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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Round and Round [2]
Title: Round and Round
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU
Disclaimer: Goblin premise, the rest is mine.

Summary: In a thousand years, there have been more flowers than rain, but the Wanderer still wanders, searching for someone he knows will bring about his demise and yet, something within him compels him to keep on searching, for his heart has never been at peace in all that time.

AN: Wrote on the plane this morning, excuse any errors please.

The imprint of a soul on another, when you have loved so deeply that you are willing to die for it, leaves a mark that not even the gods can erase.

Where the wind blows, wherever that is
I can meet you
I know, my heart knows
It is wanting you

“It wasn’t me! Truly! I was surprised as you were and there’s something weird about it because I couldn’t turn it off. I swear it wasn’t me!”

The words fall on deaf ears, and Kim Shin’s expression grows confused, taking in the sodden man while he drips through the house. He follows his friend up into the spare bedroom, more concerned about the man to care about the trail of water being left behind. If he did not know any better, the best word to describe the man’s expression is shellshocked.

Or dumbfounded.

Perhaps even gobsmacked.

He waves his hand in front of the other man’s eyes, and yelps in surprise when his wrist is grabbed swiftly, and a set of dark, glistening, strangely vulnerable pair of almond eyes lock with his.

“Have you met a Grim Reaper?”

“A few, here and there,” the younger Goblin hedges, knowing that at times, the priorities of both Goblin and Reaper are at odds. One tries to maintain life, while the other collects death. Whether foreseen or not, a soft-hearted Deity will always intervene if he is in the right place at the right time, and that has caused some friction with the Reaper community in general. He is definitely guilty of a fair few interventions himself, one of which occurred less than twenty years ago.

“How do they look?”

“Like vampires,” comes the quick and honest response.

The older man chuckles and shrugs out of his damp jacket, dropping it carelessly to the floor. “I suppose vampire is a rather perfect way to describe them. Anything else you’ve noticed about them?”

“Their vulgar black hats.”

“Anything else?”

“Are you fishing for a particular answer? I’m not sure where this is leading because you know as well as I do that once you’ve met one Grim Reaper, you’ve met them all. They’re practically clones of each other and there’s nothing remarkable about them. That school they go to makes sure of it. ”

“Have you ever seen a white Reaper?”

A brief silence ensues as a swarm of thoughts enter Kim Shin’s head and he has to actively block them from his friend plucking them out of his head. They agreed a long time ago to stay out of each other’s heads but he has heard something about this being that worries him as to why the older man would be asking about it and would not put it past the other to listen in on his thoughts.

He replies carefully. “The Angel of Death?”

“You know him?” his tone is sharper than normal as he turns to glare at his friend, not liking the knowing way he called out the man’s title. “How do you know him?” He backs the other man up against the wall. “How do you know him?”

“Hey, hey, calm down,” Kim Shin, a momentarily stunned at the extreme response from the normally indifferent man, places both hands on his friend’s shoulder to try and push him away, but he might as well be trying to push away a mountain. Adding insult to injury, the man is aflame again and his hands are burning from the contact. “Hey, stop it! I’m not trying to hurt you but I think you could do damage to me if you tried hard enough.”

“Answer me!” the older Guardian demands of the younger, and the thunderclap that follows makes Kim Shin’s eyes widen.

“This rain is because of you?”

In response, the rain gets heavier, the wind picking up and howling, pelting the windows with big fat rain drops that thunder on. The Goblin steps back a little though, giving his friend room to respond as the skies open up further over them. He cannot control it. Even if he wanted the rain to stop, he cannot seem to bring himself to cease the endless weeping because better the sky than himself.

Kim Shin drops his hands from his friend’s shoulder, though his eyes never leave his face. “Everybody knows him. He’s one of those urban legends that has not lost its lustre even after all this time. The White Reaper, better known as the Angel of Death because he is purportedly so beautiful a soul will answer to any name just to be taken by him.”

“Purportedly? You haven’t met him?” The man steps back and turns away.

“No, should I have?” Kim Shin frowns, peering closer at his friend. “I’m not trying to be glib, but have you seen a ghost or something?”

“Or something…”

“What happened?”

“I don’t know,” he sits on the bed and lies back, unbelting and unbuttoning his pants while his friend starts waving madly at him with a hand over his eyes.

“Hey, come on, I don’t want to see the goods!”

The older man chuckles deeply, self-deprecatingly, ignoring the younger Goblin’s missish distress, pulling off his belt then throwing his arms back and stacking his hands behind his head, staring at the ornate cornices in the room of the old restored house his friend stays in.

“I know of the Angel…” his words falter briefly. “…of Death, the same as you. Is there anything else you know about this being?” The pang he feels at even uttering the word angel causes both confusion and distress but he ignores it, though his soul cannot as the continuous downpour can testify to.

Kim Shin eyes his prone friend warily, before approaching the bed, picking up the sodden jacket off the floor and hanging it over the back of a chair. He picks up the discarded belt, laying it on the seat of the same chair before he too stretches out alongside his friend, mimicking the same pose.

“There were rumours for awhile that there were two White Reapers, a male and female for a time, because it didn’t matter which gender a soul was, they were drawn nonetheless. However, the Academy of Grim Reapers themselves quashed that rumour about five hundred years ago, and we know that it is a male.”

“I heard about that,” the other man murmurs, eyes closing, his mind filled with an impossible face, and the shadows of an impossible pain start to creep in once again.

“He is a special Reaper who is specifically tasked to go after the Missing Souls.”

“I know that too…” the man worries his bottom lip, eyes clenched, staring into the dark hooded gaze of the White Reaper. A belligerent gaze, and it hurts him deeply for some reason as to why that type of gaze would be focused upon himself when he had never before seen the man in his life.

He would remember it had they met before for the Angel of Death has an unforgettable face.

“He dresses in white when he’s on the hunt which should cause any stupid Missing Soul to run the other way when they see him, but for whatever unfathomable reason, they keep on coming regardless of the beacon he makes of himself dressed in white.”

“I can believe that…” the older man sighs, remembering that impossible face, the haughty belligerence in his eyes, and the deep yearning pain within him that seems directly related to the strange being.

Kim Shin laughs at his friend’s strange behaviour, turning over on his side and supporting his head in his hand, he looks at the perfectly symmetrical features of the older man. When they first met, he had cracked a joke about how the gods must think it funny to make Guardians so good looking, but then he was reminded quietly by this very man that they had kept their original features, and the Gods had not made them anything they were not already.

It was not arrogance though perhaps it might have come off as it to some. He was merely stating facts.

“You’re looking a little love sick. Don’t tell me you met him?”

“Alright, I won’t tell you then.”

“Are you serious?” Kim Shin scrambles into a sitting position, crosslegged on the bed next to his friend, worry exploding in his chest. He forgets about the goblin fire and lays his hands on the older man again, shaking him hard. “Please tell me you’re kidding. You’re joking right?”

“Stop that,” he warns, opening his eyes to look at his friend who stares back at him with a serious gaze.

“Answer me truthfully—“ the younger Guardian starts, but he is cut off by an annoyed wave of a hand.

“I always answer you truthfully.”

Kim Shin grasps the other man’s waving hand, pulling it to his own chest and holding fast. “Cross my heart and hope to die, stick a blunt sword in my thigh. Did you really meet the Ang—“

Once again he is cut off, this time by another hand but against his mouth as the older Goblin sits up from his prone position, almond eyes dark with an unknown emotion, his voice deadly serious. “Don’t call him Angel. I don’t like it.”

Kim Shin shakes his head in agreement, eyes showing his bewilderment.

He cannot explain the surge of possessiveness he feels. That being has been known as the Angel of Death for hundreds of years, and yet he cannot bear to hear the word Angel come from undeniably his best friend in the universe. He drops his hand, pulling the other from Kim Shin’s grasp, head bowed, he stares at his hands.

“Hyung…” Kim Shin starts, reverting back to being polite. In age, he died in his mid 30s while his older counterpart died in his late 20s, but in truth, he was born over a century later and made a Goblin the same length of time later. He is the dongsaeng. “Hyung, there is one more thing they said about the An—the White Reaper.”

“What is it?” A thousand years of existence is weighted on those three words.

“They say he can call any soul, living, dead, or…”


“He’s in town, but he’s after a really old Missing Soul, not your girl.”

The sunbae Reaper’s eyes widen in horror. “In town? You mean my town? Here? Here?” His voice comes out as a rather unmanly squeak and the younger Reaper eyes him curiously.

“Yes, he arrived a few days ago. He’s set up in one of the knolls near the river. He hasn’t come into the section department to offer his courtesies, though since he outranks everyone here, perhaps he doesn’t need to. I really would like to meet him though.”

The taller Reaper closes his eyes, shivering at the mere thought of it. “You really don’t.”

“That’s not how I remembered it.” If mere words could paint a picture of a smirk, that tone was it.

The younger Reaper bolts upright, eyes so wide, his eyebrows practically in his hairline. He backs away immediately, tripping over the row of chairs behind him, scattering them everywhere, and he practically prostrates himself in apology, scrambling blindly to try and righten the chairs while trying to bow at the same time, and the result is absolutely disastrous.

The newcomer chuckles darkly and flicks his finger, causing the chairs to immediately fly into their original positions. His eyes have not left his target though, and the smirk that was heard in his voice earlier can now be seen.

“We meet again, young Reaper.”

The Reaper in question is wringing his beloved hat into an unrecognisable shape. So much for dry clean only. He will need a new hat. He is still unable to say a word, simply gaping at the vision in front of him, white from pretty much his head to his toes. He wants the words to come out, but all he can see in his mind is that plush mouth descending to press against his. He swears the man could probably arouse the dead.

“How rude,” the blond man murmurs. “It’s not very becoming of a Reaper to think such thoughts, though I guess you’re not actually wrong.”

The poor Reaper stuffs his hat into his mouth to stop himself from accidentally saying anything further.

”You didn’t say it.”

The vision in white smirks further when understanding finally dawns on the younger Reaper and just like he did three hundred years ago, he starts to shake where he stands, still clutching his poor hat to his mouth.

”It’ll be our secret.”

He nods slowly.

Satisfied, the White Reaper turns to walk away, but not before turning over his shoulder and blowing a kiss with a wink at the Reaper and the growing gawping audience behind him.

Several bodies drop to the ground with ungraceful thuds.

“So you know? Is that why you’re looking for him? You can’t leave like that! You’re a Goblin, you have to wait for your bride. This…this isn’t right.”

“It’s only a rumour Shin-ya,” the man rests his elbows on his knees and cradles his head. “I’m not going anywhere.

“But if he can call immortals, doesn’t that mean he can call us to the Afterlife if he had a mind to?”

“That’s the theory, but since you and I are the only immortals walking around, I’m guessing that theory hasn’t been put to practice.”

Kim Shin ponders it for a few moment, trying to find some holes in his friend’s pragmatic assessment of his increasingly seemingly silly worry, but he cannot seem to see any in that moment.

“Then why are you acting so strangely?”

He looks up and stares at his friend. “I don’t know,” he answers honestly, carding his hand through his still damp hair. “I really don’t know.”

Kim Shin crawls across the bed and stretches out comfortably on it, laying his head on a pillow and patting the empty space next to him. “Come and tell me about it. Let Uncle Shin help you.”

The man laughs, and the rain lightens, but it does not stop.

It does not stop for a week.

I’m erasing you, erasing your memories somewhere
Where the wind blows, wherever that is
I can hear you
I know, my heart knows
Where it wants you


“Your wiles will not work on me, Reaper,” the Missing Soul cackles, glaring at the prone man on the ground trying to recover his breath. “I know who you were, and you have no hold over me while your descendant still walks this earth.”

The blond’s eyes narrow in fury, and he struggles to stand. The Missing Soul had ambushed him and attacked him while possessing a human, and in order to avoid inflicting permanent damage on the human, he had suffered several direct hits. He can taste the unfamiliar coppery flavour of blood in his mouth, and his fury doubles.

“Park Joong Won,” he calls, satisfied when the human body jerks as the possessor struggles within him. “Park Joong Won,” the body jerks once more and the Missing Soul separates from it. “Park Joong Won!” he calls for a third time, triumphant as the Missing Soul flies toward him.

And slams right into him.

Knocked onto his back, he stares up at the disgusting leering face of the wretched creature. His anger still holds, but he is pinned down and a filthy decrepit hand is covering the lower half of his face.

Park Joong Won licks his lips as he stares down at the beautiful pale face of someone he recognises from his life. It seems the stories of the Crown Prince’s demise were total fabrications if he is now a Reaper. The paintings in the palace of the blessed oldest son of his own King’s ancestor, revered even a hundred years later for his otherworldly features, the pride of Goryeo itself, did not do the man even the slightest bit of justice. If anything, the name Angel of Death has merit.

He starts to laugh, realising something rather apt. “Your line is damned. You can’t hurt me because I am here to seek revenge on those who wronged me. I don’t care about anything else, and you least of all. Leave well enough alone, Daegun.”

And with a final triumphant hiss, the Missing Soul vanishes.

The White Reaper lays in the alley stunned as a crippling pain ripples through him from the moment the ghost called him Daegun. Curling slowly inwards into himself, the tears start to fall and he is unable to stop them. The physical pain of his injuries is nothing compared to the soul-wrenching pain he feels now for memories lost, hazy in the edges of his consciousness he cries, unable to understand why it hurts so badly, but hurt it does.

The rain that has not stopped for a week now soaks through his jacket, but even the coldness cannot compare to the barren emptiness a simple word has wrought, and the chill he feels is absolute. He bites down on his bottom lip to stave away the pain, transferring it to something more physical, and as he licks away at the drop of blood, he hears a roar and the heavens shouted their wrath for the rain starts to fall even harder. Even as he lay on the ground, water pooling by his face, wondering if he can actually drown, he feels himself being lifted up gently and cradled protectively just as he falls into a dead faint.

The numbers for the second quarter were extremely good and his South Korean company looks to be tracking well to beat that in the third quarter. It is a challenge in itself to maintain a global presence of a company so big with a shadowy CEO that changes every 30-50 years or so depending on who has seen him. While he would have preferred Kim Shin’s method of having a successive line indebted to him, he has always preferred solitude.

He has a home in Seoul, a penthouse at the top of one of his buildings, and no one except Kim Shin has ever set foot within it. He does not entertain there, for it is his respite from the world. As a friend, he would always be the one visiting Kim Shin who does not mind, nor ask many questions, the younger Guardian more than happy to open his home and offer a room and bed where required to his oldest friend.

There are stacks of papers to look through, for he trusts a rare few to do anything properly and prefers to oversee certain things personally, and as he signs his nth document, a sharp pain against his mouth draws a gasp from him, and the next thing he knows, he is standing in the rain in a deserted alley, his pen still poised in his hand to sign that document, and laying at his feet is a man in white.

He wakes in a dark room that is not his own, and the wave of panic that descends upon him is breathed away when a familiar silhouette stands in the doorway. He cannot explain his extreme feelings when faced with this man, but since he is someone alike to himself, he knows he is safe for now.

“You’re awake.”

“How did I get here?”

“I brought you here. You’ve got a couple of bruised ribs though no visible injuries anywhere else. How are you feeling?”

The White Reaper sits up, wincing at his body’s aches. “Take me back.”

“Back?” The silhouette pushes away from the door frame. “Not likely. You were beaten and left for dead when I found you.”

“I was not,” the blond grumbles, leaning back because sitting up unsupported is a little too troublesome for the moment. “Like you, I cannot die.”

“I always thought Grim Reapers had tenure or something. You work until your sins are washed away. You must have been a huge sinner to be around this long.”

“I am not a Grim Reaper,” he admits, surprising himself for even admitting as much, for he has told no one, but there is a strange lassitude in his limbs and he is feeling a little out of sorts. “Well, I guess I am, but it was by choice not by design.”

“Angel?” the man’s voice drops at the word, a huskiness entering his voice as he takes another step into the room. There is something at work that he does not understand, but he had pushed it all out of his mind when he saw who it was that lay at his feet that fateful afternoon. The skies had opened up, an unnatural thunder crashing to hide his roar of pain and anger at the sight. And the deluge ceased almost as soon as it started, for the moment the man in white had fainted against his chest, his soul stopped crying.

The blond makes a rude sound and stares up at the darkened ceiling. His thoughts are racing wildly, and the strange feeling in the pit of his belly when called that by this man is confusing him. His reaction angered him the first time, but this time, with some type of medication no doubt clouding his thoughts and feelings, the only emotion he can identify is confusion, and an odd sense of contentment.

Huffing and blowing at the hair wisps by his cheek, he drops his gaze from the ceiling back to the glowing man who is now much closer than he was a minute earlier.

“Don’t call me that. I have a name.”

“Aren’t Grim Reapers nameless?”

“And here I thought Goblins were known for their perfect memories,” his words are contemptuous but there is no true heat behind it, merely exasperation.

“I’ll take that hit,” the man accepts with a smile that can be seen despite the darkness of the room. “What is your name then?”


He tilts his head, waiting for the rest, but it does not come. “Just…Jae?”

The blond shrugs, snuggling back against the insanely soft pillows. His ribs are aching but it is nothing more than a dull ache. “It’s my real name. It’s the only thing they let me keep, so Just Jae it is.”

“Alright then, Just Jae, I’m Jung.”

“Just Jung?”

“Sometimes I’m Jung Jaeyun, and other times I’m Jung Yunjae.”

“Ah, I guess Just Jung works better because it might get confusing with two Jaes.”

“My real name is Jung Yunho.”

“I like Just Jung better.”

AN: I am so fucking rusty… I haven’t written in over 8 months :X Also, it's my husband's birthday today. I love Aquarius babies ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh (^^)

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Just Jae and Just Jung together...I like
thanks for the fast continuation and happy birthday to your husband

Okay, first of all, Jung Jaeyun and Jung Yunjae made me think of the youngest SB children xDD

I can't wait to find out how the two of them are connected in this story!

Also, here's wishing your husband a very happy birthday :D I hope you guys have a great day today, and a great year ahead :D

Hey you naughty Suman you... youngest SB kids are Mimi and Nana.......

Unnie, I'm a new reader for you. I found you through be_delusional unnie's fic recommendation post. I already read "Sleeping Beauty" since I lo ve mpreg so much. It's soooooo lovely. Currently reading drabbles of it & "Jejuko" too. Can you add me as a friend, Unnie?

Glad you like it :) I don't add friends normally unless I have some sort of interaction with them as my fics aren't friend locked so you don't need to worry :)

Unnie, I'm a new reader for you. I found you through be_delusional unnie's fic recommendation post. I already read "Sleeping Beauty" because I love mpreg so much. It's sooooo lovely. Currently reading drabbles of it & "jejuko" too. Can you add me as a friend, unnie? Happy birthday to your husband!!!

Is their lovestory anything like grim reaper x sunny?? Huhuhuhuhu why do i have a feeling that I would cry??😭😭😭 welcome back btw! Missed your fics 💕💕

Don't cry! I honestly don't intend for this to be too angsty... maybe MILD angst but very mild...

Thank you :)

I just finished reading chapter 1 and posted a comment, then I saw the second chapter had been posted!! 😍 Let me hug you Nikki~~
LOL~ Jung Jaeyun or Jung Yunjae 😂 what a combination to use. Even before he met Jae, he already used the combination of both their name. I really am curious of what will happen in the next chapter now 😆 I am going to peek your LJ and twitter for the update 😄

ive been missing your fics so much i keep coming back!!
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welcome back!

It's good to be back :D Hopefully this helped with your withdrawal :D

Poor Kim Shin. Here he is, thinking his goblin powers have let him down and he can't shut off the rain and it's Yunho's doing xD

But then it goes and rains for a full week ;__; The line about 'he cannot seem to bring himself to cease the endless weeping because better the sky than himself.' just really drives home how seeing Jaejoong has effected him. Even if he can't put his finger exactly on why.

Jaejoong's second meeting with Grim is more epic than the first. I grinned out right. He is a sexy force to be reckoned with (one who owes Grim a new ugly hat) and i love him xD

Speaking of hats, i can just imagine Jaejoong's disdain for them.

Total plot twist with that Missing Soul. He's as old as yunjae, and that's gotta be something for a missing soul to pull off. Getting the better of Jaejoong, doubly so. So right away I love the menace he brings to the table.

I reread the scene a few times to try and figure if Jaejoong brought about Yunho's sudden appearance. My guess at possible triggers are:
A. Biting his lip to the point of drawing blood (this is my very tentative guess)
B. The taste of his own blood in his mouth or
C. Yunho intrinsically knew Jaejoong needed him
D. I'm totally wrong and Jaejoong didn't cause it (though if he did, poor Jae. No blowing out candles for him).

And once again we're left with yunjae alone together. I loved Yunho's stormy emotions when he found Jae the way he did. I also loved that Jaejoong let down a bit of his defense in front of Yunho and admitted he wasn't like the other grim reapers. This is relationship progress >:) And their introductions to each other was wonderful. Just Jung xD

Thank you so much for an incredible and fast update. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next :D

And happy birthday to your husband ^^

Kim Shin cracks me up tbh. He's like the comic character but I adore him too.

I enjoy a confident Jaejoong who wields his sexiness like a weapon as he really should because it's so damn delicious both in my head and IRL when he does it hah. He doesn't do it often enough though I really like the shy Jaejoong too... damn.

Hehe, your first guess was almost right. I know you know by now he doesn't need to draw blood :D

Just Jung and Just Jae was inspired by his instagram name heh. This guy kills me as a muse when he sinks himself into me......ok that sounded way dirtier than I intended OTL

Thank you! He had a lovely day :D

is this gg to be a 3shot or chaptered? ;))

Hahahaha I would probably jinx myself if I say something is a oneshot before I finish writing it again. Right now it's chaptered... :P

jung jaeyun and jung yunjae but his real name is jung yunho.

oh yes. now i'm getting this story. all thanks to this chapter. i really am loving this! how can you write like this? it's amazing how you can just cast your hook and haul in your readers with your writing. just wow.

anyway, i love this. haha. i cannot day it enough and this is still without me watching any goblin episode. there is still the mystery of their connection and then with the white reaper's past life... that missing soul recognized him as the crown prince... i wanna ask how and where that came from but i'm thinking it's either from the drama or you thought of it yourself and you will reveal the answer soon enough. ^^

what 8 months? i can't believe it's been that long! you're not rusty at all! i can't wait to read more~^^

happy birthday to your husband!

Ah, another one who hasn't watched Goblin? Thank you for continuing to read even though you may be a bit lost in places! I kinda created Jaejoong. He's not quite a Reaper as they are in the Goblin!verse so it's different in that sense.

Yes, it's been 8 months! I would've had a baby by now lol.

Thank you :)

(Deleted comment)
Rusty? You? If you can write something like that even in your must rusty situation then it means you are a monster! Love this story so far! Btw happy birthday to Oh! Wish he has a long, healty and happy life with you and your children

I want to be a monster like my oppa ;; Yunho inspires me so much ugh. I'm just doing the best I can with the limitations that I have. Thank you so much for your kind wishes ;;

This was a bit more happier than the first chapter, and amusing at times. Poor Kim Shin and the other Reaper. I'm looking forward to what happens next.

It doesn't seem like you're rusty at all. Best of wishes to your husband, and thanks for updating!