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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Round and Round - random
I just wanted to drop this so I don't use it at all hah. This was the original start to ch4 that I wrote a while back but it didn't feel right nor sit right and so it was discarded. One scene survived, but nothing else...

It's over a thousand words and i'm really glad I went with the ch4 you've already read but like LITI, ONIB and Tattooist before, there were alternatives that were totally different and who knows what the heck I was thinking here... I'm blaming Gong Yoo :D

Kim Shin is at his wit’s end.

Thunderstorms rage inside his mansion.

Flying shards of ice narrowly miss his head on several occasions.

And his two guests seem more inclined to kill each other with himself as collateral damage, rather than live in relative bliss the way he had initially suspected they would the way Yunho had reacted to the man in the first place.

So much for guessing, when one half of the couple is a White Reaper who stalks Missing Souls for a living (haha!) and the other is a powerful deity who can wreak havoc with the snap of a finger and intervene in Death itself, nothing is ever simple. One look at them together, Yunho in his crisp black suit and Reaper in his white clothes, they are the perfect antithesis of each other, and visually, absolutely stunning.

However in reality, they can barely remain in the same room together long enough for anyone to enjoy the aesthetic.

It has been barely a week and the Guardian is ready to move out of his own house to get some peace and quiet. In fact, he says as much to the older Goblin and the glare he receives in return for even thinking it sends him scurrying back to the questionable safety of his room.

He really should have known better when he had come across the couple and the poor smoking door that fateful evening. In addition to that, the city reported dozens of lightning strikes that night, and while thankfully nobody was injured, it only showed Kim Shin just how far Yunho’s power extended. No rain has fallen in a week, but thunder and lightning constantly tease, the sky angrily overcast but refusing to weep. The met service are beside themselves, unable to class the unnatural weather phenomenon and find an explanation for it. Had they asked Kim Shin, he would have told them the weather was due to a very angry deity, and because he had promised to go to war with Yunho, he is now harbouring an angry deity and an infuriated angel under his roof.

The signs were all there, but he ignored them, feeling a very deceptive sense of safety since Yunho himself would be there. That, coupled with the fact that once he got past the icy eyes of the White Reaper that had terrified him so, he had found the man to be much too attractive for his own good. He definitely has enough self preservation not to mention this to his friend though.

He sighs, staring at his bottle of beer, thankful for the respite that afternoon for Yunho is at work, and Jae has not emerged from his temporary quarters. Why the reaper is still around is beyond him, but Yunho had told him in no uncertain terms that while the reaper may come and go as he pleases, he is not to kick him out.

Jae has not left as far as he knows though, unless he has been disappearing from his room with this goblin none the wiser.

Shin sighs again, louder this time, finishing the last of his beer, before popping open the fridge from his seat at the dining table, and getting another one to get mentally ready to bring the man his lunch. He is a goblin nursemaid.

All the staff of Jung Holdings are on the edge of their seats. The mysterious CEO of their company has found fault with everything and everyone the whole week long, to the point where people are actually calling in sick to get some respite from the purportedly fair man. He had even thrown his lawyers out when he found a punctuation mistake on the first page of an acquisition proposal and told them not to come back until they have all passed a grammar exam.

The tension in the forty story building trickles down from the very top of the building right down to the lower basements where the valets reside. Half of them were almost fired just yesterday when their boss had mistaken a strand of hair on the door of his black Maserati Levante as a scratch.

Accounts from eyewitnesses said he grew even angrier upon finding out the strand of hair was blond.

This tension causes more mistakes, more absences, and more problems.

However, their CEO is oblivious to the chaos and havoc he has wrought in his normally well-functioning business entities.

He has broken countless pens.

He cannot sleep, he cannot think, and he cannot see without the red haze of jealousy and anger clouding his vision because all he can see is a devious Grim Reaper.

“Am I still your angel?”

Another pen breaks, followed soon after by a clap of thunder so loud it rattles the windows of every building within a five mile radius.


Flashback from a week ago…

”How could you…?” Yunho’s tone is tinged with hurt though he does not realise it. The vision that had assaulted him for those few seconds are etched in his memory and he is furious. Goblins see the future, and while this is the first time he is seeing the future of a Grim Reaper, he hopes it will be the last, especially if they look like that.

Jae crosses his arms, staring cooly across the room at the goblin who seems to be fighting with some unknown emotion. All he knows is that it is directed at himself. He is vaguely aware of another equally tall man blowing away the smoke from the room but his gaze does not waver.

“What do you mean?” he asks, feeling a frisson of awareness when Yunho straightens.

“Don’t use your Reaper tricks on me,” his tone is implacable.

Jaejoong cocks his head, barely trying to suppress his rage. He does not know what triggered the man’s sudden autocratic behaviour, but he is not about to allow him the satisfaction of seeing that it affects him.

“I am going back.”

“The hell you are,” the Guardian growls, his eyes turning black. “You will stay under my protection, or Shin’s, but stay you will.”

Jae does not stop to think of his actions. He just wants to leave.

Yunho steps aside from the ice darts that fly his way, his goblin fire melting them, and he keeps taking it, as Jae keeps throwing it. The ice from the blond’s eyes matching his weapons, but the deity’s fire is too strong.

The butterfly in the corner is forgotten.


Who is touching him that way?

Who has him asking so seductively about a name that should be synonymous with purity?

More importantly, why does it fucking hurt so much to think of the strange reaper in the arms of someone else?

Someone other than him.

An open palm slams down on the solid teak desk, and it breaks with an earsplitting crack.

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