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He's Yours [1/1]

Title: He's Yours
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG
Length: Oneshot
Genre: non-AU
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story.

Summary: He takes after one, he takes after both. The fact is undeniable.

AN1: I have no idea AT ALL when their time offs are. I haven’t had the time to check so while this is non-AU, it probably could’ve been better but it’s my husband’s birthday today and I only had a couple of hours to spare! Forgive the mistakes.

AN2: This is the same non-AU verse as Always Be My Baby and Between A Rock and a Hard Place.


Yunho’s brow creases, truly not expecting the type of greeting he has just received. What kind of hello is YOU!? It’s been almost a month and he doesn’t even get a nice hello, welcome home, how are you, I missed you. Before he can even remove his cap, he is gripped by the lapels of his jacket and yanked forward by a man who is definitely stronger than he looks, and his cap tumbles off his head to lie forgotten on the floor by the entrance to his apartment, along with his duffel bag.

“Hey, watch it! We’re going to fall! Hey!”

By some miracle, he manages to keep them both on their feet despite the other man determinedly dragging him forward, doe eyes hard and glittering with some unnamed emotion.

What has he done now? Yunho rewinds over the last month and he is damn sure he has kept a low profile so what on earth did Jaejoong hear this time that has caused him to greet him in such a manner?


Yunho wonders if he’s going to get more than single words out of the normally expressive and eloquent older man as he is pushed down onto his couch.


His face is forceably turned towards the television. His television, which appears to be open to a Youtube page.

“I’d rather watch you,” comes the immediate response, Yunho turning against the hand guiding his jaw and kissing the warm palm. It is true, and Yunho always says what he means. His eyes drink in the glowing man who appears to age backwards every time they meet. He wants to talk to him and tease him about his new single, and watch the beautiful man dissolve into a pretty blush that is at odds with his closely cropped hair and army fatigues.

“Now’s not the time for your silver tongue, Yunho-yah,” a click of a tongue and a gentle chide. Jaejoong takes his hand away, lightly flicking his boyfriend’s nose before kissing the tip and settling in the couch. He drapes his legs over the other man’s lap and leans back against the cushions.

Well, at least there’s some affection there. Yunho reacts to the endearment, his expression changing in a heartbeat as he reaches out for the other man. “You like my tongue,” his grin is boyish, and his roaming hand anything but, slipping under Jaejoong’s teeshirt and rubbing his hard abdomen.

“We can play with it later. You need to watch this first.”

‘What’s so important that cannot wait?” Yunho’s hand roams lower and finds that his boyfriend really isn’t interested. He sits back and pouts, finally turning towards the television, he remains pouting,

Jaejoong starts the video and the familiar beat of Billie Jean start to play, and an even more familiar figure starts to move to the music onscreen.

Yunho sits up straighter, eyes on the screen. He knows about this for obvious reasons, but he hasn’t actually managed to see the performance himself. He cannot stop the huge grin that breaks across his face, and he forgets his present company momentarily, his eyes taking in the dancing figure onstage, his heart practically bursting with pride.

Jaejoong eyes the younger man, eyes narrowing as Yunho doesn’t react the way he thought he would. He has watched the video more times than he has fingers and toes and so he doesn’t look at the television at all, spending the four odd minutes looking at his lover’s profile.

“Wasn’t he great?” Yunho’s eyes are shining with love and pride when the video ends. He always knew Changmin could’ve easily gone solo if he wanted, but for some strange reason, the more he tries to push the younger man to do it, the more the maknae digs in his heels. They stopped discussing it almost a year ago when Changmin won the battle-to-the-death to enlist much too soon after Yunho so as to come back together as TVXQ as soon as possible, but it will not be the last time they fight over this.

“You knew.” A statement not a question.

“Of course. I helped him. He had to cover for Donghae who was the original dancer. Can we watch it again? This is the first time I’ve seen it.”

Jaejoong obliges. However he sits up, scooting closer to Yunho and wraps his arms around the taller man, finally turning to watch the video as well, his cheek resting against Yunho’s shoulder.

“That move is totally yours,” Jaejoong remarks, fifteen seconds into the video.

Yunho merely grunts, slipping his own arm around the warm and fragrant man, he squeezes Jaejoong closer, and presses a kiss to the man’s hair, smiling as the short locks tickle his nose, but his eyes never leave the television screen.

“Mouthing the lyrics is definitely something he picked up from you,” Yunho observes a few seconds later.

Jaejoong ignores his words, knowing what is coming. “Hear the screams when he grabs his crotch?”

“Everyone screams when anyone grabs their crotch,” Yunho replies matter-of-factly.

“No, they scream when you grab your crotch.”

“I’m sure they’ll scream if you grabbed yours.”

“Not the same, Yunho-yah and you know it.”

Yunho presses another kiss against the man’s hairline, chuckling against the vanilla scented hair. “And what about his issues with his hat? That’s absolutely a Jaejoongie trait.”

“Hey!” the older man protests without heat.

“Hero Jaejoong’s prop disasters,” Yunho teases. “If it’s not attached, something will happen to it.”

“Take that back!”

Yunho isn’t interested in arguing though, eyes still on the maknae and he chuckles once again. “Look my love, even his inability to control his face is yours.”

“I can control my face just fine!”

“Oh? So it wasn’t you who started giggling in the middle of Mirotic one time while the audience was dancing along with us?”

“That’s different.”

“No different from this,” Yunho nods towards the screen, just as Changmin does the gasping hip thrust move that has Jaejoong crowing triumphantly.

“Now THAT is absolutely you! No doubt. Hands down. You, you, you!”

Unable to deny that at least, Yunho latches onto something else. “And his sinewy upper body is yours. That snake-like movement, you know it’s you.”

“Maybe,” Jaejoong sniffs.

“Hat disasters ongoing,” Yunho observes, groaning when Jaejoong plants a solid elbow in his sternum.

Both watch in silence for a few seconds.

“His face again, ah, I have to remember to tell him to watch his mouth.”

“I’m not looking at his mouth,” Jaejoong squeaks, finally drawing Yunho’s eyes towards him. The singer is flushed, starting to cough and sputter. “THAT is you. It has to be you because it’s making me feel funny and only you make me feel funny.”

“The crotch grabbing?”

“Dear god, can we stop talking about the crotch grabbing. I’m not happy at all about the crotch grabbing!”

Yunho laughs, squeezing his red-cheeked partner.

Both Yunho and Jaejoong turn just in time to see Changmin doing that signature Yunho move that causes Jaejoong to sigh loudly. “I did it, didn’t I? You’ve had him for so long he’s almost one hundred percent you. That is so beautifully you.”

“He’s compact like you though,” Yunho points out, hugging the smaller man tightly. “He keeps it compact. He doesn’t have his arms out.”

“No big moves?”

“No big moves,” Yunho agrees.

“Alright, I’ll take the mouthing of lyrics,” Jaejoong nods at the screen. “He does it so blatantly.”

“Like you singing while we’re supposed to be singing. If you could, you’d probably be happy singing the whole song on your own.”

“Don’t say that,” Jaejoong’s voice is hushed, and there is a tinge of anguish in it. “Please don’t say that.”

“I love you, it’s ok,” Yunho reassures him, kissing the man’s brow apologetically. “Look, crotch grabbing again.”

“He does it too gleefully,” Jaejoong decides. “While you just do it.”

“He enjoys the screaming,” Yunho smiles. “So whose is he?” he asks, when the video concludes.


“Hyung! What the hell!? I almost fell on my ass thanks to your shit by the door! Are you trying to kill—”

The loud bellowing is abruptly cut off by a loud coughing fit and Jaejoong practically flies off the couch where he’d been necking like a teenager with his boyfriend of a decade.

The younger member of TVXQ finds himself in the exact same situation as the leader earlier, being firmly dragged by a fisted hand to the front of his jacket by a smaller but much stronger man.

“Why are you coughing?”

Changmin is still coughing though, and unable to answer, eyes watering as he gesticulates.

Jaejoong growls, scowling ferociously, his lust haze is receding rapidly in the face of Changmin’s illness. He hates it when any of them are ill. It eats at him especially when he’s far away and unable to do anything, but he is here now.

Spinning on his heel, he turns and heads for the kitchen. They are in Yunho’s apartment and the kitchen is normally as bare as Old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard, but both Yunho and Jaejoong have several days off and the older man had come prepared. The fridge and pantry are stocked with enough food to last them a good week, and he has the right ingredients for everything he needs.

Yunho rubs Changmin’s back gently, waiting for the coughing fit to subside.

“When did he get here?” Changmin’s voice is hoarse and gravelly, regretting his bellowing from earlier for sure.

Yunho shrugs, placing a hand against Changmin’s forehead and frowning when he finds it warm to the touch. “I don’t know. He was already here when I got home. Are you meant to be home though? I didn’t think you had time off till later.”

“I don’t,” Changmin agrees, lying back on the couch looking miserable. “I’m not well so they let me go home for the night.”


“Yes, hyung, home. I thought home was safe but turns out it’s just as bad for my health,” Changmin grumbles. “Haven’t you learned not to leave your stuff right in front of the door?”

“Where’s your stuff?” Yunho arches an eyebrow.

Changmin looks around, his expression turning sheepish. “In front of the door. He got you too?”

“Exactly the same way he got you.”

Changmin’s nose wrinkles as he thinks about it. “I don’t think it was exactly the same. I didn’t get kissed,” he makes a grand show of shuddering and gagging.

The leader rolls his eyes at the younger man’s theatrics. “I didn’t either, and it’s all thanks to you.”


Yunho picks up the remote and presses a button. “Watch. We have some things to talk about,” he hides a smile behind his best leaderssi voice.

Changmin’s groaning protests fall on deaf ears when he realizes what he’s watching.

“Why were you fighting over me?”

“We were not fighting. We were just trying to figure out who you take after.”

“My parents.”

“Your parents cannot dance Michael Jackson,” Yunho points out the obvious.

“And they sure as heck would not be linked to some stripper movie!”

Jaejoong startles both men of TVXQ, Changmin’s eyes lighting up instantly upon seeing the tray the topless man is carrying. There are two steaming bowls, and the singer lays it down carefully on the coffee table, smacking Changmin’s hand as the maknae tries to reach out for one.


“What stripper movie?”

“Magic Mike,” Jaejoong answers, bending over the soup. “And that didn’t hurt. Come here, you need to inhale the soup while it’s still steaming.”

“Inhale it? I want to drink it,” Changmin grumbles, but he does as he is told, sliding off the couch to the floor and scooting over to the table. He bends his head obediently under Jaejoong close, watchful eye.

“What’s Magic Mike?” Yunho asks, still confused.

“Well, you have Magic Max here,” Jaejoong nods towards the maknae, eyes narrowing when he suddenly realizes something. “Why is he topless?”

Yunho shrugs, “Why are you topless?”

Jaejoong rolls his eyes. “Because you removed my teeshirt while you were—“

“Details! I don’t need details!” Changmin’s voice is loud, and the strain on his throat sets off another coughing fit.

One touch of Changmin’s back, and Jaejoong’s gasp fills the large living room. “You’re on fire!”

“Thank you,” Changmin murmurs, wishing to be left alone as he stares longingly into the depths of the bowl of soup he is inhaling. As he contemplates the bounty before him, parched mouth filling with saliva, he is hauled bodily to his feet.

“Bedroom, now.”

“But, hyung—“

“Changmin, please. You’re in the military, and the weather is fucking freezing. I don’t know what they do in the police academy but I sure as hell know what they do in the army, now get out of your clothes and get into bed. Your temperature better be gone by the time you leave this apartment.”

“Home,” the maknae grouches under his breath, making his way to the bedroom.

“What was that?”

“Nothing,” Changmin retorts over his shoulder. “Bring the soup.”

“Bossy piece of work, isn’t he?”

“He’s yours,” Jaejoong gives Yunho a rather pointed stare. “That was most definitely all yours.”

“No fight about my choice of room?” Changmin questions curiously as the oldest of the trio bustles about the room. He is on what is ostensibly Jaejoong’s side of Yunho’s bed, just to be contrary. He watches his hyung carrying a suspicious looking basin, and the police cadet does not have fond memories of basins and his Jaejoongie hyung.

“It’s easier to look after you when I can keep an eye on you.”

“What happened to your hand?” Yunho asks, coming up behind Jaejoong just as the man settles the basin of ice water on the side table. He drops the flannels he’d been asked to get and captures his boyfriend’s hand instead. Kissing the large waterproof plaster, he turns the older man bodily to face him, feeling the warmth of the man’s bare torso through his own teeshirt. “What happened, baby.”

Changmin gags in the background, but in truth, he is also curious. Naturally observant, he would bet their relationship on the fact that Jaejoong did not have the injury when he first saw him.

“Kitchen mishap,” Jaejoong replies flippantly before kissing Yunho hard on the mouth to distract him. Pushing the leader gently away, he settles on the large bed. “Dead centre, Changminnie. Now.”

“Who died and made you boss?”

“I outrank you, Private and unless you want ice water on parts that will shrivel up, move your ass right now.”

“I’m in the police!”

“And I’m a fucking Corporal. Changminnie, I’m not going to ask again.”

“Corporal?” Yunho grins wrapping his arms around the slighter man. “We should have a rather long discussion about that, Sir. In the meantime, calm down, baby. Changmin isn’t going anywhere.”

Jaejoong’s stern expression finally melts and he takes a step back against Yunho, leaning into the man’s comforting and palpable strength, staring at the wide eyed maknae in the middle of their bed. “I just hate it when he’s sick.”

“I know.”

Yunho scratches Changmin’s head lightly, the man not moving at all, snoring gently, sound asleep using Jaejoong’s belly as his pillow. Both older men are in half repose, swimming in and out of sleep as the youngest tossed and turned between them, doing his best to fight his fever.

A fever that has thankfully broken, Yunho alerted to it by the maknae’s sweaty body plastered against his back, and Jaejoong’s whispered comfort that he’s going to sponge him off as he slept.

Now clean and in a new set of pajama bottoms since like Jaejoong, Changmin is terribly allergic to clothes, especially tops, the youngest is sound asleep, drooling against Jaejoong’s pierced belly button, taking up more than his fair share of the bed since he is practically diagonal.

“How did you hurt your hand?” His free hand captures the beautiful singer’s hand, kissing the injury gently and lovingly once again. He hadn’t had a chance to truly talk to Jaejoong, Changmin’s fever making him delirious in his sleep, not so much while awake, and they had their hands full trying to wrestle gently with the flailing cadet. Yunho has some suspicions as to why Changmin was sent home. Perhaps no one knew how to handle one night of Changmin like this.

“It’s nothing,” Jaejoong whispers sleepily. “I’ll be fine, just keep kissing me.”

Yunho shifts closer, and does exactly that, peppering sweet, sleepy kisses on his boyfriend’s upturned face, making the older man smile.

“Changmin didn’t get that from either of us.”

“Get what?”

“Whining when he’s ill. Neither of us do it.”

“He didn’t whine today.”


“And we have both whined in the past.”

“Also true,” Yunho concedes. “But not as much as his carrying on.”

“Definitely true,” Jaejoong admits, eyelashes fluttering shut. “He’s really yours, you know?”

Yunho hums, pressing a harder kiss against Jaejoong’s temple, a silent request for the conversation to end.

However, like Changmin, Jaejoong prefers to choose when he wants to listen.

“He might be mine in a lot of ways,” Jaejoong’s voice is sleepy, almost sing-song. “But he will only ever be truly yours. He would dance for you, and sing for you. He would do absolutely anything for you. He may consider doing something for me, but for you, he won’t have to think. He will just do it.”

“Why are we talking about this? It doesn’t matter, we were just joking around today.”

“I’ve always known though,” Jaejoong’s voice is barely a whisper. “And I’m glad you have him.”

“I’m glad too.”

“Not as glad as I am. He’s yours.”

Yunho closes his eyes, mouth pressed against Jaejoong’s cheek. “Ok, baby. He’s mine.”

The room is silent.

No snores.

There is a dampness against Jaejoong’s belly, but it isn’t drool.

AN: Can’t have YunJae without Changmin ;-) Happy YunJae Day in advance cos I won’t be around :D Also, please don’t worry about Changmin because I made up the fever though I know he wasn’t well this past weekend… Jaejoong does have an injury, but IDK the details.

AN2: Also, if there’s anyone here who has no idea what this fic is about, have you been living under a rock? I JOKE I JOKE! Here you go and have fun…
Tags: nonau, oneshot, pairing:yunjae, pg

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  • Friend-locked

    I am locking my journal due to some reader shenanigans. If you want to be added, cut and paste the following statement and questions. Please answer…

  • Random side-shot poll

    Ok, as thanks for everyone's support and comments for my fics thus far, i'm thinking of writing a random drabble/side-shot. I'm aiming for it to…

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