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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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With This Ring... [1/1]
Title: With This Ring...
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG-13
Length: Oneshot
Genre: non-AU
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story.

Summary: Yunho’s intentions are always good but his execution needs a bit of work…

AN1: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUNG YUNHO. Not that you'll ever read this but yeah, I hope he had a great day...

AN2: This oneshot can stand alone but it might make a bit more sense if you read I Will Protect You first. I am obviously not done being fanciful :D

“Why couldn’t you go to the concert tomorrow? Why did you pick today?” Changmin knows the answer but he has to ask. In his mind, it makes more sense for Yunho not to have gone at all.

Yunho ignores the maknae, smiling to himself and pulling out a light stick from one of the deep pockets of his trench coat. It’s an old light stick, he will likely get a new one at the concert. It does not even work, but he kept it as a memento. Fiddling and twirling it, he contemplates the evening ahead.


20 years on and they are back. With two husbands and four kids between them, their lives have definitely changed from the years of being first generation idols. He feels like a young teenager again, eagerly anticipating their concert, yet it is overlaid by bittersweet feelings.

“Where do you think we’ll be on our 20 year anniversary, Changdollie?”

Changmin looks up from his phone where he had been texting a rather annoying man, a tiny frown creasing his brow. “Making babies I hope.”

Yunho lets out a sharp bark of laughter, a hand slapping down on Changmin’s thigh, before rubbing the sting away, but he does not lose focus.

“No, seriously. Do you think we’ll have a 20 year anniversary?”

“Of course, hyung. We weren’t even around for our 12th or 13th anniversary and Cassiopeia still celebrated for us, so of course we will have our 20th.”

“Just us?”

“I don’t want to sing Backseat. You can take that song on your own.”

“I like Creation.” Yunho plays along with Changmin’s deliberate misunderstanding.

“Of course you do. Let me guess, you like Let Me See, Baboboy and Dear J too?”

“How did you know?” Sham surprise is all over Yunho’s small handsome face, eyes twinkling in the approaching dusk, more amused that Changmin knows the titles than anything else.

Changmin rolls his eyes and crosses his arms, his voice dripping with insincere pity, “You have it bad.”

“I’ve always had it bad,” Yunho admits, turning away to look out the window.

“Which brings me back to my original question. Couldn’t you have gone tomorrow? Their concert is on both days.”

“Changminah, you know I have to go back tomorrow.”

“Yeah, I know. I don’t think you’re going to be very welcome when you get home tonight though. Have you even seen him?”

“You know I haven’t. Everyone’s going to be watching him today.”

“And you thought going to a girl group concert on the night of his release was a good idea?”

“Well, he does gain strength from Twice and Black—“

“Hah! You’re jealous?!”

Yunho colours, “No, I—“

“You are!” Changmin’s eyes widen. “Seriously, hyung, what did you expect him to say?” He clasps his hands together and flutters his eyelashes in a maidenly way. “I wake each morning with the memory of my devoted boyfriend of a million years— No scratch that. My devoted husband of a few months because my body’s natural response every morning makes me think of him. I—“

Yunho slaps his hand on the startled younger’s man’s mouth. “Stop it! Ok, ok, you want the truth? I just wanted to see them and I’ve already checked with him and he was fine with it.”

Changmin starts laughing, pulling Yunho’s hand away from his mouth, his eyes watering from laughter at the ridiculous couple. “Yep, so fine with it he randomly talks about girl groups.” He shakes his head as their vehicle is waved through. “You two are a pair alright. Enjoy the concert, hyung and good luck tonight.”

Yunho does not deign to answer the still chortling younger man, and makes his exit.

“You still haven’t told me why you’re here.”

“I live here.”

Jaejoong snorts, waving a clean ladle at the tall young man nursing a bottle of beer. “Why don’t you just move back in with him and be done with it? God knows you’re always here.”

“No, thanks. I like being able to escape the mess. It’s like people with kids. They’re cute and all I guess but I’m really fucking glad I can give them back.”

“Yunho’s not a kid.”

Changmin points at Jaejoong with his bottle. “I dare you to say that with a completely straight face and believe that wholeheartedly.”

Jaejoong ignores the maknae, turning back to his task at hand while taking a swig of soju straight from the bottle.

Changmin watches in silence, nursing his third bottle of beer slowly while watching Jaejoong huff and puff, pulling open drawers only to slam them shut in disgust. It goes on for a good five more minutes before he says anything.

“Is something wrong?”

“Everything is wrong,” Jaejoong grumbles. “Who rearranged the kitchen?” He yanks open another drawer and picks up a large velvet box he sees in there. “Look at this? Does this look like it belongs in the kitchen? Where the fuck are my knives?” He tosses the box carelessly onto the kitchen counter and continues on his hunt.

Changmin leans over the counter, picking up the discarded box and opens it, whistling long at low at what he sees.

“Ah, hyung…”


“I think Yunho hyung rearranged his kitchen.”

“His kitchen? His kitchen? It’s my kitchen. Damn his eyes, I wanted to make samgyetang. He has to go back tomorrow and it’s cold as fuck. I want him going back feeling warm from the inside out, damn it. WHERE ARE MY KNIVES?”

“He hid them.”

“What?” Jaejoong turns around his eyes blazing at being thwarted from his mission. Ok, so he is just a tiny smidge annoyed that Yunho is not home to greet him, and yes, he may be a little jealous that he is at some girl group concert, and of course he knows he should not begrudge the man at all because he is now free while Yunho still has another four months to serve, but he does not have to be reasonable all the time, does he?

Changmin waves the velvet box at him. He has the folded note he found within it in his other hand and he hands his hyung the note first.

“It’s from Yunho hyung.”

Jaejoong finally registers the box, and his eyes grow wide and he comes around the table quickly, ignoring the note.

Changmin is much faster though, pushing away quickly from the counter, almost tripping over the bar stool but managing to get away before Jaejoong reaches him. His arm is held overhead straight up, the velvet box out of reach of the shorter man, watching warily as Jaejoong starts to come at him.

“Hyung, be reasonable. Read the note first.”

“No! The note was in the box which means I should see both.”

“Too late, you tossed it away like it was trash. When I tell Yunho hyung how dismally you—oooof!”

Changmin did not expect his oldest hyung to actually tackle him, but tackle he does, and they both fall heavily across Yunho’s big new couch, a loud crack and the couch sinking under them informing the two men without words that they just broke it.

The poor maknae is too shocked, the wind knocked completely out of him so he does not protest when the box is snatched from his limp fingers and he is squished as the other man turns around and leans back against him.

A loud gasp fills the room, and Jaejoong’s eyes tear up at the beautiful pair of twisted gold rings. He picks the smaller of the two up, squinting to look at the inscription.

Safe with me

Yunho is unsurprised to find his apartment dark. There are no scents of cooking, and he smiles at that. He did not want his other half to spend his first free day slaving over the stove no matter how pure his intentions are. It is very difficult to dissuade Jaejoong from cooking especially when Changmin is underfoot as he undoubtedly was too, so Yunho had taken some drastic measures and hid all of his love’s favourite cooking apparatus. He will have to call Jihye tomorrow and get her to drop them off the next time she is in town otherwise he might find an entire new kitchen worth of appliances and utensils on his credit card bill.

He makes his way to his bedroom in the dark, stopping short just outside the slightly ajar door where he can see light and shadows dancing. Smiling to himself, he pushes the door open.

There are several lighted candles in the room, the bedside tables and also Jaejoong’s vanity. He cannot see the older man though. A quiet splash distracts him, and he smiles once again, following the sound to his bathroom.

Just before he reaches it, a clear voice starts to sing within it.

He recognises the song, the expansive, controlled vocals of his lover utilising the bathroom’s acoustics perfectly, the sound so dramatic for an audience of none.

Or one, if he counts himself.

”I just have to say it’s over, I think you feel the same…”

“Never,” Yunho responds as he pushes open the bathroom door fully, cutting off the singer from his next line.

Jaejoong drops his chin and his contemplation of the play of light and shadows on the ceiling from candles, to stare back at the black-clad man standing in the doorframe of the bathroom.

He places both hands on either side tub he is in, the rings on both hands clinking dully against the marble bath as he straightens up.

“I got your note.”

Yunho’s handsome boyish grin lights up the bathroom, and anyone looking at him cannot help but smile back in return even if they do not know him, and for someone who loves him so very much, residual annoyance melts away in the face of it.

The tall on-hiatus leader of TVXQ moves to crouch down by the bubble filled bath, eyes shining. “Do you like them?”

Instead of replying, Jaejoong lifts both hands, causing his love to chuckle at the sight of twin sets of rings on both ring fingers. “I love them,” he replies quietly, “and while I love the lyrics in your note, I wish you had given them to me directly.”

“I wanted to distract you,” Yunho’s smile falters slightly, his bottom lip jutting out into the beginnings of a pout. “I knew you won’t listen to me if I asked you not to cook, and if I’d just taken your pots and pans without leaving something for you, I’d probably come home to my jacket on fire or something.”

Jaejoong growls, fisting the front of Yunho’s turtleneck with a wet hand, he tugs the leader forward, and presses their mouths roughly together, pulling back only when he feels Yunho’s tongue trying to delve deeper, nipping hard at Yunho’s bottom lip before he goes.

The younger man’s pout becomes more pronounced at the truncated kiss, lifting his hand to touch his lower lip where Jaejoong had bitten him.

The newly released singer leans away, his mouth rosy in the candlelight, pulling all four rings off his fingers and then placing them on the lip of the bath.

“We’re doing this again, properly.”


“Yes, now.”

Yunho eyes the singer pointedly, “while you’re naked?”

Jaejoong’s expression shifts instantly, coquettish in a heart beat. “It is rather apt isn’t it? You always did joke that I’m allergic to clothes, so this is my truest form.”

The soldier tugs at his collar, feeling hot all of a sudden. He is still wearing his jacket, and he shrugs out of it, laying it on the floor by the tub before kneeling on the thick material. “Ok, let’s do this.”

“Let me go first,” Jaejoong speaks quietly, his gaze heavy lidded, the merest hint of a smile quirking his beautiful mouth when Yunho offers his hand. He takes the heavy Cartier ring first, the band thicker than his own, saying his vows simply. “I will protect you.”

However, instead of putting the ring on Yunho’s finger, he slips that digit into his mouth, letting his tongue swirl the length of it, feeling resistance when the younger man tries to tug his hand from him, eyes wide, but he does not let up.

Yunho cannot seem to exhale. It is as if he has taken a breath, and it is caught deep in his chest, Jaejoong’s tongue teasing his finger the way he teases…

His mouth pops free and he pushes the ring onto the wet finger.

“I remember it was a little tight that day and I had to work to get it over the knuckle.”

Yunho exhales with a loud whoosh, his heartbeat racing madly that he feels that it could possibly be echoing around the bathroom.

“The—the se—second ring is a fraction bigger,” he manages to speak.

“Bummer,” Jaejoong’s voice is laden with mock disappointment. “I’ll just give it the quick once over then,” and before Yunho can reply, he takes a very heavy lick of the underside of Yunho’s long finger, eyes not leaving the other man’s increasingly wild ones, letting the tip of his tongue drag slowly the entire length.

It felt like eternity to Yunho who is not only hot, he is now feeling extremely constricted. The warmth pools low in his belly and sinks even lower, filling his cock till the turgidity is painful, pressing hard against the seam of his zipper.

He finally reaches the tip, kissing the it, wrapping his lips around the tip that it feels the heat and wetness of his mouth, before pulling away.

Yunho’s groan is heartfelt, though Jaejoong’s expression does not change.

He picks up the new ring, and he repeats the lyrics he memorised as he pushes it on.

“I won’t let you go baby…” the ring is on, and he smiles. “Your turn.”

His hands are trembling as he kneels before his lover, the man he loves so much it actually hurts sometimes.

Like right then.

He picks up the new ring first, “it’s a little bigger than your Cartier,” he says by way of explanation, and without any type of teasing because his brain is slowly dissolving into mush, he repeats the only line he can remember. “Just have faith in me…”

Jaejoong does not comment, his eyes filled with love and lust, watching Yunho pick up the Cartier and push it over his finger.

“I will protect you…”

The candles closest to the couple flicker as the breeze from hastily discarded clothes disturbs their peaceful existence. Light and shadow bounce across the walls of the large bathroom, splashes of water and a throaty giggle every now and again.

Yunho bends his head to capture the gasp of the man writhing in his arms as he buries his finger till another tight ring touches the twisted gold, and he is content, exactly where he belongs.

AN: Ok, ok, I think I’m done now. 5 updates in the space of a week reminds me of a time a long time ago… Also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUNG YUNHO AGAIN. Idk how it’s possible to love someone you’ve never met so much ;;

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Oh man the JaeMin interactions really made me smile :')
This was lovely!

You have been missed, Nikki.

You can love someone you've never really actually met...
Loved reading this and I'm really happy to be able to see updates from you and Happy Birthday to Yunho Jung <3

Aww...now everyone is feeling mushy....their love for each other is beautiful.

Yunjae's love is the hope for me for believing that the world still has beauty things. But soulfighter's interaction is briging the light and so much laugh to my world. Thank you for your hard working

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I feel spoiled by all the updates ^^

Who could begrudge Yunho the joy of his favorite group's reunion concert ;_;

Jaemin was perfect. Even when they broke Yunho's couch, they were perfect xD

The scene with the vows and the rings ;_; I'll just be fanciful for the rest of the day too :')

Thank you so much ^^

"...this is my truest form." indeed HAHAHAHAHHA

Soulfighter steal the scene again.
I feel you, Yunnie. Jaejoongie's mouth and tongue can be our ultimate cause of death.
Thank you for writing this, Nikki. I'm totally miss your YunJae.

That was a lot of updates. I mean, I'm not complaining, I loved it actually, but don't burn yourself out. But then again, this was a week meant for feels.

Poor Changmin, always having to cover for his hyung. And the Jaemin was hilarious. Thanks for posting!

wait till Yunho sees the broken couch lol
poor Changmin, I hope he didn't get hurt.

happy birthday Yunho ^^

Yes your five updates are amazing. We love them. It makes your readers do the happy dance

It's so nice to have you back 😊. Thank you!

Joongie is so naughty.... Jung Yunho's restraint is commendable. I would have jumped into the tub OTL

Soooooo romanticccccc
Cartier Love Series!!!

GUH, I love your sudden influx of fics lol and this is so sweet! The jaemin hahaha and naughty JJ with lots of love, just perfect<3

I'm dead. Your stories always make me giddy and flying to the sky hahaha. Thanks for the fluffy-amazing update nikki ♪( ´▽`) I am happy. You made my day 💕

User chu_z_lover referenced to your post from I Will Protect You saying: [...] always good but his execution needs a bit of work... Universe : non-alternate Status: complete 1 [...]

I just love all these stories. Thank you for writing them.

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User ljrobot referenced to your post from US : Весь НЕ кириллический сегмент : Лучшие посты за вчера saying: [...] – (2 ч. на 1-м месте) With This Ring... [1/1] [...]

"as he buries his finger till another tight ring touches the twisted gold, and he is content, exactly where he belongs."
Ahahaha oh you naughty you >v>
I mean, it is what I think it it, isn't it? o.o

changmin is LOL hahahaha but i like him that way. he kept jaejoong distracted alright.

yunho is such a romantic. i love him to bits. it's because of him that my standards in men have increased hahahaha oh well. jung yunho is LOVE. jaejoong is so lucky to have him. seriously. so lucky.

“Well, he does gain strength from Twice and Black—“

Awww but really it was expected of him to mention one or two girl group like everyone else! : D

JaeMin and the ruined furniture was just priceless!

Thank you very much, I really enjoyed it!

At the time I was thinking.. "Jung, your babe just got out. Why are you watching another babe instead?" lol

I love the way Jaejoong freaks out over his knives. They just knives to everyone else but Jaejoong.

Soulfighters interaction is always funny.

Sooooo hot......♥ A nice linkage to Jaejoong wearing 4 cartier rings on his fingers lately.♥♥♥

not only you jung,
but jaejoong got me feel hot, too!

Hehe my fave part is yunho worrying about his credit card bill :D I guess he thought about it but felt that it was worth it!

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