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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Round and Round [3]
Title: Round and Round
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU, fantasy
Disclaimer: Goblin premise, the rest is mine.

Summary: In a thousand years, there have been more flowers than rain, but the Wanderer still wanders, searching for someone he knows will bring about his demise and yet, something within him compels him to keep on searching, for his heart has never been at peace in all that time.

AN: Happy YunJae Day!!!

Standing by the most precious person to me
I cannot always protect you
Our “goodbye” on a day without stars
I loved you, I loved you, I loved you

He can hear footsteps coming, and the hesitance behind each tread. Two steps, then a pause, and a few muttered words, then a few more steps, and again he stops, and more muttering can be heard. He can listen in if he has a mind to, but he does not want to for the man makes him feel strange things as it is without saying a word, and he is not curious enough to find out what else he might be saying and how it might make him feel.

Feelings are such a foreign concept. Emotions are meant for humans and silly ghosts, not a Grim Reaper.

”You’re not a real Reaper.” A voice echoes quietly in his mind.

“Get out of my head, Halmeoni.” He replies curtly, and he feels a twinge of surprise before her presence flees his mind.

She is right though. Does that mean goblins have feelings too?

He sees the man silhouetted at his door again, the light from the hallway behind him, giving the Goblin a strange haloed effect, not to mention the flaming glow from the centre of his chest that lights him up like a beacon anyway. Not wanting to deal with him, Jae narrows his eyes and freezes the man just as he is about to take a step into the bedroom.

Pleased with his handiwork, the blond Reaper grins to himself and snuggles back properly under the covers, pulling the comforter all the way up till only his eyes are showing. He feels warm and at peace.

No, peace is the wrong word, for the man’s presence has sent up a flurry of disjointed feelings and thoughts, swirling all around and he is honest enough to admit it is not all bad. The most important thing is that he feels safe.

Incredibly safe.

More safe than he has ever felt in over 800 years of existence, and he wonders at that, a tiny smile curving his voluptuous lips.

“Since you’re hurt, I’ll forgive your rudeness,” an amused masculine voice cuts through his thoughts, shocking him and causing a knee jerk flight reaction, disappearing under the covers.

Yunho lays the tray of food on the bedside table, and stands by the bed, staring down at the hidden Reaper on his bed. The man is so slim, that it merely looks like the voluminous comforter was not spread properly, the hills and valleys caused by the man’s body almost invisible. He frowns at that, before casting an eye over the salad he had prepared. He knows some Reapers are vegetarian out of penance, and he does not want to offend the sensibilities of the beautiful man by presenting him with a hunk of meat.

Beautiful man? His eyes widen, giving himself both a mental and physical shake to knock away those errant thoughts.

When he felt the whisper of the touch, stopping him mid-step, he had been surprised. Holding his position for a minute, he watched the man in his bed thoughtfully, catching the pleased grin that sends his heartbeat racing into overdrive, so loud that he worries for a moment that the blond can hear it.

He had felt a pang of loss when the Reaper slides under the covers, losing him a view of half his face, and after some thought, decided to stop pretending he is frozen.

“I made you something to eat and brought you some painkillers.”

Jae scrunches up his nose, not unduly surprised that his freeze did not work, thankful that the goblin cannot see him. He puts a hand over his heart, willing it to stop thundering unexpectedly over the man, before schooling his features, rearranging them so as not to give away any of his thoughts and feelings.

Yunho watches as the man emerges from underneath the covers as cooly and regally as you please, as if his blond hair is not sticking up adorably four ways from Sunday, a pillow crease on his cheek, and remnants of sleep sand in his eyes.

No, the man rises up like a King about to address his subjects, expression aloof and untouchable, and completely unreadable. He watches while he turns to the bedside table and that cool facade cracks ever so slightly at seeing the fare being offered to him. Annoyance flashes minutely across those incredible doe eyes, before the full force of them are turned on him.

“A salad?” Jae eyes the tall imposing man up and down, his voice a little scornful. “Don’t tell me you’re a herbivore? A wolf in sheep’s clothing?”

Yunho ignores the urge to chuck the man under the chin and affectionately ruffle his hair. In fact, his hand was already moving before he manages to get a hold of himself and move it to straighten the covers instead, only to get his hand unceremoniously slapped away.

The touch sends an electric shock through both of them, Jae stunned speechless as he cradles his hand to his chest, liquid doe eyes staring up at the goblin, eyes hot with the sudden onset of tears, an unmistakable pain lancing through him, and the overwhelming feeling on longing threatening to devour him. His heart hurts badly, and the agony goes deeper than the physical, and he has to concentrate fully on keeping himself under control.

The Guardian is not in any better shape, both hands now balled by his side, it takes every ounce of his concentration to remain standing for all he wants to do is get into bed with the man and hold him, and never let him go. The fact that a thought like that even enters his mind borders on terrifying, and he swallows hard, fists clenched so tightly his nails are making grooves in his palms. A long moment passes, and he is unable to chance a look at the Reaper’s face, not trusting himself, simply bending over to pick up the tray, leaving the room with it without apology.

He misses the tears that spill over down an ashen face, eyes shining with confusion, hurt, and some other emotion not readily identifiable by the person feeling it. All he knows is that it hurts, and yet, he cannot bear the idea of leaving, nor can he bear that the man has just walked away from him. He lifts a hand towards the retreating back, but he drops it limply a second later. The tumult of feelings crashing through him makes him momentarily dizzy, and he lays back down, staring at the ceiling, wondering if the handsome Goblin will be coming back again.

Yunho returns with a plate of chicken, but he does not linger, appearing in the room in the blink of an eye, dropping the tray again, before leaving in a flash of blue fire, pointedly avoiding the injured man lying in his bed.

Jae reaches out to touch the blue flames left behind, the heat is nothing compared to what he felt earlier. He does not speak, not even to himself, not trusting his voice not to call out to the absent Guardian, not out fear of being disappointed that the man does not come, but rather, apprehensive because he knows deep down in his soul, that were he to call, Yunho would come no matter what, and it would have absolutely nothing to do with his purported power to call whomever he wants to him.

How he knows this, he knows not.

And that frightens him even more.

The tall man paces his library, trying to sit, stand, work, he even tries to sleep on the day bed, but nothing works. Staring out the window does not help, for in the twinkling lights of the city below, he sees something brighter in his reflection, a luminous smile of someone who did not think anybody was watching. Even the moonlight seems to pale in comparison, and he ruefully wonders if everyone who meets a beautiful man has such silly thoughts. The romantic-like nature of his thoughts are more a Kim Shin trait rather than a Jung Yunho trait. Maybe his friend is rubbing off on him after 900 years.

He picks up a book and puts it back down.

Roaming his sanctuary, he passes shelves and shelves of his beloved companions, arranged in order of the year they were published, and still he is restless amongst the friends that have comforted him through his long existence. Some of his most precious possessions are books hidden behind plexiglass in temperature controlled cabinets, and even seeing them makes him feel better, but not that night.

That night, everything pales in comparison.

There is a restless energy that seems to be rippling beneath his skin, and nothing seems to be able to dissipate it.

Hours pass and night slowly gives way to day, and still he remains restless.

He hears every movement his guest makes in his bedroom above stairs, almost flying out to the bathroom when he hears a tiny yelp of pain, ears aflame and his whole body turning red when he hears a fire hydrant worth of liquid hitting the toilet bowl. Shutting his ears then for the next hour to give the man as much privacy as he needs, while he wills his body to cool down, embarrassed beyond belief, yet strangely satisfied at the man being comfortable enough to go through his ablutions with a goblin within hearing distance.

He had to stop himself from barging into the bedroom and demanding that the death angel get back into bed when he hears light footsteps padding about the room. He knows when the curious blond first takes a peek in his walk-in wardrobe, and then his heart starts to sing a lighthearted song when he can hear him marvelling at the expansive array of clothes, and his hums of appreciation at the choices. Blood starts to pound in his ears when he hears a gasp of surprise and he can practically feel his arms wrapping around the blond as he tries on a Bottega Veneta trench coat.

When he finds himself doing a self-hug, he drops his arms mutely, a little sorrowful that he cannot hug the man in his bedroom.

It goes on all night, and into the day, the light not bringing any relief at all to his confused feelings, and the slow burn of desire he has to tamp down, the vision of the blond’s impossible face and sinful mouth encroaching into his thoughts no matter what he does, his throat parched that countless cool glasses of water cannot quench, till he cannot take it anymore.

Sitting down at his desk in the watery light of dawn, he decides to write it out, no matter how maudlin and out of character, he writes it out.

On a day like this, the soft moonlight feels good
Your specialness is so natural
Perfection reflected in a clear glass
You shine brighter than anyone else
The breathtaking feeling rises, my lips get dry
It’s not easy but I’ll fill up a glass with you
One sip of your sweet scent
I think I’ve fallen for you a little

Staring at his calligraphy-like penmanship, he sighs at the last line.

Has he really? What about his bride?

Another thought for another day, and he casts that aside, his lack of interest in the bride that will end his existence growing lesser and lesser, even more than his friend Kim Shin would ever guess.

It is the first day in a Grand Canyon full of days that he has not tried to pull the sword out of his chest.

Ever the gracious host, Yunho prepares a variety of food for the blond’s breakfast, unsure as to what the man will want or eat.

Cereal, pancakes, a plate of eggs, sausages with grilled tomatoes and mushrooms as well as a bowl of jjajangmyeon, seafood carbonara, and a plate of japchae just because. He works hard, making freshly squeezed orange juice, a strawberry smoothie, and a glass of cold pressed green juice. He does it more to distract himself, but also because for some inexplicable reason, he does not want to disappoint his guest. Yunho has never been wrong about someone’s inherent nature, and there is something distinctly regal about the blond, and so he prepares a spread fit for a King.

Jae is asleep and does not notice the dining table that magics itself into the room, nor does he notice the different trays arriving to set themselves on it quietly.

Yunho tries to stay back, coordinating his efforts of setting up the food in his bedroom from afar, but the draw of the man in his bed is unlike any he has ever felt and he cannot leave without taking a last look, for he knows the Reaper should be healed now, and there is nothing keeping him here. He had made a few discreet enquiries overnight, and he knows that the White Reaper’s whereabouts are unknown. Word is that the Reaper HQ wants him to stay hidden until they find the Missing Soul that injured him, and that suits Yunho just fine.

He had accidentally set fire to the book he had been holding at the thought of that Missing Soul in the wee hours of that morning, and he has a mind to go hunting for the bastard himself, knowing he will enjoy chopping the soul up into tiny pieces before feeding him into a grinder. His thoughts had surprised him, but the feeling of malignant anger does not dissipate, vowing to deal with the creature if he ever comes across him again.

The Guardian justifies his murderous inclinations by insisting to himself that he merely being the Protector of Innocents that he is, though an amused and rueful voice in the back of his mind reminds him that the White Reaper cannot be an innocent party by any stretch of the imagination. Only the most heinous of crimes gets punished by making them Reapers, while another side of his brain reminds him that the White Reaper is a Reaper by choice not design.

What did that even mean? He puts away the thought to ask Jae on another day.

He enters the room quietly, following the procession of floating trays that have settled themselves neatly on the dining table. Steam still rises from the food, and he blows gently in that direction, his breath heating up the plates and ensuring the food remains at an optimal temperature no matter what time his guest wakes.

The blond has moved towards the other side of the bed, the empty side, leaving the side Yunho normally sleeps on beckoning teasingly. Unable to withstand the lure, he sits quietly on his bed as gently as possible, watching the rise and fall of the man’s slim shoulders, his thoughts akin to daydreams now as he contemplates the figure of the beautiful man in his bed.

Jae is awake. He was awake the second the first tray of food had come floating in, the smell of sausages assaulting his sensitive senses. He had looked over his shoulder briefly, unsure whether to be amused or not when a second and third tray follow quickly behind the first.

His night had been restless, and after unashamedly exploring his host’s private abode, showering in his bathroom and being extremely amused at finding a two-third empty bottle of Bath & Body Works’ Bourbon Vanilla and Strawberry shower gel hiding behind three full bottles of more masculine scented bottles of Molton Brown, he had returned to bed, lying still beneath the covers and staring up at the darkened ceiling trying to organise his thoughts.

The question that bothers him the most, is his own identity in relation to Jung the Goblin, and if they ever knew each other previously. The way he feels around the man is completely foreign to him, and instead of being afraid, all he feels is protected. He feels safe, and he cannot explain it at all.

Is it because a goblin is essentially a deity on earth? He is not divine, but he is imbued with more power than any Grim Reaper. While not truly one himself, he does not think his skills will hold up to the other man’s. He remembers the roar of anguish he heard, and the responding clap of thunder that shook him before he fainted, not knowing how he knows, but he is certain that the goblin will not let any harm come to him.

He feels the bed depress minutely behind him, and his back is immediately up. He can practically feel the eyes boring into his back, and he frowns slightly. He does not like that his composure gets knocked off balance so easily, and so his words come out a lot more icy than he intended.

“What do you want?”

Yunho practically flies off the bed, his thoughts veering wildly from wondering what it would be like to live with the man, to whether Goblin-Reaper-Angel relations are allowed (gender makes no difference to anything or anyone), to panicking and blocking out his mind completely just in case they can be heard.

He almost falls over the dining table, and before he does, he blinks himself out of the room.

“What will your choice be, Daegun?” the voice is taunting. “Leave him and he will live, stay, and I will make sure his next battle will be his last.”

He draws his sword, turning towards the faceless enemy. Tightening his two-handed grip on the exquisitely carved sword, he lifts it up in a two-handed grip more befitting the ancestors of his dead mother. It is not the large broad sword of a Goryeo warrior, but rather a long, slender, single edged blade that characterises a Koto katana.

“Are those my only choices, father?”

“You dare to draw your weapon on me?”

The sword flashes…

Jae wakes up with a start, hunching over, crying in pain, the nightmare fading away quickly but the tears keep falling, and he bites his bottom lip hard to stem the flow.

Are you the string of my fate?
Are you the one I’ve been waiting for?
Are you living deep down in my heart?
The hidden truth is in me

Kim Shin arrives home to find his friend pacing a track around his living room. Knowing he will only speak when ready, he goes about getting dinner ready, the thick juicy hunks of steak marinating in the fridge overnight cannot cook themselves, Goblin or not. In all honesty though, he enjoys these little menial tasks as it makes his existence a little more bearable. A human cannot imagine how boring life would be if you could get anything you wanted with the snap of your fingers.

Well, anything except a bride apparently.

He sighs loudly, his mood instantly switching to morose. The rain which only just stopped the day before, starts up again, and he steals a glance at his friend, wondering if any comment will come forth about his sad rain again.

However, the older Guardian merely continues walking, though he has started mumbling to himself.

“What do I do with him? What do I do? I can’t sleep, I can’t think. I can hear every movement and if I don’t stop myself, I can hear every breath too. He’s too damn distracting.”

Kim Shin frowns, knife hesitating over his potato. What now?

“I close my eyes, and I see his face. I open my eyes, and I see his face. I even wrote poetry…”

His brow furrows, and he continues slicing, but his ears are like mini radars and it almost kills him to keep out of his hying’s head, but keep out he does. He is a man of his word, and when you are friends with a Guardian who wants for nothing in this world, the gift of his word is everything.

“And his mouth…dear Almighty why are you doing this to me? I was quite happily living this cur—blessed, I mean blessed existence for a thousand years and you suddenly drop these feelings on me? What did I do to deserve them?”

Kim Shin touches his lips, his ears growing warm and the redness creeps across his skin. What is his best friend saying…?

“Seeing him lying in my bed like that almost killed me, and the thought of it is killing me, and well, perhaps I should find my stupid bride and be killed and turned to ash or whatever because if this goes on, I might just turn to ash myself from spontaneously combusting. I just want to touch him…”

“Yah!” Kim Shin yells out, unable to keep it in anymore as goosebumps ripples across his skin from his friend’s desire-laden words. Yes, over the hundreds of years they have been friends, he has thought about the older Goblin in that way, more out of curiosity than anything. He does love the man, and he felt it was natural to harbour curious, mildly sexual thoughts towards someone you’ve known for practically your entire life, and who completely understands everything about that cursed existence. However, those thoughts died away a long time ago and the shock of finding out that his friend may still be harbouring them after all this time and especially after they shared a bed a week ago… He spins around to confront his friend. “What the hell?”

The other Goblin stops short, staring at his friend in confusion. “What?”

“What do you mean what?” Kim Shin waves both his arms, thoroughly disconcerted and uncertain about what to do. “You’re crazy, that’s what!” he flails about a little more, storming into the living room from the kitchen and waving the knife he is still holding. “What the hell? Do you want to kiss me or something? Geez,” he shudders, his arms still akimbo.

“I thought we were done with this? We don’t like each other in that way,” replies the now bemused Guardian.

“Then what the hell were you talking about? My mouth? On your bed? Touching me? OH MY GOD ALMIGHTY PLEASE SAVE ME FROM HIS WARM EMBRACE!” Kim Shin is so agitated he almost pokes himself in the eye with his knife as he drops to his knees in prayer, hands clasped together with his eyes closed tightly. “You destined brides to us for a reason, please don’t let me go this way. I don’t want to turn to ash from sex. I thought the sword was supposed to come out of me not—”

Understanding finally dawns on the standing man and he marches up to his friend and slaps him smartly up the back of his head.


Kim Shin cracks open an eye and looks up, the slap calming him instantly. “You weren’t talking about me, were you?”

The deity bends over to lift his friend easily by the lapels, pushing him against the closest wall in the blink of an eye. Kim Shin’s knees buckle, but he does not fall for he is in a very firm grip. Familiar almond eyes pool with darkness, and the younger Guardian feels a moment of trepidation.

“Don’t you think I would have had you by now if we were inclined in any way?”


The older man leans in, the tip of his nose ghosting across the other’s jawline, his words a hot whisper across heated skin. “Do you want it now?” he presses his body against the other man’s. “Do you? If you truly wanted to play, you could have told me.”


The older Guardian pulls back, the darkness leaving his eyes just as quickly as they entered and he steps back, dropping his hands, and his friend slides to the ground, more than a little stunned.

He looks down at the hesitant and bewildered deity, and sighs. Crouching down, he reaches out to cup his friend’s cheek, wincing inside when he flinches away.

“You’re the kind-hearted deity, more so than I am. Remember the stories and the lessons you learned about me during your living life, and while I do care very much about you, don’t cross me, not even in jest.”

“I wasn’t even trying to cross you, nor was I jesting. I heard what I heard so it was a natural conclusion since I don’t know that you know anyone enough to let them into your bed.” Kim Shin pouts.

“I know, I know,” he moves to sit next to his friend, leaning back against the same wall, and he starts banging the back of his head against it. “I’ve been out of sorts for the last 24 hours. I’m sorry I scared you. There’s something going on I don’t quite understand and it’s starting to get under my skin.”

“Shall I hazard a guess or will you try and have your way with me again?”

A ghost of a smile breaks across perfect cupid bow lips, hearing the affectionate note in his friend’s voice. “I caught your slip about the sword.”

“Shut up.”

“Really, Shin-ah?” the smile broadens into a smirk.

“Shut up!”

“Shall I go digging into that mind of yours?”

“Don’t you dare!”

“It’s ok, I won’t if you tell me.”

“What do you want to know?”

“Since you’re going to make me spell it out— OUCH!” his hands fly to his mouth and to his friend’s utter shock, the older Guardian vanishes right before his eyes.

“Hyung?” Kim Shin waves around at the empty space next to him. “Hyung?!” He gets up, arms still waving around, eyes wild as he looks around the room. “Hyung!?!” he shouts, but no matter how much the Goblin shouts and screams, the man is gone.

He rubs his mouth eyes shut to the brief but sharp pain, wondering about it. “…Would you really have bottomed for me?”

“Ex—excuse me?” Jae trips over his words, dashing the tears angrily from his eyes with the heels of his palms, he turns away quickly so the unexpected visitor cannot see the evidence of his pain. A pain he cannot even begin to understand let alone explain.

Yunho’s eyes fly open and he promptly topples right off the bed in shock. “What the hell?”

Jae clears his clogged throat. “Well, I’ve been to hell and this is much better, but not by much.”

The Guardian stands, whirling about in confusion before turning back to the not-quite-a-Reaper lump in his bed, his voice faintly accusatory. “What have you done? What did you do? How did I get here?”

“I did nothing,” the blond bristles, his pain fading as quickly as it came, the intensity of it melting away almost immediately in the presence of the newcomer, and it is forgotten. He sits up, pushing the covers off him to glare up at his host, his annoyance doubling when he takes a deep whiff of the man.

“You smell like another man.”

“Stop distracting me!” However, Yunho drops his chin to sniff at his clothes, an inexplicable feeling of guilt assailing him. “I do not.”

“You do,” the blond replies cooly, his composure fully regained as he examines his nails nonchalantly. “You stink of his feelings actually, but they smell platonic though I’m uncertain why platonic friends would be talking about bottomming for each other.”

“You…you can smell…feelings?”

Jae looks up and flashes the Guardian a wicked grin, “Are you worried?”

Yunho backs away hastily, brushing away vigorously at his clothes, leaving the room without a backward glance.

“Damn…” he breathes out, sighing at the departing Guardian. He waits for the front door to slam, hoping the man has left the country altogether, before he continues speaking to himself. “I can smell feelings if I want to, but for some reason, I can’t smell yours. Why is that, Just Jung?”

The nightmare is completely forgotten, and he stretches out, the kinks in his back are pretty bad thanks to the imposed bed rest. He remembers the message from HQ to stay out of sight while they try and track down the Missing Soul, their fear at finding him in the abode of a Goblin kept the message very short and to the point. Their concern is not just of his wellbeing but the fact that he could not call this ghost to heel. They really ought to try harder with their reasons. He has been doing this for far longer than anyone in “HQ” have, and he should be leading the search, not hiding from it.

However, he has bigger problems to think about.

Just Jung.

There is something about the man that bothers him from the very core. He feels safe, yet at the same time unsettled. Emotions have never warred within him like this before, and he cannot think why he is being tested now after 800 years of service.

“I know you like to play games every now and again,” he tilts his head up towards the ceiling. “And I know you can hear me.”

The filmy flimsy day curtains rustle, even though the windows are closed, and the blond man stares at it with narrowed eyes.

“Do you think it’s fun for me to feel extreme emotions constantly? One minute I’m happy, the next, I’m sad. One minute I feel like I could stay here forever, and the next, I want to run for my life because something is not right.”

He pauses to wag a finger at the curtains. “And I know you don’t want me near that Missing Soul because you don’t want me to ask him how he knows me. I may be having trouble calling him properly, but I’ve had that trouble before. However, no soul has ever been able to deny my questioning if I want answers. You made sure of that.”

The curtains rustle further, and a glamourous woman dressed in bright red steps out from behind the see-through curtains, out of nowhere.

“Samshin Halmeoni,” Jae leans back, teeth gritted. “I don’t want to see you. I know you had nothing to do with this.”

“Perhaps not, but I wanted to see you all the same. You are still my favourite.” Her voice is calm, cajoling even, though her eyes hide a worry the other does not see.

“Here to admire your handiwork?” he snipes back, turning on his side, ignoring the twinge of pain he feels, not realising it is not physical.

She is by his side in an instant, pushing back his blond hair from his temple, her ageless face showing her concern. “You shouldn’t have been hurt like this.”

“I’m sorry, Halmeoni. Your fate stopped the day I died. Nothing is up to you anymore.”

“It wasn’t a fate I chose for you. Your will was stronger than any human that ever walked the earth, and because of that you were taken from me.”

He scoffs, pulling away from her. “Don’t try and blame this on me. You’re the goddess of fate. Each child is born with a fate prescribed by you. How can I, a mere human child, work against that?”

“I still ask Him that, and He refuses to answer.”

“Well, He’s not answering anyone, is He?” The blond man turns his back on her, annoyed with himself. He has gone round and round and come back to the same answer. If Samshin Halmeoni cannot get an answer, he will never get one.

“I know you believe it is your face that brings the Missing Souls to you, but it is merely a physical manifestation of your will.”

“So why couldn’t I catch that Missing Soul?”

“He wasn’t for you to catch. Missing Souls are still under my purview, and he wasn’t meant for you.”

“You could have told me that before I went after him.”

“Silly child,” she leans over to kiss the back of his head, inhaling the strawberry vanilla fragrance of his blond hair, the scent making her smile. “He was a necessary tool for another one of my fates.”

Jae buries his nose into the pillow, moving away from her touches, still aggravated. “Great, so now I’m a tool for your manipulations. Remind me to leave when you turn up next time.”

“Don’t be difficult, child. You’ll thank me for it one day,” her voice is a whisper in a breeze as she fades away.

“Thank you for what?” he asks his pillow, feeling the unfamiliar burn of tears in his eyes. Clenching his eyes tightly to stave the fall, he bites his bottom lip, hoping that Samshin Halmeoni is right about his will because his will demands that he does not cry.

The front door blows open, shocking Kim Shin who has only just returned to his cooking.

“You need to help me.”

“Where did you go? I was so worried. One second you were there, the next, poof!” the younger deity snaps his fingers to emphasise his words.

“I don’t know,” Yunho sits down on the couch, carding his hair agitatedly. “I mean, I do know, but I don’t know how I got there.”

“What do you mean you don’t know how you got there?” Kim Shin sits on the coffee table in front of his friend and holds the back of his hand to his forehead. “Well, you’re not sick. Remember the last time you were sick? You ended up on top of the Eiffel Tower.”

Yunho pulls his friend’s hand from his forehead. “I’m not sick, you dolt. Are you going to help me or not?”

“Of course I am,” the loyal Goblin replies, ready to go to war if that is what is friend needs, but for the life of him, he cannot figure out what the problem is.

“Good, then I’m moving him to your house.”

“Moving who?”


“Who’s Jae?”

“Ang— Reap— Augh! He’s that man who dresses in white who can call immortals.”

Kim Shin’s eyes widen and he grabs Yunho’s head in his hands, squishing the man’s cheeks. “He’s at your house? You only have one functioning bedroom, which means he’s in your bed…oh my god, you’ve fallen for the Ang—“ he corrects himself quickly at the flare in his friend’s almond eyes. “Reaper… The White Reaper?”

“I have not! I only met him last week!” the Guardian denies vehemently, but his friend is not convinced.

Kim Shin may be a little flighty at times, but he is far from stupid, quickly adding two and two together.

“It started to rain last week.”

“It’s stopped raining now.”

“When did he move in with you?” Kim Shin’s eyes narrow suspiciously.


“It stopped raining yesterday.”

Yunho pulls his friend’s hands from his cheeks, “What’s your point?”

Kim Shin narrows his eyes and leans back to look at the uncharacteristically frazzled man. “You can’t see it? You don’t remember? What do I do with him? What do I do? I can’t sleep, I can’t think. I can hear every movement and if I don’t stop myself, I can hear every breath too. He’s too damn distracting.

His friend has the decency to look a little embarrassed, but remembering what had happened after, Kim Shin keeps going, mimicking his friend’s voice and tone perfectly.

I close my eyes, and I see his face. I open my eyes, and I see his face. And his mouth…dear Almighty why are you doing this to me?

“Ok, that’s enough. Point made.”

“And you want to move him here? Someone who has driven you to distraction for the first time in nine hundred years?”


Kim Shin sighs, but before he can respond, a flicker of pain crosses his friend’s face, and right before his eyes, the man vanishes for the second time that day.

“What in the Divine’s name…”

Yunho bolts upright from his prone position, staring at the back of a very blond head.

“Why are you back, Just Jung?” a muffled voice asks.

“You called me here,” Yunho asserts, finally piecing the puzzle together. There is no other explanation how he could have transported from his office the day before to a random alley in the middle of nowhere, and again, no explanation for why he has been summoned rather peremptorily to the blond man’s side twice within the hour.

Jae turns, his pale skin flushed with the colour of exertion, his eyes tinted pink from the tears he had been fighting. “I did no such thing. I know I can call anything and anyone, but I most certainly did not call you.”

“You did,” Yunho nods, a little annoyed now at the callous way he has been spoken off. “I don’t know how you’re doing it, but you did.” He narrows his eyes and concentrates, only to get a hard slap across the upper arm.

“Don’t you dare read my thoughts.”

Yunho stares at the “angel” balefully, taking off his jacket and rubbing the sting from his arm. For someone who looks so ethereal, he packs a hell of a punch. “I couldn’t anyway.”

“It didn’t stop you from trying. I felt it.”

“Well, you did,” Yunho crosses his arms and glares at the blond who glares right back. “You called me.”

They are interrupted by a door slamming, and a loud voice calling out. “Hyung? Are you here?”

Yunho immediately scrambles off the bed to his feet and rushes out the door.

Jae sniffs in irritation, eyes narrowed, he sits up and gets out of bed, grumbling to himself about not being able to get any rest even if he wanted to with all these unwanted visitors.

Kim Shin sighs in relief at the sight of his friend.

“How did you know I was here?”

“Well, it took a couple of minutes but after I thought about it, I remembered the rumour that the White Reaper can call anyone, living, dead or immortal so I figure since he’s here, he might have called you back to him for some reason. I’m glad to see you’re still decent at least,” Kim Shin remarks pointedly, eyes alight with amusement. “Your jacket went pretty quick.”

Yunho heads straight to the bar and takes out a brandy decanter, taking a huge gulp straight from the bottle, not bothering to answer his friend. Too many peculiar things, too many foreign feelings, too many unanswered questions,


“Hey yourself,” Yunho remarks. “That man will drive anyone to drink. Can you please take him home with you?”

Kim Shin is actually extremely curious about his friend’s guest, and even more curious now that he can see how truly frazzled his hyung is, for Yunho never drinks heavily because strange things happen when he does, and for him to drop his guard and drink freely is worrisome.

First things first though, he goes over to the bar and takes the brandy away from his morose looking friend. “I’ll consider taking him away, but no more drink for you.”


Kim Shin trusts the man to keep his word, and he heads to the bedroom.

He knocks, but there is no answer, so he walks in…

…And immediately makes a u-turn and walks right back out, resisting the urge to bow low in apology as he goes.

Fisted knuckle to his mouth and biting down hard, he walks to the bar and pours himself a drink.

Yunho eyes him knowingly. “That bad, huh?”

Shin shudders, shaking his head. “That man is made of ice.”

“What do you mean?”

“I swear he was about to turn me into a block of ice. He’s terrifying,” Kim Shin’s hands are actually shaking as he tries to add some ice to his glass.

“You were gone for two seconds,” Yunho scoffs, shaking his head and elbowing his friend out of the way to help him with the ice.

“It was enough. I can’t take him, I think he might freeze me in my sleep.”

Yunho pushes away from the bar in disgust. Jae might be a little intimidating, but he would not go as far as the way the younger Guardian is describing him.

He does not knock, reasoning that the room is his to begin with.

The blond Angel? Death god? Maybe Reaper? is standing by the bed with his head tilted back, staring up at a butterly fluttering in the corner of the ceiling.

Yunho stops short, staring at the pink mark at the other man’s throat, when a vision assaults him.

His lithe body is topless, head thrown back in the throes of passion, sweat glistening on pale glowing skin that the man is practically incandescent. The pink mark on his throat is like a beacon against white flesh.

“Am I still your angel?”

AN: It got a little cracky in parts and it those parts were ALL driven by Gong Yoo. Such a dolt omg… Btw, I took historic licence so please ignore discrepancies if you happen to be a student of Eastern dynasties.

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I think I may need to read this again in order to comment coherently OTL. There is so very much going on, and so many feel!

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Edited at 2017-02-06 12:55 pm (UTC)

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