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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Just Us [1/1]
Title: Just Us
Pairing: YunJae
Rating: PG-13
Length: Oneshot
Genre: non-AU
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story.

Summary: What is it about them that fans the fanciful and encourages the discouraged?

AN1: Guess which group of fans I belong to? Haha! Also, I hope the links work and they're the right thing OTL

AN2: Also Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers too. I probably should’ve written SB since it’s more appropriate but when you have a muse like Jaejoong…

Are you coming home?

Uncharacteristically, he does not wait for a reply, opening up the YouTube app on his phone, he starts to browse. He is in the middle of a video from nine years ago when a notification pops up.

Joongie-yah, I might be a little late…

Biting his bottom lip, he wrinkles his nose cutely, though there is no one to appreciate how adorable he looks in the semi-darkness of his apartment. Deciding not to reply, he continues watching the video, his eyes bright with interest, content to watch repetitions of the same scene over and over again. He has been stuck on this video for a good five minutes, because while he remembers the occasion, he did not realise that he was being watched.

Or rather, “checked out”.

There is no mistaking the head to toe glance, nor the rather self-satisfied smug look of the leader of DBSK after that.

Grinning to himself, he presses the replay button again and again and again.

On his seventh, maybe eighth replay, he is thwarted by another message.

Joongie??? (^-^)

He wrinkles his nose again, and instead of replying, he decides to watch the video one last time.


Chest to face. Check.

Smug smirk. Check.

“Why so smug when nine years later, you would rather hang out with your friends than me, huh?” he asks the darkness. There is no response of course and he grumbles quietly, shifting over to find another comfortable spot on the bed and another video. “That was really terribly obvious though. What was that look, Yunho-yah?”

He finds another one, another fancam from the same year but a month or so later. A rather long fancam compilation, and the quality is grainy, but there is enough for him to purr happily at the memories it brings back, smiling so hard his face hurts at certain points of the videos, blushing with pleasure at other moments and cooing at their crying maknae, touching the small screen of his phone with an automatic instinct that has not faded after over fifteen years, to try and offer comfort to their youngest.

That video he watches a fair few times as well, singing along to Taeyang’s Only Look At Me as he does. He remembers that event, and he definitely remembers the hug of the century when Yunho forgot himself for the moment, so happy that all he wanted was to hug him. His leader’s own instincts are at times his downfall, depending on where you are looking from. He feels a little flustered even now as he watches the hug being replayed from multiple angles, in slow motion, in even slower motion…

“How did she get so many shots from so many angles?” he asks the empty room, clicking the replay button yet again.

An hour passes, and then two.

He is well into his third hour when the door to the bedroom opens quietly, though so engrossed by the video he is watching, he does not notice.

Lying on his belly, his phone propped against a pillow, too tired now to hold up his phone as it is well past midnight, he is watching a rather short video. A mere sixteen seconds really.

Yunho digs into his pocket to bring out his phone. Opening the chat with the man in bed, he types out a message quietly.

What are you doing?

A phone beeps in the darkness, and surprisingly, an irritated huff sounds from the bed.

“What am I doing? I’m living vicariously, that’s what I’m doing.”

Yunho smothers a laugh when Jaejoong continues grumbling, flipping over onto his back to bring his phone up, thumbs flying over the keyboard.

The soldier would not need to read the message when his phone vibrates quietly in his pocket a minute later for Jaejoong had dictated the entire message as he typed it.

“I am lying in the dark waiting for you to come home and trying not to feel bad because you haven’t seen your friends in awhile but I haven’t seen you in awhile either and I want to see you. I’m not trying to guilt trip you! Don’t take it that way! Ok ok never mind ignore my message, you can stay out for as looooooooooong as you want. I’m ok, just lying here waiting. I’ll always lie here waiting. I’ll always wait for you, it’s ok. It’s only another month or so. 44 more days. Who’s counting? Not me…i’m not counting. Just come home when you’re ready. I love you.”

Clasping his phone to his chest, killing any light in the room for a brief moment, Jaejoong stares up at the darkened ceiling. He is feeling warm and fuzzy inside from all the videos. So many moments caught, and some moments he has never seen before despite living it himself. He sees them through the eyes of those watching and the truth of them is for all to see.

In fact, the truth of them is for him to see too.

Yunho stealing kisses from his bottle long before they ever admitted to being in love with each other.

Yunho rushing to help him while he was injured, he always thought he was just being a leader but the way Yunho holds him, it is not the same way he held Junsu when he was injured, if he even held Junsu in any way at the time. Jaejoong’s wrinkles his nose again and squeezes his eyes tightly, letting out a cute little happy sound.

Yunho’s habit of grabbing him; his hand, his arm, his waist.

That visit to their old apartment made him a little teary-eyed of a time lost that will likely never come about again, but the end of the video made him smile through his tears. Yunho, busy speaking to the camera, grabbed his hand and held onto it. Even watching it makes him feel warm inside all over again for there was no actual intent behind Yunho grabbing him. It is just a habit.

For better or worse, a habit that still exists even now despite Changmin’s constant complaints.

Yunho is even clingier now than he was back then and that is saying something. Jaejoong feels a little twinge in his chest. The reason for that is probably because 99% of their moments, save for that 1% at GFF 2015, are all in private moments witnessed only by their family. Yunho is an insanely tactile person and his favourite person to touch has always been Jaejoong.

He knows their fans used to have a saying.

”Look to Jaejoong for YunJae moments on camera, but off-camera, it is mostly Yunho.”

To be fair, he initiated a lot of off-camera moments as well, probably just as much if not more than his on-camera antics, but he knows what the fans meant. Yunho is careful on camera when he remembers himself, but off-camera, he sheds his leader hat and turns into another Yunho.

Jaejoong’s Yunho.

“I miss you,” he says quietly into the darkness, wishing Yunho would come home already.

“I miss you too.”

The ear-piercing shriek that follows that confession would have woken the dead.

Jaejoong almost knocks the bedside lamp off in his haste to try and get to it, and his colourful language and heartfelt grumbling as he seeks to calm his racing heart makes Yunho smile as he slides into bed fully clothed.

“You are a wretch.” Jaejoong cries, smacking the younger man in the darkness when he feels his body beside him. “I’m already older than you but I swear you just shortened my life by a decade. When did you come in?” He soothes the location he hits almost immediately, rubbing the man’s chest in small comforting concentric circles. Offering his face in the dark, he practically purrs when his cheek meets familiar lips and he is kissed lingeringly and affectionately, even if it is merely a cheek kiss that moves to the jaw and then to the ear where Yunho nuzzles him, kissing his piercings.

“I’m sorry for being so late,” the words are a caress against warm skin, heating it up further, yet bringing goosebumps to the fore, and Yunho smiles as he rubs Jaejoong’s arm. “What were you doing really? I came in about ten minutes ago but you didn’t notice.”

“You smell like smoke,” Jaejoong skips answering for the moment, turning his head to press his nose against Yunho’s still-cold cheek, the man’s rough stubble tickling his sensitive skin but he ignores it as he drapes himself over Yunho who is half reclined against the pillows. “You smell so good,” his voice breathy with exhalation. Kissing his own way up the other man’s jaw, he too finds an ear. “You also smell like perfume, why is that?”

“One of the girls decided to spray the air with it after they came back in from a smoke and I got caught in the crossfire.”

“I’m sure it smells better on you than it does on her,” Jaejoong grins in the darkness, burying his nose just under Yunho’s ear. “You still smell like you here though,” he nuzzles, burrowing his nose past the collar of Yunho’s turtleneck, pressing a soft kiss against the pulse that is beating there steadily, a little faster than the soldier’s resting heart rate for sure, but then it always tends to speed up just a tad when he is close, even after all these years.

“What do I smell like?” Yunho asks, shifting slightly and wrapping his arm around the smaller man’s shoulders as he rests comfortably back on the pillows, content to lie there as they are. He is a little buzzed from the tiny amount of alcohol he consumed, and he did have one cigarette, nothing in excess of course. Now that he has Jaejoong in his arms, he half wishes he had gotten home hours ago.

“Manly,” Jaejoong laughs when he gets a poke in the belly for his choice of words.

“In other words, I stink?”

“Never,” Jaejoong admits honestly, his hands roaming to find the hem of Yunho’s turtleneck. The couple move in sync, doing something they have done countless times before, and Yunho loses his turtleneck quickly enough with his help, though Jaejoong leaves the singlet underneath where it is for the time being. He too is in a similar wife-beater, and he snuggles against the man’s chest, wrapping his arm around the broader man and resting his head against his shoulder.

Yunho wraps both arms around the older man, squeezing briefly in a quick hug before taking Jaejoong’s hand, linking their fingers and placing it over his heart. “Don’t think I didn’t notice you evading my question. Were you watching porn or something?” he asks with a smile, knowing Jaejoong sometimes does that when he is bored. Apparently it’s something men do. Men like Jaejoong and Changmin anyway, their taste in porn actually quite similar, oddly enough.

In answer, Jaejoong pulls away for a moment, rummaging under the voluminous sheets, his hands search for his phone, even using his legs, flailing around the large bed trying to find the missing phone. He finds it on his second swipe to his left, making a pleased sound when he gets hold of it, and then moving back into place, snuggling on Yunho’s shoulder once again.

“Well, it might be porn to some I guess, but not the kind you mean,” he begins, flicking his phone expertly with one hand, finding the Youtube app before handing it to Yunho. “Here, look at the history and flick through it yourself. I’m curious to see what you think.”

“Of your porn?” Yunho’s tone is half joking, and gets a poke in the ribs and a nip to the bicep for his troubles. “Sexy YunJae?” his tone is a little aghast. “What have you been watching?”

“Just watch,” Jaejoong nudges, and Yunho obediently puts the video on.

Sexy YunJae

“It looks so much more suggestive in slow motion,” Yunho finally speaks after replaying the clip three times. He can feel warmth in his cheeks, seeing that through the eyes of their fans. “Way more suggestive. The moment itself was probably about three seconds long but expanded like that…”

Jaejoong turns to press a kiss against the nipple poking out from the under Yunho’s singlet. “Sixteen seconds of heaven,” he mouths against the chocolate peak that pebbles slowly as his breath hits it. “Sixteen seconds…what can I do to you in sixteen seconds?”

Yunho has pretty much stopped breathing, Jaejoong’s voice holds a touch of innocent curiosity that is ruined by exactly where his mouth is. The room is still dark, but the on-hiatus leader can see the singer’s face turned up towards him, features illuminated by the light from the phone, his large doe eyes sparking with a hint of mischief.

He flinches when a hand presses against the seam of his jeans and Jaejoong hums against his nipple before kissing the hard nub and slipping his hand upwards underneath the singlet to rub over the soldier’s lean torso. “How long more?”

“Probably not till after the march,” Yunho replies a little despondently.

“You’re still going?”

“It’s my last march with the guys.”

“It might be your last march ever.” Jaejoong replies, his tone a little sharper than normal. However, he drops it when he hears Yunho’s breath change. They have argued about this several times now, and he knows it does not help when they are at odds over this. Changmin is on his side against their leader for once, but Yunho can be stubborn and he is not going to pick a fight when there was not one to be had, over something they have already hashed out. He presses another kiss against the younger man’s chest, and he feels the tension ease from the taller man.

“Were you watching videos all night?” Yunho asks, scrolling through Jaejoong’s Youtube history. He brings the phone closer to his face, looking at the small thumbnails and the titles of the videos. “YunJae videos? Were you watching YunJae videos all night?”

“Maybe,” Jaejoong circles a nipple absentmindedly with his index finger. “You were really bad off-camera with your random hugs.”

“Show me,” Yunho tries to ignore that finger, but his body reacts anyway. His body has always reacted to Jaejoong’s nearness, sometimes more pronounced than others, but it will always react.

The singer pulls his hand away from underneath the singlet and flicks through the videos, selecting one and playing it.


“Were you trying to hide the fact that I was hugging you for no reason?”

“It wasn’t just me. Look at Yoochunnie and Changminnie.”

Yunho replays the video, watching the younger men move to shield them from the audience. He sighs quietly, replaying the video a couple more times, eyes only on Yoochun. It is clear he moves deliberately yet as casually as possible, only given away by the way he looks around to see if anyone noticed what was happening on stage.

“We were onstage and people were still watching…we weren’t in the apartment Yunho-yah…” Jaejoong’s voice is quiet, staring at the little screen, his eyes on the teenaged leader who just cannot seem to help himself.

“I remember upsetting you during that apartment visit. Do you remember?”

“How can I forget? There. Press that one, it’s almost towards the end of the video. Here it is,” Jaejoong quickly scrolls past everything. The memory of all of them together is a raw spot for both of them, even now, though it is much better than it used to be.

Apartment Visit

Yunho replays this one several times as well. Just the end.

“You really were upset, but I think it’s because of someone off screen rather than me,” he observes with a frown, replaying the bit yet again. Jaejoong’s change in expression was too sudden for it to be normal. “Look, you even held onto your own hand so I wouldn’t take it again.”

“Yeah, one of the staffers scowled pretty horribly. I didn’t tell you at the time because I know how you are. He was transferred to Super Junior soon after so there was no point anyway.”

“You should have told me,” Yunho presses another kiss to Jaejoong’s forehead.

“No,” Jaejoong shakes his head and curling into Yunho’s side even more, eyes drifting closed and kissing whatever random bit of bare skin his mouth finds. “I shouldn’t have. I made the decision as your hyung.”

“I’m the leader, Jaejoongie.”

“Yes, but can you say for sure that had you intervened then, it would be just as my leader?”

“I love you.”

Jaejoong sucks and licks at a bare patch of skin, replying with his mouth in other ways other than speaking, kissing the soldier. Silence in the room for a bit while Yunho continues to skip through Jaejoong’s history.

“How many of these videos did you watch? And more importantly, why are there even this many videos?”

“You’ve never searched for us on Youtube?”

Yunho shakes his head. “Not specifically, no. Sometimes I get directed to it off search sites, but I haven’t actually entered Y U N J A E into the search bar of Youtube.”

“Search sites? So you do search for us?” Jaejoong lifts his head like a kitten once something has caught its attention, eyes glittering in the semi-darkness. “When?”

The younger man shifts slightly as his lover is inadvertently pressing against a sore muscle, but he does not point it out, merely moving into a more comfortable position and turning his attention to the beautiful man.

“Not videos though. Those can be too long. I just searched for gifs or photos sometimes.”

“Really?” Jaejoong crawls up further to nuzzle his nose against Yunho’s ear. “You’re so cute.”

Yunho is glad for the darkness because he is 100% sure he is currently a rather embarrassing shade of red. Only Changmin knows what he does because he caught him once, back in 2010. Sometimes the maknae side-eyes him and makes a remark about him searching for things in the past when he has his present and future. Yunho does it not because it upsets him though, but rather because he likes every aspect of Jaejoong and how he reacts or behaves.

He does not watch Yunjae for them, but rather for Jaejoong.

“Yes, really. You wanna see?”

Jaejoong hums against Yunho’s ear, causing goosebumps which worsen when he licks up the curve of the man’s ear. “Sure…but can we lose the clothes because I think we will fall asleep soon.”

Yunho turns, kissing Jaejoong lightly on the mouth. “I think I’m safer if we’re clothed.”

“My big strong soldier needs protection from me?”

“Your power is absolute,” Yunho admits honestly.

“I promise not to do anything you don’t want me to do.”

“That right there is not going to work.”

“I know.”

“Please be good.”

“I’m always good to you,” Jaejoong’s tone is mildly amused.

“Too good. Be half good.”

“You want me to be half bad?” the coquettish note in his question is apparent, turning from amused to seductive in a heartbeat.

Yunho groans quietly, turning inward properly and laying on his side, ignoring the ache around his ribs, lifting a hand to cup Jaejoong’s face. He kisses the man softly, a tender kiss that deepens slowly, languidly, merely savouring the moment and the taste of that plush mouth against his own, tongue shy, content to mould the contours of his own cupid bow around the pillowy softness of Jaejoong’s mouth and tasting the sweetness of the other man. It is the kiss of a lover who knows he has all the time in the world to love the one in his arms. Unhurried and loving, it is a kiss to remind and a kiss to tame, his hold on Jaejoong is tender yet firm, his kiss telling the older man without words about what he wants and what he needs, nothing more and nothing less.

He captures the tiny sounds the singer makes, yearning, needy little sounds that make his heart beat faster yet it calms him because this is just them with no one else to observe or intrude. Intimate moments that may have been captured by accident on stealthy cameras all those years ago are but a droplet of the truly intimate moments they share.

Whether they are merely whispering, or exchanging a look from across a room or stage, their souls speak to each other, finding one another in the strangest of places and taken along for a ride neither of them would have ever predicted or been able to fathom.

And yet here they are, stronger than ever, bound so deeply that sometimes it is difficult to tell them apart, where one seamlessly melds with the other, just as their mouths are fused together, so are their hearts and souls.

Yunho’s free hand interlinks with Jaejoong’s, finding the other, their hands clasped.

His thumb strokes a cheekbone gently, and he feels wetness.

Leaning back, he gazes into wet doe eyes, the sheen of tears visible even in the low light.

“What’s the matter, baby?” he asks, dropping his head to kiss and lick at the saltiness. The love he feels for this man is indescribable and he would be content returning every day knowing that Jaejoong is not far. A deep chasm separated them a few years ago but a bridge was built, slowly but surely and that bridge is added to every single day. A brick of trust with the mortar of love, and their faith draws the two sides closer and maybe, just maybe, they will meet someday.

“When you kiss me like that…my heart aches.”

Yunho lifts their entwined hands up, pressing a kiss to the back of Jaejoong’s hand. “A good ache,” he states surely, not asking, because he knows how it feels for he feels the same.

“Yes,” Jaejoong nods, smiling softly as his tears dry. He turns their intertwined hands towards him and kisses the back of Yunho’s hand in mimicry of the younger man’s actions. “Now show me what Yunjaeness you look at when we aren’t together.”

Yunho chuckles and flips back onto his back, content when Jaejoong pauses for a moment before snuggling down carefully against his chest.

He finds the first one easily enough.

“Exactly how happy were you here?”

Jaejoong grins, stroking his own face on the screen. “That whole shoot made me happy.”

“It didn’t really work out the way it should, did it?”

“Blame the Making video they took behind the scenes. I think the drama was fine, debatable acting and all, but without all that additional material, I think it would’ve been fine but all the video just made it worse.”

“Better…worse…depends on who you’re asking I guess.”

“I saw the Making video for this earlier.”

Yunho groans. “Really? You mean those things are still alive online?”

Jaejoong takes the phone from Yunho, opening the Youtube app again and scrolling quickly through his history.

“Here,” he finds it and clicks on the video, showing it to Yunho. “I’m pretty sure the directors were all shippers. The cameramen were worse. If you’ve only seen the still shots from this, you’re in for a treat.”

“What do you mean?”

“Just watch,” Jaejoong chuckles. “At one point, the cameramen even zooms in on your long fingers wrapped around my ribs.”

“The carrying scene? I didn’t want to drop you.”

“I was standing on a chair and no danger of failing Yunho-yah…”

A brief beat of silence before Yunho grins. “That’s my story and I’m sticking to it,” he says before turning his attention back to the video.

Jaejoong flushes with pleasure at the memory and Yunho’s words, pressing his warm cheeks against Yunho’s chest. Any earlier sleepiness is gone, loving every waking moment he is spending with the man.

Making Film

Mid-way through, Yunho laughs. “You can actually hear the female staff cackling in the background. I think you’re right, they were way too amused by this and you and I were the sacrificial lambs.”

“I volunteer as tribute,” Jaejoong intones solemnly, making Yunho laugh again, kissing the top of the singer’s head and turning back to the video.

“Oh mo…I remember that. My heart almost stopped when you pulled down your shirt like that.”

“Oh?” Jaejoong tilts his head up to observe Yunho’s profile while the man continues to watch. “Why? You saw me topless all the time at home.”

“It was different,” Yunho admits, eyes on the video and laughing at himself. “Seriously, I was so flustered, look at that. That reminder about it being a drama was not for the people watching but rather for myself.”

“I already knew I liked you then too.”

“We were a pair, weren’t we? This shoot was just so crazy. I don’t know who turned red more often, you or I.”

“Just us,” Jaejoong nods, leaning up to kiss Yunho on the chin before snuggling back down. “It was just us. Our damn dongsaengs were too amused by half at our expense.”

“Not to mention the staff. That woman was cackling nonstop.”

“Who knows, maybe she wrote one of those famous YunJae fan fictions.”

“Do you still read them?”


Yunho hits the pause button and drops the phone face up on his chest for a moment. “Really? People still write?”

“Not as much as before, but I just discovered a whole new bunch of stories and it’s taking me absolutely forever to get through them but it’s ok. I’m pretending I’m studying.”

“What do you mean?”

“They’re in English.”

“You’re reading English fan fiction?” Yunho asks in surprise. Jaejoong and Junsu were probably the most resistant to learning English out of the five of them. Junsu primarily because Yoochun and Changmin used to tease him mercilessly about it, while Jaejoong was just insecure in general and found it difficult to overcome it.

Jaejoong nods enthusiastically, sitting up and crossing his legs next to Yunho. He runs a hand up and down the soldier’s torso as he speaks.

“Yes. One day I decided why not so I went looking for some.”


“They’re interesting. Not as flowery like the ones in Korean but it’s easy enough for me to understand though some of the sex bits leave me scratching my head wondering what the heck is going on.”

“You—you’re reading rated English fan fiction?” Yunho is a little flummoxed.

Jaejoong’s laughter is a little husky. “You should know by now those are the ones I always look for first.”

Yunho knows he is probably crimson. Seriously, both Changmin and Jaejoong are a real pair. One with his videos and the other with videos and fan fiction in three languages now!

“What on earth do I do with you?”

“Love me,” Jaejoong replies simply, leaning forward to press a kiss against Yunho’s cheek. “Now finish the video so I can go and make us something to eat. I heard your tummy rumbling earlier.”

“It’s almost two. We should probably go to bed.”

“I’m not sleepy. Are you sleepy?”

“No,” Yunho admits and he brings the phone up again as Jaejoong snuggles once again against his side. “Ah, the red telephone booth. Such a Yunjae landmark.”

“You know, I think they called out cut just randomly to have us repeat the scenes.”

“How did we manage to keep straight faces, I don’t even know. My heart was racing so hard I thought it was going to leap out of my chest.”

“I know I died a few times,” Jaejoong closes his eyes nosing Yunho’s jawline. “And some of it was all captured in that video. I wonder if you can find them.”

“You were staring at my mouth,” Yunho’s words hold a hint of a smirk.

“You were so fucking close,” Jaejoong has watched the video enough times to know what the other is talking about.

“And then I got even closer,” Yunho laughs at another scene a few seconds later. “What was I thinking?”

“That you totally had a crush on me and you wanted to kiss me,” Jaejoong murmurs sotto voce with a smile.

“Maybe,” Yunho allows, continuing to watch the video. “Was it really funny or were you just dying inside?”

“Dead, totally dead,” Jaejoong laughs. “Absolutely dead.”

“Yah, that noona was really too much. Look at her instructing us then laughing. She totally knew how this was going to look.”

“I was so distracted thinking about the coming hug I forgot my lines.”

“I think I’ll call that the hug of the century.”

“That’s the MKMF hug.”

“Maybe for you, but your face which I couldn’t see during filming makes this the hug of the century for me. Why do you think I love looking at that gif?”

“Silly man.”

“Pabo-yah!” Yunho laughs affectionately, still watching as he squeezes Jaejoong closer against his side. “You were so adorable.”


“You’re not as cute now. Look at that innocent face.”

“So innocence is cute?”

“On you, it is, but it’s ok, you’re still innocent. Just not that innocent— Yahhhhhhh,” Yunho’s attention is fully on the video. “Jaejoongah…Jaejoongah…how come you don’t react like that anymore? Jaejoongah?” The soldier imitates his younger self.

Jaejoong sits up and leans back to switch on the bedside lamp.

The two idols blink in the light, but when Yunho finally gets his vision back properly from the sudden brightness, he is faced with an adorable pouty blond.

“Try it again,” Jaejoong asks quietly, his voice husky.

“Jaejoongah…” Yunho’s voice is low, a little gravelly to suit the time of night, marvelling at the beauty before him.

A beauty lowering his lashes, the colour riding high in his cheeks now at Yunho’s simple call.

Yunho sits up, “Jaejoongah…”

The bloom of colour intensifies and Yunho’s heart skips a beat. He picks up Jaejoong’s hand and places it against the thudding of his heart. There is only the skimpy wifebeater between Jaejoong’s hand and his skin now, unlike the filming, and he knows the other man can probably really feel his heart beating, his pulse quickening with every second.

A tiny smile tugs at Jaejoong’s mouth as he feels Yunho’s heart beating beneath his palm. He raises his gaze and locks eyes with Yunho, a memory of the first time he had placed his ear against Yunho’s racing heart, ignoring the sweaty skin, a time long past sends a shiver up his spine, his nipples tightening at the memory and the feelings it evokes, feeling a stir in his boxers.

“Inside me…there is you,” Yunho says the cheesy line as seriously as only he can say it.

Unfortunately for him, Jaejoong’s mind had slipped into the gutter about half a second ago.

Adorable and shy Jaejoong transforms into the older more worldly man that he is now. The smirk that graces his lips is absolutely devastating, the effect compounded by the wicked gleam in his eye as he leans forward, his lips grazing Yunho’s bare ear lobe.

“Tonight? Is that a promise?”

Yunho freezes, his breath caught in his chest for a few seconds before expelling it explosively, this time it is he who is blushing as Jaejoong’s broken laughter rings around the room.

Leaning back and away from the singer, he grabs a pillow and covers his face to stem the heat.

How did things escalate so quickly?

Light fingers dance up his chest and he squirms beneath them, his groan heartfelt as he feels the pull of his injured body, and a more insistent pull in his groin as his cock fills unnervingly fast.

He knows which pull he has to listen to but he’ll be damned if he can control the other pull.

The pillow is tugged away and all he sees is his naughty angel smirking down on him.

“You asked for that,” Jaejoong chuckles, kissing Yunho’s mouth. “It was an open invitation,” he kisses the man again, tongue slipping out for a teasing lick. “I love you, baby so I won’t torture you any more,” he says, as he takes yet another kiss, a more lingering one from his more dominant position, pressing his mouth harder and deeper against Yunho’s who opens his mouth so agreeably, the soldier’s hand automatically cupping the hardness between his thighs, the access easy with him kneeling by his side, causing Jaejoong to choke and pull back. “Yunho-yah!”

“Sorry,” Yunho apologises, pulling his hand back but wearing his own little smirk now.

“You’re not sorry,” Jaejoong declares, but he is smiling. “And just for that, you’re going to get simple ramyun.”

Simple is never simple with Jaejoong and after having something akin to a crab plastered to his back as he makes his way around the kitchen, the couple finally settle down to their supper at close to three in the morning, six chairs at the dining table but only one of it is occupied.

One bowl between two.

And lots of laughter as they continue watching more videos.

YunJae playing

“Do you remember what you were thinking here?”

Yunho is laughing, hugging Jaejoong tightly around the waist, he kisses a shoulder before replying. “I honestly cannot remember but I was absolutely checking you out.”

“And looking really smug about it too.”

“How could I not be? I’m dating the biggest hearted man I’ve ever known.”

Jaejoong hums, replaying the video again. “You could’ve fooled me. I swear you were remembering how you got laid the night before.”

“Maybe that too.”

More laughter as Jaejoong smacks the younger man lightly across the shoulders before feeding him some seafood from the kimchi noodle stew he made. Nothing by halves for his Yunho no matter what he says.

“What about this one then? I’m curious to know what you were doing since I think this was probably long before we ever admitted anything to each other.”

Stealing a kiss?

Yunho watches quietly, eyes on a very young Jaejoong. His eyes never leave the man, so he misses the point of the video altogether. “Anyone would fall in love with you there. Anyone.”

Jaejoong rubs Yunho’s scalp absentmindedly as he replays the video again. “I think this was when they couldn’t decide if the visual needed to be masculine or feminine and which would appeal more. It would be easier to explain I guess why you kept hugging me if I looked like a girl.”

“You are just you. We are just us. There’s no need to explain anything to anyone.”

Jaejoong smiles, turning towards the man whose lap he is using as his chair and presses a warm kiss against the other’s mouth. “You are such a romantic at three in the morning.”

“What about at three in the afternoon?”

“Ask me later at three.”

“I’ll still be just your Yunho.”

“And I’ll still be just your Jaejoong.”

“And we will still be just us.”

Their hands link, matching rings clinking against each other.

AN1: Yes, so I had an ulterior motive when I asked you guys to post me your favourite YunJae moments :D Funny thing is, more of you retweeted my tweet than replied to it. I’m sorry it took this long to finally getting round to writing something I thought of a few weeks ago but hey, better late than never :D

AN2: This was set just before he left for Hong Kong where the dress code theme was apparently YunJae :P

AN3: Also, if you haven’t guessed, I’m from the first group of fans in my summary :D

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The thought of Yunho and Jaejoong watching yunjae videos together is just so cute hahaha I love it xD Jaejoong definitely would lol and reading English fics? I don't see why not xD we know he reads yunjae! Haha but anyway, this was really sweet and nostalgic<3 I have so many favorite moments I can never decide between them😂

Thanks for sharing!❤

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