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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Personal - Prayers please

Some of you might remember the first AN in Forgotten. My friend with the 5 kids just lost her husband this morning. He was 50 and healthy as ever and we are all shocked and devastated by this, but her more than most.

We have been friends since before I got married and this friendship has lasted more than half my life. You guys can probably thank them in some form or other for some of the stories and scenarios in both Sleeping Beauty and Trophy Wife in particular as her husband is 50 and she is 38, and when they met, she was a model. She was rebellious, stubborn and unafraid to push boundaries and her husband was the most patient man I've ever known. She was actually one of the few people who encouraged me when I got married so young but she said leave the kids till later. She's like a tornado and he was always so unruffled in the face of her.

I know many of you aren't married and possibly cannot understand how painful this is, but if you think of the Jungs, both HoMin and YunJae, and imagine Changmin and Jaejoong without their Yunho...this is happening in real life.

If you could spare some positive and healing thoughts, it would be appreciated.

This is a reminder to me as well, to cherish the ones who love you and the people around you because you never know when they may be taken from you.


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Omg Nikki ;; how horribly sad... prayers for your friend. I can't imagine...

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