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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Love In The Ice [21]
Title: Love in the Ice
Pairing: YunJae/JaeHo
Rating: NC-17
Length: Chaptered
Genre: Non-AU, mild angst, fluff, romance
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be married here.

Summary: A script for a new mini-series is left in Yunho’s apartment by his manager, and as he reads it, he becomes more and more intrigued. Unbeknownst to him, one of the leads has already been cast, and the contracts signed. When he too is cast in the project after expressing interest in the part, he gets the shock of his life when he arrives for the script reading to be faced with a person from his past. Someone that he has spent years trying to pretend never existed. How will they be able to get through filming this without killing each other? Or worse…

AN1: I think I’m on track to finish this at ch23. I’m sorry it’s taken so long. I’ve been flying around and barely been anywhere in fandom. Work is insane as usual and I’m also actually crazy and have started learning Korean and Japanese haha so yay me. I have everything programmed down to the minute :O

AN2: Oh and if you’re a new reader who has never read ICE, I really think you should because I will make a few references to it without actually spelling it out because the assumption is that everyone has read ICE and are familiar with the plot…

Did you mean what you said?Collapse )

Finally Yunho's family approved for Jaejoong. But it seems they will have a hard time because of their fans. I cannot understand the fans not being happy for their idols' happiness...

Hi, just extremely curious, where did you find the pic for Love in the Ice? It looks quite recent, or is it photoshopped?

ohmygod. all these feels.

i hurt for yunho, jaejoong and the rest of the cast in the drama for all the hate they're getting just after that first episode... but i guess it's to be expected... since the setting is so close to what SK generally feels about homosexuality... which made me think of Reply 1997 and K.Will's Please Don't MV...

anyway, i was teary after reading jihye's message to yunho... that was what jaejoong needed. he really needed those words... especially coming from yunho's family. it's practically getting yunho's parents' approval already. which it is, actually.

yunho is just so adorable here. LOL. i had half my mind wanting to just scoop him up, pet him and take him home with me to feed and cuddle~XDDDD

changmin is yunho's wife. that's a fact. well, when jaejoong isn't around anyway. because both of them will take care of yunho in their own way and would fight tooth and nail (to the death!) to protect yunho as well. :)

oh lord, joongki's and ahin's reactions... and then yoosu just there, understanding automatically changmin-speak and yunjae and just everything. made me smile because it's like they were never apart.

those fan reactions though... :( oh well. they cannot please everybody. especially the deluded ones.

until your next update!

I'm glad Yunho's family is accepting their relationship...it would make it so much easier for Jae.

Yay for finally catching up to latest update. their interaction is so cute and Yunho can be so cute although handling Jaejoong so well, the pic is so good again, my otp. The members bonding was fun to read and Yunho's family approval was truly touching, wanted to hug Jaejoong. And the last msg omg

Btw, I had read that one of the composer of All that glitters was Fraser T. Smith who also co-wrote and produced Adele's Set fire to rain song. Love both artists and songs and was glad to see that small connection somehow.
Congrats on starting both language as well, it has also been one of my to do list ; ;

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I made the mistake of reading this update while still in the office. All I wanted to do is to lie down and curl up because too much feels. Thank you for writing such a good fic.

thanks for writing and sharing:)

Hi there,
I've been ur long time silent reader and I finally decided to comment in ur latest chapter because what you had written about YunJae for Love In The Ice is starting to become similar to a real life situation with another CP called QingYu (they are chinese and I'm not sure if you heard of them or not), this is long after u started writing this story, but this QingYu in real life are best friends and they acted in a BL web series (Counterattack) together which was a bit risky but their chemistry even offscreen is pretty heartwarming (they kept on reminding me of YunJae) What threw me off in a big coincidence was the fact with the couple outfits u wrote in the chapter actually happened with this QingYu couple in the airport a few days after u posted this chap. There are few similarities and I don't even know how to describe it but u should totally check them out :)
P.S. I love ur writing style and can't wait for ur next update, and I loved ur other stories as well! Ur stories are very well written that I connect with it and feel the emotions that they are going through, do keep up ur awesome work, fighting :D

The best way to get back into the DBSK fandom works is by going through your work; it always brings out raw emotions ranging on both ends of the spectrum. It's humbling to know that you have the strength to post your inner musings for others to read, and for that I thank you and wish you the best in your daily endeavors.

As for this fic, *incoherent hand motions and gurgling noises* I don't know how to describe it beyond "exasperated fondness with a healthy splash of frustration". It's awesome and emotionally wringing and and and. Guh. All I want is a happy ending but I know realistically they can't just 'kiss and make up' because this a NON-AU and real life does not defer to one's will. But still. /sigh

Can I just ask, was the pic for this photoshopped? I'm going to collapse into a fit of squeals if it isn't, by the way. 😶

Awww, emotion is high all over the place. Netizens squawking loudly at things they are ignorant about. The beauty of acceptance of those who matters.

OMG! Shims are going to join the party!? OMG!! And what script changes!? /scared/

This is so emotional
I'm happy for them because they can suppot each other and not fighting over something stupid because of the drama
Can wait for more
Update soon please ~~

Hei,,, when will you update this story???
I miss this fic soooo much /(≧ x ≦)\

Stopping by your page wondering if you ever intend on updating this fic...these words come straight from my heart so u don't think I am stalking or whatever reasons.