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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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Sleeping Beauty
Since mother's day was yesterday I really should have written SB and now i'm feeling pangs lol so maybe you guys can help :D

Poll #2065314 Which drabble/oneshot next?

Choose as many as you want...

Kids only
YunJae + 5 kids
YunJae + 7 kids
YunJae + 1 individual kid
YunJae + girls
YunJae + boys
Boys only
Girls only
YunJae only
Outtake from original SB setting
Older kids (married etc)
Other (see next question)


I chose an SB option
Current non-AU
Past non-AU
Future non-AU
Finish Goblin juseyo :D
Update something else
I'm here for HoMin not YunJae darn your muse

I haven't read SB in ages and yesterday on twitter, thanks to some conversations, I randomly started reading chapter 5 and wow I really missed random runaway train Jaejoong and bemused Yunho who cannot help but just go along with the hurricane his nanny/manny/tanny is :D

I'm looking for inspiration again because the last SB oneshot was over a year ago and it was the AU! So if it's not too much trouble, can you leave a comment with your favourite oneshot / drabble / chapter (for my sanity, please pick ONE) and tell me why it's your favourite so I can rediscover this verse through your eyes and hopefully be able to write something in the not too distant future ;;

Goblin please waiting for it everyday

Hehe I actually have 4,000 words written but I need to get into the right space in my head to continue. Don't worry, it will be happening :)

I would like for you to finish Goblin but since you are clearly in an SB mood so I chose that instead. I feel kinda bad picking this since it's Mother's Day and all but since you asked my fav SB one shot ... it's And This Is How It Starts. No children tho. Huhu. The oneshot summarized Jaejoong and Yunho characteristics and relationships pretty well. And Jaejoong is tooooo adorable!!! That's the main reason :)

Nah don't worry about it. I write first and foremost for YunJae not the kids anyway. Was this the one where they first met? 3yr old Joongie and highschooler Yunnie?

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it so hard to choose which ones i love the most becoz i love all SB related stories~ but if i have to choose one, i love My Family the most~i love how each one of them describe their love ones. but the icing is Minnie ball part. I keep imagining how minnie would look like while writing the assgmnt~

Hope my comment can inspire you in writing

P/s: sorry for grammatical error. English is not my first language~

He would look very serious and write while biting his lower lip and he'd stare into space while thinking and then continue writing...maybe chew on the back of his pencil too and then frown when he realises he's having difficulty doing his assignment the way he was asked :D

I literally can't remember what he said tbh but I think he didn't want to write about just one member? Oh man ok I need to go re-read!

It's hard to pick favorite when everything from SB is like more precious than any diamond to me. Though I'll say "We can't take the Jungs out anywhere" & "Turbulence" are a lil' more favorite to me? 😁 The dynamics between the children & YunJae always surprises me as the bonds in my family are well shakey as hell. 😅
And that Yunho & Su part in "Jung Heirs" is unforgettable. I maybe loose my memory but i think that part can't be erased from my mind. Just that whole father-son interaction cut me deep.
Especially this pic
no title

Awwwww damn it. Su is a hidden gem in SB for me tbh... He's often overlooked and maybe easily forgotten in light of his younger brother especially but he shines so brightly for me ;; Thanks for reminding me.

homin please! trophy changmin is the best!

Lol, I had a bit of help from nickianon so who knows...

I pick YunJae + 9 kids ^^
No, I am not giving up on you including the youngest twins some day ;)

Hahahahahaha that wasn't an option! And you're here for HoMin huh? :D

yunjae and the 2nd twin boys or #liti

What second twin boys? *innocent*

i fucking love SB but now i'm here for HOMIN juseyoooooooooo!!!!!!

fav SB oneshot was and still is "ROCK STAR"
hot rockstar ahjussi ;-)

Hahahaha Trophy Wife or nonAu? :D

Hahaha I'm with Suman xD I was just reading Sick 2.0 and thinking the same thing lol

I still can't pick a favorite part of SB... I really loved chapter 5 too haha. Hmm, the part where they visit Jaejoong's family, at the end of chapter 12 is cute too. Yunjae in their own world with baby Jiyool<3 I need to reread it all, it's been a while xD

I miss SB. I have reread everything including the one shot more than 4 times. One of my favorites will be Daddy(?), when yh took the twin girls to jeju for work when they were just 6 months. The last part where yh had to deal with his children was nice and like parenting 101😊

I missed runaway train Jaejoong too. My favorites are the We Can't Take the Jungs Anywhere, Rock Star. Although the early chapters with Jaejoong doing as he pleases and Yunho just going along with the force of nature that is Jaejoong are pretty highly ranked too. Mostly because of that reason. I love how Yunho just can't help but to follow along Jaejoong's whims.

Your first choice seems to be a common favourite. I've seen it mentioned more than a few times. I just re-read both that and chapter 5...just imagining Yunho giving the oblivious teenager looks because he is hand feeding him kimbap...

Of course my fav "we can't take jungs out"... When their family is complete and little minnie is there

He is adorable isn't he ;;

i'm actually reading SB again right now haha. may fave chapter at this moment would be chapter 5. because i just love tornado!jaejoong and how he went all mama bear on that woman. favorite one-shot would probably be "For the First Time..." 😊😊😊

Lol I just re-read chapter 5. Seriously that boy is amazing ;; My favourite part wasn't where he went mama bear tbh cos I kinda did a bit of a fade to black and didn't go into enough detail for my own self about what happened there. However, I did enjoy Jung in the supermarket... Jung-ssi ahaha Kim Jaejoong, he's Jung. And how Yunho crowded him and made it look like they're together and Jaejoong innocently just went with it ;;

Nikki taking our convo last night into consideration ..... I am so happy. Was in full fan girl mode last night talking to my fave author about my fave story. What can I say .... so chapter 5 is still my fave chapter due to JJ dissing that mean woman protecting YH & the whole thing about the supermarket time. The thing about YH putting his hand on JJ back in front of the supervisor ... I couldn't stop squealing. Adding the one where JJ was in a huff because YH said he was stinky & when he bites into the kimbab & offer the other half to YH ...... these are really heaven.
Also supporting Suman and Carissa ..... I am still dreaming about them having Yunjae & Jaeyun 😻😻

Lol yes :D OH MY GOD I LOLED AT THAT STINKY PART. Ok sorry for the caps but seriously it was too damn funny it was killing me.

La la la Suman and Carissa are talking about sth that doesn't exist :D

Yazzzzzz niki! Pls muse go knock n bother ma favs author! Hahhahah, i'd love to rean yunjae, since both characters of love r just beyooooond any of ur fics i feel. But i miss all those brats, esp minnieball! So looking forward to have new drabbles turn to be one shot yet turn to be 2 or 3 or 4 shots! U know ur SB is very addictivr, right? Love ya n happy mother days Nik! ;)

Awwww thank you and I need them to be addictive to me again so I can write heh.