeng, and the second Junsu hangs up, Yunho pushes Jaejoong gently but firmly out of his lap.

“When did you teach Junsu to be so manipulative?”

“He always was, he just got better.”

Yunho let that go.

“Should we call Yoochun?”

“I’ve already spoken to him.”

“What did he say?”

“He laughed and said he wishes he were here, and that he’ll be feeding the frogs on SNS on our behalf.”

“Frogs? What frogs?”

“Never mind,” Jaejoong makes a face, snagging Yunho’s hand and bringing it to his cheek and squishing his face with it. “It’s not important at all. I have you and you’re better than all the frogs in the world combined.”

“I would bloody hope so,” Yunho mutters, tugging experimentally at the sheet over their heads. “Joongie, we need to get this sheet off.”

“I like it,” the on-hiatus singer pouts.

Yunho is still blinking at that pout when they are interrupted.

“Delivery for— What the hell is going on here?!” Dongho’s voice is loud with shock, his next words drowned out by Sangwoo’s hysterical laughter.

Jaejoong checks his watch, squeezing his eyes shut when the luminous dial tells him that it’s just after three in the morning.

The loud snores of two occupants in the room are actually keeping him sane, counting their breaths as he tries to sleep.

However, despite all his talk, he is nervous as hell. Multiple scenarios keep playing over and over in his head, and he wonders if he’s actually capable of all of them, or is it just the lack of sleep talking.

He’s even started dreaming up headlines about their reunion.

At the rate he’s going, he might as well start writing his own fanfiction.

Oddly enough, the thing worrying him the most is what on earth to say to Mr and Mrs Jung in front of everyone. He can’t talk to them like he hasn’t seen or spoken to them in six years because that’s just weird and a total lie. He thinks about all of the anecdotes he has from the army, but anything worth mentioned are not really meant for the ears of Yunho’s mother.

He has to do something! But what?

“Sleep, Joongie,” Yunho mumbles, turning over and lifting an arm to pat the other man. “I can hear you thinking from over here.”

“That’s not a great distance,” Jaejoong points out, smiling in the darkness and lacing their fingers together.

Yunho allows it for a few moments before pulling his hand away. “It is when you woke me up. Go to sleep, otherwise you won’t look your best tomorrow.”

“You’ll be looking at me. In public. I cannot look anything but less than the best.”

“I can’t even follow what you just meant,” Yunho grumbles, digging his nose into the pillow. “Doesn’t that mean you should sleep?”

“He means that he always glows like a freaking lightbulb whenever you’re around and when you look at him, he radiates rainbow glitter and sparkles because of your attention so you don’t have to worry about him looking his best, because it’s impossible for him not to look anything but.”

Silence in the room, suspiciously absent of snores.

“I think Sangwoo is the new Yoochunnie.”

“I think so too.”

“Lights out, means GO TO SLEEP.”

The three men fall silent at the growl of the sleepy ranking officer in their room.

Yunho’s smile is wide indeed as he watches his dad trying to keep a stoic face at Jaejoong’s excited retelling of being able to walk around totally unhindered, dressed as the event’s mascot.

Only Jaejoong.

AN1: Fiction :P I hope you enjoyed the reality too.


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happily dancing!!!!
everyday is happy day cause of yunjae!!

Omg! Hahaha! I can so imagine this actually happening! And Junsu is too cute! Love, love, love this!

/screams into a pillow/

Oh this is good. This is very good.

What a wonderful week it is indeed! This will be a good fic to read for our Yunjae withdrawal syndrome after GFF. :)

They were such a mess, I can't stop laughing. Thanks for updating!

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Junsu, Sangwoo and Changmin really steals the plot in this drabble.
I swear without them YunJae especially Jaejoong wouldn't be hilarious.

Changmin's right, it's always Jaejoong's fault ^__^

this is the new step for our best couple..go public :D

and i'm so grateful that you still put your faith to yunjae with writing fictions about them and not choosed to quit like some writer because of their lack moments..i know that was their choice.....but you're the best....you still writing and boommmm....after 6 years separation #yunjaeisback2015 became the world trend hashtag in twitter and instagram......

i'm so glad....yunjae is my relationship goal indeed LOL :D

Hahahaha I love it xD

This is cute and has put a smile on my face.  Thought it would be a bad day, but now it's ok.   :)

The maknaes make me craking up! Thank you for sharing.This last 4 days are like heaven

Oh my goodness this was PERFECT!!! :D

Oh my goodness this was PERFECT!!! :D

Oh my goodness this was PERFECT!!! :D

Oh my goodness this was PERFECT!!! :D

How I love the boys! The last five days have been super duper wonderful.

oh the past FIVE FREAKING DAYS have been a roller coaster indeed. i honestly wasn't expecting anything, since they were both at separate stages except for that opening ceremony... but yeah... the photos, videos, multiple fan accounts... their smiles... their families... jaejoong singing That's My World, yunho singing and dancing Something and Dream and ripping his pants (yet again!) yunho greeting jae's dad and jaejoong talking to yunho's dad... and everything else in between~ OMG I CRY.

this is like a BTS of the night before GFF. LOL this was cute and adorable and LOL for a moment there i thought yunho's OIC was going to coo at them both~XDDDDD

well, every one who'd come out of their caves to enjoy the past five days are probably going to go back inside now that it's over... ^^ for the rest of us, we still have jae to look forward to on the 11th... yunho tho... depends on when he'll be participating in another military event next ^^

just glad that 6 years apart didn't really change anything between them... i'm kind of believing that they really do talk to each other (all five of them) all these years and have just chosen to not be public about it. it is their lives to live after all~^^

I'm not really reading non-AU YunJae nowadays, but I just couldn't resist to this! And didn't regret at all! Your characters are so lovable, it was so amusing to see them interacting! Seeing their - sorry, especially Jae's - childish, immature behaviour and how Yunho and the other two soldiers are trying to deal with it was priceless!

And Yuhno asking for Changmin's blessing first to appear together with Jae again warmed my heart!

It seems so real how you describe Jaejoong's endless flood of chatter and crazy ideas! So that's the story behind the mascot thing! How cunning! : D

love it ..perfect antidote to the withdrawal symptoms i am starting to get post GFF

When the shock subsided my feels almost killed me... I'm too old for this OTL
And YJ fluff is always the best cure for 'almost' heart attacks <33333

Oh my babies, this weekend was the best! Jaejoong was glowing like the sun and they both looked so happy ;~;
But frogs? I am confused

Damn! This is hilarious! XD And yes, Park Sangwoo is obviously a fanboy of both Yunho and Jaejoong. I can totally see him as the next Yoochun, he'll probably become the Vice President. LOLs. But seriously, those 5 days has been the best for the fandom, most especially for the YJ fans.

Love the fic. Love the reality

Everything is YunJae and nothing hurts

i just knew it...thats you're gonna wrote this...yeaaa...


Thanks a lot for sharing ..

Hehehe.....only JaeJae can pull it off....Yunho just sits there and smile.

Happy fiction, happy reality, happy memory.

Yunho's dad literally looked amused by what Jaejoong was telling him. Lol

A fort with the bunk bed, how romantic >

I nearly had a coronary on that day with all the YJ happiness I couldnt contain and reading this fic brought it all back. Seeing that day however short from fanvids and pics was like erasing all the separated years off from my memory. Jaejoong was so glowing then and looked so healthy. Loved your fic around the event to feed my imagination and fill in the gaps. Jaejoong makes me feel so much even without trying, what to do.

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