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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Mootak [Conclusion]
Author: Anon via me
Pairing: YunJae (as MooTak)
Genre: Joseon AU
Rating: PG
Length: Drabble
NN (Nikki Note cos it isn't an AN cos I didn't write it!): All credit to the artist for this fanart. I can't draw for nuts... Read
MooTak and
Unrequited and
In The Shadow Of The Blood-Red Moon and
MooTak drabble 4a MooTak drabble 4b and
MooTak drabble 5 and
MooTak drabble 6 first as this is a series of drabbles that need to be read in sequence.

A small girl cries out loud, as the fever takes its toll on her body. Her head is burning up, and her worried mother wipes at it frantically with a dampened towel. Minutes later, the door bursts open as her son runs in, pulling a man behind him.

The man takes in the situation at a glance and falls to his knees beside the bed. He gently pries the mother away from the prone girl and sets about feeling her pulse. The mother holds onto her son, trying to will away the tears of worry that threaten to spill over.

Diagnosis over, the fair man with the long, flowing hair turns towards them, eyes cast down.

'Keep her warm and hydrated. I will be back in a couple of days with the required herbs.' He says, voice quiet and soothing.

'Will my Hyeri be okay?' asks the mother.

'It is just a head chill. Just keep her warm until I return.' And with that, he bows and takes his leave, climbing back onto his white stead, his pale skin almost twin to his four-legged companion.

The boy watches the man leave before turning to his mother.

'Mother, Physician Kim will be able to heal Hyeri-yah, won't he?'

The mother already by her daughter's bedside, turns around and offers her son a small smile.

'I heard he used to work at the royal court. I don't know why someone of his calibre is here in this small village, but right now, I'm thankful.'


The white mare gallops through the forest, heading for Mount Heroksa. The mountain is a few hours away from the village but it has the herbs that Kyungtak needs for Hyeri. The truth is he could have gotten the herbs from the medical hall in the nearest town, but he had purposely chosen this route. There was something he had to do.


The mare stops beside a cottage, smoke wafting out of its lone chimney. Another horse in the backyard lifts up its head to stare at the newcomers before returning to its trough of grass and hay. Kyungtak pats his horse in the direction of the other before walking slowly towards the front door. From the outside, no one would have guessed that this was the home of the banished former royal eunuch, Eunuch Song.


The said man is pottering about inside, busy with the scrolls of his students from the day's classes. He now teaches the villagers' children reading and writing. It is a far cry from the days of living at the royal court, but it is quiet and peaceful. A world away from the torment that he had gone through after his banishment and the end of his relationship with Minister Hwa.

He does not speak of the Minister anymore. The Minister himself had been deployed to a far-off province as punishment but at the first sign of trouble, he had dropped Eunuch Song like a hot potato. Far too fast, far too easily. When he had heard of Kyungtak's arrival in the town square, he had sought the man out. Kindred spirits, after all, have to stick together.

Kyungtak greets Eunuch Song and sits down, while the other pours them tea.

'I am just passing by on my way to Mount Heroksa.'

'Ah, for herbs? Or for news, my child?'

'Both.' Kyungtak does not try to hide the truth; by now he and Eunuch Song have become close enough amidst shared tales of a forbidden love and heartbreak.

'The last I heard from Noblesman Lee Ha is that he continues to search for you. His eyes wander wherever he is; searching the crowds of each village he goes to, each frontier he crosses, each household he enters, hoping to find some sign of you.’ Eunuch Song says, recalling his bi-monthly correspondence with his friend.

Kyungtak looks down, feeling an ache over the left of his chest. 'Silly man. I would have thought he'd give up by now.'

Eunuch Song glances over at him, for once, a hint of the man that he used to be; a man that thought he had known of love, coming back to surface upon his face.

'I guess this is where we differ, my child. Officer Kang is no Minister.'


Dusk is settling by the time Kyungtak arrives at Mount Heroksa - he would have to wait until morning to gather the needed herbs. For now, he would make camp. He lights a fire and ties his mare to a nearby tree. Then he unfolds himself under the night sky, stars twinkling back at him.

Across the silence of the night, he hears a voice.

Soft at first, it grows louder.

Kyungtak sits up, wondering if his ears are playing tricks on him.

Then he hears it.

The notes, a song about love lost.

A song that he himself used to sing.

Back when he was still a physician at court.

He scrambles to his feet and makes for the source.

His heart is beating wildly, almost as if it is trying to race him there.

He knows, he knows.

It can only be one other person who would know that song.

A song he sang to the other during nights up watching as the pain of recovery that wrecked the stricken figure on the bed.

It was awhile later, after they had acknowledged their mutual feelings, that the officer had finally confessed it was his voice cutting through the haze of fever that banished the nightmares and let him sleep.


He sees the glow of a fire on a small plain further away, near the eastern side of the mountain. He slows down and tries to walk slowly without attracting attention. There is a man seated beside his horse, singing to himself as he looks up into the sky.

But the man is a highly-trained assassin and a royal bodyguard. The best swordsman in Joseon. His ears and intuition do not betray him for one moment, and the singing stops before Kyungtak can take another breath let alone another step.

The man reaches down for the sheath of his sword, head still turned away.

'Who goes there?' he asks, voice carrying across the wind.


Kyungtak recognises the voice. The timbre. The tone.

He wants to cry. He wants to run. It's been years, years since he got banished from the royal court. Since he left secretly, refusing to let the other follow him.


’This is your life, Mooseok. You won't be happy with me.’

‘I will. You are my life.’

‘Hush, I know you, my love. Your ideals and your beliefs. Your loyalty to the King. If you follow me, this will be a burden that will weigh you down for the rest of your life. I want you to remember me as you do now, and not as someone you resent for holding you back from the man you are.’

‘I could never resent you. I need you, Kyungie.’

‘We'll be together, again. I promise.’


It's been years.

He cannot speak, strength leaving him, as if his very essence has slipped from him to run towards the man he has never stopped thinking about.

His love.

Mooseok stands, a prickling feeling of painful awareness running down his spine.

A familiarity, a presence is pulling at him. Something telling him that whatever is behind him, isn't dangerous. In fact, it is welcome.

He turns.

And time stands still.


Officer Kang Mooseok.

Newly-retired from the royal corps.

Physician Kim Kyungtak.

Banished dishonourably from the royal court.

A love forbidden.

For love, one had given up his privileged post and status;

For love, one had stayed in exchange for the other's freedom.

A loyal service rewarded eventually by a King who recognised when the service had been fulfilled.

A love that found its way back again.

They stand in front of each other.

Long hair loose, no more official adornments on their heads or clothes.

The simple attire of commonfolk, hair flowing as they are now, finally free.

'Mooseok.' Kyungtak's eyes are welling up.

It's been too long. And of all places, he has been brought here.

Fate, destiny, whatever you call it.

He has waited for so long, it was painful.

'Kyungie.' the endearment is soft and unsure.

If the other had moved on; if the feelings were still there. If time had passed by and yet stayed the same.

He had hid his broken heart when the other left. Driving himself on in his work, the only way he knew how.

Determinedly staying unattached, despite demands for him to get married.

He had become a regular officer, demoted of his rank due to his insolence and offence at his refusal.

If loving you is wrong, I don't want to be right.

100 strokes of the cane.

Broken and bleeding.

With no fair physician to patch him up, the scars of improperly-healed wounds remain on his back.

But his love remains, enduring still through the punishment and the pain, forming a barrier as thick as the welts that scarred him, and thicker still for the love had never broken, not like his skin.

They both move forward at the same time, finding themselves in each other's embrace.

Kyungtak tucks his head under Mooseok's chin, finding the scent he had never forgotten all these years.

Mooseok pulls away and stares into the other's doe eyes.

'Do you still love me?'

'As the moon shines bright in the sky tonight.'

'Even though I've aged and am worn by the weight of this world?'

'In my eyes, you look like you did when I first came to you, injured and arrogant.'


As they lie down, Kyungtak beneath, eyes sparkling in the moonlight, disrobed and skin pale like snow against the grass. Their limbs entwined, the darkness broken by their heaving and moaning. His fingers trace the scars on Mooseok's back. Having kissed them one by one earlier, his eyes are still red from the tears he had shed when Mooseok had admitted the punishment that he underwent so Kyungtak's life would be spared.


Kyungtak gasps into Mooseok's collarbone, sweat mingling. Mooseok stretches their arms out, fingers entwining. His hair is long and loose, tied loosely in a bun. Kyungtak thinks Mooseok has never been more beautiful against the moonlight. His legs are curled around the other's waist, as he leans forward to try and chase the man's bow-shaped lips. Mooseok sits up, pulling the fairer up against him, straddling his waist, seating him further in the other. It ends in another moan and as they both climb towards ecstasy.

'I told you we'd be together again.' whispers Kyungtak as he feels pleasure coil.

Tears are falling as they kiss, and kiss and touch and entwine.

'I'm finally home.' murmurs Mooseok as they reach completion. Desire lighting them up, awash with hope and renewed love.

Two broken souls, apart for too long; finally mending.

Finally together again.

NN: She wrote about 1,700 words and I added about 150 more. Hopefully I didn't ruin it for her. This was a long time coming and idk if i'd ever be able to get her to write sth similar again. I hope you enjoyed this short sweet ride as much as I did. nickianon no matter what happens, i'll always appreciate and cherish this so much.

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Oh, the last part!

They gave up so much for each other, and they were parted for so long ;__; I'm so glad that they have a happy ending together.

Thank you, nickianon, for such a beautiful story ^^

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