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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Round and Round [5]
Title: Round and Round
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG
Length: Chaptered
Genre: AU
Disclaimer: Goblin premise, the rest is mine.

Summary: In a thousand years, there have been more flowers than rain, but the Wanderer still wanders, searching for someone he knows will bring about his demise and yet, something within him compels him to keep on searching, for his heart has never been at peace in all that time.

AN: Please keep my friend in your thoughts. She is having a very difficult time and I cannot be with her at this point.

Who are you exactly?Collapse )

heloooo...i'm screaming write now.....so much emotion....from sad to overy joy...aaaaahhhhhh...!! changmin is here...he will help his lord and Taeja to answers many questions.....i love you so much

just last night i was hoping there would be an update and here you go posting one! OMG this was just so beautiful.

i finished watching goblin weeks ago but reading this makes me want to re-watch it again just to imagine yunho, jaejoong and now changmin in place of the main cast hahahaha

i'm still picturing yook sungjae as the alright until i read "mismatched eyes" and immediately i knew who it was! how you do these brilliant things when you write is just amazing and really, i have no words... no words to fully express me fangirling and amazing over you and your writing~

anyway, i can just imagine every scene in this chapter... yunho's and jaejoong's pain, jaejoong initiating that kiss, yunho getting flashes of his past but not quite remembering everything and the storm that raged over both their pain and confusion... and now with changmin who was 'possessed' by the almighty had made his appearance and by the almighty's will, remembered his past life... and just now had finally been reunited with his old friend and lord and his prince.

i am hoping that changmin will be able to explain everything. i have a feeling that jaejoong will definitely remember him because yunho already does... and there will be an explosion's worth of feelings afterwards.

can't wait to read your next update! ❤️️❤️️❤️️😆😆😆

They died for each other ;_; Jaejoong took the king at his word and he left Yunho the only way he could leave him. And Yunho allowed himself to be murdered to save Jaejoong. He didn’t even know Jaejoong was already gone. And then that wretched king used Jaejoong’s own sword to do it ;____;

Yunho’s grieving so hard, and then he blames himself for not being able to protect the prince when he did everything in his power to save him. He couldn’t have done more! How much worse would his grief be if knew that Jaejoong was already gone when he died? And not just gone, but that he’d killed himself to save Yunho?! :’(

I loved that Death Note reference. I can’t adequately describe how much I love that Jaejoong goes after the worst kinds of people. He does it with such ruthless style too. He’s every inch a king. The new facet to his lethal drive is so sad though. He wants God to intervene, he’s pushing and pushing and always he’s allowed to continue doing as he wills. He must feel so alone.

They are both so broken ;___;

No wonder Kim Shin escaped to Canada.

Changmin has Deok Hwa’s role! You made Changmin God’s vessel! Oh I am going to love this :D And the conversation between him and Samshin Halmeoni. I loved it, starting from how Changmin says they loved each other more than they loved him to when he asks if Samshin Halmeoni trusts him. And then in the next scene, when he says “God is always with me.” I laughed out loud.

Another thing I adore. Jaejoong’s wings. The tattoo was already cool enough, but real wings too?

I’m so glad that Jaejoong can call Yunho back. It’s my first hope for a happy ending (that and Changmin showing up ^^;)

Oh my gosh that entire last scene! When Changmin comes hurrying into Yunho’s office and calls him “My Lord” and then he bows down to Jaejoong! What a way to end a chapter! :D

I love this story. Thank you so much again ^^

I’ll keep praying for your friend.

Soooo beautifull... you know, when i get down or too stress out i usually go and read one of your fics... they always make me feell flufy and happy..
Thank u ☺

This is extremely amazing. Awesome to the Max! ♡

Owh please Changmin bring them together again.

when will chapter 6 be out? been waiting for it T_T


All I've been doing while reading this, yes is laughing at the progress of this story.

Poor Kim Shin, frozen in time to see that scene. So lewd, Just Jae. So lewd, Just Jung.

And then there's Changmin. Being the Almighty Chagmin. Of course, who else? All hail Lord Changmin! HAHAHA

I am digging this story. I haven't watched the drama but your take to this story is what will drive me to watch the drama aside from Gong Yoo, of course


I miss this story. I miss everything yunjae. 😢

Omg im sorry im late. I found this fic long ago but i was confused on the 1st chapter so i didn't read it. BUT NOW im glad im here again and decide to read this slowly eventho im suppose to be working right now lmao. This is so goooooood so beautifuuuuuul. You are such a talented author! Thank you for this.