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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Ok, since no one seems to read my bio, I figure i'll put this here.

UPDATE: I have recently found out that my fics are being RE-POSTED on Twitter. I honestly don't care that you have a disclaimer and you say that it is my fic. I do not want my fics reposted anywhere for any reason whatsoever. - 13/29/03

NOTICE: I have had several requests in the last week for permission to translate my fics and at this stage, my answer is no. I am not comfortable with it and I may change my mind in the future but as far as i'm concerned, my fics will stay in English and will only be found on this journal or at beeswaxing.dreamwidth.org :S I hope all of you understand. I will also not be making PDFs. - 12/24/12

I guess I officially entered fandom in January 2012... Yes i'm a baby Cassie lmao! I was introduced to kpop in July 2011 and well, I now have no time to keep up with anything but DBSK. I don't like labels so please don't assume anything about me or who I stan/ship/whatever. Yunho is my ultimate bias. He's my ultimate anything and everything tbh lol so yeah. Jae is a VERY distant second followed by Min who is always nipping at his heels, then Su the original bias wrecker, and then Chunneh.

For everyone who comments on my fics, know that I read every single one of them. But I don't seem to have time to reply to all of them. IDK if I ever will reply to all of them, but know that I appreciate all your words. I don't friend anyone. I don't see the point because my fics are all public. It's nothing personal. I just don't do it. Not anymore anyway.

I write purely as a hobby. I'm not a serious writer and writing is form of relaxing for me so I don't appreciate being hassled for updates because I do try my best. Once writing starts becoming a chore because of the constant hounding for updates is when I say goodbye. I have a very high-stress job, and I don't need it from my hobby too. I hope you understand.



Slept So Long [NC17] - YunJae - COMPLETED - 28,575 words
Yunho and Jaejoong have been dancing around each other for the better part of a decade. Through the break-up of Dong Bang Shin Ki and beyond, they are still connected. One dark night, a demon decides to come along and complicate things further, irrevocably tying them together forever.
Possession || Domination || Intoxication || Salvation || Redemption

Jejuko [PG13-R] - YunJae - YooSu/JunChun - COMPLETED - 65,153 words
How far will Jaejoong go to catch the attention of kingka, Jung Yunho?
1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 || 9 || 10 || 11 || 12 || 13 || 14 || 15

Sleeping Beauty [PG13-NC17] - YunJae - COMPLETED - 155,550 words
Jaejoong just wants somewhere to call home again. Living by himself is really not as great as his sisters made it out to be and he yearns to be around people again. He misses the hustle and bustle and even the crying babies that make up his parents’ household but he’s too proud and stubborn to return. He is nineteen after all and fully capable of living his own life away from his ridiculously large family. Enter a tiny little girl who captures Jaejoong’s heart in an instant and he finds himself with a family…of sorts. And for a sheltered, very well-loved boy, complicated doesn’t even begin to describe his life from the moment the tearful baby crawls into his lap looking for comfort.
1 || 2 || 3 || 4 || 5 || 6 || 7 || 8 || 9 || 10a 10b || 11a 11b || 12 || 13 || 14a 14b || 15 || 16a 16b || 17 || 18 || 19 || 20a 20b

Forsaken R-NC17 - YunJae - ongoing (total chapters tba) - 14,752 words (so far)
There is a war brewing for control of Hell and the result hangs on the slim, pale shoulders of a young human. As pure and white as snow, yet the mark of the devil is on him, Jaejoong is destined to be the forsaken one. The bride of the Lucifer himself, his destiny was written from the day he was born on the 6th day of the 6th month of the 6th year of the new millennium. He may be the pawn of Destiny, his future supposedly damned, but a demonic prophecy throws chaos into the mix and nothing is certain anymore.
1 || 2 || 3 || 4


The Trophy Wife series - HoMin - JaeChun - 47,671 words (so far)
The Trophy Wife [R] || The Handbook [NC17] || Short Shorts [R] || Hell Hath No Fury [PG13] || Grand Gestures Part 1 [PG13] Part 2 [NC17] || Dazed and Confused Part 1 [NC17] Part 2 [PG13] || Can You Believe It? [NC17]

50 Shades of DBSK series - All will be NC17 with various pairings - 17,259 words (so far)
YunJae || JaeMin || JaeHoMin




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Hi there author-shi,

Could you add me as a friend so I can keep better track of your entries? I've bookmarked your page but I think it's easier if you could 'friend' me.
I've fallen head over heels with your story 'Sleeping Beauty' and I'm gradually reading my way through the others as well. They're all brilliant:)

Hiya. I don't friend people, sorry. As far as I know, as long as you've friended me, i'll come up on your friends list when I update. I'm kinda LJ illiterate myself so maybe play around with it a bit? Thank you for reading my fics and i'm glad you're enjoying them!

i am shocked shocked that there's only one comment above mine! pretty new post?

well, look what we've got here, i remember your first story, and the masterfic list is so long already!

dont know if you've been keeping up with your second bias while you were entertaining your friends, did you read about what happened at the nanjing fanmeet?

anyway that got me to google yunjae 2012 and i got this:

by the way i've got tickets to sm town singapore on nov 23 so i'm going to see your yunnie and minnni in action... i bought 4 instead of 2 tickets (Yes, i'm blur i know) and now i have 2 extra tix... why are you in nz????? haiz, i just check through my friends list on LJ and there's NO ONE from msia or singapore..... so worried the tix will go to waste

Hehe it's not new but I don't really expect anyone to comment on this ;-)

I'm actually a little scared at how much i've written this year.

I've been trying to stay out of the fandom because it was just fucking insane from the fanmeet and I really wanted no part of it. My tlist was a mess and it was just...insanity. I don't know why Jaejoong inspires such madness. I really don't understand. I mean I do but I don't. I don't even know.

Ahhhhhhhh i'm so damn jealous!!!!!!! If I was in Singapore i'd totally go with you omg. What seats are you in? I know someone on my tlist who is in row 4 or something and the tickets were S$221 omg. I have never paid that much for tickets before... At least I don't remember doing it...but I probably have maybe. IDK lol. I'm sure the tickets won't go to waste especially after Taufik Batisah was in some paper with TVXQ :P You could auction it? IDK if there are auction sites in Singapore. Ebay maybe? I don't think you should have a problem though.


:D i've always read yunjae, but i DONT KNOW WHY i seem to be reading more and more homin stuff gaaaahhhhh joining the comms really screwing up my OTPs (tho traci has done a good job of that on me d). you can really see the immense edge homin has over jyj, when they are able to go on tv, the numerous music shows, concerts, variety shows, radio appearances, i really miss that with jyj :(

ya the fandom is freaking crazy, not only is the truth crazy, the halftruths and untruths all serve to mix the whole damn thing into a crazy bibimbap.. i remember , after attending yoochun's fanmeet in taiwan, my new taiwanese friends were so upset with the (mainland) chinese fans because they posted a "blue" ocean pix, and actually, there was no blue ocean.. yeah well, they really got their knickers all twisted up, but then, why the heck did those chinese fans lie??? (apparently they were the ones who started the whole blue lightstick thing for yoochun)

Anywayyyyyyyy, i thought that jae as upset about the nanjing fm when i saw the hk airport pixtures, when he was so sullen.. i think he's a great idol tho, he prob knew his fans would be worried and hence the photo collage of him squatting everywhere during the mv shoot. am looking forward to that mv, and also jackal comes. i wonder if they would show the movie in malaysia. the cinemas here just showed Thieves, highest grossing kmovie ever and the small hall was only half full.. may not be economically viable to show jackal here. i want to watch jackal and fly with gold!!!

i got 4 seats for sm town because i bought from the singapore website (row 64!!! but i still bought anyway coz i thought the show would be sold out) and the next day, i got better seats - row 15 on the msian website. Gaaahhhhh the tickets are SGD 221 each... so if i cannot sell the row 64 tix i'll try to find someone who likes kpop and give them the tix, if not it would be so wasted! expensive lesson learnt... i could have bought junsu's intoxication dvd with that money, it's freaking expensive..

i hope i enjoy sm town, i actually only want to watch tvxq :D yeah, should have waited and buy their concert tix, but it was a case of super excitement that tvxq is coming = brain freeze = omg i must get the tix + worried about sold out concert = silly seats

Yeah i've taken a hiatus from fandom. It was just too tiring. The constant fighting and bitching and negativity and all the shade cast on each other by the fans just got too much. I was attracted to kpop because it's fun and while I know there is a hideous seedy underbelly, I took everything with a pinch of salt. But then Cassiopeia is unique in a good and bad way and I guess the bad really outweighed the good for me in the last fortnight and so I am bowing out. There are just too many speculations and assumptions in this fandom and for someone like me, it all just got really o__O in the end lol.

I'm here for the five men. Everything else be damned lol. But I do operate on one basic assumption and that is YunJae are together unless proven otherwise. Irrational but eh, it actually gives me a firm footing on the tumultuous ground that is this fandom.

$221 is just so crazy!!! And you bought four tickets!!!!! Though I can't really comment because apparently a ticket to Yunho's musical was sold for $2,000 and my mother said she would have given me the money for it OTL My mum is a Jae stan though lol.

To be honest, what pushed me over the edge to leave was watching JYJ perform Empty during that IAAC meet last year. They are born to perform on stage AND ON TV IN HD and for them to be unable to really pissed me off. That performance was fantastic. All three looked incredible and just...ugh the injustice really ground on me. Oh well. I'm happier now being on hiatus!

i wrote a longass account on smtown singapore.. your hunny yunho was so delicious... yum yum

it's not exactly yunho's musical, he has a small small part right?

Sorry to butt in but OMG! You are going to SM Town Singapore. So I've never been to SM town. I've always wanted to go especially if they are at neighbouring countries like Thailand or Singapore but then TV5XQ broke up into JYJ and HM T_T I heard SM town might come to Malaysia though.

Anyway, after going to JJ's Indonesia fanmeet, I'm broke T_T Airfare and hotel not cheap >.<

Enjoy your Smtown cause row 15 is actually quite good ^^

Edited at 2012-11-07 04:00 am (UTC)

:) i was waiting for the concert to be over to reply to this comment.. i wrote a long long long account of the concert..

i noticed that sm dont come to msia.. next week there'll be 2am and tim hwang (i'm going for tim's showcase in hard rock) and even jyj dont come here. i got my singapore flight tix for rm220 and i bummed at my friend's place :)

Hey hello...:)
I'm commenting just to tell you whats similar between us...LOL...I enjoy this actually...
1- Even i became a DBSK fan around the same time as you( though i've become a harcore cassie and yunjae shipper now..rolf)
2-My Ultimate bais YUNHO...<3 him to the core...
All my other cassie freinds are jaejoong baised,so i really felt the urge to comment here and spazz that ive found someone having a similar bais(Pity me,.....hehehehe)....
And now that ive said enough..let me tell you waht you should really know...
Ive read Jejuko and all the oneshots and i just love them..Im hesitating to read Sleeping beauty cause its still ongoing...but i guess i'l start anyway..Deprived of some serious yunjae stuff..lol...

I believed in YunJae first before discovering DBSK lmao. My husband believes too which is funny.

Did you end up starting Sleeping Beauty? I've seen a few people around tumblr and twitter saying they're waiting for it to be finished before starting. And thank you for reading my fics! I'm glad you love them!

Yeah i usually wait till the fics are completed, but hell....i couldn't stop myself from starting sleeping beauty..lol...now i would only pray that you would complete it as soon as possible and start another amazing fic...hehehehehe...

hello.. ^o^/ i'm your new reader.. i've read some of your finction, and i like the style you write. what called? easy going? XDD
btw, thanks for sharing. i'm sorry, sometime i'm a silent reader, but it doesn't mean i don't like your story.. i'm adoring authors, something that i can't do by myself.. :(
keep writing, and thank you again.. :DDD

Welcome new reader :-) Hehehe i've had a few comments on my "style" but I guess I don't really know what it is exactly though i'm not sure what you mean by easy-going heh.

Thank you for letting me know that you exist! I hope one day you'll comment on a few of my fics ;-)

that's mean easy to read and easy to understand.. you know, my english is horrible.. XDDDD
thank you.. ^^

I added you just now but then I read your intro and you mentioned you don't friend anyone. That's why de-friend you shortly after. Since that's your wish, I'm going to respect it cause I wouldn't want to impose anything on you.

Just wanna say I love your writing♥♥♥

Edited at 2012-11-07 02:58 am (UTC)

Awwwww that's not what I meant. Everyone is free to friend me if they wish so I appear on your friends list or whatever so you can keep up with any fic updates. I just don't friend back which is what I meant.

No imposition at all and i'm happy you love my writing! //huggles//

Hallo . I must say that your fics are one of the best I have ever read and it is true what you said about scorpio because I am a scorpio too.

I just realized I haven't added you as a friend (let's be friends although I am older than you coz I've read you're an 88er) but i've been your fan because of "The Trophy Wife Series"... Yunho is also my bias in DBSK I blame it on the amount of X-Man and Love letter videos I've watched way way back which introduced me to Kpop groups etc...

You've finished another chaptered fic (Sleeping Beauty) so I guess I'm gonna do marathon reading it on Saturday sorry if I haven't followed it every chapter because I think this fic is a real heavy drama and I can't read dramas in the office coz I would cry (I've even cried watching Shrek) so I know how easy for me to cry.....

Thank you for sharing your stories...

I've seen your stories around, but never really gotten the chance or time to read any of them. So glad that I can now. I saw your word count, and I just wanted to say you're amazing.

I am inspired with your motivation to write.

Thank you for sharing your stories.

I hope you'll come back soon. In the meantime, take good care of yourself.

Aww a baby Cassie <3 That's really cute bahahaha. I read The Trophy Wife series and eevn though I only commented once (in which you replied to it.. I feel so honored). I usually read fanfics using my Ipad so I rarely make a comment (I make all sort of stupid spelling mistakes on there), though please know that there's a silent reader who enjoy your writing very much <3. I'm actually hesitating to read your other works, because I'm afraid I might become obsess with it hehe. I love your writing style and your humour is enlightening! Take your time, and come back when you feel comfortable. I'll be thereeee *singing along to TVXQ song*

Oh btw. When I read something that I really enjoyed, I tend to think of it as something that is actually happening right now, in reality.. Thanks to your lovely The Trophy Wife series now I really think that Minnie is a cocky model and HoMin is secretly raising their twins in their apartment...BAHAHAHAAHAHAHHA cute.

Hello ^^
I just found your LJ and your stories seem interesting :)

I'm a silent reader before, but today i just want to comment here after for long time. For me, you are one of the best author for Yunjae fic that i admire and like most. I like your writing and the new one (Ice) is good and it makes my day accomplish when i read it and everyday i wait for the update. So keep it up and all the best to create the best Yunjae Stuff.!!

I've been a Cassie longer than you~ but..you're so awesome!! You've wrote lots of fics in just a year. :O so coooooooooooool~ and kudos for Yunho bias! WEEHHEEEE!! I've already read Jejuko. I don't know if I left a comment before. waaa~ T^T [i dont even know if I'm allowed to comment here. kekeke~]

I love your stories and I love you!!!! :D

I'm YJS from Indonesia,,,
May i add you as my friend???
Actually i have read a lot of your fics,,
Espesially your sleeping beauty oneshot's
I love the jung's family there
Ofcourse i read you other fics,,,
And i love them too
So could you acc me to be your friend too???
I'm always waiting for your update's^^

reposting on twitter? OTL

how? using twitlonger? people are just weird nowadays..
the just need to link-ing it to here. simple as that.

:D i read all the things i want to know about u :D wow your choise of members is like me (why i thought u were jj's bias 0_o) i love your writing and actually u too cause u wrote both yunjae and homin (well cant find any other writer that have great passion about both of them :) , iam hardcore shipper about both of them (well when u have yunnie u can ship him even with tree 0_0 ) , he is so damn gorgoeus and double that with jae and min ... okey enough babbling, about ur fic must say i found sleeping beauty drabble more interesting than orginal :D and wow 7 children ??? i really was shock when u add another twin, (i love boys, specially min's smartness toward his parents) and now i miss ICE and LITI<3 ...hope u update them , do u update them ??? and can we see them ?

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