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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Knowing Bros - random

IDK if you guys watch Knowing Bros or "Ask Us Anything". I had an accident this morning and hit my head so was convalescing against my will thanks to my husband forcefully removing me from my office. Apparently heading to work instead of the hospital as instructed by the doctor was a no-no.

ANYWAY, I was watching Knowing Bros - the SHINee episode and then the Kyuhyun episode when I dozed off. Of course I had a TVXQ related dream OTL

For those who don't watch Knowing Brothers, it is basically a high school setting, where the permanent MCs are the students of the school and the guests are the transfer students. It's a cable program so the jokes are more risque etc I believe and they have a free for all in terms of topics. For example scandals of members are all talked about. They made jokes about one of the cast member's problems with gambling and the drink driving issues plaguing Suju. Not directly, but as jokes. IDK how to explain if you don't watch it but Heechul is a main cast member and you know what his mouth is like so yeah...

Anyway so they get two new transfers from DBSK High School :D Usually in the show there's a bit of ribbing and teasing at the start and most guests don't get off lightly especially when they're male. For obvious reasons (all-male cast), the students prefer female students but it's Yunho and Changmin and Changmin especially knows the cast well as he was in Cool Kiz with Ho Dong and Soo Geun. The new transfers are basically welcomed like old school mates, Ho Dong exclaiming that these are not new transfers, they're old students just coming back. Possibly a reference to them coming back from the army too who knows. It's my dream and IDEK...

So there's a segment where the new transfers ask questions about themselves to the class and whoever gets it wrong gets hit with a toy hammer. Yunho goes first while Changmin takes a seat with the other students.

His first question was: What is my favourite type of girl?

There's a lot of noise of course with Changmin saying they're going to have clones camping at their door and haunting the SM building. A lot of general noise as the guys all guess. There are a couple of guesses and IDK what they were cos irrelevant hahahaha but they got hit. Then Heechul who has been quiet puts up his hand and says.


If anyone was expecting Yunho to hit Heechul, IT DIDN'T COME. YUNHO DID NOT HIT HEECHUL. It was noisy chaos and Changmin was busy laughing tbh. Yunho was just a little flabbergasted. The other cast kinda jumped in and started shouting answers and eventually the right answer is found but I couldn't tell you what it was nor did I care because...


Anyway, it happens again and again. No matter what question Yunho asks, the answer from Heechul is always...


Changmin was actually convulsing in laughter and Yunho was super flustered. And yet he never once hit Heechul. Changmin did kick the guy on his behalf probably but yeah.

And then...OFC cos it's my dream, a third transfer student suddenly arrives, a little late, a little frazzled, and a lot of gorgeous.

A blushing blond enters complete with uniform and cute little back pack and all hell breaks loose. Seriously the guys went wild. IDK what happened to Yunho or Changmin but all the students (except Heechul) stood up. Jang Hoon (the basketball guy, I probably got his name wrong but eh) was actually slackjawed. He kinda looks at Heechul and said "I thought you were pretty but..." and he visibly gulps. Like swallows hard.

Heechul being Heechul gets up all huffy and annoyed and goes to the lecturn where Yunho still is and who is at the moment totally and absolutely bewildered. He then plasters himself to Yunho the only way Heechul can and was all smug like PEOPLE USED TO MISTAKE ME FOR HIS GIRLFRIEND.

Bye bye blushing Jaejoong. Cat fight anyone?

Hahahaha ok maybe not quite a cat fight but Heechul is bodily moved by Jaejoong who gives him the stink eye and takes his place next to Yunho and...


Badum tiss.

That's all folks.

I dozed for like 15mins.



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I want to have those kind of dreams too...

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