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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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A Festival To Remember
Title: A Festival To Remember
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG
Length: Oneshot (compilation of 5 drabbles)
Genre: non-AU military (enlistment)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story.

AN1: Just a series of drabbles inspired by the events and these cartoons. Plus, my JJ muse is being a little dipshit and pawing at me and making sad eyes so ugh. Who the heck says no to that face? OTL Also, a follow-up to Remember When 2.0 but you don’t need to read that first. Just that if you don’t you’d be wondering about the room thing lol.

AN2: All credit due as per the photos. The artist in particular makes the cutest damn things. There’s one where Junsu is with Donald Duck and they both have their little duck butts in the air and just so fucking cute I can’t stand it! Why can't I art? I can't even color properly //cries//

Day One

“You hugged me.”

Yunho ducks his head sheepishly, fixing a crease on the shirt on the ironing board.

“You hugged me.”

Dongho exchanges a glance with Sangwoo who likes like he’s about to say something, but the oldest of the quartet slices his thumb across his throat at the maknae. The instruction is clear.

Shut up.

“You hugged me.”

Yunho wrinkles his nose, keeping his head bowed, trying to focus on the task on hand — pressing his uniform for the show tomorrow. He can feel all the eyes on him from the other occupants of the small room, but the most powerful pair of eyes comes attached to the voice who keeps saying the same thing over and over and over again.

“You hugged me.”

Dongho coughs, hiding his smile behind his cue cards because by the fourth time Jaejoong says it, he is practically at Yunho’s feet. The idol singer had watched quietly from the corner of the room when Yunho entered armed with his dryer wrinkled clothes in one hand, iron in the other, and ironing board tucked under one arm.

The on-hiatus leader had looked around the room upon entering, finding everyone there just enjoying their free time doing nothing, he nods a greeting to both Sangwoo and Dongho but not Jaejoong.

It may have been an oversight on his part, but Dongho knows better. Yunho doesn’t really greet Jaejoong anymore because he doesn’t have to.

And yet this afternoon, he did.

Out in the open.

“You hugged me.”

Yunho moves away from the soft voice behind him, threatening to dull his senses and make him stupid by sheer force of presence alone.

He busies himself with hanging his uniform up, making a show of brushing off imaginary lint.

“Hyung, wanna get a drink?”

“I’m fine,” Dongho replies with a smirk, ignoring Sangwoo’s pointed gaze at the other two. Jaejoong is kneeling on the edge of the bed they made on the floor, body fully turned towards Yunho who has his back to him. Neither of them turn to acknowledge Sangwoo despite the fact that hyung could’ve meant all of them.

“Hyung,” Sangwoo’s voice takes on a whiny note he definitely learned from someone else in that room. “It’s dark and they moved the bottles of water this morning. I saw them! I don’t want to get lost.”

Dongho rolls his eyes and closes his comic book with a loud snap. Sending an amused glance over at the other two who still haven’t said a word, he makes as much noise as possible, huffing and puffing and complaining about annoying dongsaengs (all of them), and ushers Sangwoo out the door, shutting it behind them with a loud click.

Yunho turns immediately, eyes soft with fondness at the kneeling man, joining him on their pallet on the floor.

“You’re so silly. I didn’t hug you.”

Jaejoong shakes his head, a beatific smile on his face. “Yes, you did.”

The leader chuckles, “It was just a bro-hug.”

“Yes, but your hand came up and squeezed my other arm.”

The younger man cocks his head. “That isn’t a hug.”

“Both your hands were on me. That’s a hug enough. And in front of everyone!”

Yunho’s smile falters slightly. “Jaejoongie…I am not going to deny you in public. I saw your face, you were so excited to see me.”

“So you hugged me,” the lead singer’s smile is bright indeed.

Laughing because he’s never going to be able to convince the older man otherwise, Yunho simply nods and does exactly what was claimed he did.

He hugs him.

Day Two

“Stop fidgeting!”


“Hyung?” Jaejoong scowls, flicking Yunho’s jaw and causing the man to yelp. “Don’t hyung me. Stop fidgeting before I smack you for real.”

“What are you doing here?”

“Ah so the hyung wasn’t for me,” Jaejoong bites his bottom lip, eyes narrowing on his task at hand.

“Seriously, you’re not supposed to be here. Remember the instructions this morning? You’re going to get into trouble, Jaejoong. Just go back to the other stage before someone sees you.”

Jaejoong points to the mascot outfit lying haphazardly across two chairs. “I came disguised.”

Yunho brushes the older man’s hands away from his throat, and to his shock, the hands come back tighter, yanking him down till he is nose to nose with the exasperated man.

“If you don’t stop fidgeting, I’m going to kiss you right here in front of everyone.”

Yunho freezes.

“Your bow was crooked yesterday. How can I let you leave me without looking absolutely perfect?”

“Jaejoong-ssi! What the hell are you doing here!”

The soldier in question steps back calmly, eyeing his handiwork. Turning to the mottled face of the apoplectic OIC, he grins disarmingly at him, his salute just very much borderline inappropriate, before hurriedly putting on his mascot outfit and stepping out of the tent as fast as he can.

“If it makes you feel any better,” Dongho adds, watching the OIC gaping after Jaejoong’s hasty retreat, “Yunho’s bow is perfectly straight now.”

Day Three


“He’s not back yet.”

“I know.”

“Then why are you calling out for him?”

“I was hoping maybe he’ll hear me.”

Sangwoo frowns, watching his friend’s shadowed torso in the darkness of their room. Both Yunho and Jaejoong are slowly wilting under the strain of the scrutiny surrounding them. Yunho is fairing better than Jaejoong though who had been repeatedly told and finally ordered to stay away unless he wants to be punished. Leaving himself no choice, he had asked his family to keep an eye on Yunho for him.

The clock ticks eleven just as the door cracks open and light from the corridor filters in, silhouetting two men in the doorway.


“Shhhhh, it’s lights out. You’re supposed to be asleep.”

“I couldn’t sleep.”

Sangwoo can actually hear the pout in his friend’s voice.

“Well, I need to sleep. My eyes hurt.”

Jaejoong sits up immediately. “Your eyes? What’s wrong with your eyes? It's still bad?”

“Too much sunlight again,” the younger man jokes, not bothering to take off his jacket, dropping quietly to his knees next to the seated man and wrapping his arms around him.

The inhale he takes is very loud, and both Sangwoo and Dongho pretend not to hear it.


“You smell so good,” Yunho whispers, but in the quiet of the room and the barracks in general, everyone hears him. The darkness may not allow them to see clearly, but they can most certainly hear the quiet affection in the main MC’s voice. “Can you help me with my eyedrops? Eomeoni tried to help today but I kept closing my eyes so more ended up on my cheeks than in my eyes.”

“Eomeoni?” Jaejoong asks, a little confused. He starts to help Yunho out of his jacket, taking the backpack from the man too and digging around in the correct pocket for the small bottle of eyedrops. “I thought she wasn’t coming today?”

Dongho and Sangwoo are both in bed now, ears peeled to the conversation going on. They both sometimes wish to be anywhere but there, but for some reason, their presence doesn’t seem to register on the other two soldiers most of the time. Perhaps it is their time living with three others in a small apartment. Both know that Yunho is normally more aware of his surroundings than Jaejoong who, to their collective non-surprise, doesn’t care at all about his surroundings. If he could go round the event with I BELONG TO YUNHO on his shirt instead of ROKA, he probably would.

With help, Yunho strips down to their simple army issued white teeshirt and boxers and lays on his side of their makeshift pallet on the bed. They’ve gotten away with it for four nights now, and he has a sneaking suspicion that it is the OIC who keeps their room out of bounds to everyone. He isn’t going to question it because it’s not as if they are doing anything illicit with two other men in the room. Anyone who questions the arrangement will be welcome to sleep on the spare bed and count the number of bites he gets after an hour.

“Not my mother, your mother,” he finally replies, laying his head with a loud sigh on the flat pillow. “Your family was waiting for me at HQ. I thought you were going to be inside but they told me you’d already left.”

“They’re going to blame me for this too,” Jaejoong sighs in the darkness, finding Yunho’s eyedrops, taking so long because they weren’t where he’d left them that morning.

“Blame you for what?”

“My family waiting for you. I asked them to keep an eye on you.”

Yunho frowns. “Why would anyone blame you for that?”

“It’s in public.”

“Well, since according to you, I hugged you that first day, saying hi to your family isn’t exactly going to top that. What did they expect me to do? They had every right to be at HQ as my own family for goodness sake.”

Jaejoong huffs quietly, uncapping the bottle. He stretches out along the length of the taller man, half propping his body on his chest. “I don’t know.”

“If it makes you feel any better, they may be able to blame you for it being in public, but they’re going to have to blame me for something else.”

“What did you do?”

“Greet abeoji.”

“What’s wrong with that? Everyone knows how polite you are.”

“You don’t understand. I called him abeoji.”

“In public?”

“I’m not calling him anything else whether in public or private,” Yunho’s voice is a little cross in his tiredness. “This whole weekend is turning into a bit of a zoo. What I’ve always done, I will continue to do. I know the fans are upset, and I’m going to have to deal with that somehow, but I’m not going to be rude to your father under any circumstance. Imagine me calling you Joongie for years and then suddenly calling you hyung?”

“I love you.”

The silence following the confession is so thick, the darkness helping with the feeling of heaviness in the air.

“You know he just confessed. You should probably reply,” Sangwoo whispers helpfully.

“It might be better for you two to just go to sleep,” Dongho shakes his head, staring up at the ceiling. “We have a very long day tomorrow with the performance, and Yunho really isn’t feeling well.”

“They aren’t asleep.”

“They were never asleep,” Jaejoong replies lightly. “Open your eyes, baby.”

Sangwoo scrunches his face, and Dongho sticks his fingers in his ears. They know what’s coming for they have both witnessed it. The darkness will not do anything to erase the memory of Jaejoong from that morning and the previous night putting eyedrops in Yunho’s eyes and distracting the man by rubbing his full pout against the other’s jaw, cooing sweet nothings against the man’s skin to keep his eyes open.

No wonder his mother didn’t succeed.

Day Four

“He was trying to break free and come find me!”


“Seriously, these pants are thick, and yet you split right through them. Aigoooo…Yunhoyah. Why is he trying to escape? Was it the fangirls?”

“Jaejoongggggggg,” the man wails shaking his head, wishing he could go over and shut the very amused and unrepentant older man up.

“Ok, not them. I guess these pants are not meant for your big dance moves.”

“My tour pants split too,” Yunho grumbles quietly, finishing the task he’d been given by Dongho.

“What was that?” Jaejoong sings out, mirth sparking in his beautiful doe eyes. “I didn’t hear youuuuuuu.”

“If you’re not going to sew that, I’ll sew it myself!”

“And rip it open again for everyone to check out your cute underwear?” Jaejoong sticks his finger experimentally through the hole, before dissolving into a fit of giggles.

Sitting cross-legged on Dongho’s bed, Yunho refuses to get up, glaring mournfully at the giggling man from across the room.

Sangwoo enters the room, whistling cheerfully while drying his hair. The sight of him with his hair sticking up every which way causes Jaejoong to start giggling again.

By and far the most physically ripped of all the four soldiers sharing the room, it is hilarious indeed to watch him giggling like a teenaged girl.

“What’s going on?”

“He’s amused at my expense.”

“I can tell that much,” Sangwoo sits on his bed, next to Jaejoong who is curled up in the sole armchair in the room with Yunho’s pants in his lap. “Do you even know how to sew?”

“Do you know how many holes in his clothes I’ve mended over the years?”

“Shouldn’t he have learned by now?”

“Changminnie does it for him too. He never had to learn.”

“Lucky for some,” Sangwoo complains good-naturedly. “Hyung, you don’t need to get married. You already have two wives.”

A pair of nail scissors bounces harmlessly off his bare chest.

“One wife! One wife!”

A heavy spool of thread clocks him right in the jaw.


The singer is pouting something fierce, looking like a very annoyed housewife with thread wrapped around his fingers, needle in hand and torn trousers in his lap.

“Yah,” Sangwoo rubs his jaw, pouting himself. “That wasn’t necessary.”

Yunho sighs, getting up off the bed and walking over to the armchair. He doesn’t take his eyes off Jaejoong whose pouting grows flatter, anticipation in his liquid eyes.

“I’m not going to do what you think I’m going to do.”

The pout comes back to full effect.

Sangwoo, pain forgotten, stares back and forth between the pair. “What do you think he’s going to do?”

“Climb in behind me.”

Sangwoo stares at the armchair Jaejoong is sitting on, then back up at the silent Yunho. He shakes his head. “Not a good idea, hyung. We can explain away a lot of things, but it’s far from lights out and if someone walks in here with you sitting in his lap…”

Yunho doesn’t say anything, going around the armchair and bending over to wrap his arms around the beautiful man whose smile causes Sangwoo to look away and wonder where the hell Dongho is and whether he’ll be back anytime soon and save him from being the third wheel.

The door opens just then Dongho and another soldier entering, shocking the youngest, but when he turns back to the couple, both Yunho and Jaejoong are ostensibly discussing the rip and how to sew it. Both are holding his pants, and Yunho’s other hand, wrapped earlier around the older man, is now resting deceptively casually on Jaejoong’s shoulder.

“Oh, is he going to sew it for you?” the newcomer asks, casual curiosity in his eyes, nothing more.

“I can’t sew very well. It might just rip again,” Yunho replies, and anyone who knows him will be able to detect the slight nervousness in his voice, but the random soldier doesn’t pick up on it.

He turns his attention to Jaejoong and his sewing paraphernalia. “You’re using the wrong color thread. I’ve ripped that uniform before and they gave me the most perfectly matched thread for it. Hang on, let me get it for you.”

The soldier leaves almost as abruptly as he enters.

Dongho looks between his three friends, narrowing his eyes at Yunho who gazes back at him innocently, not moving away from hovering behind the seated PFC Kim Jaejoong.

“Don’t be fooled, hyung,” Sangwoo tattles. “Jaejoong hyung wanted to be cuddled while he sews.”

Dongho rolls his eyes. “I didn’t realize the army trained wives.”

His yelp echoes down the corridor from their slightly ajar door.

Jaejoong’s aim holds true.

Day Five

“Can you go and check on him please?”

“His ice packs are in my backpack, hyung. I put them in those cooler bags so they’d last longer.”

“I don’t know how I can remember cooler bags and not check that my dog tags are my dog tags! They all look the same.”

“Is he hydrated?”

“How’s his allergy?”

“Does he want my cap? No, wait. Later. I’ll give it to him later.”

“Sangwoo and Dongho hyung are wearing their own tags so I’m sure he has mine since I have his. No one else entered our room.”

“I know we’re not supposed to take them off, but the metal was irritating his face.”

“Uh how were they irritating his face? Uh…”

“He didn’t?”

“He did so, ask,” Yunho nods, dabbing lotion on Jaejoong’s cheeks, the other wincing but saying nothing. “Yah, how did your face get this bad? Didn’t you get the ice packs I asked Dongho hyung to pass to Sangwoo to pass to you?”

“He actually asked you how the metal irritated my face?”


“My question is, why on earth did you even volunteer that information?” Jaejoong’s tone is a little exasperated, but he tempers it by a thumb stroking Yunho’s inner wrist gently as the man administers topical cream to his face.

“You’re really asking that?” Dongho asks, lacing his boots.

“He was too busy worrying about you all day to think about what he said. He’s damn lucky no one else noticed his tags.”

“The only reason he noticed is because hyung was so loud about hassling me about the ice packs and the dog tags.”

“Don’t blame me when you grabbed the wrong tags!”

“Children, enough!”

The occupants of the room fall silent. Yunho continuing his ministrations, a handsome frown on his face.

“I don’t think you should go out. It’s still sunny and your body is still overly warm. Your fever hasn’t broken.”

“I don’t want to miss supper! Who knows when I’ll see you again?”

“The next time we get a break. You know where I’ll be.”

“It’s not the same. I feel like maybe they shouldn’t have let us share a room.”

“I agree.”


“Just being honest, here.” Sangwoo shrugs. “I was busy passing hugs and messages between the two of you that fans are hating my guts right now.”

“You didn’t have to merong them.”

“Yeah, you asked for it.”

“Whatever. Point is, whatever I did, you two do a million times more.”

“In private.”

“Private is subjective.”

“Private doesn’t include two other people in the room.”

“We trust you.”

“That’s beside the point. It still isn’t private.”

“I’m going to forbid Private First Class Kim Jaejoong from coming to dinner unless he promises he will behave.” Dongho declares half seriously.


Yunho starts laughing, pulling back to put away the lotion. “If you have to ask, you know you’re not going to behave.”

“I will if I have to.”

“You definitely have to,” Dongho nods. “The soldiers all know who you two are. They also know now how much attention they will get from your fans if they post anything related to either of you so please, you can pose with the same people, just don’t pose together.”

“What if he’s in the background?” Jaejoong asks.



“You have enough selcas of the two of you in your phone to last you till the next time you see him. Be happy that you even got to share the last six nights lying next to him.”

“Doing nothing!”

“Doing nothing didn’t cause that rash on your face,” Sangwoo counters rather pointedly.

“I have a sun allergy!”

“Sure, and I’m a vampire.”

Dongho eyes the pair, before sighing and grabbing Sangwoo. “Ok, five minutes to say your sweet nothings. We’ll stand guard outside.”

With that, he drags the protesting Sangwoo out and closes the door firmly.

“Am I allergic to your cum?” Jaejoong whispers.

Yunho squeezes his eyes shut, before opening them and gazing at the heartbroken face of his boyfriend.

“Well, you haven’t had it on your face in a very long time so…I don’t know.”

“I think it’s the sun.”

“I think it’s all three. You fell asleep without cleaning up properly and you know how sensitive your skin is. And then you slept on my chest, our tags getting tangled and your face was against it.”

“But what if it really is?”

“Jaejoongie,” Yunho cups the older man’s face gently. “I think you’re just feeling bad because you were naughty as hell.”

“A man can only stay strong for so long with you next to him.”

Yunho chooses not to reply, taking off his cap and plopping it on the other’s head. “Wear my cap. It’ll protect you from the sun at least.”

Jaejoong stares up at the younger man, eyes growing misty. “This is your cap.”

“Yes, it is.”

“It’s the only one of its kind in this whole event.”

“I know.”

AN: I’m sure these scenarios have been written ad nauseum thanks to all that happened but with all the madness, JJ makes me smile with his ridiculousness so here we are. Also, timeline, timeframe, I was all over the place during this period except the first day so some things may not match but hey, it’s fiction :P

AN2: Wrote this at work and kept getting interrupted for obvious reasons so I’m sorry about any flow issues :D Also errrrr IDK what happened with that last one lol. I think my brain is just forever in the gutter.

Oh my goodness wow, wow, WOW!!
First of all, yes, I really love those fanarts too! The artist is so incredibly talented ;; I also really like the Bolero fanart she'd made, the one with YunJae and YooSu dressed in their costumes from the Secret Code Tour, and Changmin dressed as he was for SMTown Japan 2015. STRAIGHT IN THE FEELS.

And now, your drabbles. Your amazing, wonderful, hilarious and cute drabbles. Lord, but I love the way you write qtipie Jaejoong and indulgent Yunho. They're so absolutely cute and perfect together! My favourite is the drabble with the sewing, because it was just so absolutely perfect and adorable. Jaejoong getting mad because Sangwoo said that Yunho had two wives...he's so cute when he's adorably jae-lous! Oh and poor long-suffering Dongho and Sangwoo hahaha. I love them too!

And that last drabble. Your explanation for Jaejoong's "sun allergy" hahahahahaha. I'm actually going to end up side-eyeing him a little bit now hahahah (kidding xD)

I should go back to studying now OTL Thank you so much for this, seriously made my day. I love your fluffy drabbles a lot!

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Oh god i fucking love them and seriously miss them and i bet they miss each other too
Sangwoo and Dongho are the best ^^
Thank u for this nikki

oh my, I don't know what to say :'))))...
it's super sweet and felt so real...thank you so much for writing! <3333

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I love you, you know that, right?
You just find away to put every frame into its meaning, you're like a fortune teller but way better.
After the blessed days I kept avoiding fics cause what can top reality and here you are filling those tiny spaces that reality didn't show us.
You're my Hero 😘


Jaejoong is so ridiculously adorable haha and I love the idea of yunho's roommates helping to protect and captain that ship XD

all these drabbles are just adorable~XDDDD i always either ended up smiling like an idiot or laughing like a maniac~XDDDDD

only yunjae. LOL seriously though, jaejae is one naughty, naggy, pouty 'wife'. :D

didn't notice any flow issues though... but that's just me. :D LOL

thanks for writing this! :D took my mind off things i didn't want to bother me atm. ^^

Hahaha these are so cute! And nope I haven't seen any others written yet lol I love it! Yes the fan art is adorable but imagining the stories behind them is even better xD all these little moments, your scenarios fit so well^^ I cracked up at the I BELONG TO YUNHO shirt hahahaha yes he probably would lol

Thanks for sharing! xD

"Am I allergic to your cum?" ...... Really Jae, really?

That had me rofl.

Yunho was so adorably worried about his Boo's sun allergy.

I feel so warm with them around....Jae being silly but he is still loved by Yunho.

this drabble is so very awesome!
thank you fir writing it ♥♡♥♡

LOL. This had help me release my stress from work today. <3

I can definitely picture that they would be like this and everything would be like this too