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Devil [1/1]

Title: Sleeping Beauty oneshot: Devil
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: NC-17
Length: Oneshot
Genre: AU, fluff, slice of life
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be married here :P

Summary: The Devil and… I'll leave it to you to decide who is the Devil ;-)

AN1: I did a poll on Twitter and it was too damn close between military non-AU YunJae and an SB drabble and since I miss Changmin, this happened OTL And this fic was actually driven by Jaejoong so you have been warned because this Jaejoong made me need a paper bag to calm my fucking breathing jfc. I will never understand my muses OTL Be warned though, this is almost 10,000 words.
AN2: Un-betaed and although this is from my Sleeping Beauty verse, you don't need to have read it. All my oneshots and drabbles can be found in the Sleeping Beauty tag or the Master Fic List although I probably need to update that OTL.

Everyone is so used to it by now that the four men sitting in the boardroom off the Jung Conglomerate CEO’s office remain impassive when their boss’ wife sweeps in without a by-your-leave. Three of them stand, knowing their cue to leave. They nod at Jung Yunho who acknowledges their departure, murmuring their greetings to the man’s wife as they file past him and out the door.

One of them though, merely straightens in his seat, not standing to pay his respects like his counterparts, his eyes drinking in the vision before him.

Stopping short, sunglasses askew on his head, a squirming, squawking toddler in his arms, Jaejoong glances over at the remaining man in the room warily, momentarily forgetting the reason why he is there in the first place.

They stare each other down, sizing the other one up, the seconds dragging on as they do not take their eyes off each other, before one of them narrows his eyes and finally speaks.

“Is the apocalypse coming again?” Jaejoong asks in perfect English, mild dread in his voice, standing tall though despite the struggling toddler in his arms.

“Nothing that they shouldn’t have seen coming,” he replies in perfect Korean. Hair and eyes as dark as sin, contrasting with skin so pale it is almost translucent, for he is as English as the come, and blessed with a towering height of six foot five, he stands out wherever he goes and more so in the heart of Seoul. “And if you may pardon the reminder, your husband is the Apocalypse.” His tone turns somewhat self-deprecating, though only he knows it. “We are merely the Harbingers.”

“That’s enough, Jason.” Yunho shakes his head at his long-time friend, the one Jaejoong has not-so-fondly nicknamed as Death.

The man smiles a brilliant white smile that actually reaches his cold hard grey eyes, warming them into something more that the usual steel. “Anything for the Devil and his wife,” he replies in English, complete with a mocking flourish in his voice, before his eyes drop to the now quiet toddler with the slightly red-rimmed eyes in Jaejoong’s arms who is staring unflinchingly at him. The boy favors Jaejoong in features but yet the overall composition of his face reminds him very much of his friend. Based on his observation, his tone is a lot more curt than he means it to be. “And the mini devil.”

Opening his mouth to protest, Jaejoong is cut off by his child.

“Minnie devil!”

“No, not Minnie. He didn’t mean---” Jaejoong tries, but Changmin shakes his head at him.

“Minnie devil.” He insists firmly, his tone so like his father despite being twenty-two months old.

“Jason,” Yunho murmurs, a warning tone in his voice as his harried wife hurries to his side, the twenty-five year old glaring ferociously at his bemused friend. He doesn’t question why he stays. The man is more like a brother to him than an employee, and whenever he is in town, he drops in for a visit. All their children are fond of him except Changmin who has only met him a handful of times, but has never warmed up to him for some reason.

“Why do you think he calls me, Death, Yunho? Nothing gets past me. Your wife is about to leave that little devil child here with you because he can’t handle him today.”

“Death, right? Remind me to drop a bottle of death sauce in your soup next time you come for dinner,” Jaejoong’s tone holds a slight edge, as he indeed deposits Changmin on the table in front of his husband. Switching to Japanese because Changmin’s understanding of that language is minimal at best for the moment, he continues, “And as usual, Jason is right. He won’t listen to anything I say. Not a word. I tell him one thing, he does the total opposite. Your son picked out his clothes today. While the other four are dressed in teeshirts, shorts and sandals, this one looks like he should be modeling for fall fashion or something. If I do anything he doesn’t want me to do, he starts to cry. He’s been crying all morning, because he wants me to play with him, but I can’t. Not today. He also caught sight of his old pacifier and when I refused to give it to him, it was naughty Mama all over again. And let’s not get me started on why our toilet trained son is in diapers right now.”

“So dumping him on Yunho was your solution?” Jason queries mildly, in perfect Japanese of course. “The man who has to run corporations on several continents from this office?”

The sulfurous look Jaejoong sends him would’ve singed his eyebrows right off had he been closer.

The Kim media heir really is annoyed, hidden well till poked by Death. This man has been a thorn in his side for years. He doesn’t see him very often for the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are not based in Jung Tower. They travel extensively, and are the men that Yunho sends out to run diagnosis on potential acquisitions. They are the “takeover team” of Jung Conglomerate, experts in their respective fields, they assess the companies for him, using whatever methods necessary to get every morsel of information needed for Yunho to make his decision on what to do next. Jason’s role has to do with the people. Nothing gets past him.

Within half an hour of meeting anyone, he can give you an accurate assessment of what motivates them, what is important to them and what their deepest fears are. Give him another half hour, and every skeleton in the closet will be laid bare for him to pick from.

His skills do not extend to Yunho though, which is what has made them friends, and has kept them being friends. Jason has never failed Yunho, but the man cannot read Yunho no matter how hard he tries. The fact that he still tries is a source of amusement for the CEO.

However, Yunho’s trusted friend has one very sore spot.

To put it in romance novel terms, he has a rather marked tendre for the CEO’s wife.

And both Jungs know it.

Neither of them think much of it though, as long as Jason minds himself, which he always has, for it was the man himself who had confessed to Yunho several years ago.

The Jung CEO had been amused at first for many have fallen in love with his wife, then bemused as the years went by, watching the man treat his wife like a schoolyard crush. The pulling on pigtails and running away type of crush.

And while Jaejoong holds a measure of affection for the man simply due to the fact that he is Yunho’s friend, his wife is leery of the barbs that Jason sends his way, uncertain as to how to take them. On the one hand, he feels sorry about the unrequited love, but on the other, he wishes Jason had a better outlet for his feelings instead of irritating him to death.

“Well then, Mr. Death,” Jaejoong’s voice takes on that sickeningly sweet tone that teenagers sometimes use when they are about to ask for something rather terrible. He picks Changmin back up from where he had placed him in front of his husband, practically skipping towards the man who is only now realizing the peril he is in.

The toddler’s rather unceremonious move is punctuated by a very loud fart that he lets rip just as Jaejoong drops him in the bespoke suited man’s unwilling lap.

“What the fuck did you feed this child?!” Jason picks up Changmin off his lap instantly, holding him at arms length, making all manner of faces, breathing through his mouth, losing all dignity altogether as he tries to escape the fumes coming from the tot.

“Sulphur.” Jaejoong replies airily, knowing his son is safe, even if unwanted by the Englishman. He doesn’t tell the man off for his language for he had sworn in French, and no matter how smart Changmin is, the words were spoken too rapidly for him to follow.

“Murder!” Changmin declares cheerfully, his ears too radar-like for his own good, waving his pacifier at the man before scrunching up his face, and continuing whatever he was doing before his mama took him off the table. “Murder,” he mumbles, mimicking the one word he caught from Jason as he lets loose another wet sounding fart that makes even his father wince from the safety of his desk.

“Yes, murder. Exactly right, devil-child. Yunho, my dearest friend…I would pay you what you pay me, if you take this mini devil off me.”

“Don’t do it,” Jaejoong snickers, sending an evil grin at the seated man still trying desperately to draw a clean breath. “Maybe he’ll stop thinking of murdering you and marrying me.”

“Don’t be cruel,” Yunho murmurs, standing with his wife.

“He’s right,” Jason’s pale skin is taking on a distinctly reddish hue as he speaks through a held breath somehow. “I wouldn’t marry him for the world if this is what he produces.”

He exhales noisily, pushing as much air out as possible, hopeful that it will blow the smell away but it only serves to amuse Changmin who grins at him and continues to soil his diaper. He really doesn’t like Jason, for reasons only the small child will know, and he is aware enough to know the man doesn’t like him very much either, especially at that very moment. A sadistic streak buried deep within him has him tormenting the giant man who pays too much attention to his mama than he should.

“Be glad you weren’t around when he was pregnant then.”


“Jung Yunho, I would greatly appreciate it if you wouldn’t dawdle about kissing your wife goodbye because I am perilously close to going up in flames from the stench.”

“He needs a change,” Jaejoong’s voice is slightly apologetic, dropping low as he snuggles under his husband’s arm as they walk towards the door. “He was cooking that dump all the way here. It smells rather…thorough.” They stop in the doorway and he turns, nosing against Yunho’s jawline and inhaling deeply. “As you can tell, he is really being contrary today. It’s lucky I even found diapers for him. I don’t know why he’s so clingy, but hopefully spending the day with you will set him right as it always does. I can’t take him with me and I won’t be home till tomorrow. It’s the army. They called this morning.”

“Yunho…” the man’s voice is an amalgamation of desperation and a hefty amount of fear and disgust.

The CEO ignores his friend, knowing his son is in good hands even if those hands prefer to be halfway across the world from him.

“The children?”

“Jessica’s stint at the creche hasn’t ended so they will stay the full day with her and she will take them home when she’s done. Yoolie is with Krystal picking out decorations for JJ’s birthday party next weekend, and from the sounds of it will probably be out till dinner.” Jaejoong continues to nuzzle his husband’s jaw, sighing happily as he inhales the man. “I don’t know how you feel about turning the entire house purple though. Yoolie is convinced she has to make everything purple. Last I heard from Krystal, they were in the bedding department and our Yoolie was lying on the beds trying to figure out which bed was the closest to ours so she can get a purple bedspread and sheets for it.”

“Surely Krystal told her our bed was custom made?”

“Of course. Our daughter knows that very well, love.” Jaejoong chuckles quietly, leaning into his husband, forming that cocoon they always do when they’re together. Jason, and even little smelly devil-child Minnieball is forgotten for the moment as he shares his thoughts with his husband. “Jiyool has the fullest confidence that you will pay to have the sheets made properly but being the lovely child she is, she wanted to find the best fit to make their job easier.”

“She does, does she?” Yunho murmurs against his wife’s temple, his smile hidden in the man’s hair.

“Do you think our children are spoiled?”

“Of course.”

Jaejoong rears back, eyes laughing, smacking his husband playfully. “You’re supposed to say no! I’m trying not to spoil them, you know?” The younger man pouts adorably.

Now Yunho has a rather soft (or hard?) spot for his wife’s pouts and his cock stirs at the softly petulant mouth. “You might have to try a little harder,” Yunho’s voice drops, the husky note in his voice doesn’t go unnoticed, and Jaejoong’s eyebrow goes up in reply, wetting his lips in response.

“Jung Yunho!”

The two Jungs are snapped out of their contemplation of each other, both turning towards the sharp voice.

A piercing wail reaches them just then as well, and Jaejoong groans, stepping for the last time that day into his husband’s arms and hugging him tight, pressing an apologetic kiss to that cupid bow, and moving away before his husband can return the kiss.

“He has only two more diapers in the bag. I’ll ring Krystal to grab a new pack on her way home, but I’m hopeful he won’t need them. I love you.”

The door shuts quietly in Yunho’s face before he can react, his wife gone.

Changmin’s screams are getting shriller, now done with his business and absolutely hating being kept in such close proximity with the dump he just did. Jason had placed him on the floor which was probably the worst thing the man could’ve done, but the Englishman’s eyes were actually starting to water from the smell and he could hold on to the mini Devil no longer.

Yunho hurries over to his friend whose face is positively prune-like, trying to remain stoic and stay to make sure the toddler comes to no harm, and yet wanting nothing more than to bolt at the first chance.

Jason’s eyes drop to Yunho’s crotch, seeing the telltale bulge in the man’s bespoke pants, shaking his head, watching as the man scoops up his screaming son.

“Was that for my benefit?” he asks, eyes catching Yunho’s before dropping rather pointedly. “He just loved you and left you with…that,” he gestures towards Changmin whose crying has turned to hiccuping, his father holding him in such a way that he isn’t feeling the poop squishing his ass.

“Nothing is ever for your benefit, Jase,” Yunho’s voice holds a warning note in it. “Are you leaving or staying?”

Jason gets up, hands up in surrender and apology. “Leaving. I should have left with the other guys.”

“Yes,” Yunho’s answer is unequivocal, holding no inflection whatsoever this time.

The Englishman bows, not his usual tilt of the head but a full bend at the waist bow, knowing he has pushed his luck to its limit that day.

Yunho is already turned away, heading towards one of the closets where a portable changing table resides, pulling it out, not hearing nor noticing the soft click of his office door as Jason exits quietly.

Changmin is quiet while his father divests him of his full diaper, the man’s face red as he breathes through his mouth. He decides that what the fuck did you feed this child? was a more than fair question from Jason. The toddler is so smelly that Yunho decides to give him a quick bath in the sink.

“Daddy?” The toddler sitting in the sink stares up at him with wide doe eyes so like his mama, and yet with enough of a pull that they’re almost almond shaped like his father’s.

Yunho smiles down at his son. “Just a quick wash, baby.”

“Shower?” Changmin points towards the adjoining cubicle where a rain shower stands.

His father hums, before deciding what the heck. Changmin does stink.

“You’ll have to shower without me like a big boy, ok?”

Changmin nods eagerly, beaming a toothy little grin. He does so like being wet. The youngest is also the one who was in the pool the earliest out of all the Jung children, happy as heck to be in the water with his daddy from the very tender age of four months. The toddler could swim before he could walk. Jaejoong hadn’t liked it at first, but soon realized of course that his husband would never do anything to harm their baby. It also gave Yunho the much needed bonding with their hungry child that for months appeared to be almost permanently attached to Jaejoong’s chest.

Yunho tests the water, before sending his son under the spray, the toddler’s gleeful giggles as he is hit by the warm water fills the large bathroom.

Content to just stand in the water, his hair plastered to his head, watching his father through the rivulets of water streaming over his eyes, little Changmin needs a little coaxing before he begrudgingly takes some soap from his father to wash himself.

The Jung CEO helps his son out of course, the boy thinking just slapping his handful of shower gel on his body will get him clean. Large hands make short work of the wriggling, giggling, slippery little angel, and soon, whether by design or not, Yunho’s shirt sleeves are soaked right through.

Little Changmin stands still, damp from his shower, waiting patiently for his daddy to get his towel for him. It is a rare day indeed that he gets his father so wholly to himself, and while he wonders where his mama is, the man’s absence doesn’t really bother him. His tummy had hurt for most of the morning and he wanted his mama’s attention but the man had been a busy and absentminded. The more his mama seemingly ignored his aches and pains, the more belligerent the toddler got. His mama normally understands what he wants without him needing to articulate it, but his mama had been too distracted, and Changmin didn’t feel like explaining his behavior. He is only two after all, and whatever he wants, he should just get, shouldn’t he?

His daddy is definitely being good that way, and Changmin squeals happily when he sees the man returning with his brother’s Pikachu towel, unable to contain himself at getting to use the coveted towel.

Yunho grins as the wet little munchkin practically dives into his open arms, crouching down, uncaring that his bespoke pants are currently kneeling in a puddle of soapy water as he dries his talkative little boy who is alternating between squealing and giggling.

“Suie’s towel! Suie’s towel! I love Suie’s towel!”

“Should we buy you one?” Yunho asks, half to himself, but of course his son hears it.

“Pikachu! Daddy buy me Pikachu towel?”

“You already have a Hamtaro towel, don’t you?” Yunho backpedals slightly, remembering his brief conversation with his wife about spoiling their children.

Changmin blinks, droplets of water clinging to his long eyelashes as he gazes up at his father through them, in an identical gesture to his mama. He stares up at his father, while the man dries him, his chin wobbling slightly as he thinks about Pikachu and Hamtaro.

“Daddy…” There is a tremble to that little voice.

The man mentally face palms. “Yes, baby?”

Changmin feels his little heart bursting at the affectionate way his daddy calls to him, and he burrows against his daddy’s chest, nuzzling the soft yellow towel against his daddy’s broad shoulder, murmuring into the towel.

Yunho can’t really hear his son, but he has a rather good idea of what the boy is asking. He continues to dry the boy, moving to his thick hair, drying it vigorously, causing the toddler to wobble on his feet and let out a little giggle he didn’t mean to let out.

Uncovering the toddler’s face, he sees bright shining eyes, and in that moment, he sees his wife as he was all those years ago, so innocent and loving.

“I love you.” Changmin smiles, cocking his head, leaning into his father’s hand as the man cradles his head, secure in the circle of his daddy’s arms.

“Was that what you were saying earlier?”

Changmin nods immediately, still smiling.

Yunho presses a kiss to his son’s forehead and decides a trip to the toy store is in his afternoon plans.

Jaejoong may be trying, but Yunho is absolutely failing.

“I don’t think he will be staying the afternoon, but he will probably want to look over those papers tonight anyway since he asked you to have them printed. Go on in.”

“Are you sure?”

“There’s no one else in there with him.”

The girl nods, blushing furiously at the thought of being in the same room as Jung Yunho. She wraps her hand around the doorknob, takes a deep fortifying breath and pulls it open slowly, as if savoring the moment, causing the secretary to roll her eyes.

First it is Jason being stupid, for she had seen him leaving, expression conveying a proper chastisement over the boss’ wife no doubt, and now it is this girl. The Jung couple causes heartbreak without ever meaning to.

A high pitched squeal of laughter slips from the now ajar door, betraying Yunho’s secretary’s words as a lie to the office clerk who shoots her a look filled with disappointment.

Again she rolls her eyes, and adds a head shake for good measure.

The door is suddenly pulled open fully, causing the clerk to stumble for her hand is still loosely on the doorknob, crashing straight into a two year old who falls back at being bumped.

Changmin’s mouth opens and closes, too shocked to cry, his fall cushioned by the thick carpet that he isn’t actually in any pain. More dazed than anything, he blinks up at the pretty girl looking confusedly at him.

Next thing he knows, he is airborne, safe in his daddy’s arms.

Father and son both stare down at the flustered girl.

Father and son are both topless.

The girl stares right back, eyes drinking in the ink curling around the shoulders of the tall man standing before her. She has heard the rumors of course, but she’s never actually seen it for herself.

The secretary clears her throat loudly. “Don’t you have something to give him?”

The clerk shakes her head, blinking, staring down at the sheaf of papers in her hand and then back up at the man with eyes as dark as sin, the black so thorough that if eyes were truly the windows to the soul, he would be utterly soulless.

His son is no different, expressionless for such a young child as he stares down at her without a word. Gone is the giggling toddler she heard through the door.

She holds out the sheaf of papers, surprised when the toddler reaches out with both hands to take it, rather than his father.

The girl lets go, cringing when the little boy hugs the papers, crinkling them around the edges.

“Thank you.”

Her eyes raise up to the bottomless pools of darkness, getting absolutely nothing from her boss, a man she has never had any reason to meet personally, their interactions limited to the one phone call that morning asking for those papers. His voice is even more disturbing in person, the coldness is one thing, but the absolute emptiness is another.

She knows many fear the man, and a similar number lust after him, her being of the latter group, but the lust is dying a swift death as she takes in the sheer presence of the man. The fact that he is topless serves only to enhance his brooding aura, making her feel out of place, fully dressed as she is, as if she has intruded on his inner sanctum without a by your leave.

The clerk knows she has been dismissed when his next words after thanking her are to his secretary. She knows she has been rude by not speaking or saying anything, but it is as if her tongue has been petrified. She couldn’t say a word even if her life depended on it.

“I won’t be returning today. Reschedule all my meetings and move them to the following week. I will be working from home tomorrow. Any calls from my family are to be redirected immediately to me. Hold all the other calls.”

Jung Yunho, CEO of Jung Conglomerate does not give the clerk another glance as he turns to return to his office.

A soft gasp fills the air, but the definitive click of the door ends it.

“Talk, and this will be the last job you will ever have on this side of the world,” the formerly friendly secretary’s voice is just as cold as her boss.

Her boss has an elaborate tattoo on his back, the artwork is exquisite, the rays of the sun behind the clouds were what she saw curling over his shoulders. The excruciating detail of the angel with its head bowed as if in prayer, its wings unfurled just below it made her belly clench at both the beauty of it and in sympathy because of the pain she practically can feel herself having recently gotten a tiny baby tattoo of an arrowed heart underneath her wing bone.

Strangely enough though, the beauty of the elaborate tattoo is eclipsed by the simple word hovering just over the haloed head of the supplicating angel.


Changmin is practically vibrating from excitement. His eyes take in the rows upon rows, upon rows of Gundam toys, unable to believe what he is seeing.

He paces up and down the aisle.

Back and forth.

Picks up a box, only to set it down when he sees another box that catches his eye.

Rinse and repeat.

He paces up and down the aisle.

Back and forth.

Picks up a box, only to set it down when he sees another box that catches his eye.

Rinse and repeat.

He paces up and down the aisle.

Back and forth.

Points at a box, fondling it when he gets his hands on it, only to discard it when he sees another box that catches his eye.

Rinse and repeat.

He paces up and down the aisle.

Back and forth.

Points at a box, fondling it when he gets his hands on it, only to discard it when he sees another box that catches his eye.

Yunho hides his amusement at his overwhelmed son.

He stands in the middle of the aisle, casually leaning against the shelves of Lego behind him, wondering if Changmin will notice those too.

There are a couple of eager shop assistants following Changmin, taking down whatever the toddler points at that is beyond his reach.

The CEO closes his eyes, a tiny smile tugging at his lips, emptying his mind only to fill it with thoughts of his wife. It’s been less than a couple of hours since he last saw the beautiful man, but knowing that Jaejoong will not be back till the next day adds to the longing.

‘’Daddy,” a small voice from somewhere around his knee calls out and Yunho opens his eyes to look down.

His bambi-eyed angel struggles to hand a box almost as big as himself to him.

Yunho crouches down to make his son’s job easier for gravity can be a bitch. “You want this one?”

Changmin nods, beaming at his daddy, before running to one of the shop assistants and getting a box from him, and running back to his daddy. “This one too!”

His father laughs, taking the box and nodding.

This only encourages the child, who tugs at his father’s sleeve. “Daddy, come help me choose!”

Yunho stands easily, trailing after his excited son who is talking nineteen-to-the-dozen.

”This is so cool!”

“For Chunnie, daddy?”

“Wow, this one has wings!”

“Suie too!”

“Wahhhhhhhh I like this color, daddy! Look!”

“Pretty red for pretty Yoolie.”

“This one is soooooooo bigggggggggg.”

“Ooooooooh daddy get that purple one for JJ!”

“I want the Unicorn Gundam!”

Yunho had to chuckle when he overheard one of the shop assistants asking his colleague if Changmin is the son of a billionaire.

Changmin’s choices had run into double digits, but Yunho felt rather proud of himself when he managed to talk the toddler down to just six.

One for Jiyool.

One for JJ.

One for Chunnie.

One for Suie.

Two for Changmin.

”I’m two so I get two!”

Two hours later, they leave the toy store with more than just Gundam robots though, for the Lego models did not escape Changmin’s sharp eyes, nor did some other remote control toys, including a radio-controlled Ferrari that Changmin kept crashing into the walls of the model track in the centre of the toy store, but the tired toddler would not take no for an answer, shimmering doe eyes sealing Yunho’s fate for him as he hands over the heavy box to a waiting shop assistant.

Changmin is fretting, pawing at his daddy and making upset sounds, gone is the articulate two year old from the toy store. He is over stimulated and over tired, his nap time already been and gone. He is also hungry, and the combination of the three is essentially a formidable temper tantrum waiting to happen.

Had the little boy been with his mama, a tantrum would have erupted a long time ago. They don’t call it the Terrible Twos for nothing, and Jaejoong has borne more than his fair share of eruptions from the little tike. However, oddly enough, the children tend to mind themselves a little bit more when they are with their father.

Yunho fishes out the toddler’s forgotten pacifier from his pocket, popping the teat into his mouth to clean it, eliciting a distressed howl from the little boy who pulls it out of his daddy’s mouth, frowning ferociously as he pops it into his own mouth. He sucks noisily, tearful eyes glaring balefully at his father.

“I think you need a nap after all that excitement.”

Changmin shakes his head stubbornly, not even deigning to reply, still sucking industriously at his blue pacifier. He is hugging one of his two Gundams, not at all bothered at the pointy ends of the robot toy that is more fit for playing with while fully awake than hugging while half asleep.

His tummy rumbles just then, and Yunho chuckles. “Maybe I should feed you first.”

The toddler pulls out his pacifier. “Ice cream,” he says simply, before popping the teat back into his mouth.

He blinks at his father, eyes dark and awash with unshed tears.

His father sighs a little dramatically. “You’re milking this for all its worth, aren’t you?”

Changmin spits out the pacifier, Yunho catching it before it falls to the ground.


The man groans, shaking his head, knowing he is definitely going to have to distract his child. Milk always means his wife, even if Changmin isn’t feeding anymore, and Yunho cannot produce the boy’s mama even if he wanted to.

“Ice cream it is!”

“Tell her what you want, Minnie.”

“I’m a little shy,” Changmin mumbles, hiding his face in his father’s neck.

The beautiful girl at the soft serve ice cream shop looks like Jessica, and the little roundish toddler has always had a soft spot for “pretty Sica”.


Changmin nods an affirmative into his daddy’s neck, ears tinged red.

Yunho looks over at the row of soft serve ice cream dispensers. “Can you do dual flavors?”

“Only for vanilla with chocolate, or chocolate with strawberry.”

“Minnie, can you share your ice cream with me?”

Again Changmin nods, murmuring his assent against his father neck, tickling his daddy who smiles at the feeling.

“He’s adorable.”

Yunho grins at the girl who has barely spared a glance for him, eyes focused on his son, the amusement and affection on her face is clear.

“He’s adorable when he’s shy, yes,” Yunho agrees. “Can I please have your largest cup of chocolate and strawberry.”

“Sure thing.”


“It’s a nice day, if you finish early you can take the kids to the park.”

“Minnie isn’t with us.”

Jaejoong’s brow furrows as he navigates the traffic in his Bentley. “Oh? Is he with umma?”

“He’s with oppa.”

“At the office?”

“At home,” Jessica laughs at Jaejoong’s incredulous tone.

“Is he sick? Is my baby sick?”

“Calm down, oppa. Nobody is sick. Oppa is working from home today and Changminnie opted to stay home instead of coming to the creche.”

“The others?”

“We are going to the petting zoo today after lunch and none of them wanted to miss it.”

“That must’ve been a relief for Yunho,” Jaejoong chuckles throatily, remembering a time not too long ago when his husband had called him about being haunted and he’d only had the three boys to contend with then.

“Oh yes, indeed,” Jessica’s amusement is clear. “I have never seen a man look so relieved at being booted by his flesh and blood for a bunch of smelly donkeys.”

“He can deal with three now,” Jaejoong defends his husband immediately, though his smile hasn’t left his face. “I think five on his own for a half a day would be too much though.”

Jessica scoffs. “I think he should try. They all behave better with him than they do with you.”

“I’m trying not to spoil them,” Jaejoong’s voice is a mite defensive.

This time, Jessica’s laughter is full and outright. “Oh my god, speaking of spoiled. I don’t think you should blame yourself.”

“What do you mean?”

“Oppa practically bought up half the toy store yesterday.”

“He what?!”

“The toy store’s delivery van which they use to collect their own merchandise turned up at dinner time yesterday. Let’s just say your kids didn’t eat much dinner last night.”

“I thought we agreed we were going to try not to spoil them?”

“I don’t know, oppa. From what I saw yesterday, I don’t think he was trying anything of the sort. Apparently Changmin picked out everything. He even got a purple Gundam for JJ. The poor girl had no idea what to do with the robot, but she loved it anyway once the boys explained it to her.”

“It’s Minnieball,” Jaejoong sighs. “That kid makes me do things without meaning to.”

“I know. He does it to me too.”

Pretty Sica. You fall for it all the time.”


“That child is like the devil,” Jaejoong admits. “Little devil who couldn’t sit still once he learned how to crawl. Now he’s making us do things with a bat of those long eyelashes of his.”

“They’re your eyelashes,” Jessica points out.

Jaejoong merely snorts in response.

“Admit it, the child is a mirror image of you.”

“That’s not true! Anyone looking at him will know he’s Yunho’s son.”

“I’m not just talking about his looks. His features are pretty well balanced that anyone can tell who his parents are when looking at either of you, but his behavior is all you. Admit it, oppa. What Changmin wants, Changmin gets.”

Jaejoong has no response for that. Jessica is pretty much spot on.

“I’m sure you’re going to have a lovely reunion with oppa,” Jessica’s smirk can be heard through the phone. “I can’t do anything about your little Devil, but I’m sure you being the mama Devil can figure something out.”

Jaejoong chews on his bottom lip, still dressed in his fatigues, painting an interesting sight as he drives his white Bentley up the driveway of their home.

“You’d be right,” he agrees, before saying his goodbyes.

Jaejoong rightens his army issued cap, flipping it back round the correct way, whistling while he exits the car. He checks his black G-Shock watch, the only timepiece that he wears when serving. In the army, he is simply Kim Jaejoong. He doesn’t even keep his married name in the army, known by his birth name throughout just like everyone else. He provides an administrative service, as did Yunho, too rich to be put in harm’s way, but not above the law despite their position. Instead of serving in one full two year stint, there is a concession for those men with children to serve their two years in parts over a period of twenty years from the birth of the first child. Yunho has already completed his duty to the country, but Jaejoong, married at nineteen and with two children at twenty, still has a fair way to go to complete his debt to the nation.

The house is quiet when he enters, but as a parent of five precocious children, silence is not always a good thing.

He heads to the back of the house where the kitchen is, nose wrinkling at finding it empty. The dishwasher is going though, and a quick look shows that it has been going for about half an hour.

Yunho cannot be far.

Shouldering his duffle bag higher, Jung Jaejoong goes in search of his missing husband and child.

A look in the library and study leaves him empty-handed, Jaejoong more than a little surprised at not finding his husband on a conference call or in a meeting of some sort. It’s barely noon.

He makes his way to the bedroom, pushing the ajar door all the way open, and the sight is definitely one for sore eyes.

Father and son are in repose in the middle of the bed, Changmin sprawled akimbo atop his father.

Instead of dropping his duffle, Jaejoong slings the bag across his body and makes his way to the bed. He knows Changmin is out cold, for he always starts by sleeping like a little baby Koala, but once deep asleep, his natural tendency to throw his long limbs everywhere becomes apparent.

Scooping the toddler up into his arms, his youngest child doesn’t even stir, breathing deeply, dead to the world as his mama arranges him over his shoulder.

His husband on the other hand, wakes instantly, leaning indolently up on one elbow.

Yunho’s half-lidded gaze, taking in his fatigues-clad wife sends a bolt of lust straight through the younger man, his cock stirring in his loose pants.

Backing slowly, eyes not leaving his semi-supine husband, Jaejoong exits to the nursery to put their son in his bed. He fiddles with the video and radio baby monitors, picking up one receiver, before pulling the nursery door shut.

Yunho is exactly where he left him, eyes glittering in the darkened room, black out curtains drawn on every window bar one, giving enough light for Jaejoong to see his husband clearly.

“It’s a little early for you to be abed, isn’t it, love?”

Yunho pushes himself up further, the husky timbre of his wife’s voice hardening his already turgid cock to painful stone. He sits fully, eyeing his wife, whose beauty cannot be hidden behind the drab army fatigues that everyone is made to wear. However, he is far more interested in the Devil masquerading as his wife. Jung Jaejoong loves to play, and Yunho enjoys it thoroughly, having taught his wife everything there is to know about playing. The man is not only a quick study, but he is close to surpassing his teacher.

Will today be the day?

There is a certain bold sensuousness flashing in the normally laughing doe eyes of the twenty-five year old, and the Jung CEO is tantalized by the dark promise within them.

Jaejoong wants to play that game.

It is a dangerous game instigated by Yunho years ago while trying to banish his demons.

It boils down to trust, and he trusts his wife with everything.

Even his demons.

A game Jaejoong had been reluctant to partake in at the beginning, but his wife has a very deviant bone within him.

Yunho’s eyes almost cross at the memory of the last time, losing himself, it is his wife’s voice that brings him back to the present.

“Did I say you could leave me, baby?”

Yunho holds his wife’s gaze this time, his face partially shadowed by the brim of his cap. There is a wicked smirk playing about Jaejoong’s lush mouth, the twist of his lips darker than usual, almost like a predator.

Exactly like a predator.

“Stand up, baby. Let me see you.”

Yunho moves immediately, as if he’d been commanded, but nothing is further from the truth. Not in that moment anyway. Jaejoong’s voice had been deceptively calm, loving even, his tongue caressing each word as it leaves his mouth and Yunho can feel it on his body.

“What you see is what you get” is a saying that perfectly describes Jaejoong. There is no dissembling with him. Even when playing a part or a game, his reactions and actions are one hundred percent honest. This is why this particular game succeeds despite how it looks to an outsider. Yunho does not need to look between the lines or underneath layers upon layers of masks or facades. Jaejoong is always refreshingly and unfailingly, honest.

Yunho gains his feet, swaying slightly as the last of sleep is banished from his brain. He is dressed in day clothes, and his cock is trapped by the seam of his jeans, pressing painfully against the row of buttons, offering him more pain than pleasure at that moment, for he wants a certain type of friction. He needs it.

He moves, eyes never leaving his wife, his back finding the wall on the other side of the bedside table. He knows he has done well, for Jaejoong’s nostrils flare, eyes darkening even more, the lust in them so vivid that his cock of stone twitches painfully, desperately wanting to get free.

“Let’s play Jaejoong says…” the brunette beauty murmurs, a delicious promise in every fibre of his being. “I’m wearing one item too many compared to you though,” his voice is low, a hint of breathlessness within it, eyes never leaving his husband’s. His hand moves to the brim of his cap.

The Jung mogul’s breath is trapped in his throat, Jaejoong’s sloe-eyed teasing when he has a mind to do it, is deft. His wife’s eyes convey a million things and he conveys lust and need very well indeed. The banked embers behind those sinful doe eyes is driving Yunho wild from the memories of what has always followed a heavy-lidded look like that from the stunning young man. Jaejoong as a lithe teenager has always been insatiable, and five children later, little has changed. If anything, the younger man has become more thirsty for his husband when he gets him.

His nieces are complete enablers as well, more often than not conspiring with their uncle to keep the children out of the house and occupied should Jung Jaejoong have a mind to have his husband for breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, or all of the above.

That thirst is showing in his eyes as the brunette makes a show of taking off his cap slowly, languidly, as if he has all the time in the world. A simple flick of the wrist, and the cap sails over their bed, landing in parts unknown on the other side.

“There,” there is satisfaction in his voice. “Now we’re even.”

Yunho swallows hard.

Jaejoong’s eyes are drawn to the undulating motion of his husband’s throat, and he mimics the man, licking his lips after he swallows, eyes intent on his husband’s face. He lifts his hand to caress the line of his own jaw, trailing it down towards the collar of his top, fingering the open throat, sliding his fingers lower. “Jaejoong says…unbutton your shirt.”

His wife’s voice is like a bold caress, demanding, yet gentle. He watches the beautiful man do exactly as he’d asked, fingers slipping, and before he knows it, two buttons are already undone, and he can see his wife is not wearing a teeshirt underneath his fatigues.

“Baby, I don’t want to play alone…” Jaejoong calls out sotto voce.

Yunho fingers find their way and he matches his wife.

Two buttons.

“All the way, baby…” Jaejoong’s voice is dream-like, as if he isn’t quite there, but he absolutely is for his eyes never leave his husband’s face. They dart down every now and again as the man uncovers more of himself, but the glances are quick and pointed, never lingering, except on Yunho’s face.

Yunho’s shirt is hanging open now, all the buttons undone. He isn’t wearing anything underneath either. When he moves, shifting his weight on his feet, the thin fabric of his expensive shirt caresses and rubs against his nipples, the hard nubs sending an electric spike straight to his cock.

He groans at the feeling, sinking back against the wall, eyes roaming over his wife’s pale perfection, drinking him in.

Broad in the shoulders, tapering to a flat lightly muscled belly that has carried four children, a waist so narrow despite that very fact, that he is the envy of his nieces.

“Like what you see, baby?”

The older man nods, throat parched, the thirst is painful. He licks his mouth, trying to ease the ache, but he gets no reprieve.

Jaejoong shrugs out of his top easily, dropping the garment to the ground, toeing it delicately aside.

Yunho moves to imitate but he is stilled by an amused voice.

“I didn’t ask you to take off yours, baby. Leave it on. It gives me something to hold on to.”

The groan in the room at those words is deep and heartfelt, bringing a smile to Jaejoong’s mouth.

He moves to step into the light from the sole window unfettered by the black out curtains. Milky white porcelain skin blinds Yunho momentarily, and in two blinks, his wife is out of the light, heading towards him with dark purpose.

Jaejoong stops, just out of reach of the older man, head cocked.

“Jaejoong says…tell me what you want.”


The reply is a tsking sound, rather like a teacher reprimanding a child. “Come on, baby. You can do better than that.”

“I—I want to see you. All of you.”

“Mmmmm,” the younger man hums as if thinking about it. “Can you handle all of me?”


Jaejoong’s smile widens into a smirk. “Don’t be too sure about that. I haven’t said what I wanted yet, baby. I want you to show me how much control you have. Don’t touch me…”

Yunho bites his plush bottom lip, knowing full well he walked right into that. He nods his head.

His young wife steps forward, thumb brushing lightly over his partially chewed lip. “Don’t bite so hard, baby. I want to hear you instead. Just let it out…”

“Do I get another want?”

The younger man grins, stepping back. “I like it when you want to play with me, baby. Tell me what you want.”

“I want you to take off my jeans.”

Jaejoong’s eyes glaze over even more, the lust taking firm root at his husband’s demand, for that is exactly what it was.

“Your want is my command,” he murmurs huskily, but he takes another step back. “I’m going first though.”

Yunho’s eyes widen as his wife unbuckles his belt and unzips the army pants. The smallest pair of army-issued pants fall open, clinging to narrow hips by nothing more than a whisper of a prayer.

The prayer cannot withstand the mechanisations of the Devil though, a little shimmy, and the pants lose their hold, pooling to the ground, and like it’s predecessor, it is toed delicately away.

“Fuck,” Yunho grits out, hands fisted, rubbing against the wall as he tries to find purchase at the sight. “You didn’t wear fucking underwear, Jaejoong.” His eyes never leave the hard cock jutting from the juncture of his wife’s thighs, already weeping profusely, a thin trail of precum, dripping from the tip, winking teasingly at him when it catches the afternoon light.

There is a disbelief in there, but the healthy amount of lust overshadows in, and Jaejoong’s dark chuckle only serves to cause Yunho’s cock to push harder against the ridge of buttons, desperate to get free.

“Now, baby…you really need to show me how much control you have.”

Three steps forward and Jaejoong’s naked body is pressed against his husband’s. Yunho grinds his teeth, tilting his chin upwards, clenching his eyes shut, his blunt nails digging into his palm as he fists tighten painfully.

“Remember my second want?” Jaejoong’s hot breath blows the words along Yunho’s taut jawline, lips teasing a damp trail. “Let it out, baby.”

“Fuck, Jaejoong. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” Yunho’s exclamation is explosive, yet controlled, his breathing harsh, his words even harsher. He sounds as if he is about to explode. “You got your second want, Devil, now give me mine.”

“I think you’re too close. Will you be able to wait till I have you in my mouth?”

“Jesus…fucking…Jaejoong.” Yunho pounds a fist against the wall behind him. The solid cement takes the beating, the sound not traveling far at all, swallowing the man’s desperation.

“Think about it,” Jaejoong leans up hot mouth against his husband’s ear. “Think about me kissing my way down, sucking and biting your hard fucking nipples.”

Yunho bucks against his wife against his will, unable to help himself. Slamming his hips back against the wall, the pained groan torn from his throat is almost animalistic. His breath is choppy as fuck, and Yunho is so hard and turned on that his vision has turned into twin pinpricks of white light, so blinded by lust.

His body burns with the need to rut. The way they are going, his devil of a wife is going to kill him before he even makes it over the edge. He should be worried about how good Jaejoong is at this, but he cannot even bring himself to feel even an iota or anything negative. Everything is good.

So fucking good.

“Dear god…” he whispers a prayer when he feels moist lips pressed against the violent jumping of his pulse in the base of his throat.

His prayer becomes a broken litany, as that mouth follows a relentless path down.

Jaejoong bites his husband’s left nipple, licking it soothingly as Yunho starts to buck against him again. His cock is weeping unashamedly, there is an actual small wet patch on the carpet between them.


The younger man obliges immediately, his teeth sinking into the tender, sensitive flesh, eliciting a guttural growl from the man above him.

“My second fucking want, Jaejoong,” Yunho’s throat is hoarse from trying to surprise even more sounds from escaping him. His cock is throbbing so badly, and it only gets worse when his wife straightens and tugs his chin down. Yunho eyes take their time to refocus, and when they do, the profound hunger in his wife’s face is almost his undoing, bucking hard against the younger man once again, he unfists a hand to make a grab for Jaejoong.

The younger man anticipates it though, and two words stop his husband.

“Control yourself.”

Yunho takes a deep shuddering breath, his hand dropping to his side once again, flexing as it works itself out from the hard clenched fist.

“Yes, sir…” he slurs, eyes closing, his tense body sinking against the wall once again.

Jaejoong sinks to his knees immediately, done with playing. His fingers make quick word of the buttons, before yanking his husband’s jeans down.

“Pot calling the kettle black, baby?” Jaejoong’s voice is hungry and amused at the same time. He takes Yunho’s feet out of the legs of the jeans before tossing those aside, eyes never leaving the thick length before him. Raising higher on his knees, he looks up at his husband through his lashes just as the man turns to look down at him.

Nosing along the velvet steel length, Jaejoong’s eyes close in bliss as he inhales his husband’s musky scent.

Yunho’s legs shudder as he drinks in the beauty before him, the deep aching sensuality of the act is overlaid by the love that has only grown stronger over the years.

“Do you want me to lick you?”

The innocent seeming question has Yunho banging his head against the wall. He can feel his wife’s lips grazing the tip, the moisture collected there is more than usual, his cock sopping wet that Yunho is almost sure he can enter his wife with no lube, and not hurt the man. Jaejoong has learned to relax his body very early on, and Yunho is the beneficiary of that particular little talent.


Jaejoong replies by taking a heavy lick that has Yunho’s knees almost buckling. He follows up by a naughty little suckle of the tip, tongue teasing around Yunho’s gland, his other hand softly playing with the man’s tight delicate sacs, fondling them, his middle finger slipping into the cleft.

Yunho widens his stance without being asked, his cock twitching when his wife’s dark chuckle vibrates along its length.

“Jaejoong says…” the younger man whispers along his husband’s thick cock, tongue flicking out to take small quick tastes, skipping over the skin, dancing a teasing dance that has Yunho rubbing his fists against the wall again. “Jaejoong says…” he smiles up through his lashes at his husband whose eyes are on him, but he knows the man is blind to everything but the sensations he is feeling. “Jaejoong says…” he breathes out fully, relaxing his throat, “…fuck my mouth.”

He opens his mouth and swallows his husband down, humming as he does at the first suck that makes Yunho’s eyes roll up at the exquisite vibration, the sensation drawing his balls up even higher. His middle finger rubs teasingly at the man’s opening, never penetrating, just teasing and tickling, his hand fondling the his husband’s balls expertly, squeezing, adding a little pressure to the pain as Yunho’s hips start to move.

His tongue dances a cruelly sensuous tune along his length and Yunho is groaning, desperately wanting to grab his wife’s head and thrust, but he doesn’t.


Jaejoong’s hand leaves his balls and Yunho finds his shirt tightening painfully around his neck as his wife grips the hem sof the front of his shirt, gripping for purchase.

This is almost as good as him gripping his wife’s head, and Yunho’s hips move, practically mindless now.

Jaejoong’s throat is relaxed, but Yunho’s thrusts are growing increasingly harder and erratic, knowing the man is very close, he lets go of his shirt, gripping the base of his husband’s thick cock to prevent the man from bruising his throat, he continues to take him well, sucking and licking, while his other hand reaches for his own cock, whimpering in pain at the sensation of his fingers on his neglected appendage.

Moving into a squat, he wets his middle and index fingers on his precum, slicking the fingers up well and good, moaning hard and loud around his husband’s cock, he reaches between his shaking thighs and thrusts his fingers deep within him, shuddering as the intensity of the pleasure almost makes him bite down in reflex.

He widens his squat, fucking himself on his fingers, his body tightening so painfully like a well made bow, curving in on itself before it lets go, fingers punishing his prostate the way his husband does to him sometimes, and Jaejoong is an extremely quick study, his body shuddering violently.

His wife’s climax sends a clenching tremor from his throat and mouth to Yunho’s cock that he feels deep in the blazing pits of his stomach and the Jung CEO lets go, the tip of his cock squeezed in the throes of Jaejoong’s orgasm, and he pours his essence down his wife’s waiting throat as he cries out the man’s name.

Their bodies are covered in sweat, both of them a sweaty tangled heap on the carpet by their bed.

“I still want you to fuck me,” Jaejoong’s voice is extremely hoarse, but the sentiment is loud and clear.

Yunho covers his wife’s mouth, eyes still a little crossed. “Baby… I need at least a good half hour to recover from that.”

“Was I good?”

“Too good,” Yunho murmurs, hugging the smaller man tightly. “You’re crazy.”

“Crazy in love.”


“Come and pop my corn then.”

“Why are you still talking?” Yunho asks, laughter rumbling in his chest.

“Mmmmm,” Jaejoong hums, nuzzling against his husband. “Fill my mouth again and I’ll stop talking.”

“I thought you didn’t like the taste.”

“Not much to taste when you’re halfway down my oesophagus.”

Yunho’s laughter is sharp and tight, squeezing his wife. “Cheeky.”

“I’ll show you cheeky.”

“I bet you—“

Yunho is cut off by a rustling sound.

Jaejoong squeezes his eyes shut. “Come on,” he whispers. “Surely he had an hour more.”

Yunho’s laughter is rueful, kissing his wife’s sweaty brow. “He never does anything according to plan.”

“Tell me about it,” Jaejoong agrees, remembering the grand entrance of their youngest, five weeks too early.

Both parents groan as the baby monitor crackles and explodes in sound.

“Mama! Mama! Mamaaaaaaa!”

“That’s the real devil.”

“Mini devil,” Yunho agrees.


AN1: We kinda have a friend like Jason…he calls me a witch…and he got pooped on by JD a few months ago :D My husband found it fucking hilarious I have to tell you. Let’s face it, Minnieball is an angel for his daddy. Only his daddy lol.

AN2: And errrr… IDK what happened to the rest. Jaejoong drove this so you can lay ALL the blame on him… If I knew what the emoticon for the Devil was on LJ, it would be appropriate right here right now dear god… The ONLY reason I could get that out is because I’m at work and no husband to relieve me of my pain omg.

AN3: So you get AU military-ish YunJae AND an SB “drabble”…….am I forgiven? Errr…

Tags: fic:sleeping beauty, nc17, pairing:yunjae

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