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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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[2] The Handbook
Title: The Handbook
Series: The Trophy Wife
Pairing: HoMin (mentions of JaeChun)
Rating: NC-17
Length: One-shot (part of "The Trophy Wife" series)
Genre: AU
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. Please don't kill me.
Summary: Yunho needs a handbook to make love to his wife...or does he?

AN1: OHMYGOD I am dying. Like seriously, please forgive any mistakes or whatever cos it's unbeta-ed and I am just a mess of so much want right now writing this...fuck my life.

AN2: You have to read The Trophy Wife first otherwise this won't make any sense.

The HandbookCollapse )

I absolutely enjoy this fanfic, you're indeed unique because not many authors write HoMin fanfic, especially Mpreg! keke :D lol Changmin what a controlling wife you are XD I'm looking forward next chapter!

I keep hearing different stories about HoMin authors lol. Some say there's heaps, other's say there's not, most say HoMin writers are good, others say they're not. IDEK hahaha but i'm glad you enjoyed it and also thank you for defending me. I appreciate that heaps. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

I cannot believe he really thought there was a handbook on having sex with your pregnant wife.. but then Yunho has been slow with things.. loved it.. perfect way to get back at your wife for withholding sex... but then Minnie was being punished to because he wasn't getting any... thank you from the bottom of my heart..

Hehehe... You have to understand, Yunho trusts his wife :P Don't think Min-ah tricking him even crossed his mind tbh especially considering when it happened lol. I laughed so hard while writing that though. I amuse too easily.

Awww you're very welcome. I'm really glad you enjoyed that so much ;-)

*_______________* are you sure you've never written HoMin before? Because hot damn, you seriously have the pegged perfectly! I was so stocked seeing this - is this going to be a series? Because I freaking love it! You have no idea how deprived I am of uke!Min! Omg the smut - it was a.m.a.z.i.n.g!!! And lol at the very beginning - it's so cute Yunho thought there was a handbook! Evil Minnie got the best of Yunho!

In any case, great...oneshot? chapter? installment?....whatever this turns out to be - I absolutely love it.

P.S. Your writing skills are amazing! Not just your characterization but how you write the entire fic is really engaging! =D

Yep, 100% sure. I've also only read two HoMin fics in my life hahaha. So the balance between read and written is equal right now :P Isn't uke!Min the norm though? I mean, the pairing is HoMin... I have to say, I was thoroughly amused at Yunho being fooled. Such fun. Glad you like the smut :P

Yeah it's going to be a series because i've fallen in love with this universe somewhat heh. And my needy!Min muse is rather insistent so yeah. It'll be a series of one shots...

Istg i'm starting to get real shy about these compliments about my writing skills... Thank you so much for saying what you did cos it's just made me smile real hard.

I'm speechless and happy that this is going to turn out to be series. Can't wait for what's coming next. Thanks for writing.

Lol! I'm glad you enjoyed that because I really enjoyed writing it...maybe a little too much lmao! You're very welcome and thanks for commenting!

You need to make more of this series... just sayin ;)

AHHH I have feels tenfold again. I have a new love for HoMin. I already liked it but now I want to read even more of it. Maybe more of this series...?

Okay okay, I won't push you. I'll casually cheerlead from the sidelines again.

This was beautiful beautiful beautiful and so funny at the beginning! I loved Micky's reaction, golden! And Changmin's characterisation in this is SO PERFECT. Such a brat, but the idea of him being a sexy supermodel brat is too much awesome. Well, not too far from rl Min I guess. Only he's a sexy superstar brat instead of a model.

Amggg Nicki, this was AMAZING!!!

Don't worry... next part is already at 3,000+ words lol!

I've only read two HoMin fics lmao... I'm like the definition of a hypocrite. I don't like reading NC17 fics, yet I write it. I don't like PWP, yet I write it. I hate angst, yet I write it. I love fluff, but I can't write that to save my life lmao! And HoMin, I can't quite get comfortable enough to read it yet, but I write it. Crazy huh?

Micky's reaction was exactly my reaction tbh. I amuse far too easily and always seem to laugh at my own jokes way too hard. Shameless really lmao!

Hnnnnnnnggggghhhhhhh did I send you photos accompanying the HoMin fics? They are so helpful for visualizing hahahaha. I LOVE YOU DOLLFACE.

woah... just woah. i'm like O_O this right now. and i had to take a gulp. what in the world is this madness. I don't normally read NC-17 so to comeback after a time to read something as intense as this... woah.



Changmin should troll Yunho more if it ends like this

Hahahahaha! I guess you understand why I was sooooooo hot and bothered that afternoon when I wrote this fic :PPP I totally needed a cold shower and I wrote the damn thing OTL

I don't normally read NC17 either hehe... I actually skip over smut scenes in longfics sometimes... Why am I like this? Makes no sense lol!


Ohmygod Micky's reaction in the first part of the fic was honestly my own reaction. I was just laughing so hard at Yunho getting trolled. I'll tell you a secret though, I never meant him to be trolling when I wrote that line in the last fic. But then I also thought that last fic was going to be my one and only HoMin fic...but my needy!Min must clearly had other ideas OTL

“Have you forgotten how to fuck me, old man?”

Minnie is the real shit in this fic omg if only I could laugh... OTL

I must say I preferred this one over the first, but it might have to do with the smut :PP I'm such a perv ╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Oh and I actually enjoy readin your Homin, if not for the Mpreg thing :) It's my least favorite pairing, but still a nice read. And regarding to the little troll everyone is taking turns to answer to, You don't need a handbook to write Homin (no pun intended)

Hahahahahaha I freaking love Minnie tbh. Lol some YJ readers couldn't deal with this chapter precisely because of the smut, it was a bit too much for them. So it's cool that you like this one because of the smut hahahaha.

I've banned the troll... Hopefully LJ doesn't fuck up and she stays banned. Fandom wars are fucking bad enough without it spilling into fic as well. It's ridiculous.

Thanks for commenting bb and I hope your teeth aren't giving you too much grief *HUGGLES*

please tell me there is going to be more! i loved this !!!!! they are the cutest couple. i really love the way you write.

Lol! There will be but I don't know when. It's a series of one shots and not an actual chaptered fic per se so i'll add stuff as I write and as it comes up. Right now i'm all about trying to finish Jejuko cos that's a planned out chaptered fic. Glad you love my HoMin and my writing style!

oh my god. you have no idea how much i appreciate LoOOOOOOOooooOOoOOOOONGGGGGGG sex scenes HAHA <333333333

my fingers are still tingling oh my oh my oh my

i want to be a trophy wife *sniffs*

Haha I love how Min was out to get Yunho but instead he got frustrated as well xD
loved this, thank you for sharing ^_^

What a brat Yunho has here... Well he love Minnie like that...