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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Happy Holidays!
It wasn't until people started commenting on the Jung Heirs entry that I realized that we were THAT close to Xmas. I've been so busy it's insane and my head is spinning with trying to maintain order on four continents before the holidays kick in! Utter madness!

I'd like to thank everyone who is still here with me for your support and also of course the continued support of our boys. I know I've been absent a lot but unless I say otherwise, I will always be here whether silently or extremely vocally with (sexual) frustration on Twitter lol!

The photo collection below should've been the photo for the Jung Heirs fic but I really do miss their parents :( Hope you guys enjoy seeing the children :)

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It's  an hour before christmas in my place! So excited 🎄🎄🎄

Love the Jungs and your fics^^ Merry Christmas!😘

I love them all. And I love you. Thank you for everything and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Happy Christmas!!!

Have a very Happy Christmas full of joy and happiness with your family and friends.
Thank you so much for still writing amazing stories that i can probably safely say make all your readers extremely happy.

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Merry Xmas!!!

I can't help wondering but there is one story in which Jae has a dream of having twins boys who looked exactly like Yunho. Wonder if that will ever happen...thou I doubt there will be as they have girls instead. But boy, would it be cool if it happens. ^_^

I hope you enjoy the hollidays as well!

Merry Christmas and a very happy new year to you, your family and everyone here!!!

Merry Christmas love
Have an amazing time with ur family love and happiness to all of you:-*

US : Весь НЕ кириллический сегмент : Лучшие посты за вчер

Thank you for your all hardworking and merry christmas

The story was so very cute. Love all the pictures too. Hope you all have enjoyed a happy holiday!

Have a Happy Holiday and Best Wishes to you for the New Year...
Forever YunJae....love the Jungs...

A merry Christmas to you and yours.

Happy belated Christmas and Happy New Year Nikki :)

I was wondering if you could please make a TROPHY WIFE and SLEEPING BEAUTY with their children a cross AU drabble ...
and please I also want a grown-up version of TW children especially the fourth child of Yunho and Changmin....
Other than that , you are a wonderful writer and your characters are always fun to read ...
I'm a new reader actually ....
thanks ^_^ ;-) (Y)

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