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All skin and no shame

...innocence is just an illusion...

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[18a] Embracing the Intangible
Title: Embracing the Intangible
Series: The Trophy Wife
Pairing: HoMin
Rating: PG-13
Length: One-shot in two parts
Genre: AU, mpreg
Disclaimer: I don't own anything apart from the story. Please don't kill me.

Summary: The words have been exchanged many times now, but as the young supermodel finally realises, it is the actions that have always spoken loud and clear…they just hadn’t been listening.

AN1: There’s a scene in here that is set in Picture Perfect if you need to read that first but it’s more of a flashback so you don’t really need to if you don’t want to :) I chose that drabble because nickianon told me it’s one of her favourites cos she likes “work environments”. She’s weird :P

AN2: I am super duper rusty. Super rusty. I haven’t written Trophy Wife in an insanely long time so please forgive any mistakes.

“Are you sure you don’t want me to fly over? I can manage the girls just fine on the plane. It was only meant to be two days but if you’re not going to be back till the end of the week then I should have come with you as I always have.”

Yunho chuckles at his irate sounding wife. “Changmin-ah, this is one of those trips when I’m out of the apartment before dawn, and back home around midnight. I recall a fair few occasions when you had made your displeasure very clear about being carted around for no good reason except to sit and stare at the walls of an empty apartment till I got home. I remember how I’d wake to you still asleep with your back to me and return home to you sound asleep, with your back turned away from my side of the bed. I’d rather not have any repeats of that if I can help it.”

Changmin makes an annoyed clicking sound with his tongue, knowing exactly what Yunho is referring to and knowing full well that he does dislike being left in an empty apartment. However, he loathes being apart from Yunho even less now and one upset stomach and two sleepless nights already and he’s just all round cranky as heck.

“Can’t you bring them here?”

Yunho chuckles warmly, leaning back in his office chair and staring out at a different skyline to what he is used to, cradling his phone close because if he could nuzzle Changmin’s ear right then, he would. The petulant tone in his wife’s voice is something more characteristic of the young man’s best friend, but in the past week, Changmin has been, for want of a better word, clingy.

Not that Yunho is complaining of course. He rather enjoys this different facet of his wife. More than half his married life so far he’s always wondered if Changmin actually needed him. The younger male keeps his own counsel and wrestles with his own demons, only choosing to share of his own accord which is extremely rare. He never hesitates to vocalise displeasure or anger but if anything truly troubles the twenty-one year old, more often than not, Yunho is the last, if not the only one to know. Not even Jaejoong is privy to much of what goes on in that genius-level mind of the young supermodel who, if what they suspect is true, will need to put a halt to his activities once again in a fair few months.

While the way in which Changmin had informed him of his two pregnancies did not have much between them - “I’m pregnant you fucking idiot” the first time and “I do think I’m pregnant you fucking idiot” the second time, it is what follows that show a marked contrast in their relationship.

When pregnant with the twins, Changmin had pulled a fast one on the Jung mogul, insinuating that the older man needed a handbook to make love to his pregnant wife, and Yunho had actually fallen for it. In the weeks and months that followed, they had huge fights which ultimately led to the then teenager running away and disappearing for a month and divorce papers being filed, and everything culminating in a rather unfortunate public incident that people to this day still talk about that involved the police daring to engage them in their home in Seoul to investigate allegations of spousal abuse.

The fiery supermodel has been anything but a repeat of his teenaged self. The insecurity that coloured a lot of his wife’s actions in the first two years of their marriage has been replaced by a willingness to test his limits beyond that of the bedroom.

He now asks his husband outright about things and vocalises his thoughts and wants rather than dropping hints and hoping the man understands and then getting upset when it does not go the way he expects.

Yunho has never claimed to be anything but a simple man, and not having to decipher mood swings has definitely been one of the positives. Of course, the enigmatic younger man does not offer to show his hand all the time, but he shows enough that it means the Jung mogul does not trip up as much as he used to.

“I’m meeting with three different companies, love. It’s a little unreasonable to expect over twenty people to go to Seoul to meet me when I can fly myself here. They have families too.”

“And it’s not unreasonable to leave me alone here?”

Yunho pinches the bridge of his nose, while pressing his phone closer to his ear. “Changdola, baby we talked about this and you were ok with me going. How can I fix this for you?”

“Don’t call me baby,” comes the automatic knee-jerk response, Changmin bending over as a sharp twinge in his gut makes his breath hitch and his words come out a little breathless. “You don’t need to fix anything. I just miss you, ok? Is that what you wanted to hear, old man?”

“Only if it’s the truth,” Yunho smiles into the phone when all he gets is an answering grumble about old men who don’t know that they have a good thing. “And I know I have a good thing, which is why you’re in Seoul and I’m in Tokyo because it’s a lot warmer here at the moment for some reason and you’re going to be uncomfortable. I’d rather not be blamed for bringing you to weather you want to strip in.”

“You mean you’d rather not have to deal with your crazed imagination that the entire city is staring at my legs while I wear itty bitty shorts,” Changmin accuses, not actually that far off the mark as he knows his husband very well. Possessive fuck that he is, it has not waned all that much despite his avowals of trust, love and all that. It is bad enough that his twin girls have adopted this possessive trait from their father and woe to anyone who tries to get between them and their mama without their by-your-leave.

The Jung CEO lets out a sharp bark of laughter at the level of disgruntlement in his wife’s voice for he truly is right. The idea of having to deal with the supermodel running loose in the streets of Tokyo while he is stuck in his office is not exactly a joyful contemplation either.

“Love, you also just started classes. You can’t miss a week of school, can you?”

Changmin growls. He actually growls into the phone as his back twinges and he feels sick again as he stretches out on the bed. Ignoring his body’s aches and pains, he starts ranting about his classes.

Yunho gives his watch a cursory glance, typing a memo to his secretary outside to hold all appointments for the next half an hour. It truly is the very least he can do for his wife who hates the Economics class Yunho had talked him into taking. Each sentence is punctuated by a choice swear word and by the time he has finished complaining about his boring professor, Yunho’s Japanese vocabulary in swear words has improved for as always, when angry or truly aggravated, Changmin tends to switch to Japanese out of habit.


The ceilings have annoying posters about pre-natal care. He has been in this chair enough times and has complained to Dr. Eri enough times that all she does now when he complains about them is to roll her eyes, not even bothering to respond anymore.

This time however, he is silent. Alone in the room, staring up at the posters encouraging and teaching the various parents-to-be on what to do to ensure a healthy pregnancy and baby, he feels numb. The crook of his arm is still smarting from the blood test his doctor had ordered the nurse to take while he was lying right there on his back, her voice wavering just ever so slightly that had he not been paying attention to her furtiveness, he would have missed it.

Dr. Eri had been with him less than five minutes ago. He had insisted on coming in to confirm the pregnancy just as a precaution because he had been feeling weird since Sunday when Yunho left for Japan, and it cannot be solely attributable to the fact that Yunho has been away and he has not been able to sleep properly for three nights. He had tried to call Yunho three times that morning to tell him he was going to see his OB/GYN but the calls always ran unanswered and in a fit of pique, Changmin had decided to go ahead with it anyway.

He had considered asking Jaejoong to come along the way he had come with him when he had first gone to the doctor to confirm his pregnancy back in 2012, but at the last moment, decided against it. He may be annoyed with Yunho for not answering his phone, but he won’t replace his presence just to spite him.

And so he is there alone.

Staring up at the shockingly colourful and borderline educational posters.

Seeing nothing except the bright fluorescent lights and staring at them till his eyes water, refusing to blink.

He hears the door opening quietly, and the whispered words of a male and female voice.

Turning his head, he sees Dr. Eri and her husband Dr. Kim, and also Jaejoong’s OB/GYN.

“Do you mind if I take a look?” Dr. Kim Junsu asks the pale model. His wife had been in tears when she barged into his office, inordinately attached to her patient, and it had taken him a good few minutes to calm her down and remind her of her profession and her obligations. Younger than him by a fair few years, she still takes things more personally than she should. The blood test had showed what she suspected, and as the senior doctor, he had confirmed it for her.

Changmin shrugs, still staring up at the ceiling, refusing to meet the kind teardrop eyes of Jaejoong’s doctor. He likes both Kims and trusts them implicitly. However, he cannot help but feel let down once again. It is a feeling he never wanted repeated, and yet here he is. What has he done in his short life that was so wrong to have this happen to him not once, but twice.

He knew something was wrong when she had ordered the blood test, and he knows those blood tests take about as long as she was away, to come back with a 99.9% verdict of positive or negative. Why would his doctor need a blood test when the scan should show her what she needs to see?

The gel is cool against his heated skin, but he does not feel it. It moves gently over his flat abdomen, pausing in several places as if in contemplation.

He barely feels anything, still staring up at the ceiling.

“Changmin-ssi…is your husband coming soon?” Dr. Kim asks quietly. His wife tugs at his arm and shakes her head, her eyes once again filling with tears and he pauses long enough to brush away a stray tear that loses it’s fight with gravity.

The supermodel finally turns to gaze into the doctor’s eyes, and the male Dr. Kim cannot help but feel the same ache his wife is feeling for her patient.

This is an occurrence that happens many times and they have seen more than their fare share of it, but the wealth of pain swimming in those large shimmering brown eyes is so stark, the emotion so naked that he feels like he needs to do all he can to help the young man through it. He sees the clenched jaw, and knows that the supermodel is holding on by a very thin thread. Letting go is what he always advises his patients, but he knows his advice here would fall on deaf ears.

This young man isn’t just anyone’s wife.

He is Jung Yunho’s wife.

Having been given the opportunity to get to know both the Parks and the Jungs quite well outside their professional interactions, he knows that the supermodel would rather die than have anyone comment or acknowledge his state. This is the trophy wife that stood proudly by his husband on New Year’s Eve and bore through hours of labour pains without anyone the wiser. Even in hospital, he remembers Eri recounting how Changmin would only swear his head off at his husband once everyone left the room, and only she was present.

The head of Jung Corporation International should be proud of his perfect trophy wife

But perfection like this comes at a price and he can see the young man paying that price, the depth of the pain he can see in the patient’s bambi eyes as he knows the husband likes to refer to them as when feeling particularly affectionate, is testimony to a soul used to keeping his pain to himself. He even hazards a guess that no matter how close this young man is to his own patient Park Jaejoong, that Jaejoong himself is not completely privy to all of that pain.

Save for a split second loss of control many moons ago, Jung Changmin rarely gives away any type of major emotion that would render him, or by extension his husband, vulnerable. He hides behind an easy veil of cold, haughty displeasure that most have come to associate with the supermodel unless he is with his husband or children, for he is very different when he is with his family.

And as if on cue, realising that the doctor may be seeing more than he should, the supermodel sits up, shutters coming down over his eyes and while he cannot conceal the acute pain he feels, he smothers it with his natural defence of being snarky and difficult.

“Are you done?” he snaps, voice cold and a little rude, reaching for a paper towel to swipe his torso clean before buttoning up his shirt. He moves to stand but Dr. Eri steps round from behind her husband and puts a hand on his shoulder and stays him.

“Changmin-ssi…we can arrange for you to talk to someone.”

“There’s nothing to talk about,” he replies curtly, staring at his doctor, noting the red nose and her red-rimmed eyes but not seeing it all the same. He feels empty.

“You…you need to take some medication to make sure the process…” the doctor falters as glittering pools of belligerence turn towards her.

“It’s past 10 weeks, you need to take some medication so you don’t fall ill.” Her husband inserts smoothly and firmly, seeing the growing misdirected anger at his wife. He will step in if Changmin gets nasty, but he does not think the supermodel will be. However, in the state he is in, he knows he cannot predict the young man’s actions and in a way, he cannot really blame him for them either. “I am truly sorry, Changmin-ssi. This was not your fault,” his tone softens considerably because he is speaking the truth and he needs the supermodel to know that. The evidence is on the screen. Some fertilisations simply become unviable and do not continue to form, and in the case before him, it was a textbook version of this natural unviability. “It stopped forming over a week ago. This is nature’s way, Changmin-ssi. Neither Eri nor myself could have stopped this, let alone you. This isn’t your fault,” the doctor reiterates, sighing inwardly as he glances at his worried wife, for both of them know this is likely falling on deaf ears.

Changmin closes his eyes, takes a deep cleansing breath to calm himself, hearing the words, processing them, and he has not fully decided whether to accept or reject them. It is too much for him to consider or think about and all he can see in his mind is Yunho. Flabbergasted, then overjoyed, when he blurted out his suspicions at a photoshoot a few weeks ago.

”Your sunnies are on your head and you forgot to turn the camera off. What’s wrong with you today?” Yunho asks half-teasingly, flicking the camera his wife has just handed him off before shouldering the strap. His eyes are not on the supermodel but rather on their children, currently the centre of attention as photographers, stylists, set directors even, try to coax the twins into interacting with them. Both girls had thrown glances over their shoulders several times as if reassuring themselves that their parents are there, before they start taking their pick of the various bribes being offered to them.

If Yunho had paused to ask Changmin, the fresh young twenty-one year old would have scoffed at his silly thoughts of reassurance and point out that their daughters were actually checking if their parents were watching to see if they can sneakily take contraband items like chocolates and choco pie. He has seen them do this several times before, usually in relation to parameters he has set for them, and their natural urge to test their boundaries. Just yesterday, he had put on a baby show for them to watch while he checked out the university website on what courses he may like to take in the new semester. He had told both girls in no uncertain terms that if they went past the coffee table, their three metre cut off line, the television would be switched off.

Unbeknownst to the twins, their mama had a nanny cam set on both of them, and Changmin could watch them easily through a small screen in the corner of his laptop without actually needing to look at his girls directly.

The twins inch closer and closer to the end of the coffee table, both throwing glances over their shoulders in his direction with every second step. Finally at the very end of the table, they had thrown a last look at their seemingly oblivious mama, before looking at each other, and then darting straight for the television, into the no-go zone their parent had set. They did not even try to be quiet about it, so gleeful at having bested their mama, both girls so close to the television that they can put their tiny little palms on the screen as they pet and coo at the colourful characters that so enamour them.

Changmin did not know whether to laugh or cry at his daughters’ audacity. He knows for sure they understood his instructions and knows again for sure that they had done this on purpose. He clicks the television off, and both girls immediately pull their hands away. Neither look in his direction, running their palms over the television console as they nonchalantly saunter away as if they hadn’t been up to any mischief.

These are Jung Yunho’s daughters.

Precious little brats with the combined intelligence of their parents and the devastating advantage of their looks.

The supermodel is not quite the dragon parent most people would assume he would be for he too has a soft spot for choco pie, but the fallout from the sugar overload can be quite cataclysmic. They definitely know what they are doing alright and if Yunho thinks they are just little angels seeking reassurance from him, then he can deal with the sugar fallout.

Changmin scowls at his husband, taking his shades and placing them on his nose even though they are currently indoors. The hook of one of the arms is a little sticky from one of the twins chewing on it, but he does not care. After being puked on, pooped on and peed on more times than he cares to remember, a little saliva isn’t going to kill him.

His scowl turns into a slight smile as he recalls the short period a few weeks ago when Yoona decided clothes were a little too constricting and she preferred going bare assed everywhere. Where the connection that linked to his current thoughts is anyone’s guess but Changmin has been having a devil of a time keeping things straight in his head.

Baby brain…his mind whispers to him and his smile flicks back into a scowl.

Yunho, unaware of the incoming danger, blithely goes on.

“And yesterday? You took my Audi keys and couldn’t figure out why your Panamera wouldn’t open. Of course it wouldn’t open! The two keys don’t even look remotely similar. Oh Changdola, what is wrong with you?” Yunho chuckles to himself, his eyes still on his daughters. “You know…it reminds me a little of when you were pregnant with the girls, remember that?” He continues on, not waiting for an answer. “Actually, if I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were pregnant again.” He finally pauses to glance at his wife, but not at his face but rather his ultra flat belly hidden behind his clothes. Reaching out, he pats his wife’s belly reassuringly. “I know it can’t be that because you were pretty big when you lost your marbles,” Yunho finally turns his gaze to his wife’s face, an impish grin on his face to show he is only teasing the beautiful supermodel.

“You are such an idiot,” Changmin growls under his breath, loud enough for his husband to hear but not enough for anyone else to. “I do think I’m pregnant you fucking idiot.”

To say the old man was gobsmacked might have been an understatement. Impish grin makes way for pure unadulterated shock, complete with slackened jaw and boggled eyes, before the smile of all smiles breaks across the handsome face of Jung Yunho.

Sweeping his annoyed wife up in an exuberant hug, Yunho practically threw the lanky model over his shoulder as he made a beeline for his dressing room to…celebrate.

Minah and Yoona are quite accustomed to their parents’ rather free attitude towards public displays of affection, having witnessed more than their fair share, but that little seed of guilt at having been naughty is stuck in their minds, and to the shock of the ones bribing them, both girls throw their loot back at their audience and get up, chasing and calling after their parents, following the trail of their papa’s overjoyed laughter.

The supermodel stands, drawing himself up to his full height. He pulls out the sunglasses from his shirt pocket and puts them on before opening his eyes again, feeling the security the dark shades give him as they hide him from the world. He does not turn to look at either doctor, facing the closed door instead and focusing on his freedom.

“I don’t want the medication because one of the side effects is to make the next one easier. To clear the way so to speak,” Changmin’s voice is tinged with a heavy mocking bitterness he cannot hide. “I’d rather deal with being ill. Can you write me a chit for school please?”


Jaejoong is the type of friend who will question you to death about anything and everything, but he is also extremely intuitive to those he cares about so when Changmin turns up at the doorstep of the Park Mansion, asking if he can leave his slumbering girls for an extended sleepover, the still-blond sometime model and mama to two gorgeous little boys with a third on the way takes one look at the haunted expression on his friend’s face, and calls out for the live-in nannies to take the girls from the taller man.

He does not ask how long.

He does not ask why.

He just does it.

Changmin does not stay longer than he needs to, unable to bear the presence of his friend with his very tiny bump that only just popped not a week before. With quiet instructions to Tiffany and Taeyeon who both adore his girls just as much as their usual male wards, he is satisfied that his daughters are in good hands.

Leaving without even a hug for his friend nor kisses for his daughters, he turns towards the idling town car waiting to take him to the airport for the first flight out to Tokyo.

Park Jaejoong stands at his door long after the car has disappeared from sight, hugging himself, he leans against the doorway and sighs several times, as if trying to let out some of the pent up pain he could see his best friend struggling with.

“How long are the girls staying? I just saw them crawl into bed with Joongie. I really hope you’re prepared to have the Jungs as in-laws,” a warm voice and amused chuckle in his ear, and even warmer arms around him. Micky has been a much more attentive husband in the last couple of years, preferring to work at home when he can since he has a mansion big enough that ought to be utilised to its considerable extent. He is also privy to one of the twins’ marked preference for his oldest son, something which amuses both him and his wife who has always wanted their families joined, but not so much the over-protective Jung parents, particularly the wife.

“Where’s Yunho?” Jaejoong answers his husband, leaning back fully into his embrace and tugging a hand down to cup it around the very gentle swell of his developing body. “I married them in-utero, so it’s not a problem,” he smiles but it does not reach his eyes, his thoughts still on his reticent friend whose eyes were trying their best not to meet his, but he can read pain loud and clear.

Micky nuzzles his wife’s ear, kissing it before replying. “In Tokyo. He left on Sunday and was meant to be back today which was wishful thinking on his part. I spoke to him yesterday and he won’t be back till the end of the week.”

“Can you send security to the airport please. Changmin is going to Tokyo.”

“Alone?” Micky pulls back, frowning. While both Changmin and his wife fly quite often for photoshoots, they are usually accompanied by at least two security personnel.

Jaejoong sighs, staring out in the direction he last saw the town car. “I don’t think he thought about it, and I don’t want Yunho to berate him for forgetting. Just call ours that are on standby at the airport and tell them to find our Changminnie and make sure he has an escort. Call the ones in Japan too. They’ll have some time to organise themselves there so make sure they meet him when he lands.”

Micky already has his phone out before his wife had finished talking, his instructions are terse and clear, and for a moment, anyone listening will be reminded that the normally playful and easygoing man is the mogul of Park Industries and a man to be reckoned with in his own right. He does not listen to excuses, nor does he expect anyone to counter him. When he gives instructions, he expects complete obeisance, and it is very clear in his tone whether speaking in Korean or Japanese.

Micky still has a frown when he hangs up his phone and turns his wife gently towards him. “It’s done and you were right. We share the same security detail and this is the first they are hearing about Changmin leaving the country. They managed to meet him just as he got out of the car.”

“Oh, Changminnie…” Jaejoong sighs again staring up at his husband. “How was he?”

“He ignored them.”

“Isn’t that customary?”

Micky loses his own frown at the cute frown on his wife’s face, and places a kiss on his upturned nose. “Unlike you, Changminnie is a lot more polite. He acknowledges their presence at the very least, but apparently this time he behaved like he couldn’t see them, or anything really. He headed straight for the departure gate as he had no luggage to check in.”

Jaejoong jerks just then as his phone vibrates in his pocket. Leaning into his husband again, he bends his head to look at the screen.

“It’s Changminnie,” he says quietly, thumb working to open the message.

“What did he say?”

“Thank you.”


Yunho’s Japanese secretary still isn’t used to Jung Changmin.

She was there the day the powerful CEO of Jung Corporation International ruined the man who had dared to try and get close to his barely even legal fiance.

She was there the next day to find her boss’ office in complete shambles, a telltale tang in the air that spoke of carnal activities within the spacious room.

She was also there the day Changmin had swept in, still in his haute couture clothes from his photoshoot, to drop off her employer’s gastric medication and been threatened under no uncertain terms to make sure the man takes them within the next hour or else there will be hell to pay if he returns home ill.

It’s a little disconcerting to be threatened by a man who had feathers as eyelashes, wearing some seriously strange ensemble of a cross between a formal black tie penguin suit, and some really bizarre Asian artsy headpiece, with makeup so thick she barely recognised the handsome man.

And she is here today, staring at the supermodel standing stiffly by her desk, waiting for her to interrupt the CEO conducting a meeting in his boardroom. He is dressed much too warmly with a thick scarf and leather jacket, but she does not comment. Fashion has a price she is guessing, and this one in particular seems to be fine paying it. She has to admit he looks really good though. The natural clotheshorse with his husband’s bottomless bank account can accomplish miracles, not that he needed the latter. She has never seen Jung Changmin look bad in the almost four years she has known him. His customary shades hide his eyes from her as always, something she is thankful for as those eyes flash annoyance in her direction more often than she cares to think about.

“He should be done soon…do you think you can wait?” she makes a foolhardy attempt at preventing the trophy wife from interrupting a very important meeting. She has no idea which Jung would be the worse one to defend her actions to, but she knows which Jung pays her salary each month and her boss had put it in no uncertain terms that they were not to be interrupted.

Changmin is about ready to lose it right there. The flight had been so smooth and uneventful that it left him with ample time to dwell on the last few hours.

Alone again.

He had to deal with the first time alone, and he has had to deal with this second time alone too.

No matter how much he looks at it, he always feels so utterly and completely alone.

It was his body that caused the problems, his body that rejected life, and his body that has failed both him and his husband yet again.

Unable to articulate anything to anyone, and too afraid to feel even more than he already does, all he wants is his husband.

Changmin shakes his head, and turns on his heel, striding towards the door. Yunho has a smaller boardroom attached to his office, but he is using a larger one this time, enough to fit well over thirty people comfortably.

The secretary only belatedly realises the jeopardy, and by the time she gets around her desk, Changmin has already opened the door.

He can feel the man’s presence, even when he is not there.

Changmin’s eyes scan the empty office, lighting on his husband’s large desk, eyes narrowing at the bowl of fruit on the table and its distinct lack of heart shaped fruit.

Pivoting on his heel, he almost bumps into the frantic secretary who knows what he always checks when he comes to the office. She had been unfortunate that on two occasions before, the grocer had been unable to fulfil the customary request at such short notice and she herself had been unable to find the expensive fruit, and had to bear the then teenager’s wrath. No one can imagine the supermodel getting annoyed over something as trivial as strawberries, but you would think, talking to the young man, that it was a matter of life and death. The last time she had been thoroughly reprimanded, the young wife was round with child, his cheeks full and blooming with the glow of his pregnancy, and even that could not tame his annoyance at what he called her incompetence.

What she does not know even to that day, since Yunho’s presence in the office is probably a grand total of three months out of twelve, is that her employer forgets to eat when he is busy and only the temptation of his favourite fruit on his desk ensures that he eats something. He hates taking his gastric medication and to make sure he does not need to, his wife always checks that there is something in his office that he will eat. He can eat a pound of the fruit by himself quite easily, and they keep the gastric pains at bay.

“I can explain, Changmin-san. He picked out all the strawberries and put them in a smaller bowl and took them with him to the meeting.”

Changmin removes his shades, gorgeous brown eyes narrowed at the much shorter secretary. “You better not be lying.”

She shakes her head vehemently. “I would never lie to you. He even chuckled as he was doing it saying you’d be proud of him for remembering to bring food into a long meeting.”

“Shouldn’t you be ensuring there is food?”

She nods, almost stumbling over her words in trying to explain. Unlike Yunho’s Seoul secretary Mrs. Lee, she is a lot younger and still flusters easily in personal situations. Professional ones she can deal with, but for some reason, Jung Changmin ties her up in painful knots.

“We always provide food, but he doesn’t always eat it.”

Changmin eyes the secretary, but his body relaxes minutely. He knows she speaks the truth for he has nagged at Yunho enough times about it before to the point where he had personally sent food to the man’s office to make sure he eats. Yunho may not eat what his secretary provides, but he does eat when his wife picks out his meals. He has gotten better over the years, but he lapses every once in awhile.

He does not admit she is right, but he does shrug as he pulls the door to Yunho’s office shut behind him.

“Are you staying?” She asks hesitantly as the model walks towards the bank of elevators instead of the waiting area.



“There will be more people at the meeting tomorrow as Jiyong and his team are flying over and should be here before me so make sure they are sent to the Cassiopeia boardroom. We have a lot to finalise this week. I need you to be here at 6am, but you can leave after lunch because Mrs. Lee should be arriving then. Send over all the minutes from today, as well as the three proposals so I can re-read them. I’m sure one of them snuck in something new and thinks he’s going to get away with it.”

She nods, not saying a word, double checking her boss’ calendar for the next two days and noting it is full from 7am to 12am. He is meant to be going for dinner with some of the men he had met with that afternoon, and his calendar was blocked out from 8pm-12am for it. In fact, he should be leaving in the next ten minutes if he does not want to be late.

Although the man’s wife is not exactly her favourite person, the fact that the supermodel had not interrupted her employer’s meeting is something she is still thankful and grateful for.

“Sir,” she calls out, her voice mildly hesitant.

Yunho hums, not looking up from the papers he is scanning through in his hand. “What is it? Am I double booked somewhere again? Anything unrelated to this deal can be postponed. I trust you to rearrange it suitably.”

“It’s about your wife…” she trails off as the Jung CEO’s attention is now one hundred percent on her, papers in hand forgotten. It is disconcerting to say the least, but with her heart thumping in her ears, the man’s expression tells her she had made the right choice in speaking out. “He was here.”

The CEO cocks his head as if he has misheard. He knows he missed several calls from Changmin that morning and he had meant to call him back during lunch but had gotten into a discussion about the possible lifting of sanctions in Myanmar that he had forgotten. Something had been bothering him throughout the afternoon, and he now knows what it is. In the hustle and bustle of his work, he had forgotten to return his wife’s calls all day.

However, he hides his confusion and his personal feelings, his expression carefully blank instead as he stares down at his secretary wringing her hands nervously at her desk. “What did he say?”

“He didn’t say anything. I told him you wouldn’t be long and would be coming out soon but he left instead.”

“And you didn’t think to come in and inform me?”

“But your instructions—”

“Never apply to my wife,” Yunho cuts her off, eyes glittering. “Ever.” He breaks his gaze and checks his watch. “Send my apologies. I’m not going for dinner.”

She watches as he opens his briefcase on her desk to place the papers he was holding in it. A muscle ticks in his jaw as she watches, and she physically shrinks back into her chair when his gaze turns towards her again.

“Perhaps you shouldn’t leave after lunch tomorrow. I think it’s about time you sit down and have a very long chat with Mrs. Lee about how you deal with your priorities.”

The click of his locking briefcase sounds like the doors of her jail cell closing.

Yunho can barely keep his eyes on the road, several times cursing himself for not opting for a driver. He has tried calling his wife several times, and the calls all go straight to voicemail. After the tenth call, he tries his home line, and those calls go unanswered, ringing long enough till they go to voicemail. The phones in all their homes are all on timers, and never ring more than three times after 7pm when the twins go to bed, and after another five unanswered calls, he knows his wife will probably kill him if he woke the girls.

He plays back the conversation he had with his wife the day before, Changmin claiming to miss him and complaining about his classes. He frowns and dials the university office, knowing they stay open till 9pm.

The conversation is short, but it makes Yunho feel even worse. His wife had dropped off a medical chit that morning excusing him from school for two and a half weeks. His lessons will all be sent to him electronically, and recordings of the lectures will be provided so he can catch up. The very same morning he had called Yunho several times.

Yunho did not listen to any of that. All that resonates in his head was the fact that his wife has a medical exemption for two and a half weeks. What medical condition would need him to be out of school for eighteen days?

The sudden pang in his gut is like a swift kick and he swerves slightly out of his lane.

He commands his phone to call Jaejoong.

The Park wife answers it after the first ring, as if waiting.

“Is he ok?”

Yunho frowns, hands gripping the steering wheel tighter. “What do you mean?”

Jaejoong turns his concerned doe eyes to his husband who is watching closely. “Changminnie. He left the girls with us earlier this afternoon. I thought you’re calling to tell me he’s ok.”

“I haven’t seen him,” Yunho manages to bite out. Body on autopilot as he drives without really seeing. “My secretary told me he came by the office but I was in a meeting so he left.”

“She let him leave?” Jaejoong’s voice is incredulous, and he allows his husband to take the phone from him then.

Yunho does not acknowledge the mild censure, but he accepts it. He isn’t surprised when he hears his friend’s voice next.

“Yunho-yah, are you on your way home?”


“Ok, that’s good. Ryo and Rui picked him up from the airport and took him straight to your office. After that they went to your apartment. Ryo confirmed less than an hour ago that he walked Changminnie to the door of the apartment and he hasn’t left. He should be there when you get home. They’re both on standby nearby. Do you want to talk to them? They can meet you in the lobby.”

“That won’t be necessary,” Yunho pauses, collecting his wits and his thoughts, attention now back on the road.

“Jaejoongie said he barely said anything when he dropped off the girls. Do you know how long they’ll be staying? They haven’t started asking for him yet since it’s only been a few hours and they’re asleep now, but they will wonder tomorrow morning.”

Yunho is thankful for the stoplight as he rests back into the deep bucket seat of his car. “We’re going to have to play it by ear for now until I talk to him, but I would assume until the end of the week at the earliest.”

Micky’s concern is evident and his wife tries to take his phone back but he shakes his head at the beautiful blond. “Ok, you do whatever you need to do. Your girls are safe. Take care and we’ll see you when we see you.”

“Thank you.”


Changmin stares out at the twinkling lights of downtown Tokyo. He plays the conversation over and over in his head, trying to figure out how to say it, but nothing sounds right.

How can anything ever be right?

The situation itself isn’t right and he is in it for the second time.

Not that the first even matters for he is the only one who knows about it.

Hugging himself, he closes his eyes against the wealth of pain threatening to drown him. Several times he had placed his hand over his belly as the twinging feeling worsens, knowing he will have to bear through the mini contractions. However, the physical pain is nothing compared to the emotional pain.

And he is not equipped to deal with it.

He does not know how to deal with it.

Not alone anyway.

Even though his husband still does not know about the first occurrence, Changmin is willing to admit that the man had comforted him. Remembering Yunho’s words, he can feel the tears collecting behind his closed eyelids.


“Changmin, listen carefully ok? Children are a bonus, but bonuses are never guaranteed unless agreed upon beforehand. While I may have mentioned that I wanted children, it was in relation to your question about birth control more than anything else. I didn’t want you artificially stopping the possibility. However, if it wasn’t biologically possible to begin with, then that’s fine. I married you. I didn’t marry you for the guarantee, or even possibility of having children.”

“So if it’s just me for the rest of your life…”

“Then it’ll just be you.”

“It sounds so simple.”

“It is simple. Our marriage only has two people.”

“So you don’t care whether we have kids?”

“If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. Nothing is wrong with you, and there’s nothing wrong with me.”


His fight is unsuccessful and he feels several hot tears slide out from underneath his clenched eyes, streaking their way down his cold cheeks.

There is something wrong with him. There has to be. Once, he might be able to agree with the doctor that it was not his fault, but twice? Especially after the twins? There is something wrong. There has to be. Yunho married a defective product.

Changmin steps blindly forward till his bent head comes in contact with the cool glass of the window. Curling his body forward and using the window as an anchor for his exhausted body, he cannot stop the sobs that wrack him, crying for his loss, crying for the pain he feels, crying for the guilt he carries, but most of all, he cries for the husband he needs as he sinks to the floor trying to keep the tidal wave of pain and guilt from washing him away.

If Yunho is surprised to be greeted by his wife at the front door, he does not show it. Changmin is wearing his shades despite it being almost 8pm, and still wearing his leather jacket though he has removed the scarf. The lights in the apartment are on low, but the entire place is lit as far as he can see. The apartment is cool, and Yunho shivers briefly when their hands touch, his wife taking his briefcase from him and disappearing into the study with it.

He follows after the taller man, staying in the doorway while Changmin places his briefcase on his desk. He watches as the model turns towards him, cocking his head at him as if in question, but he cannot know for sure for his eyes are blocked from him.

Moving towards the trolley of drinks, Yunho pours himself two fingers of Scotch and takes the glass with him and heads towards the leather couch in his study slash library. Unlike the one in Seoul, this one is a lot smaller, but the same elements are there.

He takes a sip of the burning liquid, allowing it to warm him before placing it on the table next to him. He can feel Changmin’s eyes following him, the silence between them growing and becoming more tangible with each movement.

Sighing loudly, he shrugs out of his jacket, tossing it over the back of the leather settee. Sliding a little lower on the comfortable couch, legs spread wide, he tugs at his tie, loosening the knot and unbuttoning the first two buttons before reaching for his drink again.

Yunho knows he cannot force Changmin to talk to him. Time and space is something the younger man needs in abundance when he is upset, and he will only speak when he is good and ready, if at all. Not wanting to crowd his wife nor pressure him into telling him what is on his mind, the businessman simply goes through his usual evening routine that he knows his wife is familiar with, allowing the younger man to collect his thoughts.

Nothing has changed.

Changmin watches in silence, while unsurprised at Yunho’s actions for he is a creature of habit, he feels a pang, wondering why the man hasn’t asked him why he is here. His eyes are red and hot still from the tears shed awhile ago, and for Yunho not to even question why he is wearing shades at night makes him feel sore again.

Does he not notice him? Can he not see him?

As if hearing his thoughts, Yunho tilts his chin up to stare at his wife. Dropping his now empty glass down on the table, Yunho spreads open his arms. “You’re a beautiful surprise at the end of a long day, Changdola.”

Changmin moves quicker than Yunho expects, and in the next blink, he has a lapful of tall and gangly supermodel who as always, manages to fit himself in an exacting manner against Yunho’s more unyielding body. Their height difference is non-existent because Changmin makes it so, tucking his face against the side of his husband’s cheek, his mouth against his rough jaw, the supermodel’s sigh is shuddery as he struggles to control himself and the ever growing threat of more tears.

They hold each other in the near silence, simply breathing in each other. Yunho notices his wife’s ragged breathing and the nagging pain in his soul rears its head again. He does not know why for certain, but he knows enough to guess, and he will never ever, under pain of death, force his wife to speak words that he is not ready to speak. There is no need to speak if speaking only brings more pain to the younger man.

Turning his head to kiss the tip of his wife’s nose, Yunho hugs the man tightly as he closes his eyes, the pang in his soul searing through his heart, remembering a similar moment not three years ago. Yunho held his wife’s quiet grief then, the cloud of sadness the then teenager tried valiantly to hide. He hid it well in his heart where it belonged, never speaking of it, never bringing it up, but the pain is a shared pain - there was never any doubt about that.

“We’re both fools, Changmin-ah.”

The Jung magnate feels the searing pain in his heart spread upwards, crawling into his eyeballs as they set them on fire. “I’m on your side, Changmin-ah,” Yunho murmurs softly against the smooth skin of his wife’s cheek. He does not remember the exact words, but he remembers enough. “I know something’s bothering you and I know you will only tell me when you’re ready. However, know that even if you don’t tell me what is bothering you, I am still on your side. We’re both on the same side. Always.”

“Even when I’m fighting with you?” Changmin asks quietly, before freezing, his brain churning and working like mad.

Yunho…his husband, what is he saying?

Why is this so familiar?

AN: This is super long and I hate LJ and their word limits. I had to cut it off because it wouldn’t fit. Second part is mostly written but I’m trying to wrestle with a Changmin who has a mind of his own so it’s running away from me as always…

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Last TW update was 2 years ago OTL I didn't realise it was that long but i'm happy you're still around :) Thanks for reading and commenting.

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You're welcome :) Thanks for still reading and following me after all this time!

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Trophy Wife is a series of one shots and drabbles and are not linear so it hops around a bit. Seems like you haven't read some earlier one shots set in the future :) They have two more boys but this was definitely a difficult time for both, Changmin especially. Thanks for reading and commenting :)

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