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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Personal - Prayers please
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Hi Nikki. My deepest condolences on your friend's loss. When I read your post I just got to know about the passing of the son of a family friend too. You could say he was a childhood friend even though we were not close. It is such a coincidence that I have a feeling it was the same person and if he was a doctor than it probably was. (Small world huh). I don't know his wife though but my prayers are with her and her children. May she weather this storm and may God give her the courage to live on strong for herself and for her children as well. I can't imagine the devastation of losing our OH and I really hope she will be fine especially with friends and family supporting her. There is a saying that goes, "live everyday as if it was your last" so yes, cherish your loved ones, live life to the fullest and do good to everyone.

it's not that i know the feeling but i saw the pain in my aunt's eyes when uncle passed away in a blink of an eye bcos of heart attack and they have 6 children! and so young too. i felt the pain coz he's my fave uncle.

im glad she has a friend like you to be by her at side in times like this. it may be painful now but she could continue in living. she has her children to gain strength from. may she find less lonely side to what happened.

my condolences for your friend... i can somehow understand the feelingof loss and devastation from losing a loved one... i had lost my youngest sister to cancer 20 years ago and it breaks your heart. i can only imagine how hurt your friend is feeling... i pray and hope that she stays strong not only for herself but for her children. they need her now more than ever. i hope she doesn't forget that even if her husband is no longer with her and their children, he is still with her, through their children and herself. as she supports their children, so with they her.

hi Nikki.. my prayers and condolences to her family.. i'm surely know it will feel if this happens to me..i'm in my 6 months pregnant with our first child after have to wait 4 years. if.. if... my husband have to leave me forever, i will gone crazy for sure.. thank you for sharing this with us.. i hope your friend okay even i know it will not easy..

My condolences to your friend and family. Lost of a loved one is never easy at any age.

I pray that she and the children will treasure their memories with her husband/ their father.

I hope that they find comfort that his passing though it was a sudden one, he did not suffer in death.


I'm sorry to hear this. Clearly remember cause Forgotten one of my most beloved Sleeping Beauty drabble. Be there for her as you can. People in grieving tend to push people away. I do that too. Say nothing just be there. Send my regards to her. He is in better place waiting for her.

Prayers to her and her family. May god give her and her children strength through these trying times.

How sad, especially someone so young with children. Will pray for God's comfort and mercy for them all......and for you as well.

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please extend my heartfelt condolences to her n her family.

My prayers and condolences for your friend and her family ,, T____T

I'm so sorry to hear of it, Nikki. My prayers to her family and you :(

My deepest sympathies for your dear friend and her family, you and your hubby, and the many other friends and family that his life touched. With many prayers and much love.

Sorry for the late reply. I'm currently overseas and haven't been logging into LJ.

Condolences to your friend and her family. Will be including you friend into my prayer.

Take care, Nikki.

OMG, this is very sad, please send my condolences to her and her family. My thoughts and prayers are with her and you.

oh my God. I'm so sad to hear that. My prayers for your friend. God bless him.