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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Hard Times [1/1]
Title: Sleeping Beauty AU oneshot: Hard Times
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG-13
Length: Oneshot
Genre: Fluff, an AU of Sleeping Beauty OTL
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be married here :P

Summary: Young and precocious, Jaejoong doesn’t quite understand how hard he makes it for his fiancé. It only takes one more straw before the proverbial camel’s back is broken, and Yunho has a choice to make.
AN1: I know this wasn’t what was supposed to come up next but I’m having a seriously tough week right now and wrestling with LITI would make it harder ;;

AN2: You can read Drabble 5 and Swimming first because I make small references to them but it's not absolutely necessary.

“Aigooo…this baby. Why does he want to go? Look at him! He’s not even awake.”

Jihyo shrugs as her mother clucks around her as she wields the flat iron, trying to tame Jaejoong’s hair. Her brother is asleep. She is not sure how he does it but he is most assuredly sound asleep, upright, in the chair in her umma’s dressing room. Jaejoong had called her last night in a panic, saying that his hair is too long and looks like a rat’s nest and implored his sister to come over at 5am in the morning, bringing with her all of Chaerin’s various hair accoutrements, to help him fix it.

Apparently, Yunho seeing him looking like a goat is not allowed.

Baby Joongie appears to have forgotten that he could not look like a goat even if he tried. When he was younger, he had been cast as a dwarf in the school production of Snow White. The exclusive private school had hired a renowned Broadway director on holiday in South Korea to direct it, and he had taken one look at Jaejoong and declared that there was no way on any planet anyone would believe him to be a dwarf.

He tried him in the role of the prince, and after several lead changes, gave up with that because all the girls cast opposite Jaejoong came up far short to the raven-haired boy with the milky white skin and cherry lips.

Jaejoong became the first male to play Snow White, something he had actually taken on with aplomb and a great deal of relish, loving every single second of it though he did pout at the costume changes for the director had insisted his clothes be boyish so skirts were out, much to the twelve year old’s chagrin.

“Yunho asked if he’d like to have a look at the ranch on Jeju because the horses from Australia have finally arrived, and this little boy will never say no to spending a day with Yunho.”

“Did Yunho tell him it’s a business trip though? He’s also bringing a handful of Japanese and Chinese investors to view the site of a new hotel. He was talking about it with your father on the phone last night, and him bringing Jaejoong to Jeju is more likely him dropping Joongie off at the ranch to amuse himself with the animals, and then picking him up later.”

Jihyo hums, carefully fixing Jaejoong’s hair as her brother’s head droops lower. She keeps the hot iron away from his face, gently straightening the ends of his hair, sighing quietly.

“I think Yunho feels guilty about avoiding him.”

“He really is avoiding him then? I don’t blame him one bit though.” Mrs Kim clicks her tongue, making tsking sounds as she gazes at her sleeping son with a thoughtful look. Her mind is going back to a recent disaster and she sighs loudly. Yes, she cannot blame Yunho one single bit.

Jihyo replies in the affirmative, fingers working, carding gently through Jaejoong’s soft hair. “He doesn’t want to but as he so clearly said to me the other day, a man can only have so much control, and Jaejoong makes it very hard.”


“Umma!” The oldest Kim daughter responds sharply without heat. It’s something they have never had to address for Yunho’s behavior has always been above reproach. Her brother’s behavior on the other hand though, raises more than a few eyebrows even within their own household.

Public sentiment would be far worse.

“I didn’t get nine kids by beating about the bush.”

“No comment,” Jihyo shudders, knowing her mother very well. She does not want her to elaborate knowing full well that she will get a rather explicit explanation of the whole thing whether she likes it or not.

The Kim matriarch flashes a smile not unlike her slumbering child. All the cheek her children have comes from her and Jaejoong has it in spades. She does feel bad for Yunho though, and while she loves her son, she knows that he is becoming extremely trying for his stoic fiancé. She has discussed it with her husband several times, and both have come to the conclusion that sending Jaejoong to school in Singapore for a year to finish out high school before the wedding might be a good idea. Her husband actually does not think that it is far enough, actually wanting to send their only son to England, but Singapore is about as far as she is willing to consider for now. Yunho might as well be her tenth child, the way she and her husband sometimes side with him against their precocious Jaejoongie.

Japan is out of the question especially since even she does not trust Jaejoong not to sneak on a plane and find his way back to Yunho’s lap somehow.

He will not be going alone of course. He has at least a couple of willing noonas who are more than happy to be free of the Kim nest for awhile.

“So, do we tell Joongie what the day actually means or do we leave it to Yunho to flounder around when he realizes Jaejoong will definitely not appreciate being left on Jeju alone?”

“You’re his mother. You decide.”

“Coward,” the Kim matriarch replies fondly, knowing full well her oldest daughter has had more than a hand in raising Jaejoong. Having three daughters of her own, she knows what a handful her only brother can be.

“Better you than me. He was up all night, he’s so excited which is why he’s asleep right now. I woke up to several text messages from him practically every half an hour asking if I was awake yet.”

“Oh dear.”

“Oh dear, indeed.”

“Are they flying commercial?”

“No, Yunho’s taking the jet.”


“Why, good? Wouldn’t commercial be better? Joongie will behave in public.”

Mrs Kim steps back, giving her daughter such a look of utter disbelief that Jihyo actually looks away sheepishly, knowing that Joongie and behave are not exactly two words that go together lately. Not since he turned fifteen. Just last month, Yunho had taken Jaejoong shopping for his birthday. It was the last time they’d spent any time together for Jaejoong had spent the whole shopping trip telling everyone far and wide that Yunho is his fiancé and proceeded to make a right spectacle of them both.

Not everyone knows who Kim Jaejoong or Jung Yunho are.

All they can see is a teenager of indeterminate actual years, and a bespoke suited man in his twenties.

Someone had called the police on them.

Thankfully, the police actually knew who they were so it ended with no issues, but Yunho had been furious and Jaejoong had feigned confusion at what all the fuss was about.

Later, he had admitted to Jihyo that he just wanted to get married already and was hoping “public sentiment” would force Yunho to push forward the wedding date and stop avoiding him.

Apparently, little things like the law are not too important a detail to the sheltered and admittedly, spoiled fifteen year old.

Her father was not able to contain the ensuing scandal and so Yunho had spent a good few weeks being the fodder for gossip. He had several more prudish business partners pull out of various ventures, men from societies and cultures that do not quite understand the concept of a betrothal. However, anyone who actually knows the young CEO will know the man’s ethics are more than above board. The marriage was arranged when he himself was barely out of childhood, and he is honoring it out of respect for his dead parents.

At least, that is what he has led everyone in his circle to think.

It will not do for the world, especially his world, to know that he is more than a little in love with the impossible teenager and it is killing him to stay away from Jaejoong, but he knows he has to.

He managed to get through the scandal just fine, the lost business was not by any means significant, and for those who understood and to some extent sympathized with his situation, joked about what a burden having a young spouse-to-be was, and this mess is probably one of many that Yunho has to look forward to by marrying someone so young. He had received more messages of condolence than censure for the episode, but if word got out that he genuinely cares for Jaejoong, well, that would be trouble all over again.

A man of Yunho’s standing does not marry for love.

He marries to contract the best possible match that will add the most value to his public standing and his business empire.

Had Jaejoong been a nobody, it will definitely have been a scandal for Yunho to have willingly betrothed himself to the boy, but as the heir to the biggest media empire in the country, everyone who is anyone in Yunho’s circles fully understand and in their own way, support the union.

As long as love is not involved.

It is perfectly ok for Yunho to marry for business reasons. The Jung-Kim union would make them one of the most powerful and influential families in the whole of Asia.

But it is definitely not ok to marry for love. A twenty-eight year old man cannot love a fifteen year old.

No one knows about their history together.

No one beyond family knows that her brother almost died at the mere age of five because he loved Yunho so much.

No one knows how the mercurial Jung then-heir had defied his parents and been disowned for it to remain by the side of his affianced to assure the child that he loves him back.

Two weeks into the disownment, and the Jungs, a typical family that represents the supposed creme de la creme of society, begrudgingly admitted defeat for they could not afford to lose their only heir, reinstating their son, but always making clear they do not care for his choice.

Jung Yunho has never wavered.

It irritates her though that the double standard exists. She knows that the second they are married, no one would care if Yunho worships the ground Jaejoong walks on regardless of their large age gap. It is the fact that they are not married yet that is the problem. She knows a lot of the whispers are from people who want a union with either the Jungs or the Kims and would be more than happy to see them divided.

Well, tough shit for them. They will have to get through every single Kim family member if they want a piece of Jaejoong or Yunho. Of this she has no doubt. They will not have to go far anyway for her mother is the perfect wife, but she will flay anyone alive if they try to cast aspersions on her son and his fiancé.

If only the Kims could help ease Yunho’s pain though.

Jihyo is privy to this for Yunho had taken her on as confidante. No siblings of his own, they had bonded early on over then baby Joongie’s antics, and now teenaged Joongie’s extreme precociousness. Her observation that he loves Jaejoong is speculation on her part. Informed speculation at least for Yunho has never said it again in front of them since that swimming pool disaster, but his eyes and actions and even the way he talks to Jaejoong speak volumes.

She has seen the light flare in his eyes when Jaejoong comes within his sight, and the way he tries to keep the excitable kitten that is her brother at whatever physical distance he can manage without hurting the boy. Too many occurrences of Jaejoong treating Yunho like his very own personal chair has driven the man to start avoiding his young fiancé and like her mother, she cannot blame him one bit for it.

The confusing thing is that her brother had gone through a normal phase. From age eight to thirteen, he had been the model child. Cheeky and playful as always, but he treated Yunho more like a fun older brother than someone he would eventually marry. They played football in the park, tossed baseballs during the season, and they would go skating and skiing with the family every winter. Yunho even volunteered to coach his school’s basketball team one summer when their own coach had retired and no one could be found on such short notice. Jaejoong had spent most of that summer actually playing rather than sitting on the bench as is the custom.

The closest Jaejoong ever came to physical affection was hugging Yunho every time they parted, with a very shy kiss to the man’s jaw when he built up the courage for it which was perhaps once a week when he thinks no one is watching. Yunho on his part normally just ruffles Jaejoong’s hair with a smile. Occasionally, he kisses the boy’s forehead.

But that was it.

Then it all changed when Jaejoong hit puberty around the age of fourteen.

It was like watching a confused kitten in heat. Jaejoong would unfailingly and unerringly plaster himself to Yunho whatever chance he got, and to separate them would get you at best, a mutinous glare from the teenager, and at the very worst, an actual tantrum complete with loud yells and door slamming.

He finds every excuse to touch Yunho, hug Yunho, nuzzle Yunho, even kiss Yunho.

However Jihyo knows it is all pure on her brother’s part for the sheen of innocence in his eyes is unmistakable. He just wants to touch Yunho all the time. That is all it is to him. That urge to touch. He just has to touch.

Yunho had taken it in stride at first, finding the whole situation cute, more amused than anything at the sudden kittenish behavior of her brother, always mewling and whining to be petted at every opportunity. If Jaejoong could purr, Jihyo reckons he would be a regular little motorboat around Yunho.

And then came the my chair is Yunho and nothing else matters phase that appears to be ongoing as far as Jaejoong is concerned regardless of the consequences of which he is apparently blind to.

The first time it had happened, it was the height of summer, Jaejoong was fourteen and most of the family were out by the pool. A water volleyball game was going on with everyone watching. Yunho was in swim shorts, sitting in a deck chair, nursing a cold beer while talking shop with her father when Joongie had literally materialized out of nowhere, and slid into Yunho’s lap sideways, taking the bottle of beer from his fiancé and taking a large gulp.

He had choked on the beer rather spectacularly, distracting most of the family, but she had noticed Yunho had made no move to help ease her silly brother’s melodramatic reaction to his drink. His hands were fisted on the armrests, as Jaejoong writhed and coughed and choked and basically made out like he was dying, all without leaving Yunho’s lap.

After he had finally gotten a hold of himself, he had turned those beautiful doe eyes, watery from his coughing fit towards Yunho and then proceeded to scold the man for not helping him.

Yunho did not say a word as Jaejoong patiently instructs the older man on exactly how he should react if his fiancé is choking to death.

Apparently, it needs a whole lot of hugging and cuddling and nuzzling and kissing.

Then he declared that it was ok, and Yunho does not know any better and he would be more than happy to teach him. Then instead of standing up, he had curled himself around Yunho, not noticing or perhaps pretending not to notice that he might as well be sitting on a marble statue. Yunho had held himself so still that Jihyo had purposefully been watching closely for she could not even be certain if the poor besieged man had drawn a single breath.

”You’re supposed to hug me now.”

She remembers the flicker in Yunho’s eyes as her fourteen year old brother gave his instructions with his mouth pressed against Yunho’s collarbone, kissing it softly as his eyes drifted close.

And with the entire Kim clan watching, Yunho unclenched his fists, wrapping his arms slowly around the bratty child in his lap.

Jaejoong had stayed in Yunho’s lap most of the afternoon, lulled to sleep by the conversation between the man and his father.

Yunho’s hands barely moved the whole time, as far as she remembers. The look in his eyes had been stark, but he never said a word acknowledging the boy in his lap.

When her brother had finally awoken, all soft and pliant, blinking in confusion in the late afternoon sunlight, she’d seen Yunho’s jaw clenching tight as her brother moaned about his aches and pains at sleeping in an odd position. He had stretched, arching backwards against Yunho’s chest, sighing happily and then wriggling, before twisting to kiss Yunho on the cheek, before staggering upright and wandering towards the kitchen to look for sustenance.

And that is when Yunho started providing a consequence to Jaejoong’s behavior.

Her brother never seemed to put two and two together though, never connecting Yunho’s frequent trips overseas to the way he behaves when the man comes over for dinner or takes him out.

Two days becomes three and four, then a week might pass without his normally attentive betrothed coming by.

Then after the fiasco last month, it has been close to four weeks this time.

She knows the man is struggling and Jaejoong has no understanding of it whatsoever. She had asked Yunho repeatedly to explain it to him but the man had forbade her and anyone else to breathe a word to Jaejoong.

And thus, her brother continues on his blissful, innocent, ignorance.

Well, perhaps not blissful for her baby brother had cried himself to sleep almost every night in the last fortnight, missing his betrothed desperately, not at all satisfied by the daily but all too brief video calls. A natty little bear that Yunho had given the teenager when he was still recovering in hospital from that incident has been found on several occasions by their mother, damp with tears, laying on the pillow by Jaejoong’s head as he sleeps fitfully.

He never shows it when awake though. It is as if the tears never happened.

Jaejoong suddenly jerks awake, narrowly missing hitting his cheek against the iron his sister is holding. She steps back, eyeing the teenager who is looking at her, the perfect portrait of adorable, sleepy confusion as he tries to blink the sleep from his eyes.


Mrs Kim clicks her tongue once again as she cups her son’s jaw and tilts his face up to hers, gazing into his dark brown eyes and kissing his nose, making the sleepy angel kitten pout. A pout she exaggerates by cupping his chin and squishing his jaw.

“You are too precious, Jaejoongie. Why is Yunho’s name always the first thing that comes out of your mouth these days?”

“Dweaming fff ‘im…” he mumbles staring up at his mother, talking through his pout. “Mewwied.”

“You’re not married yet, love.” Mrs Kim sighs, stepping back at watching the pout stay on her son’s mouth. “Promise me you’ll behave today?”

“I always behave,” her teenage son replies instantly.

“Yeah, right.”


“Don’t noona me, brat. Of all the people you could fool, umma and I are the absolute last. Sweetheart you have to behave today because you won’t be alone.”

“Huh?” Jaejoong sits to attention immediately, looking at his sister suspiciously through narrowed eyes. “Are you sending a chaperone with me?”

“Yunho is,” Mrs Kim answers for her daughter. “This is a business trip, love and he’s going to have several businessmen with him. Please make me proud of you. I don’t know why Yunho is bringing you, but please behave yourself.”

“He said he wanted to show me the horses…” Jaejoong’s pout becomes mournful. “I thought we could ride together or something. Riding is fun, right? I don’t know how to ride…maybe he can teach me.”

Jihyo almost burns herself face palming with the flat iron in her hand. She puts the implement down immediately and nudges her mother out of the way, placing her hands on her brother’s shoulders and squeezing.

“Listen to me, Joongie. This is a business trip. Yunho is taking some businessmen to view a hotel site on Jeju. The ranch is a side visit for your sake I’m sure. I hate to be giving you advice like this but Yunho probably won’t tell you so I will. Don’t speak unless spoken to because these are men used to their wives being seen not heard. You’re not even a wife yet. You’re just the fiancé so your behavior is going to be scrutinized. You can be yourself and run around if you want but if Yunho says no to something, you obey him no questions asked. He cannot be seen to be unable to control a fifteen year old, fiancé or not. And for god’s sake do not talk about riding anything nor are you allowed anywhere near Yunho’s lap. Understood?”

“Does this have anything to do with what happened last month?”

“Joongie…have you ever seen me sit in your appa's lap during business meetings?”

“I’ve never seen a business meeting with you in the room.”

“Ok, fair point. Well, I’ve never done it.”

“I’m supposed to take your word for it? I know what you’re like umma…” Jaejoong replies cheekily, wagging his finger as his mother.

“Aish! This child! What did I do to deserve you?”

The teenager clasps his hands together, batting his long lashes at his mother innocently while giving her an absolutely spurious smile of contrition.

“I’m sure Jung falls for that every single time.”

“He doesn’t, mores the pity,” Jaejoong’s pouting starts all over again and he is fussed over and loved heartily by his sister and mother, both worried yet unable to bring themselves to repeat the caution to the youngest Kim child. He is a very smart boy, but when it comes to Yunho, it is like his brain stops functioning rationally and he just gives in to his heart. What his heart wants, it gets, regardless of what his brain is telling him.

Yunho, for all intents and purposes, has to be the voice of reason since Jaejoong’s voice of reason doesn’t appear to work but even he is human.

When the call comes that Yunho is out front waiting, Jihyo and Mrs Kim can only hope for the best as Jaejoong practically tears out of the room with nary a goodbye for the two women who had woken up extra early to help him look even more beautiful than he already is.

“Is something wrong?” Yunho asks, feeling a mixture of confusion, relief and disappointment all rolled into one at the fact that Jaejoong is sitting across from him in the town car instead of in his usual spot.

Jaejoong shakes his head, keeping his knees together, he crosses his hands primly on his knees.

Yunho studies the teenager who is gazing expectantly at him with a mildly vacuous stare.

“Are you sleepy?”

Are you upset with me?

Do you still love me?

Has the past month been difficult for you like it was for me?

Can you forgive me for not explaining why I have to stay away?

Yunho belatedly realizes he’d almost blurted those other questions out loud.

Jaejoong gazes curiously at his fiancé. Yunho is looking a little weird. “I’m not sleepy. A little tired, but not really sleepy. You’re better than coffee.” He smiles as the older man finally smiles as well. It looks a little wan to him but hey, it is not his fault he cannot greet the man properly, right? What did his umma say? Do not make Yunho uncomfortable. He does not think hugging the man makes him uncomfortable, but he is a little confused about all the weird instructions in general so better safe than sorry. “An injection of Yunnie in the morning is enough to keep me going,” he beams, hoping his words will make his fiancé feel a little happier.

Yunho drops his chin and closes his eyes. This was a bad idea.

The teenager pouts at the lackluster reaction he gets. What now?

“Is something wrong?”

Yunho looks up, opening his eyes to see the concern in young Jaejoong’s eyes. He shakes his head. What else can he do?

“Don’t lie to me, Yunnie.”

“It’s nothing, baby.”

“Don’t call me, baby. I’m not a baby. I’m your fiancé.”

“Baby is a term of endearment, you realize?” Yunho remarks, amused at the heat coming from Jaejoong’s protests.

“Or a way for you to remember my age and not treat me as you should. Tell me, if I was eighteen, what would we be doing?”

“You’d be at your father’s office learning the ropes, or at university in some business related course.”

Jaejoong makes an irritated sound as he leans back against the plush leather, scowling adorably at the older man. “Don’t play stupid, Yunnie-ah,” his voice carries a hint of steel, firm in his mild annoyance.

Yunho quirks a brow.

“Alright, let’s say you were eighteen, what do you think we’d be doing?” Yunho knows he should not ask, but for some reason, having missed the boy for so long, he decides that he is crazy and likes playing with fire. He regrets the question the second it comes out of course, but it cannot be helped. He should really win some kind of medal for his self control.

Jaejoong tilts his head, staring unflinchingly at Yunho. “You would be taking me with you on your tour of the hotel site and not leaving me at the ranch like an inconvenient child.”

Ice water from Mt Fuji could not have doused Yunho quicker than that. Fully expecting the teen to say something along the lines of how they would be making out in the back seat, he is reminded once again that it is him with the bad thoughts, and not the innocent boy sitting across from him.

He recovers though, clearing his throat as he regards his fiancé speculatively. “The site visit is going to be short. My men are there to do most of the tour and I was planning on leaving them to it and take you to the ranch. Do you really want to tour the hotel site?”

Jaejoong feels a happy tingle, but he stops himself from looking too excited. He’s supposed to behave right? Like a good wife, right? A good wife cares about his husband’s business right?

“Well, it’s your hotel right?”


“Then of course I want to see it!”

“It’s just a patch of land, Joongie,” Yunho grins as the teenager’s face falls briefly. “But there’s a model of what it will look like for you to visualize it.”

“It’s going to be great.”

“And how do you know that?”

Jaejoong shrugs. “Because you’re great,” he replies matter-of-factly, before bouncing off his seat into the space next to Yunho.

The older man holds his breath, waiting, but Jaejoong merely goes foraging in the small bar fridge, back to Yunho as he starts to grumble to himself.

His young fiancé is still as flighty as ever.

“What’s the matter?” Yunho finally asks after a few huffs and puffs from the teen.

“I’m starving.”

“There’ll be breakfast on the plane.”

Jaejoong whirls around to face him, eyes alight. “On the jet? Can I have pancakes with bananas and sausages and jjajangmyun?”

Yunho chuckles, “That’s a lot of food. Are you really that hungry?” He reaches out unwittingly, hand curved around the small of Jaejoong’s back.

A mistake.

It is like a switch has been turned on for the teenager instantly takes Yunho’s unthinking caress as permission, and in the next blink, Jaejoong has crawled into Yunho’s lap, settling himself quite comfortably as he plays with the man’s tie and sighs against his cheek. “I’m hungry for something, and I don’t think it’s food but it’ll have to do till I figure out what’s wrong with me. Don’t tease,” he ends, voice quiet as he kisses Yunho’s clean-shaven jaw. “My belly feels strange.”

Don’t tease.

Yunho wonders if keeping Jaejoong as innocent as this is a good idea after all because it sure as hell isn’t him doing the teasing right now.

“You’re not serious!”

“I was serious in Jeju, I was serious on the plane, I was serious in the car, and I’m definitely serious right now.” Yunho marches up the front of the Kim mansion with Jaejoong holding onto his elbow, tripping up after him, eyes wide with an undetermined emotion.

“Welcome h—“ Chaerin’s exuberant welcome dies on her lips as she takes one look at Yunho’s face. She steps back hurriedly, crashing into her two younger sisters but no one says anything as they watch the twenty-eight year old man marching grimly to the back of the house with their ashen-faced fifteen year old uncle trailing after him, curiously with some broken stalks of hay in his hair.

They scurry after the couple, but upon reaching the kitchen, find their way barred by their mother.

“Get in the car, girls. We’re going home.”

“I thought we were sleeping over?”

“Change of plans,” their mother replies tersely.

All three try and peek around their mother, unable to see past the taller female, but they can hear clearly enough.

“I don’t want to go!”

“You’re going, Jaejoongie. You can have your pick as to where, but you’re going. You need to see the world and learn how to behave.”

“I know how to behave!”

“No, you don’t.”


“Stop shouting, Joongie.”

“I’m not shouting!”

“He is totally shouting,” Chaerin observes.

“Alright, enough. Get in the car now.”

“But, mum—“

“Do you want to be sent packing too?”

Yunho’s heart is clenching painfully. He can see the angry tears in Jaejoong’s eyes and everything in him wants to step forward and hug the boy and apologize but he is very close to losing his mind.

“Children, can you two please tell us what happened?”

Yunho steps back, closing his eyes, he directs all his frustration inward.

Jaejoong watches his fiancé closely, knowing the battle is lost when the man expels his breath slowly and opens his eyes to reveal that he is once again back in control.

“There’s nothing to tell. Jaejoong and I had a discussion and we have agreed that it is best if he spends his final year on a tour with a handful of tutors.”

“I did not agree—“

“We are not discussing this again, Jaejoong,” there is a rather ominous ring of finality to the CEO’s words.

The teenager leans against the island, arms crossed, head cocked at his fiancé. He ignores the curious and concerned looks from both his parents as he studies the tall man.

A man thirteen years older than him, and determined to remind him of the fact.

A man he has loved for over a decade, and wants nothing more than to be his wife.

A man who is too damn moral to take what is his, what has always been his, and Jaejoong can do no more.

“I’ve already said I’m sorry.”

“And I’ve accepted your apology.”

“Then why are you doing this?”

“To protect you.”

Jaejoong makes a scoffing sound that shocks the three adults in the room. The sound is derisive and very adult, quite the opposite of the bubbly innocent teenager they know and love. The boy’s face is heartbreaking in its beauty, but the fire in his eyes gives all of them pause. Doe eyes swimming with tears, yet not a single drop falls, he stands tall, squaring his shoulders as he faces down the man he loves more than his own life.

“You’re not doing this to protect me. You’re doing this to protect yourself,” he declares quietly, his voice quavering slightly.

Yunho opens his mouth to protest, but Jaejoong cuts him off.

“I don’t want to go, but I will because you think it’s best.”


“I don’t think it’s best though,” the teenager interrupts once again, his large eyes drinking in the features of his fiancé, knowing this may be the last time he sees him in the flesh for awhile. “I’m only letting you do this because I love you and I know you love me too, and you’re doing this for some noble reason that only makes sense in your head, but I’m going to respect that because that’s what a good wife does.” His voice trembles again, his shoulders drooping forward slightly with his words because it truly hurts him that he isn’t Yunho’s wife yet, but he regains himself and straightens back up. “However, I’m not yet your wife so let me warn you, Yunnie-yah. You may be able to take me physically out of your life, but I promise you, I am going to leave you with enough of me that I will haunt your dreams the way you’ve haunted mine for the past month.”

Yunho is nonplussed, eyes darting towards the Kim parents for some support, he is more than a little surprised to find them smiling.


He doesn’t know what to make of that, and the fact that Jaejoong is practically threatening him, but it is the type of threat he can live with because Jaejoong has been haunting him for almost a year and he is about to break.

In fact, he almost did, in some fucking hayloft in the middle of Jeju no less.

Never underestimate the determination of a teenager who has always gotten his way.

“Umma, Appa, will you play chaperone?”

He doesn’t wait for an answer, for everyone says yes to Kim Jaejoong.

Taking his fiancé gently by the hand, he pulls the silent man towards the sofa and sets him down, following quickly, sitting astride the older man’s lap.

“Oh dear,” Mrs Kim murmurs, her son’s back is to them, but she can see the stark look in Yunho’s eyes.

“He’s a gentle man, love,” her husband puts his arm around his wife. “And a gentleman it seems. I wouldn’t have been able to say no to a fifteen year old you.”

“There’s straw in Jaejoong’s hair,” his wife observes, fighting the blush that is threatening her at her husband’s matter of fact words.

“I wonder how that happened…”

“It’s more than likely directly related to our son being shipped off to parts unknown.”

“I know that dear,” her husband smiles, averting his eyes from the quietly whispering couple. Jaejoong’s face is tucked against Yunho’s ear and he is being held tightly in return, Yunho’s arms locked around him. “It took awhile to show but your strong will appears to breed true.”

“Come between Jaejoong and Yunho, and you will find that your only son is made of stone.”

“Even if the person coming between them is Yunho himself?”

“Especially so, it seems.”

“Should we try and protect him?”

“Only if you’d like to learn what it feels like to be hacked at with a butter knife.”

“Doesn’t sound painful.”

“He won’t stop till he’s cut right through.”

“Our Baby Joongie?”

“I’d do it with a spork.”

“Point taken.”

The couple spend almost an hour in each other’s arms, Jaejoong’s parents observing that Yunho does no more than press chaste kisses against the teenager’s temple every now and again. However his eyes tell a different story, for whatever it is that their son is whispering in his ear is making him take on a rather haunted look.

When they finally break apart, Jaejoong’s countenance is back to being what everyone is accustomed to — soft pout parted slightly, cheeks flushed, eyes filled with love as he tugs his fiancé back towards where his parents are seated by the informal dining area.

“I’m going to ask you one last time.”

Yunho does not let out the breath he is holding in his chest.

“Will you reconsider our discussion and let me stay?”

The older man cannot hold the steady loving gaze, his voice is hoarse, trapped in his throat and it takes a great force of will to get the single word out.


Three years later…

“Jaejoong, you saw me at home this morning.”

“Do I need to set aside time for affection into your busy schedule oh, CEO-ssi?”

Yunho’s tone is a little exasperated as he leans back in the armchair to watch his pouting wife. “How affectionate could I be in front of over a hundred of your peers?”

“See? That’s the problem. I married Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. You’re one man at home and another in public. Do you know when you said out earlier I thought you were talking to me? I was about to get up when one of those guys replied and I realized you were talking to them.”

“I’d never tell you to get out.”

“Well, I’d never think you’d ignore me so thoroughly either, but you did.”

“That’s different.”

“Is it?”

“Jaejoong, what do you want from me?”

“I want you to stop compartmentalizing. God only knows why it took me this long to realize you were doing it to me. I refuse to be stuck in a compartment labelled home.”

“That’s a little hard to do seeing that you walk into my office several times a week with no appointment,” Yunho mutters quietly.

Jaejoong crosses his arms with a huff, glaring at his bonehead husband. “I refuse to believe you’re this obtuse. You better figure out your compartments before August, otherwise you might just miss the birth of your daughter.”


“Well, it could be a son, but I want a baby girl who looks like you so it’s going to be a girl.”

“It will?”

Jaejoong’s expression is almost comical as he stares at his slack jawed husband.

“Do you know that you’re the only one in this entire universe who says no to me? The only one? Not even the universe says no to me. I am having a girl.”

“I don’t say no to you.”

“Really? So shipping me off on some trip till the week before our marriage wasn’t your bright idea?”

“When are you going to forgive me for that?” Yunho asks, leaving the armchair and dropping to his knees in front of his irritated wife. “You were driving me crazy. It was a last resort.”

“I cried all over that bear you gave me until it was almost permanently wet. Did you even miss me?”

“You know I did.”


“You’ve had me in thrall since you were barely three years old. I was yours from the day you peed on me.”

Jaejoong turns bright red, looking around to check the door, relieved to see it is very much shut, before his color returns to normal.

“You have to tell me how you do that.”

“Do what?”

“Blush at will.”

“It’s easy. I just think of our wedding night.”

Yunho coughs, choking on nothing, crimson rising up his neck.

“Are you blushing now?” Jaejoong asks archly, quirking an amused brow. “See? It works even for you.”

Yunho coughs again, trying to suck in a full lungful of air but for some reason his chest refuses to cooperate. His breath is a little choppy, and for the life of him, he has no idea why.

“You know, I dreamed of that night so much while we were apart.”

“Jaejoong…” Yunho knows the whole story. His wife had told it to him after their third go on their wedding night.

The teenager continues on, ignoring his husband’s plea, lifting a hand to play with the hair at the nape of Yunho’s neck as he speaks.

“You were stubborn even then. Do you remember me wondering why I wasn’t shy or nervous?” Jaejoong doesn’t wait for an answer before continuing, briefly lost in his memories. “It’s because we were married since I was three and you were just waiting for me to grow up to make it official. Of course you had to be all proper and wait till I was of age when—“

Yunho covers his wife’s mouth with his hand, eyes pleading and the teenager relents, kissing his husband’s palm and licking it cheekily.

The CEO leans down and presses a quick kiss to his wife’s gently swelling body. “What were we talking about before you blushed?”

“I thought I’m the one with the baby brain?”

“I’ve got baby brain by proxy.”

Jaejoong laughs throatily. “We were talking about you missing me when you sent me packing to Europe. You could’ve just talked to me properly and listened.”

“You were only fifteen.”

“I’m not stupid.”

“I didn’t say you were.”

“So what does age have to do with anything? I’m eighteen and pregnant now. Are you going to keep me in a box labelled home?”


“That’s the type of no that’s acceptable,” Jaejoong sniffs.

“I thought you might think that,” Yunho smiles, moving to lift his wife into his lap as he settles into the couch.

“So what’s this about a girl?”



“Her name is Jiyool, remember?”

Yunho definitely remembers.

AN: Jaejoong looks so…lush and ripe for plucking augh. He’s older than me yet I feel like such a wretch to be looking at him like I want to eat him ughhhhhhhh. And yes, I added that bit at the end to remind everyone (and myself) that they’re married and legal and everything. Jung has WAY MORE SELF CONTROL THAN ME let me tell you. 100% more than me.

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Even The Great Jung Yunho can't resist Jaejoong. Who are we mere humans to resist him? And the photo you used is....don't know how to describe my feelings when I look at the photo. So innocent, so beautiful, so adorable, so so so so everything is so much in this photo.

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