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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Jejuko [5/15]
Title: Jejuko
Pairing: YunJae + side!YooSu
Rating: PG-13
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fluff, romance
Warning: Gender switch
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. I wish I had YunJae and if I had my way, they'd move to New Zealand so they can be civil-unionised here :P
Summary: How far will Jaejoong go to catch the attention of kingka, Jung Yunho?

AN1: Writer's block from the depths of hell I swear. I'm still not happy with this but it's a monster chapter and well, i'm posting it cos if I sit on it any longer, I may not post anything ever again *melodramatic* Also, I took out over a thousand words and added a thousand more and i'm too heartsick to re-read this so i'm sorry if there are any fails anywhere.

AN2: Thank you to all my cheerleaders. I've needed you guys more than most for this chapter and I really appreciate the patience etc etc etc. I LOVE YOU ALL OK!

“Stop tugging at your jeans!”

“Don’t you think they’re too tight?”

Yoochun looks at his friend incredulously. “You’re joking right? Some of the pants you wear look like you got poured into them. Those jeans are fine.”


“No buts, Jejuko, sweetheart.” Yoochun puts emphasis on her name, earning himself a scowl from his friend. “Sooyoung has done a good job and she will be unhappy if you spoil her hardwork.”


Yoochun cuts her off once again. “She could have put you in a dress, but she didn’t. Think about that for a second and be thankful.”

“But-“ Jejuko stubbornly tries again but in an uncharacteristic move, Yoochun covers her mouth with his hand and steps closer to her, pressing her against the wall.

“Please, Jae. You need to practice being a girl. I know you feel a little odd and heck, you’re taller than me in those heels but you really need to make full use of tonight because Amateur Night is in two days and you need to at least get to the lap dance part. You have to be believable as a girl. I promised Sooyoung and Changmin I’d take care of you, but you need to stop protesting and start cooperating. Jaejoong, please.” Yoochun tone is imploring. He is worried at how the night will go and Jejuko being difficult is bugging him.

Jejuko reaches up a fingerless glove-clad hand and tugs Yoochun’s palm from her mouth. She leans down and kisses Yoochun on the nose, causing the now shorter man to smile. “Alright, I’ll stop being silly. But stay close alright? I appreciate everything you guys have done…but did Sooyoung really have to put me in heels?” She pouts cutely as she pushes Yoochun away and bends over to peer at her feet. “Why couldn’t I have worn something of my own?” She can’t help but whine.

Yoochun lets out a sigh, willing himself to be patient. Jaejoong can be whiny, but having Jejuko being whiny as well is bringing back unpleasant Kahi memories. This is why he prefers boys to girls. He’d rather be the whiny one in the relationship than have to put up with someone else’s whining. Yoochun’s bisexuality is not a secret, but most of his hook ups have been female so far because no guy has managed to measure up to Junsu in his eyes just yet.

“Do you own any piece of clothing that screams flirty? Girly? You’ve always hated being called pretty so you don’t really dress pretty. Think about it, do you actually own anything appropriate for tonight?”

The pout Jejuko sends Yoochun in response is the most epic yet, as she huffs in resignation, pushing herself from the wall and tottering precariously on the Christian Louboutin platform wedges Sooyoung has lent her. Recognising the brand, Jejuko had protested at first but Sooyoung had waved her hand dismissively, saying that the cost doesn’t matter as long as she’s comfortable. And comfortable they were. She is actually feeling relatively secure, the wedge heel giving her stability and the coverage of the shoe making her feel as if her feet will remain contained for the duration of the night. What she isn’t sure about is the additional height it gives her but yet again, Sooyoung dismisses her worries, pointing out that she herself is tall. Yunho is a couple of inches shorter than Changmin and Sooyoung is shorter than Jejuko by a similar margin so it’ll be fine, she was assured.

Jejuko takes one last look at the full length mirror in Sooyoung’s room, taking in her hair, styled in a girlish bob since Jaejoong’s hair wasn’t that long to begin with, and so Jejuko has short hair. She loves the way half her fringe covers her face though, appreciating the way Sooyoung seems to instinctively know that she needs a barrier of some sort, to feel secure. She is wearing cropped jeans that end just about mid-calf and they look almost painted on, the slim chains hanging off them tinkle as she moves, drawing attention to her shapely legs. Jejuko is still unsure about them but the alternative was far less attractive, Yoochun being right on the mark about the dress. Sooyoung had shown her several before giving up and suggesting the jeans. She flushes at the memory of putting on the top she is currently wearing though. Jejuko is absolutely mortified about her new female body, having never even laid eyes on the naked female form in the flesh, as a man, and as a result, could barely look at herself let alone dress herself properly. Somehow, Sooyoung had managed to get a simple black bustier top on her with bra style cups that made Jejuko look fuller than she is without her having to actively participate in the dressing process; the wonders of a full length zip and a handsy friend. At her protest about the neckline, Sooyoung had simply arched a tweezed eyebrow and asked if she wanted to dress herself and that was the end of that argument. The bandaids on her hands had to remain for now though hence why she is currently wearing soft leather fingerless gloves.

“If you’re done staring at yourself, we should probably go. The night is moving and time waits for no one, least of all you.”

“You are a real ass when you’re worried, you know that?”

“I’m a little on edge so yeah, the quicker the night is over, the easier it will be for me to breathe. You have no idea what Sooyoung said to me before she and Changmin left.”

“What did she say?”

“Let’s just say that being boiled alive is a lot more attractive compared to what she will do to me if anything happens to you.”

“Isn’t that what Changmin threatened you with?”

“You see my dilemma? Why I’m bitchy? Come on, princess. You are glorious and I worship the ground you walk on but we really need to get a move on. How do I look?”

“Like someone took a hacksaw to your hair. What the hell were you thinking letting Changmin cut your hair? We left you two for ONE hour and you end up looking like…like…I don’t even know what word to use for that.” She waves her hand despairingly at Yoochun’s hair.

“What? I kinda like it. It makes me look manly and edgy.” He pats at his assymmetrical fringe, peering at Jejuko from his uncovered eye. “Our hairstyles match! Sort of.” And he laughs as she winces at that observation. “Come on, hair aside, how do I look?”

Jejuko takes in Yoochun’s striped dress shirt, unbuttoned to his chest, showing a tantalising glimpse of his sharp collarbones and smooth skin. His Adam’s apple is more prominent than most and is the highlight of his slim throat and she chuckles slightly, wondering if whatever it is in the drug has made her find Yoochun somewhat attractive. His boney throat has never caught her attention before. It was just Yoochun. She grimaces as her eyes flit over the crazy hairdo, roving over his expectant face and full mouth before moving back down his body. She hums in appreciation at the fitted dark grey slacks he is wearing and chuckles to herself at his leather loafers, knowing he vastly prefers slippers or sandals. The monochrome look, complete with a thin black blazer rather suits the man.

“You look rather delicious to be honest. A fine dandy.” She says laughingly, as Yoochun throws an incredulous look her way. “What? You do!” She insists, smirking as she tucks a hand in his elbow drags him to the door.

“Ugh! And I thought I was the greasy one. Where’s the Jaejoong I know?”

“His balls have shriveled up into his body that’s where he’s gone,” Jejuko mutters under her breath as she shuts Sooyoung’s door firmly behind them, checking that it’s locked before they go on their merry way, into the unknown, apprehensive yet excited about where the night might take them.

They end up at Intoxication, a new nightclub not far from their campus, opting to cab there since Jejuko is still feeling a little unstable on her heels. There is a brief moment of panic as they join the line, Jejuko having belatedly realised that she has no valid id. Yoochun assures her that all she has to do is smile and pretend she is there on her own, so they separate briefly and true enough, the bouncer takes one look at her face and the velvet rope is removed, no questions asked apart from a low murmur of “have a good night” a little too close to her ear. Yoochun gets in with no trouble either and the two of them slip into the dark room, relatively empty as it is still early. Unknown to them, someone notices their entrance from behind the bar, the blonde man frowning slightly to himself as he takes in Yoochun with the statuesque girl next to him.

As a man, Jaejoong turns heads without having to do anything. Jejuko is no different, worse in fact, being female. Yoochun has spent a good hour fending off sleazy men, literally trying to get a piece of the stunner seated next to him, currently looking over the dance floor, her head bobbing to the beat of the pumping bass. He scans her profile, noting that it is eerily similar to Jaejoong’s, and wonders if anyone will notice. But then again who will believe that Jejuko is in fact, Jaejoong? Switch is still relatively new and only moves in select circles, not being a normal recreational drug. Yoochun can honestly say he doesn’t know anyone, in his wider sphere of acquaintances, apart from maybe himself and Jaejoong, who will try out such a drug. In fact, he himself is no longer keen on trying it. Junsu is bisexual, he’ll work on it somehow despite not looking like a supermodel ala Changmin.

“How are you feeling?” Yoochun yells at Jejuko over the loud music. The bass is thumping and the crowd fluid as they flow along, around, and on the dance floor just ahead of them. They are sitting at one of the tall, round bar tables that dotted the periphery of the dance floor and he is nursing his second Coke, being unwilling to cloud his mind in the slightest, and not irresponsible enough to take up several offers from both men and women to buy him something stronger as he has his friend to look out for. Jejuko isn’t drinking anything alcoholic either, the worrywart in her convinced they will get carded and not wanting to chance it.

“I’m feeling a little nauseous to be honest but I’m not sure if that’s a side effect or just these crazy lights,” Jejuko yells back into Yoochun’s ear, clutching for purchase on her friend’s arm as she teeters off her perch having leaned over too far to talk to him. She yelps as she feels a strong arm catch her around the waist before she can topple headlong into Yoochun’s lap, who is distracted enough not to react in time to save her from falling.

“Whoa! Be careful there,” comes a laughter-tinged voice right in her ear.

The arm around her waist hauls her upright, hand lingering as she turns to face her saviour. She is greeted by a grinning Kim Junsu, his hand still on her waist as he looks past her to shoot an acknowledging look at Yoochun behind her.

“Micky Yoochun, we meet again. You should keep an eye on your girlfriend here.”

Jejuko shakes off Junsu’s hand and holds out her own, wanting to turn around and see how Yoochun is doing but first, she needs to clarify something. “I’m his cousin, Jejuko. Thanks for saving me. I blame the shoes.” She nods down towards her feet and Junsu chuckles, looking down and back up her svelte frame, eyes skimming over her curves, gentlemanly in his perusal, polite yet not quite truly interested.

“I’m pretty sure you were sitting down, but I’ll let it slide. I’m Junsu.” His smile is amused as he shakes her hand quickly, once again looking past her to Yoochun. “Cousin, eh? You two look nothing alike.” Junsu pauses, turning back to Jejuko and drinking her in properly this time, now that he is oddly relieved to find out she is related to Micky instead of being his girlfriend. He doesn’t think much of it as he takes in the tall girl. Very slim with curves in all the right places, taller than him in her heels and possibly a little too high maintenance from the looks of her. Haughty even as he eyes her almost cold yet seemingly innocent features. She is beautiful, but in the way a forest fire is beautiful - something to be admired from afar, not up close lest you get burned. There’s something wholly untouchable about her. Truly gorgeous though, and he briefly thinks about Yunho. He’d go for her in a heartbeat. Speaking of which, he looks over at the bar, trying to catch a glimpse of his best friend.

“Our fathers are brothers but we take after our mothers,” Jejuko cuts in smoothly, unsure where all this confidence is coming from but from the silence behind her, she knows Yoochun isn’t going to be of any help. Actually, the hand digging into the back of her thigh is a better indication that he isn’t going to be of much help.

Junsu smirks at the icy beauty, his attention once again drawn to the pretty man hiding behind his cousin. He is rather keen on seeing the man’s mouth again, a mouth currently hidden behind a porcelain shoulder, so he gives in to his urge and nudges Jejuko aside slightly so he can look at Yoochun. “Your mother must be very pretty Micky-ssi. I like your hair.” He chuckles as the man flushes in the dim light and looks away.

Swirling belly and muddled thoughts aside, Yoochun is just holding himself together enough to note that Junsu just called him pretty, not to mention the compliment to his admittedly strange hairstyle. While being called pretty isn’t anything new to him, fully aware of the effect of his almost feminine features and full mouth, the fact that it is coming from Junsu is making his heart pound rather painfully. Does he remain nervous and awkward or should he just say fuck it and go all in, the way his best friend has? Yoochun supposes that since he has decided not to use Switch, he might as well match Jejuko and throw caution in the wind. He has nothing to lose either and his advantage is that Junsu is well-known for liking both men and women. He wonders if the blonde man knows it is the same for him.

Jejuko interrupts the pregnant silence after Junsu’s rather forward statement, amused that he finds Yoochun pretty. “Bite your tongue, Junsu-ssi.” Her tone is mildly chiding, watchful. “My cousin is younger than me. I’ve got to look after him.” Then she laughs merrily, adding “and the fact that you like his hair makes me think you’re a little blind.”

Junsu drags his eyes from Yoochun’s mouth long enough to acknowledge his beautiful cousin, his lips quirking in a genuine smile at her protectiveness and obvious amusement. Maybe she’s not so cold after all. Definitely Yunho’s type, he decides. Once again his eyes stray past Jejuko, landing on Yoochun. The man is not his type at all as far as his preference in men go, because Junsu prefers his male partners tall and masculine. He’s heard rumours that the pretty man is bisexual but since he’s never actually seen him with a man before, it’s probably best to play ignorant. Yoochun is extremely adorable in a deer-in-the-headlights way and Junsu thinks to himself that maybe he should be a little more open-minded in terms of his “type”.

Jejuko is seriously tickled at the way Junsu keeps looking past her shoulder at Yoochun. Maybe her “cousin” won’t have to try Switch after all. She pokes a long, newly manicured finger squarely in Junsu’s chest, stealing the man’s attention briefly as he shakes his head quickly as if to clear it, and sends a disarming smile her way. The man is a charmer, alright.

“Can I get you two a drink?”

Jejuko smiles and nods, “Just two Cokes for us, please.”

“Cokes? Can’t I interest you in a lemon soju maybe? Or a pretty cocktail?” Once again for the umpteenth time that night, Junsu steals a look at Yoochun, catching his eye and tilts his head questioningly at the man as he repeats, “Just Coke? No rum? Jack?” He directs his query at him, as he is a tad intimidated by the cool beauty standing like a shield in front of the man he is actually interested in. Oddly interested in, he clarifies in his head as Yoochun nods at him, mouth widening in his first smile of the night, lighting up his face. Junsu has no game plan for that smile. None whatsoever.

Yoochun feels Jejuko’s hand slide over his wrist, squeezing him lightly, coaxing him to respond. He is rapidly feeling as if he’s fallen into Alice’s rabbit hole. The music is unreal, the lights are giving him a slight headache and here standing before them and talking to him is Junsu, his crush, or just a little bit more than that. He coughs to clear his throat, and sits up, squaring his shoulders mentally. He’s always encouraged Jaejoong to be himself and now he has to put his money where his mouth is. Plus, he is dressed to kill and he doesn’t want that to go to waste.

“What’s wrong with two Cokes? Afraid we’ll lose interest without alcohol tinted glasses?” Yoochun’s voice is smooth, the deep tones in his voice flowing easily over the music, as he raises a challenging eyebrow at Junsu.

If it is even possible, Junsu’s grin widens. “Ah, a little feisty, aren’t you? Full of surprises, I like that. Alright then, your every wish is my command. Two Cokes coming right up. Don’t go anywhere now.” He wags a finger at them, smirking at Yoochun. “Especially since I now know you’re interested,” the echo of his unique laugh trailing after him as he turns and disappears into the crowd.

“Oh my god,” comes the deep heartfelt groan.

Jejuko moves quickly from Yoochun’s grasp, settling herself back in her seat, her hand over her mouth, trying desperately to contain her laughter. However, she fails abysmally when she catches sight of her best friend’s face, his mouth in a delectable pout.

“Shut up! Don’t say anything. I have half a mind to run out of here right now.” He rubs his hands over his face, peeking at Jejuko through his fingers, huffing at the mirthful eyes staring back at him.

Jejuko lazily runs a finger up Yoochun’s arm and laughs as her friend shudders and shoves her hand away. “He’s interested can’t you see? He looks at me like I am a piece of artwork or something but he looks at you like you’re a person.”

“Well, we all know he prefers boys if given a choice so that’s no surprise.”

Jejuko scoffs, narrowing her eyes. “Don’t be silly. You’re gorgeous and he’d be blind not to see how awesome you are!”

Yoochun shrugs and sighs, “Yes, ok. I’ll be myself and not act like some crazy stalker. But you have to be yourself too. The Jaejoong I know, not the Jaejoong everyone sees.”

“Shhhh!” Jejuko leans over and claps her hand hurriedly over Yoochun’s blabbering mouth. “Are you crazy?” she hisses. “Someone might hear you.” She looks around, eyes apprehensive.

He tugs her hand from his mouth and apologises, “I’m sorry, I spoke before my brain caught up. But you have to promise me, both of us, we act like ourselves okay?” He holds out his hand, pinky finger extended.

“What are we? Six?”

“Well, we’ve never broken a pinky promise since we were six so I’m holding you to it.”

Jejuko holds out her own pinky, sighing as Yoochun beams at her. They seal it with a kiss to their thumbs and break apart, Yoochun’s eyes going over towards the bar, in the direction Junsu had gone.

SISTAR’s So Cool starts to play and Jejuko slides off her perch, shoulders moving in time to the music, followed by her hips as she steps closer to Yoochun, drawing his attention away from the bar and back to her.

Rock it like this, rock it, rock it like this

She leans over and whispers in his ear, “Who knows, you may not even need Switch.” And because she’s feeling just a little bit naughty, Jejuko licks the curve of Yoochun’s ear causing the younger man to growl in warning and push her away slightly.

“Stop that!”

“Why? Do you like it?” Her grin is naughty, eyes sparking with mischief.

“Oh god. I guess I asked for this since I made you pinky promise and all.”

“You get what you wish for,” comes the smart response.

Yoochun can only shake his head ruefully as Jejuko continues to move to the music, the chains dangling off her jeans swaying as she rocks her hips in time to the music. He can’t help but chuckle, his friend turning to him upon hearing the sound and catching the look in his eye. Not two seconds later, they are both laughing.

Junsu comes up silently behind the laughing duo, “You two seem to be having a good deal of fun without me. Care to share the joke? I hope you’re not laughing about me.” He carefully places the two glasses of Coke he’s purchased on the little bar table and turns around to scan the crowd behind him.

Yoochun’s lips quirk at that, taking a quick sip of his drink before remarking, “You’re a little cocky aren’t you? Why would we be talking about you?”

The blonde man quickly turns back to focus on the smirking Yoochun. “I don’t know… maybe because I’m such a cute and friendly guy?” Junsu’s teardrop eyes are all huge and puppy-like, suddenly making him look like an innocent schoolboy, his look complete with somewhat loose khaki pants and a checked shirt over a band tee shirt, having shrugged off his jacket and draping it over the empty seat on Yoochun’s other side.

“I’ll give you friendly. I haven’t decided on the cute yet,” comes the quick retort, Yoochun’s lips fighting the crazy smile that is threatening to split his face at how cute Junsu is being.

Jejuko can’t help but chuckle at that, realising she is all but forgotten as the two men banter with each other, but she can’t be happier. Yoochun turns towards her with a questioning look but she simply waves it away with her hand as she tries to hide her smirk behind her glass of Coke, taking a long sip.

“Ouch, my heart,” is the dramatic reply as Junsu clutches at his chest, eyes sparking with mirth. “I hope you’ll let me remedy that.” Junsu then turns away from the table, leaving the best friends, but only for a couple of seconds as he re-emerges with someone in tow and a two more glasses of Coke.

Now it’s Jejuko’s turn to get all flustered and tongue-tied as she stares at Yunho who is staring right back at her appreciatively. Their staring is interrupted by some loud throat-clearing by both Yoochun and Junsu who have almost identical smirks on their faces.

“This is my friend, Yunho. I hope you don’t mind if he joins us. He’s had a rather hard day at school today.”

Yunho sticks out his hand for Jejuko to take and she puts her hand in his, steeling herself against the tingles that flow up her arm. “I’m Jejuko and that’s my cousin, Yoochun,” she nods towards her friend but Yunho simply tilts his head in his general direction in acknowledgment, not taking his eyes off her.

“Jejuko…” Yunho tugs her forward by the hand and she stumbles slightly as she falls against his hard body.

“Beautiful,” he whispers against her ear, before stepping back and letting her go. Yunho has no idea what’s come over him but the beautiful girl standing with a tiny smile on playing about her lips, the look on her face reminds him of the beautiful boy from earlier that day, and he is quite relieved that he has someone else to focus on. Junsu was right to say the rest of the day had gone rather badly for him. He had been told off for interrupting the lecture again when he returned to his seat. He’d also started questioning his sanity slightly as Jaejoong’s face kept interrupting his thoughts for the rest of the day. In fact, Yunho had found himself entertaining the idea of sitting with Jaejoong on Monday.

Yunho is straight. Very straight. He has never known himself to be anything but straight, so to be self-aware enough to realize that he finds Jaejoong extremely attractive is a bit of a shock to him. Add the weird flutter he felt in his belly when they touched, the sparks his touch sends through his body, Yunho is very confused indeed. Once back in the apartment he shares with Junsu, he suddenly recognises what that fluttering means. The last time he felt that was with his high school girlfriend, the girl he thought he would marry till she moved away in their senior year and they both realized that a long distance relationship would not work. And now he’s feeling it twice in one day and deep down, he is relieved that it is a girl that is causing that strange fluttering now. A girl he’s never seen before, yet she looks oddly familiar…

“Yunho? Yah, are you there?” Junsu shoves him lightly. “Jejuko struck you completely mute?”

Yunho looks up to find three bemused faces looking at him. Both Yoochun and Junsu are not even trying to hide their teasing smirks, while Jejuko has her head cocked to the side, not unlike the man from earlier that afternoon and is looking at him a little worriedly. The man from that afternoon! Why is he still thinking about Jaejoong? Yunho gives himself a mental and physical shake and brings forth his signature smirk though a nagging feeling in his gut is telling him that all is not as it seems.

“Jejuko would strike anyone mute,” is the cheesy reply, earning himself a loud cackle from Junsu who in turn earns himself incredulous looks from both Jejuko and Yoochun as his uncommon laugh washes over the quartet. This only makes him laugh harder, his laughter is extremely infectious and soon, all four of them are laughing together over nothing in particular. The best sort really.

Yunho is pleased to see the way Jejuko blushes at his comment, and her carefree laughter, her large feline eyes sparking with mirth as she daintily covers her mouth with the back of her hand. Junsu had warned him that she looks high-maintenance, but from his first impression of her, she is anything but. Her blush at his rather greasy compliment gives the indication that she’s not as stuck-up as some beautiful girls are prone to be and Yunho has honestly never seen a more breath-taking girl. The faint colour across her cheeks that he catches as the pulsating light plays across her face reminds him of Jaejoong, and he has to literally shake his head at his thoughts, frustrated and confused. What is his mind playing at? Yunho is determined to enjoy Jejuko’s company without stray thoughts of enchanting doe eyes staring at him from that afternoon.

“Shall we dance?” A new song with a nice techno beat has started and Junsu is itching to move.

If I die tomorrow, th-that m-means we had the night of our lives

Thankfully, Junsu interrupts his thoughts as Yunho gives himself a mental, decisive, shake to forget the man from that afternoon. A man he has no business thinking about in the first place.

If tomorrow never comes, th-then tonight we lose control

A few dances later, the giggling foursome return to their table where Yunho has procured a “Reserved” sign from his friend, the Bar Manager.

“I like the way you dance. It’s a nice change from all the booty-popping most girls seem to pass off as dancing nowadays. Are you a dancer?” Junsu asks, sipping his Coke, his hand on Yoochun’s shoulder, conveniently forgetting how not too long ago, his jaw was practically on the ground at said booty-popping.

“He’s right,” warm breath washes over her ear as Yunho steps up behind her, pressing against her back. She can practically see him smirking. “You should come dance with us sometime.”

Jejuko flushes under the compliment and scrutiny, noting that Yoochun has a rather self-satisfied air about him. No doubt he’s probably patting himself on the back at his wonderful idea now, she thinks to herself. But how does she answer the question? Oh, I don’t dance like a girl because…i’m not one? Well, that’s certainly not going to work. She turns, stepping into the circle of Yunho’s arms, arms that tighten around her, his “manner hands” avoiding the curve of her butt, but rather, resting loosely in her concave lower back. “I’m not a dancer, but I do like to dance. Maybe you can teach me some moves,” comes the bold response.

Yunho stares at the slightly upturned face. In heels, the gorgeous girl is almost nose to nose with him, and he finds that he likes that. He remains silent, just watching her, taking her in as if wanting to memorise her face. He has this niggling feeling that he knows her from somewhere but he can’t place it. He knows he’d remember a girl as striking as her and so once again, he questions his mind. Twice in one day he’s been stumped. He watches Jejuko, her mannerisms seem so familiar to him. Her fringe has fallen across her face, and he reaches out to tuck it behind her ear. As his fingers caress her cheekbone, their eyes meet and they both freeze. Yunho’s mind goes blank as he sees the boy from that afternoon in front of him, as his eyes are drawn down once again to that beautiful pouty mouth.

Jejuko licks at her lips nervously, shy at her bold statement and a little embarrassed at the lack of response from the silent man.

Unable to resist the lush mouth, made more irresistable as she sticks out her tongue, sweeping it along her bottom lip, he leans in and kisses her gently. She tenses in surprise, hands moving up to grip his biceps but she doesn’t push him away. Feeling bolder, he tugs her closer, their bodies pressed fully together as he steals another kiss before reluctantly breaking it as Junsu’s obnoxious laughter penetrates his mind. He opens his eyes only to gasp in surprise as for a moment there, he is once again thrown back to this afternoon. The blush, the shy wide-eyed smile, and he steps back, shaking his head, asking the first question that comes to mind.

“Do you have a twin brother?”

Yoochun stiffens next to Junsu, and seeing Jejuko freeze, he pipes up loudly, “She’s an only child. No siblings. Why?”

Yunho looks past Jejuko to her cousin, and shrugs. “No reason. She just reminds me of someone, but I’m sure I’m seeing things.”

Jejuko is a mess of fear and desire. Her belly churns, relieved when Yunho drops the subject and turns to sip at his Coke but that doesn’t quite remove the lump in her throat or the constriction in her chest. What is she doing?

“How about we hit the dance floor again then, huh? Jejuko and I know the choreography to this song and we’ll knock your socks off.” Yoochun hurriedly jumps off the stool, ushering the other three along with him, grabbing hold of Jejuko’s hand as the familiar whistling indicating the start of Troublemaker resonate around the room. He sends a sympathetic glance to his friend, squeezing her hand comfortingly as the two boys trail behind them.

After a couple more songs, Yunho ushers the cousins off the dance area and back to their table. His arm is held proprietarily around Jejuko’s slim waist, her performance with Yoochun earlier having caused a bit of a ruckus on the dance floor and Yunho spent most of it glaring at all the men trying to dance up against her. Junsu and Yoochun had caught on and also spent most of the next two dances blocking Jejuko from any daring males. The girl herself however is completely oblivious to the chaos her sexy dancing, svelte figure and enchanting face has caused and Yunho once again wonders at her seeming innocence.

Jejuko’s heart is racing. Yunho has been the perfect gentleman out on the dance floor, not getting too close and holding his hands loosely about her hips and letting her lead. For the first time that night, Jejuko is truly glad she is a girl because she knows that as Jaejoong, he’d be desperately trying to hide a raging boner. Her belly is in a constant state of upheaval and she is quite surprised she hasn’t thrown up yet. However, it seems like that may now come to an end as Yunho once again reaches out to mirror the exact same thing he had done to Jaejoong earlier that afternoon and as their eyes meet, something flashes in Yunho’s eyes and Jejuko is terrified that her cover has been blown, her heart thudding painfully in her chest, feeling suffocated as the bustier finally feels a little too tight.

Yunho shakes his head trying to clear the image of Jaejoong from his mind and focuses on Jejuko again, his mouth curved into a thoughtful frown. That must be it! That must be why he keeps thinking about that boy instead of focusing on the girl in front of him. Jejuko simply reminds him of that boy. They were rather uncannily similar, though Jaejoong has a sharply defined jaw. Even her height reminds him of the man. Everything seems to remind him of the man and Yunho is certain he must be going crazy. He needs to focus. But really, what are the chances of there being two ethereal creatures walking the same patch of the planet? Ethereal? He really is losing his mind, thinking of Jaejoong as ethereal. Yunho shakes his head in disgust, determined to enjoy the rest of the night, pushing all thoughts of Jaejoong from his mind.

Yoochun, who has been watching both Jejuko and Yunho closely, can see his friend trying not to panic and decides to break the slight tension in the air. “Thank you, Yunho for keeping all those men from pawing at her,” he speaks up as a waitress brings them their order of four Cokes. He takes a deep fortifying gulp of one causing him to choke and burp rather comically.

The four of them freeze the loud sound and then Junsu, who has just rejoined them after a quick bathroom break, lets out a sharp bark of laughter as he rubs his hand up down Yoochun’s back sending tingles all the way down to his toes as the pretty man blushes.

“I knew I liked you. Damn, you are adorable. I know this might be a little forward of me but can I have your number?”

Yoochun’s reply is surprising to Jejuko as he quips “You have to work for it, Mr. Main Dancer.” He smirks, winking at Jejuko and she smiles, happy that her best friend is comfortable enough to be himself.

Junsu stares at the man, mouth open in surprise, not quite expecting that. Then his eyes crinkle as he smirks, knowing exactly what needs to be done. “I should get more than your number if I have to work for it. What else are you offering?” His tone is light and teasing, wicked grin in place as he catches Yunho rolling his eyes at him and tugging Jejuko closer. His friend seems to be having a good time too.

Yoochun hums in response, fingers drumming on the table. “You can buy me breakfast tomorrow.”

At this Jejuko can’t help but laugh. Breakfast? Oh Yoochun… now who’s being forward? Greasy Micky is certainly back.

Junsu’s smile falters slightly, taken aback by the implication, wondering how the tables got switched on him. He looks over at Yunho who simply shrugs as he moves to hug Yoochun’s cousin from behind, propping his chin on her bare shoulder and smirking rather unhelpfully at his friend. But Junsu really does like Micky and so he schools his features once again and leans down.

“A kiss? And then your wish is my command.”

Yoochun has lost track as to who owes whom what by now as he stares up at Junsu’s teardrop eyes, his plump lips and he stops thinking, simply leaning up and pressing a shy kiss to the blonde man’s mouth.

Jejuko sighs, leaning back unconsciously against Yunho and he catches her soft exhalation and turns his head to whisper against her ear, “They do make a rather cute couple don’t you think?”

She doesn’t bother to hide her shiver as his warm breath caresses the sensitive skin of her ear and down her neck. She boldly reaches out her hand and cups the back of his neck, turning her head so she can whisper back into his ear, her lips on his skin. “If he hurts him, I will kill him,” she replies in a serious voice as she follows up her threat with a quick nip against the side of his throat before turning away.

Yunho lets out a sharp bark of laughter at that, startling the other couple and grins down at Jejuko who has turned in his arms, eyes twinkling with humour in the dark room. She smiles innocently up at him and Yunho feels his heart stutter.

Junsu disappears into the crowd and Yoochun is nervously jiggling his leg as he turns to Yunho, asking what Junsu might be up to. But the taller man just shrugs. He assumes Junsu will be dancing but he doesn’t have any details beyond that to tell the other man.

As the current song playing ends, the DJ takes the microphone, asking for the crowd’s indulgence as his friend, Junsu, has requested leave to perform a short song. Since many in the club recognise Junsu, the cheers are instantaneous. The crowd parts and Junsu walks forward, flanked by two men on either side of him. He’s put his jacket back on and he stops about three feet from the front of their table. He smirks at Yoochun who simply stares back, not giving away anything, before the music starts.

“All Rise? Blue? That’s a really old song,” Jejuko whispers against Yunho’s ear.

“If Micky survives this, I will be impressed,” comes the reply against her skin as Yunho ghosts his lips across Jejuko’s cheekbones and she suppresses a shiver, turning back to Junsu, keeping an eye on her best friend at the same time.

Yoochun is dying. He shouldn’t have taunted Junsu about being a dancer. That’s clearly a huge mistake as he stares, practically slackjawed at the man dancing in front of him, wicked smirk on his face as he teases Yoochun with his sinuous movements. There is nothing girly at all about his dancing. Hell, the bodywaving, hip thrusting, rolling hip movements are all manly as fuck to the poor man with the assymmetric hair trying his damnedest not to moan out loud.

Both Jejuko and Yunho are chuckling quietly, their eyes fully trained on Micky as he is far more interesting than the dance Yunho has already seen Junsu perform countless of times in the last couple of weeks at the dance studio they teach at.

“Should I get a glass of ice water for your cousin?”

“Let him steam a little. He’s been a brat and he deserves this.”

“Such a cruel girl.”

“Mmmmm,” Jejuko hums in agreement, pulling Yunho’s arms around her middle, grinning as she watches Junsu come off the dance floor laughing gaily at Yoochun’s expression. Her best friend punches Junsu lightly in the arm in response to his query if that was good enough. However Micky’s clear appreciation of Junsu’s dancing and seems to have broken down whatever last barriers between them.

The happy foursome spends most of the night dancing and chatting though more of the latter than the former. By the end of the night, they move to a 24-hour cafe and Jejuko is curled quite comfortably in Yunho’s lap on a couch and much to their amusement, Yoochun and Junsu have mimicked them, with Micky situated on Junsu’s lap. In their defence, the only available couch was a two seater so really, they had to sit that way, or so Micky tries to argue. They’re trading stories and Junsu is recounting a particularly unfortunate one of Yunho where bedwetting appears to be the main point when Jejuko happens to chance a glance at her watch and is shocked to see that it is almost 6am.

Like Cinderella, the “cousins” press hasty kisses on the cheeks of their men as they dash out of the cafe, each desperately hoping to make it to Jejuko’s room before she turns back into Jaejoong. They leave behind two rather bemused young men, both still seated, exchanging confused expressions.

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